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Airborne received new intelligence chemical machines

The Radiation, Chemical and Biological (RCB) defense divisions of the Airborne Troops (VDV) received the latest reconnaissance chemical machines РХМ-6 based on the armored personnel carrier BTR-80, according to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the RF Ministry of Defense.

Airborne received new intelligence chemical machines

New special reconnaissance vehicles make it possible to obtain real-time reconnaissance information about the meteorological and RCB situation with its display on an interactive map, as well as transfer intelligence data to an automated troop control system. Compounds deployed in Ulyanovsk, Ussuriysk and Ulan-Ude, as well as the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, received such equipment. Until the end of 2017, a batch of new PXM-6 will arrive at the Kamyshin airborne assault compound.
- said in a statement

Currently, the crews of РХМ-6 in the connections to which the equipment arrived, have already begun to master it.

With the help of new reconnaissance vehicles, the paratroopers will be able to control the chemical situation in the area where the troops are located and promptly notify them of the use of chemical weapons. weaponsand also to control the execution of tasks by subordinate calculations and promptly specify them depending on the situation.

The RHM-6 comes to replace the existing RHB protection units of the Airborne Forces with the reconnaissance vehicles RHM-2С and UAZ-469РХ.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. Lopatov
    Lopatov 4 October 2017 13: 42
    Strange ...
    And why not the airborne RXM-5, which seemed to be unified in terms of equipment with the RXM-6?
    1. Blombir
      Blombir 4 October 2017 14: 19
      The presence of these machines pleases. Their presence suggests that the use of chemical weapons is possible, but useless. The one applying will certainly be hanged. Their main purpose is to control the consequences of technological disasters.
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 4 October 2017 14: 23
      Infographics for news.
  2. sgapich
    sgapich 4 October 2017 14: 44
    It’s good when he served in the RHBZ troops for an urgent period, we still had BRDM-2RHB.
  3. Romanenko
    Romanenko 4 October 2017 15: 26
    It would probably be more correct to head the DSB and not the Airborne Forces received a new chemical intelligence machine. Nevertheless, in spite of all its advantages, the BTR-80 and all its relatives are not landing vehicles, only in a landing way.
    But of course, they did not become worse from this.