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October 4 The 1363 of the year, according to Chinese historians and chroniclers, ended the largest in number of participants and the longest in time naval battle in the world stories. More precisely, not sea and lake, as it occurred on the largest lake in China Poyang area of ​​over three thousand square kilometers and lasted more than two months.

The battle was attended by fleets of two contenders for the Chinese throne - the former fisherman Chen Yulian and the former peasant Zhu Yuanzhang. It is interesting what happened at the height of the national liberation struggle against the Mongolian conquerors, and Chen Yulian and Zhu Yuanzhang were the leaders of this struggle.

However, after the first successes and the liberation of vast territories in the south of the country between colleagues, as it often happens, bickering broke out for power, which resulted in a bloody internecine war and made me forget about the Mongols for a long time.

The battle was preceded by a long but unsuccessful siege by the army and fleet Chen Yuliang, located on the shore of Lake Poinhu, the city of Hundu, in which supporters of Yuanzhang settled. During this siege, the troops of Chen Yulyan lost about 50 thousand people from the initial strength of 650 thousand killed, wounded and sick. The rest were severely worn out and suffered from food shortages, which played an important role in the future battle.

At the end of July 1363, the fleet of Yuanzhang came to the aid of the Hundu garrison, consisting (again, according to Chinese historians) of almost a thousand sailing-rowing ships with a total number of teams in 250 thousands. Seeing the approach of the enemy, Chen Yulian also put almost all his people on the court and spoke out to meet.

Thus, the number of soldiers and sailors on his ships exceeded half a million people, and the total number of participants in the battle reached 750 thousands! Against this background, Trafalgar, Navarin, Jutland, Tsushima and Lepanto look like small skirmishes.

The ships themselves were huge, by the standards of that time, three-four-deck "floating fortresses" with high rifle towers, which housed archers, crossbowmen and artillerymen. The number of crews of these monsters reached two thousand people. The fleet of Chen Yulian fought under the red flags, and his ships were painted red.

The fleet of Yuanzhang consisted of smaller, but more maneuverable, mainly double-deck ships painted in white paint, on which incendiary was widely used. weapon. In particular, many ships were equipped with so-called "moi-nai-chi" - long beams hinged to the masts, at the ends of which hung reed baskets filled with combustible mixture. When approaching the enemy vessel, the beam was turned towards him with the help of ropes, the basket was ignited by incendiary arrows and fell onto the deck, creating a large source of fire.

With the help of these devices, as well as incendiary rockets, hand grenades and firefighters, the sailors of Yuanzhang already on the first day of the battle, August 1, managed to burn several enemy ships. They themselves also suffered losses, but much lower.

In the future, contractions took place almost daily. Sometimes it came to the boarding, in which individual ships several times passed from hand to hand. According to the Chinese historian Wu Han, the climax of the battle came on August 30, when the fleet Chen Yulian lost several dozen ships and up to 60 thousands of fighters, and seven thousand people died in the Yuanzhang fleet.

Chen Yulian's people became increasingly weak from hunger, because the high-speed junks of Yuanzhang cruised on the lake and blocked the delivery of food to the enemy, seizing transport ships. At the end of September, several ships of Chen Yulian surrendered, but the rest continued to fight, although there were very few of them left and the outcome of the battle was no one in doubt.

Finally, on October 4, Chen Yulian, looking out of the window of his cabin, received a crossbow arrow in the face and died that very day. This served as a signal for the surrender of the remaining ships of his fleet. The largest battle on the water, in which several hundred thousand people died, was over, and the death of Chen Yulian marked the end of the civil war. All the anti-Mongolian forces of China united under the command of Yuanzhang, who in 1368 declared himself emperor, becoming the founder of the Ming dynasty. But that's another story.

Next are the drawings of Chinese battle coables from the time of the Poyang battle. Interestingly, the top has a wheel propulsion. How much is real - decide for yourself.


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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 7 October 2017 15: 26
    Thus, the number of soldiers and sailors on his ships exceeded half a million people, and the total number of participants in the battle reached 750 thousand!
    ... Given that the population of China is about 1 million, and more than 350 million Chinese live outside the country, it is somehow difficult to question the figures in the article ..
    1. ADmA_RUS
      ADmA_RUS 7 October 2017 16: 10
      Look at the date! How to feed and drink such a horde? Bookworms that think there have always been refrigerators, canned food, etc.
      1. Basil50
        Basil50 7 October 2017 16: 38
        The key phrase is * according to Chinese sources *.
        A scam from a terracotta army is already a classic lie. In addition, there is a photo and film evidence, * renovations * * of the Chinese wall, including Mao Zedong. Back in the seventies of the last century there was a scandal when it turned out that, including in Beijing, * antiquities * were made on a state basis.
        I have only one question under the article, but what was the fastening of these sea monsters? About magic spells and divine providence is not necessary.
        Even the Americans have big doubts about the billion modern Chinese. Not confirmed by the data, only "I swear by my mother," and no more.
        1. Basil50
          Basil50 7 October 2017 17: 08
          Something similar happens in the * post-Soviet space * when storytellers narrate about the acts of great ancestors with the complete wildness of descendants. What is in Kazakhstan, what is in Uzbekistan, what is Tajikistan, what is Turkmenistan, what is Transcaucasia, what is Ukraine. The deeds * of the ancestors * are ever larger and grander, and in antiquity goes farther and farther.
          By the way, the Kyrgyz have an epic Manas, which is larger in volume than the Mahabharata and the Iliad combined.
          1. Curious
            Curious 7 October 2017 17: 34
            Your list of storytellers has an annoying gap. Even on this site we can regularly get acquainted with interesting stories about a certain superethnos that has populated 30 of the entire Earth in recent years. The time is probably fabulous.
          2. ukoft
            ukoft 7 October 2017 17: 59
            Well, about Russia, they somehow forgot to mention it. fairy tales will be worse
            1. co-creator
              co-creator 7 October 2017 23: 05
              Quote: ukoft
              Well, about Russia, they somehow forgot to mention it. fairy tales will be worse

              In Russia, I am engaged in fairy tales at the amateur level, and you, my dear, are in the countries listed above at the state level.
              1. ukoft
                ukoft 9 October 2017 15: 59
                Well, amateur is not amateur, in the school curriculum, these tales were present in Soviet times.
                all for the sake of exalting himself beloved and justifying his mission. however, this affected all the colonial countries6 France, England and so on.
                or do you believe in the truth of fairy tales from the official story?
                how the Golden Horde yoke threw Kievan Rus into development by 300 years, which even Russia’s mother still cannot overtake Europe. etozh how it was necessary to oppress?
                and when the 30-year war took place in Germany and the population fell into two quarters, they recovered somehow quickly, or a hundred-year war in France. yes many examples.
                it's easy to blame someone for your failures and problems
                1. co-creator
                  co-creator 10 October 2017 02: 00
                  You give examples of "fairy tales" in textbooks first

                  Well, this nonsense about China is also an official story. In reality, history can be more or less reliably traced from the 16th century.

                  About the Mongol-Tatars this is a generally accepted story which of course is nonsense, I do not argue. So that Russia lagged behind Europe because of this, these are not "fairy tales", but political interpretation. It is different at different periods, but the events themselves do not change. Russia actually developed quite actively for a country in which there was no direct access to the oceans and had a huge territory with a rare population.

                  Do you believe in nonsense that two-thirds of the population died? Well, as it were, I had no doubt. Read about Pol Pot, for example, perhaps, how much he was able to destroy the people by engaging in direct genocide.

                  Mr. Kazakh, when did I blame you for something? I kind of clearly answered you that in Kazakhstan and the other countries he listed you are coming up with a new history at the state level. We also have Fomenki, but they are all lovers and have no relation to official history.
                  1. ukoft
                    ukoft 10 October 2017 06: 50
                    Mr. Russian, you need to see a log in your eye.
                    not only the Fomenko but also the officials, for the sake of politics and ideology, sacrificed history. what you bring open and look.
                    okay, we went to the endless and okay.
          3. Basil50
            Basil50 7 October 2017 18: 20
            RUSSIAN SUPER ETHNOS has quite real evidence of the greatness of history and deeds. Both archaeological and genetic. In addition to Russia, there were several types of writing, on the basis of one of which the writing of other Greeks took place. The Pelasgians, following the horses and with their culture and writing, settled Greece, coming from the lower reaches of the Don. But where did they come from in the lower Don? Do not know?
            The church and other carriers of foreign culture lie a lot about RUSSIA, about RUSSIANs and are not shy about it at all. Vaughn and Gundyaev, the head of Jewish culture, noted himself in outright lies, and nothing even blushed.
            1. aiw
              aiw 7 October 2017 19: 50
              Uh ... didn’t you dig the White Sea?
              1. antivirus
                antivirus 15 January 2018 15: 58
                they dug the Magellanic and Bering Strait
                teach you all your strength no
                The most important mission to the reptilian lands is to quietly connect the lake with the world's oceans.
                otherwise, China and Japan would never have been discovered.
            2. Curious
              Curious 8 October 2017 00: 02
              But who doubts that the basis of the reasonable evolution of all nearby galaxies is the well-known superethnos. And if it were not for the insidious Anglo-Saxons who pulled on a superethnos, everything would be fine, but it did not work out ....
            3. Black5Raven
              Black5Raven 8 October 2017 21: 31
              Quote: Vasily50

              stop Stop drinking, the squirrel will never recover from the horror
              1. Velizariy
                Velizariy 9 October 2017 08: 22
                C'mon)) a person forgot to take medicine, and you: the White Sea ... 30 million years ...)) He won’t give him any kind of life with Jews and Anglo-Saxons, he’s tormenting him, he’s still cutting money from him, yes, sometimes it kicks in the face, then the former hypera comes from shit. The Church is to blame for him all., Took and trampled on him the super ethnos of the Hyperboreans from Venus, who ruled the world in the lower Don.
      2. NIKNN
        NIKNN 8 October 2017 13: 15
        Quote: ADmA_RUS
        Look at the date! How to feed and drink such a horde? Bookworms that think there have always been refrigerators, canned food, etc.

        So I also thought ... logistics then didn’t really work ... and a million feed it .... well thought ...
        1. Amurets
          Amurets 9 October 2017 00: 15
          Quote: NIKNN
          So I also thought ... logistics didn’t work then

          Why bring everything up? This is the same lake, and knowing the Chinese diet, all the food is overboard. Over the summer, our aquarium gourami in nature gains weight up to two kilograms. All kinds of shells, herbs, ferns, everything goes to food. Look at the dishes of a Chinese restaurant for tourists, see the photo. Such will be served to you in Blagoveshchensk.
          1. Amurets
            Amurets 9 October 2017 00: 32
            Quote: Amurets
            All kinds of shells, herbs, ferns, everything goes to food.

            And here is a purely Chinese restaurant
            And a link to it.http: //
            It’s clear that the army doesn’t eat in restaurants, it’s just a type of Chinese dish. Well, in terms of the number of people, I agree with you. When in 1685 the Manchus began a siege of the prison of Albazino, an army of five thousand people was already considered to be large. I will not develop this topic, it is beyond the scope of the article, just give a link to the Albazin prison.
            1. r4space
              r4space 9 October 2017 03: 11
              Bullshit your photo
              A cup of rice + a couple of dressings that heat until they are eaten - this is the true Chinese cuisine!
              Gabajou and other delicacies are only a dressing for rice and are used in very small quantities.
              1. Amurets
                Amurets 9 October 2017 10: 20
                Quote: r4space
                A cup of rice + a couple of dressings that heat until they are eaten - this is the true Chinese cuisine!

                Something I did not see such food from the Chinese. Firstly, from our city to Chinese Heihe 800 meters. Secondly, the Chinese worked at our company and their diet could be traced by the products that they bought for them: rice, here you are right, vegetables, poultry, soy. Moreover, they cooked themselves, I didn’t visit them in the dining room, but the fact that empty shells from toothless and pearl barley were lying near their catering block. Many saw wild plants near the quarries. The photos were taken in the European and Chinese restaurants of Heihe, but not by me, but taken from the Internet.
                Restaurants, because of Cupid, from Heihe.
                1. r4space
                  r4space 9 October 2017 17: 27
                  Half a month he lived in the same barracks with the Chinese. I also ate with them. I remember buckwheat buckwheat with meat in gravy so they pulled it into their rice cups,
                  and even praised. laughing Lin Hao asked the only one who at least a little bit in Russian Talmach about the fact that they always eat like that. He answered yes.
                  1. Amurets
                    Amurets 9 October 2017 23: 06
                    Quote: r4space
                    Lin Hao asked the only one who at least a little bit in Russian Talmach about the fact that they always eat like that. He answered yes.

                    The company where I worked had two daughters, one was producing red brick, the other was building, and our unit was repairing the equipment that the Chinese leased. In the bottom photo, what the Chinese usually consumed in the markets of Blagoveshchensk: noodles, steamed Chinese dumplings, rice, vegetables, fish and poultry. Yes, where the Chinese were engaged in agricultural farming of nearby ponds and rivers, everything edible was collected and collected.
            2. antivirus
              antivirus 15 January 2018 16: 02
              truth in an old song
              "the sun rises over the Yellow River,
              the Chinese go to work,
              !!!! squeezing a handful of rice in his hand !!!!,
              Mao portraits are ... "
              diet is part of the way to heaven. to heaven.
              and you can feed a little
              "they have weakened ..." said clearly
          2. NIKNN
            NIKNN 9 October 2017 08: 02
            Quote: Amurets
            Why bring everything up?

            Below koment you have more appetizing ... good if only in the morning to add more beer there ... lol
            1. Amurets
              Amurets 9 October 2017 10: 00
              Quote: NIKNN
              If only in the morning to add more beer there ..

              Chinese beer is not very. Better Russian.
              1. NIKNN
                NIKNN 9 October 2017 17: 10
                Quote: Amurets
                Chinese beer is not very. Better Russian.

                Can not argue with that...:)))
    2. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 7 October 2017 19: 25
      Given that the population of China is about 1 million

      By the way, the numbers about the population of China come from the Chinese themselves .. If you take a map and see how many cities in China, their geography, as well as the geography of China itself .. Questions arise ..
      1. r4space
        r4space 8 October 2017 03: 53
        Read their modern stories! Cities with a billion people, covering an area of ​​hundreds of thousands of square Li, not to mention the distance between cities of millions of Li (1 Li = 500 m). And this is every second short story.
    3. co-creator
      co-creator 7 October 2017 23: 02
      Haaaa ... So what prevented China from gathering such an army in the 19th century and throwing a couple of thousand British and French in caps? No wonder they still say that most of the people in an ordinary herd are not successful in thinking independently.
  2. Monarchist
    Monarchist 7 October 2017 15: 30
    Vyacheslav, thank you for the story. For me, everything told by Terra Incognito: I have not read anything about it at all.
    The sofa is itching for me: “the Chinese chroniclers“ embellished a little “reality”: “the total number of teams is 250 people,“ a quarter of a million “whites”! And what was the population in China then, probably like now 000 lard?
    If we discard the fantastic numbers, it was still interesting
    1. Curious
      Curious 7 October 2017 16: 59
      Monarchist, good evening. If you want to get acquainted in detail with the described period in the history of China, I recommend the book LIFE DESCRIPTION OF ZHU YUANGZHAN
      Translation from Chinese A. Zhelokhovtsev, L. A. Borovkova, N. Ts. Munkueva
      Edited by V. Ilyushechkin, Doctor of Historical Sciences
      MOSCOW "PROGRESS" 1980. (
      As for the population of China in the period described, I recommend an article by S. A. Nefedov ON DEMOGRAPHIC CYCLES IN THE HISTORY OF CHINA
      (XIV-XIX centuries.). The article is interesting in that it examines the history of China from the fourteenth to nineteenth centuries from the standpoint of Neo-Malthusian demographic cycles - cycles in which periodically occurring overpopulation leads to hunger, which in turn leads to social revolutions, wars and demographic disasters.
      Therefore, it is not just an analysis of the population, but also an analysis of the resources of the territory in question (
      e / China / China1.htm)
      1. co-creator
        co-creator 7 October 2017 23: 09
        Again, Nefedov took as a basis information from Chinese sources where solid tales are written worse than about ancient Rome.
  3. XII Legion
    XII Legion 7 October 2017 15: 37
    Yes, the scale however
    Truly imperial
    Did the Koreans have the first battleships?
    The Far East ignites)
    Interesting article
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 7 October 2017 16: 12
      Quote: XII Legion
      Did the Koreans have the first battleships?

      Well this is a moot point. I will refer again to S.V. Ivanova. Warships of Japan and Korea. 612 - 1639gg.

      "Turtle Ship
      The most famous type of Korean ship is the turtle ship. The use of turtle ships is associated with the name of Admiral Lee Song-sing, the savior of Korea. Surprisingly, we know very little about the design of turtle ships. The situation is complicated by the fact that Admiral Lee's triumph led to the popularization of the idea of ​​a turtle ship. We have come across numerous images of ships that actually never existed. Long after the last turtle ship rotted in Incheon harbor, the memory of the turtle ships continued to live. When Korea began to feel pressure from the Western powers in the XNUMXth century, it was decided to rebuild the turtle ship, "the same as in the good old days," to intimidate the enemy. The constructed monster was unable to stay on the water. "Link to the book.
    2. Proxima
      Proxima 7 October 2017 16: 37
      Quote: XII legion
      Did the Koreans have the first battleships?

      When the Japanese fleet marched along the west coast of Korea to Pyongyang (1592) to support the ground forces. In the battles at Tanpo, which lasted several days, the legendary Korean naval commander Lee Sung Sin smashed the Japanese to smithereens, sinking 72 ships.

      It was in this battle that the Koreans first used the "tortoise ship" as the main striking force. Offering this innovation, Lee Sung Xing wrote: “I have long been expecting an attack by the island robbers and, worrying about this, after much thought, built a tortoise ship. In front of the ship is a dragon head, from where you can shoot from cannons. The whole ship is covered with iron armor, and an iron pipe is exposed on the ship. From the ship you can see what is being done outside, but outside you cannot see what is being done inside the ship, and the ship can move between hundreds of enemy ships and fire them with cannons. ”
      1. Catherine II
        Catherine II 7 October 2017 22: 29
        Quote: Proxima
        Lee Song Xing smashed the Japanese to smithereens

        In the Seven Years of the Asian War, the naval war was with varying success and the advantage of the Koreans. Victories inspired the Koreans and disrupted the communication of the Japanese. On land, the Koreans retreated before the arrival of the Chinese.
        The Koreans achieved victory not only thanks to the armadillos. And the tactics and genius of the naval commander. Do not think that the Japanese were unprepared for this. The islanders are good sailors. However, the Koreans began the liberation of their homeland from the battles at sea.
        You can find so much in the Korea-China-Japan triangle. And missile warfare, and reservations against guns, etc. ..
        However, it should be noted that the Chinese diligently wrote down everything (although there was a period when they destroyed all sources except those buried in tombs)
        It is possible that the glory of the Chinese emperors also exaggerate the scale. No worse than Europeans and Arabs.
        1. co-creator
          co-creator 7 October 2017 23: 12
          Yeah, only the Europeans had a real fleet and they studied and captured half of the world on it, but the Koreans only got ink-stained paper. That's all you need to know about the great Asian fleet)))
          1. r4space
            r4space 8 October 2017 03: 58
            Tell me the section of the eyes of the native Indians?
            1. Catherine II
              Catherine II 8 October 2017 11: 07
              Quotation: blooded man
              only the Europeans had a real fleet and on it they studied and captured half the world

              Without a doubt. European Ordung and weapons have proven strength in all parts of the oceans. China began its Great Geographical Discoveries before. But immediately turned them. China is such a country, it is convenient to see cyclicality - greatness / decline and again and again.
              1. co-creator
                co-creator 10 October 2017 02: 08
                Quote: Catherine II
                Quotation: blooded man
                only the Europeans had a real fleet and on it they studied and captured half the world

                Without a doubt. European Ordung and weapons have proven strength in all parts of the oceans. China began its Great Geographical Discoveries before. But immediately turned them. China is such a country, it is convenient to see cyclicality - greatness / decline and again and again.

                All the cycles of China only on paper are no more. In reality, they always sat at home and obeyed the conquerors of which were much less and judging by the paper they had to be technically equipped worse. China began to grow only in recent history.
                About Chinese geographical discoveries, these are fairy tales about a white bull.
            2. Weyland
              Weyland 8 October 2017 19: 55
              how indigenous? The bulk is quite close to the southern (rather swarthy) Caucasoids: haplogroup P somewhere in Altai was divided into the "Indian" haplogroup Q and the "European" R. But the 2nd wave of migration (Apaches, Navajo, Tlingit) are carriers of the "Mongolian" haplogroup C, and in appearance - explicit Mongoloids!
  4. Amurets
    Amurets 7 October 2017 15: 42
    Next are the drawings of Chinese battle coables from the time of the Poyang battle. Interestingly, the top has a wheel propulsion. How much is real - decide for yourself.

    Why not? S.V Ivanov, Warships of ancient China 200 BC -1413 AD
    This book provides a 23-wheeled ship
  5. Operator
    Operator 7 October 2017 16: 11
    These are not ships, but self-propelled barges.
  6. Graz
    Graz 7 October 2017 19: 29
    Yes, a lie 750 thousand?
  7. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 7 October 2017 22: 49
    Herodotus nervously cries aside.
  8. Lganhi
    Lganhi 8 October 2017 04: 53
    Yes, all this nonsense. Look at how many oars the Chinese galleys have, and compare with the European gallery of the 16th century:
    In European galleys (real, not invented), the density of oars goes off scale, because only in this way could the galley move more or less, and even rowers rowed only in calm or in battle, all the rest of the time the galley was sailing. But in these drawings made by amateurs, there are not even sails!
  9. Semenov
    Semenov 8 October 2017 08: 07
    This country is amazing - China, but with the number of troops - an overkill. This is how the Mongol tens of hundreds of thousands turned out to be far from hundreds, but tens upon closer examination.
  10. Catherine II
    Catherine II 8 October 2017 11: 33
    The author describes the events
    4 1363 October, the

    but according to Ivanov’s book of discrepancy. By author
    Next are drawings of Chinese warships from the time of the Battle of Poyang

    and according to Ivanov it is
    The river fleet of the Western Han Dynasty is attacked by rebel firewalls, 200 BC. e.
    It depicts a river battle between the government fleet and the rebels who launched simple firewalls downstream. Most of the details of the construction of the Han Dynasty warships are allegedly shown, since only rough drawings and eyewitness accounts have come down to us. Large multi-story ships were built like rafts mounted on two flat-bottomed hulls, like a catamaran. The multi-tiered tower resembled a wedding cake. There was a bulwark along the perimeter along the perimeter. The same type of bulwark went along each next tier of the tower. The commander took a seat on the bow of the ship. On the upper tier of the tower was a drum. Many flags fluttering in the air, inspiring warriors to battle. The offensive weapons of the ship consisted of hand crossbows. Firewalls are simple sampans filled with flammable substances.

    As for the other. In the article, the author picked up drawings of different periods.
    Wheeled warships
    In 1842, during the Opium Wars, a battle broke out between the Chinese and British fleets at the mouth of the Yangtze. The commander of the English fleet in the report noted that the Chinese fleet also had wheeled ships, although they did not work on steam energy, but were set in motion by the muscular strength of a person. The commander concluded his report with the condescending assumption that the Chinese apparently tried to copy English technology, but for lack of steam engines they solved the problem with the available means. In fact, everything was exactly the opposite.
    Even before the Spring and Autumn period, references to wheeled ships are found in Chinese literature. Sometimes it’s just a message about ships that can travel long distances without the help of wind and driven by people completely hidden inside the ship. Opponents, not seeing oars and rowers, often believed that ships move in spirits. The description of the battle that took place in 418 refers to ships departing from the pier "on their own." A century and a half later, we read about “foot boats,” thanks to which we learn about the principle on which wheeled ships worked. In 782, the following text appeared: “Li Gao has always been interested in skillful machines. He built ships, each of which had two large wheels on the sides, driven by treadmills. The ships moved like the wind, raising waves, as if sails were on them. "
    Here, treadmills should be understood as small wheels, inside which prisoners ran. Chinese treadmills were relatively compact devices, in the form of an axis, from which the pedals radially departed. Workers were also stepping on these pedals. Since all Chinese texts indicate a high speed of wheeled ships, it can be assumed that there was some kind of gearbox between the potter and the propeller wheel. In the 1130 year, Song's fleet managed to cut off the Jin forces breaking through the Yangtze, and in the 1132 year, the report stated that it required a fleet to defend the river border with a length of thousands. The author then adds that a “warship - flying tiger” with four wheels was built. Each wheel had eight blades and rotated by four sailors. The ship could go a day a thousand li (500 km). The most famous case of using Chinese wheeled ships occurred during the epic siege of Xianyang (modern Xiangfang in Hubei province) in 1267 – 1272. It was the desperate resistance of the Southern Song to the Mongols advancing from the north. During the siege of Xiangyang, they were first required to be required with a counterbalance. Wheel ships were also widely used. Two heroes of the Song Kingdom led a convoy of 100 wheeled ships loaded with various supplies to the besieged cities of Xianyang and Fanchen, lying opposite each other along the banks of the river.
    The last figure in the article
    The Tang Dynasty tower ship blocked the combat dynasty of the Song Dynasty with striking weapons and attacks it with Greek fire, 975 g
    I would add to the article a lot of details about the battle itself. A classic battle for China. The confrontation between artillery and boarding ships, which ended in firemen. The active maneuvers of the Ming dynasty fleet were explained by the fact that they tried to impose boarding combat on the enemy, realizing that they would not have advantages in an artillery duel.
  11. Talgarets
    Talgarets 8 October 2017 18: 27
    On ships with a wheeled propeller, did Negroes pedal?
  12. Talgarets
    Talgarets 8 October 2017 18: 39
    I believe that the flat-bottomed “liner” in the third figure will simply flip over, it has too high a superstructure. The catamaran in the second figure is impressive, but it is poorly controlled. And with the draft he had something wrong ... (most likely this is an open fantasy)
  13. Dedall
    Dedall 10 October 2017 21: 03
    In this tale, it is already unrealistic that both leaders of the warring parties were simple peasants and fishermen. it’s the same as if today I nominated myself for the post of President of Russia. And even if I'm a hundred times smarter and more charismatic than GDP, but to hell with me who such outrage will allow. At a minimum, they will arrange a criminal case with a conditional award of one and a half years for crossing the street in the wrong place.
    Another thing also looks doubtful. For example, how many forests had to be cut to build these fleets? And feeding such a crowd of shipbuilders and crew? And finally, the question of what was the need to fight on this lake?
    but there is a real fact that China did not win ANY (!) battle with foreign armies. Since the time of Genghis Khan, and his invasion of China, whatever they say, is a historical fact, the Chinese lay down and spread their legs. And all the conquerors simply dissolved in them.
    As for the “great accomplishments” of other nations, I remember a case when a Chechen in Dacha Borzoi said: “Do you know Chechen Itza? There is such a city in Mexico. We founded it!” In short, this is just a normal form of national self-affirmation. The only, as it seems to me, an exception to this rule is the fact that there were more than 700 thousand natives of Nagayts during the time of Ivan. The Russians fought with them for a long and tedious period until peace was signed. And now the Nagai people are only proud of Prince Yusupov, who did not know Nagai, but spoke four European languages ​​..
    1. Talgarets
      Talgarets 15 October 2017 09: 54
      I want to object to the question of the battles won by the Chinese. Without delving into antiquity (Han, Tan era), I note that the territory on which I now live (Talgar district of Almaty region, Kazakhstan) was recaptured by China (though with the Manchu leadership, I admit) from the Dzungarian Khanate in the 18th century, then passed to Russia on Based on the Livadia Treaty of 1879 A similar story with the conquest of Tibet. In general, I want to note that the modern territory of China is huge, and significant territories (Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet) could not be annexed without successful conquests
  14. M0xHaTka
    M0xHaTka 11 October 2017 06: 13
    Ahahaha test joke! The Mongol yoke and crews of ships of 250 snouts. Come on, 2000! Why not half a million at once?
    And most of all delivered "- oh, the enemy boats are sailing! Ida will meet" And a crowd of half a million snouts ran to the beach loaded into deep-sea vessels. And the enemy fleet, in turn, waited a couple of months for the dudes to load.
    Oirjunimagu. Thanks for a fun morning.
  15. nafanal
    nafanal 5 August 2018 13: 44
    The Chinese completely lied .. And whom they hold for suckers ...