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Port Arthur. We returned

March 1898 China, Port Arthur. The armored cruiser "Rurik" anchors in the western basin. Together with him, a dozen more ships of the Russian naval fleet. The Russians do not shoot, do not block the harbor and do not even go ashore. The lease of the southern part of the Kwantung Peninsula with China has not yet been signed. But the arguments of the empire with a total displacement of one hundred thousand tons are really iron.

On the Chinese side, negotiations were essentially conducted by a second man at the court, Chancellor Lee Hong-jan. A proven man - Russia has already pierced the construction of the Chinese Eastern Railway through it. Now it was necessary to develop success, to get in China also a naval base. For our part, this difficult mission was entrusted to a diplomat not by office, but by vocation — to Count Sergei Yurevich Witte, the Minister of Finance.


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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 6 October 2017 18: 02
    BLINDS. Year 1898 - CU. "Rurik", and show the participant of the PMV, the Baltic "Rurik", of English construction.
    And then the drawing in general ... What is related to the RIF? The boats from the east, and the battleship .... Japanese, German?
    And then again, "English Rurik."
    And then the crap went with the French armadillo and (German?) Light cruiser.
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 6 October 2017 18: 48
    Then again, the French armadillo.
    At 34 minutes general PMV.
  3. servla
    servla 6 October 2017 18: 52
    Actually, the film seems to be not bad. But it’s right now that it’s fashionable to insert wherever idioms such as - “so I came to Russia — the Soviet Union and I saw there dumb people in quilted jackets, standing by the tents and pouring something sullen in my soul.” Apparently, this was the most important thing they wanted to say about Port Arthur ...
  4. urman
    urman 6 October 2017 19: 09
    At 18 -56 what a joke with epaulets?
  5. Andrey Skokovsky
    Andrey Skokovsky 6 October 2017 19: 29
    Quote: Author of the article
    ........ On our part, this difficult mission was entrusted to the diplomat not by position, but by vocation - to Count Sergei Yuryevich Witte, Minister of Finance ....

    Is it that Witte that will become semi-Sakhalin?
    did the Witte spend money on expensive homes in Port Arthur?
    Dear, where do not tell me the minus article?
    1. Kenxnumx
      Kenxnumx 6 October 2017 23: 03
      I did not find it either.
    2. San Sanych
      San Sanych 9 October 2017 21: 32
      someone is desperately trying to publicize this activist as a brilliant diplomat and great economist, but in the people's memory he will remain semi-Sakhalin, this is the result of all his stormy activity, and this can’t be thrown out of history
      1. pacific
        pacific 13 October 2017 22: 32
        S.Yu. Witte really was a very sensible economist and a brilliant diplomat, or rather, a negotiator ..
        But ...
        First of all, he thought not about the "benefit of the Empire", but about the "benefit" of his own.
        And the "semi-Sakhalin" count "dignity" was not the result, but only one of the first milestones on the way of this extraordinary figure. Then there were the gold ruble and French loans ...

        Amused in hours! for 19 minutes different shoulder straps on the mudira; the left is lieutenant, and the right is cap.2 rank. At first I thought that I already have glitches.