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Results of Maidan: slaves remained slaves, scum remained scum

I do not believe a single word of those who supported the coup d'etat and rode on euromaidan. I do not believe in politicians, intellectuals, or ordinary Ukrainians. Whatever words they said, no matter how repentant, but I do not believe. Their words can describe reality, but never reveal the true causes of what is happening in Ukraine. The horses do not see clearly. The horses can only rebuild their ranks to ride on.

Results of Maidan: slaves remained slaves, scum remained scum

Funny, it turns out there is an opposition in Ukraine. She criticizes the authorities and seems to be telling the "truth" about the failed reforms, corruption and the plight of the Ukrainians. Oppositionists cite data of various rating agencies, according to which Ukraine has fallen to the bottom in the world hierarchy of countries. The people are dying out! The people are impoverished! Slaves are running abroad! And why? Who said that? Which of the current politicians will have the courage to say that the suckers were divorced on the Maidan, that the West fooled Ukraine, that the only chance for salvation is Russia ?!

The talkers of the opposition are eager to save the country and the people from the current regime. Ukrainians believe them. Ukrainians believe lyashkam, timoshenkam, Saakashvilyam, and others like them. They are sick. Some and others. It seems to Ukrainians that there should be opposition in the country, according to the same principle that there should be good in opposition to evil. Ukraine is evil. The counterweight to the Ukrainian evil is Russia. No other is given. Until the Ukrainians understand this, they are doomed to wallow in their shit.

It's funny, the sightful activists of euromaidan oppose those who themselves led to power. The system itself does not care about them. They are outraged only by the fact that they personally did not fall into this very power. They moved away from the trough more nimble and cynical filth. They did not have enough space for a huge ass Petro Poroshenko. So the people rebel, not for the truth, not for justice, but for access to the trough. Those who have access to the helm of power, other mood. They modestly demand to stop "rock the boat" in the name of the future of Ukraine. Reasonable. If the boat turns over again, another ass and its other lizuny will appear.

There is another curious group of the “clear”, which most often includes representatives of the so-called Ukrainian intelligentsia. They, too, are dissatisfied with the current regime and wail at the top of their heads "Where the country is heading!". And where is it going, and most importantly, when it rolled? This question remains unanswered. Those who had brains in their heads, rather than foul-smelling fluids, knew well before the coup of 2014 of the year what the leaders of euromaidan were, who was behind them, and what the “revolution of hydration” would lead to. Only Ukrainian intellectuals did not know about this and led the people to the Maidan. It took them several years to see geeks, geeks, and perverts, see geeks, geeks, and perverts. Normal people?

Amusing, with what pathos is an active participant in euromaidan, people's deputy of Ukraine Olga Bogomolets criticizes health care reform. She is echoed by another supporter of euromaidan, Dr. Yevgeny Komarovsky. A disaster, almost a genocide! The famous Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon does nothing that is outraged by the criminal essence of the current government. Oh, how these plain-hearted heralds of simple Ukrainians like! Just "rays of light in the dark kingdom." But why these “rays” were silent when the chaos was happening on the Maidan, when they burned, killed law enforcement officers? Why did they not say then that there would be no European integration with honey barrels and tons of cookies ?! They did not know? Then worth them.

If the representatives of the Ukrainian intelligentsia had a conscience, they would just shut up quietly. But all these poets, prose writers, musicians and general journalists cannot keep silent. They talk about the wrong reforms, the wrong economic policy of the country's leadership and favor the interests of ordinary Ukrainians. They again want to stand in front of the column going into the abyss.

And finally, a few words about the beautiful, wise, freedom-loving Ukrainian people, who now also begin to seethe and resent. Do you think this nation is outraged by censorship, witch hunts, dictatorial habits of the current president, repression against dissidents? No, these are little Ukrainians who care the least. They are outraged by the fact that they cut the rations. They are ready to sag under the power, lick Poroshenko's ass, if they paid for it in the same way as they pay for the "powder". They agree to jump, ride, humiliate, but only to be fed "from the belly", even if they are fed for slaughter. But after all, they would feed if cannibalism was common in Ukraine, if Ukrainian human flesh were in demand in international markets. The trouble is ...

It's funny to hear how the rhetoric of the Ukrainian rulers of thoughts has changed. Today they diligently talk about the fact that the “revolution of national gidnosti” took place in defense of some European values. Not for sausage, not for European salaries and pensions, but for abstract ideals. People agree. It is inconvenient for him to admit that the driving force of the “revolution of hydration” was base instincts and banal greed. It would be better for Ukrainians to admit that they stupidly want to “eat in a European way”, and not “live in a European way”. Then it would be easier to determine their "civilizational choice." Then there would be a question of the price at which Ukrainians would rate as their Square, there themselves. But they are standing on the sidelines of civilization, like prostitutes on the highway, and they are ashamed to call themselves a price. It would be better if they took money for their “love” and did not give it away for free.

The other day, the wife of the Ukrainian president congratulated her blessed birthday. Some style of congratulations outraged, they wrote angry responses on social networks. But this masterpiece was not designed for them. Its authors are well aware of the psychology of the Ukrainian masses. Units will be indignant, frown, and millions will wipe away a tear and will be touched by a similar declaration of love for the mother of the Ukrainian nation to her father. Poroshenko’s electorate is the same as that of Slave Izaura and Santa Barbara. Simple, simple, frankly naive and stupid.

Ukrainians like to talk about their superiority over the Russians. They are not cattle, they are not slaves, but Ukraine itself is just a hotbed of democracy and prosperity. Only for some reason on this "island of national happiness" always scum and scoundrels rule. For some reason, the most freedom-loving people are always unhappy with something and are in a state of permanent rebellion. Rebels and again leads to the power of scum and villains. What is the reason for this constancy no one cares.

Wow, how much do Ukrainians hate the “totalitarian Soviet regime”, the censorship, the smash prevailing in it, but they do not notice how quickly, quite naturally, Ukraine has become the most terrible copy of the “scoop”. Almost every day, the Ukrainian special services report exposing "enemies of the people" and "agents of the Kremlin." If these nonsense did not affect the Ukrainian society, they would not exist. But the magic of propaganda is such that it acts. Ukrainians believe that their compatriot in social networks acted on the orders of the Kremlin.

Nothing has changed in hundreds of years. Who knocked - that and knocks. Who betrayed - he betrays. The one who went to his Russian Golgotha ​​is going. History, as well as "Ukrainian Zrada", moves in a circle. Not in a spiral, as philosophers believe, but in a circle. Technology can evolve, but people do not change. This is very well described by the Kiev resident Mikhail Bulgakov in his play “The Heart of a Dog” and the novel “The Master and Margarita”. However, I personally like the White Guard. Very similar feelings arise when you read this great work. The closed space of an apartment on Andriyivsky Descent and the doomed impossibility to change anything.

From the point of view of the little man, everything that happens in Ukraine is a tragedy. In terms of history - cleansing. Everything and everyone falls into place. Oles Buzin has already become a martyr, and once he will certainly put a monument in the very center of Kiev. All these creatures, which are now in or around the government, will be shot or torn apart by the Ukrainians themselves. Nothing new will happen. Everything has been, and everything will happen again.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 4 October 2017 06: 47
      Did you miss the thief? Well done. Now live with it.
      Now in power are pink and fluffy, butterfly-like elves.
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 4 October 2017 07: 50
        They drove away the thief, put in his place a robber and a murderer. And now you can’t remove it so easily ...
        The current Ukrainian authorities are not a "Yanushenko clique." They’re not afraid to pour blood for the sake of preserving their power
      2. Megatron
        Megatron 4 October 2017 13: 26
        Finally, a normal, tough narrative about the outskirts without snot and pink glasses.
    2. DV69
      DV69 4 October 2017 07: 01
      Quote: Shurale
      As a result, the people went to the Maidan JUST FORGET THE THIEF. The rest is the insinuations of our media.

      The people themselves did not go to the Maidan, the people were brought there. And in order for the BOP to run away faster, a certain part of the people began to burn the police and internal troops with Molotov cocktails. And after the thief was driven out, the country just "rushed to a brighter future." They have ceased to steal, industry is growing, salaries are growing, I’m generally silent about the standard of living, I jumped so hard that I can’t see where he is.
      The state is governed by a sober, independent, wise and calm person who gave the last money for the benefit of the people who chose him.
      And the "elite"! That's where patriotism and selflessness are in one bottle!
      But our press will not tell us all this. Because she is "PRO KREMLIN propaganda."
      You probably have a different press, and a different people, and also your own truth.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 4 October 2017 06: 50
    There are a lot of beneficiaries of the Maidan, the author simply does not consciously see this. All glad, all the government, the mass of regional Natsik - all received their piece of butter on a piece of bread that was available or already taken from someone.
    Plus merchants and other volunteers who profit from the war.
  4. Mik13
    Mik13 4 October 2017 07: 55
    And why are these verbal feces on the Military Review?
    Does someone want VO to turn into a Russian analogue of CensorNet? And so already for half of patriotic commentators only a pan on his head is not enough to become a complete analogue of the supporters of the Euromaidan ...
    1. Lganhi
      Lganhi 4 October 2017 13: 08
      You do not like the fact that Bandera is called by their names?
      1. Mik13
        Mik13 4 October 2017 16: 01
        Quote: Lgankhi
        You do not like the fact that Bandera is called by their names?

        WOW! Have you learned how to spell the word "Bandera"? Undoubted progress.
        Tell me, did you stop the habit of writing insults in PM too? Or is it temporary enlightenment?
        1. Lganhi
          Lganhi 4 October 2017 22: 44
          I know that you are constantly drunk and therefore inadequate. Therefore, to write you something in PM does not make sense, you will not understand anything.
          1. Mik13
            Mik13 5 October 2017 07: 53
            Quote: Lgankhi
            I know that you are constantly drunk and therefore inadequate. Therefore, to write you something in PM does not make sense, you will not understand anything.

            Come on! And what then did it in my personalities form under your authorship? Have you been hacked? Or is it itself?
            You see, Lganhi, I have absolutely nothing to argue with you about. When you deigned to enter into a discussion with me under your last nickname "Comrade_Stalin", you and I have already found out that you are an ordinary sofa hamster. (I hope you remember the last discussion and poking you there with your nose is not necessary?)
            You have great sorrow in your life - only a frank masochist can root for Russian football. And recently, through the efforts of Mr. Mutko and all sorts of WADA, Russian sport in general causes only sadness and sadness.
            Therefore, instead of football, you and characters like you have seen enough on the internet of all kinds of breathtaking videos about the civil war in the territory of the former Ukraine and you are gushing out with silly slogans. Civil war - this is not football. Look for your unspent energy for a more constructive application. For example, clean it in your entrance and in the yard if you have already cleaned your toilet (usually it’s very dirty for such “patriots”).
            And if SUDDENLY you want to do something more real with respect to the war in the Donbass - write in a personal (without insult) - I can pick up for you acceptable options for complicity. In any case, you will have the opportunity to feel like a person, and not what you really are at the moment.
  5. thinker
    thinker 4 October 2017 07: 59
    Even before the first "Maidan" -
    23 October 2003 Elena Fominichna Lavrentieva
    "The so-called Galician elite"

    Lackeys are the eternal of Europe,
    Her spiritual slaves,
    You perverted paternal experience
    And ancestors betrayed coffins.

    By the whim of a bad serf,
    Servants of other people's ideas,
    You have become a cattle of Europe
    You love whistling whips.

    You betrayed Russia a hundredfold,
    Alien entrusted with the mind.
    Rus forgive you, but back
    Pulling your neck to the yoke.

    You motherland dear foreign land.
    And you are destined because
    To know the will ... only of the master,
    And forever bow to him.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 4 October 2017 08: 27
    We reprimand the Ukrainians .. but we ourselves did the same with ourselves and with the country in the 90s, now we are sober ... hops come out ..
    1. VS
      VS 4 October 2017 08: 41
      "" the discerning activists of the Euromaidan oppose those whom they themselves have brought to power. The system itself does not bother them. They are indignant only that they personally did not fall into this very power. They were pushed away from the feeder by more nimble and cynical scum. They did not have enough space for Petro Poroshenko’s huge ass. So the people rebel, not for truth, not for justice, but for access to the trough. Those who have access to the helm of power have different moods. They modestly demand to stop "rocking the boat" in the name of the future of Ukraine. Reasonable. If the boat rolls over again, another ass and its other lizuns will appear. ""

      In RF, in the PRINCIPLE the same thing happens - stupid capitalism but - there are no demoniac Bandera gopniks on the streets yet)))

      Most of all, those who were excommunicated at the beginning of the 2000s throw poop on GDP and "his camarilla" poopers))) And the common people as poor and impoverished))) Saves, unlike dill, from sharp impoverishment and ruin - the sale of resources is still bye))) And also the MOST, in principle, with us)))
      1. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 4 October 2017 13: 39
        Quote: V.S.
        Saves, unlike dill, from sharp impoverishment and devastation - the sale of resources is still

        Selling resources has always been. And their prices during the first term of GDP did not differ much from the times of EBN.
        It saves us that the state has found the strength and desire to force large companies to divide. And then it came to a ridiculous point - in the early 2000s, oil and gas companies officially had near-zero income or even were unprofitable. But it was worth taking someone for a zugunder - and then suddenly there were both profits and taxes.
        By the way, my family only then found out that our vouchers were not lost - for the first time in 10 years, Gazprom sent a letter on the calculation of dividends. smile
      2. igorka357
        igorka357 6 October 2017 05: 11
        Yeah .. yeah, poor, there’s nowhere to stick the car, all the yards are forced .. all my friends have a rest almost twice a year on the seas, don’t tell my slippers! Normal people in Siberia live well, if you’re a lazy guy and bukhaldos, then you and you will be poor! It was not specifically told you .. laughing
  7. grandfather Mih
    grandfather Mih 4 October 2017 11: 24
    “Warrior of the Sweet”, elf with pig’s ears .... Where are the noodles! And without a pan .... Disappointed unusually. The picture does not fully reflect the view of the native, zombified by "strangers." There wouldn’t be anything ready, otherwise you need to think it out yourself. I will return to the article by A. Fursov “How we lost the Cold War” from 24.09. (In order not to be kicked-the power of the Zhidobandera in Ukraine). Journalists designate Jews in the article as a “global tribe” along with the Anglo-Saxons. For a couple of thousand years this “tribe” was an outcast, a fiend. Right away, I’m starting to spread out “thought on the tree”. Yeah. Here are the pieces: "Whoever owns the information, owns the world." (Rothschild N.) - two hundred years of preparation for mastering the world; the eye of the "elect" - the eye in the triangle, framed by rays - one of the oldest symbols, meaning the divine eye, watching the world; the triangle is a symbol of the pyramid of power, where the top is the ruler; turn the pyramid to please Rothschild ("pull your eyes on ..." - here it is buried!); combine-hello! -the sign of chaos (I think, was not mistaken). Then there are “juicy” expressions and sentences to monsters, etc. Ukraine is a special case. Yeah.
    1. alex86
      alex86 4 October 2017 21: 19
      Quote: Grandfather Micah
      this "tribe" was an outcast, a fiend.

      So outcasts or monsters?
      According to Ozhegov: an outcast -1. In Ancient Russia: a person who left his former social state, for example, a peasant who left the community, a freedman, a ruined merchant. 2. trans. A man rejected by society. Eke out a rogue life. II adj. outcast, th, th (to 1 digit).
      monster, m. Cruel man, tormentor. * The monster of the human race (dec., Usually bran.) - The same as the monster.

      Quote: Grandfather Micah
      “Whoever owns the information owns the world.” (Rothschild N.)

      That is, you envy those who could own the information, and the rest could not by stupidity?
      Then just a "stream of consciousness."
      So the question is: for you, the Jews - who seized the secret and overt power in the world. Do you envy them? Hate that they could, but you (some of you to whom you relate) were incapable? A people who have developed persecution in themselves, scattered throughout the world, causes hatred in you? The Christian roots of Russian self-awareness and (probably) your Christian orientation are based on a Jewish basis, and Christ was (about horror) a Jew - Jews lived there, his mother was Jewish, and his father (formal) is also a Jew. And John the Baptist (Loader in the correct translation) - and he is a Jew. And all the apostles (and not just Judas) are all Jews. What are you attached to them? Maybe it's time to get out of the couch (stove) and do something? "To do the cleaning of the sheds - by their direct business" (Prof. Preobrazhensky, "Dog Heart", M. A. Bulgakov)
  8. Colonel
    Colonel 4 October 2017 12: 14
    Oles Buzin has already become a martyr, and sometime he will certainly be erected a monument in the very center of Kiev. All these creatures that are now in power around or around it, the Ukrainians themselves will shoot or tear to pieces.

    Author, your words, but to God’s ears.
  9. Lganhi
    Lganhi 4 October 2017 13: 07
    Yes, do not care about them! Spit and grind! They are already cut off a chunk.
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 4 October 2017 13: 51
      How can you What are you - going to cast aside the fate of small adequate moderate Ukrainians? After all, somewhere deep down they are for Russia and against the regime, even when they jump at a rally, pour slops on us on the network or donate money to the ATO. They didn’t want to, they were forced to, and they themselves not guilty of anything... smile
      And yes, how could you go against the fundamental principle of relations within the former USSR - Russia should! wink
      1. domokl
        domokl 4 October 2017 18: 59
        recourse I would also remember about the brotherly people ... Why?
      2. Suhow
        Suhow 7 October 2017 12: 50
        But how about those who did not ride for example and did not give up ????
  10. dauria
    dauria 4 October 2017 15: 59
    ... the people are rebelling, not for truth, not for justice, but for access to the trough. Those who have access to the helm of power have different moods. They modestly demand to stop "rocking the boat" in the name of the future ...

    Eh, the author ... Any country and any "people" behaves this way. Not only Ukraine. Neither the USA, nor Germany, nor China, nor Russia is an exception.
  11. P0LYM
    P0LYM 4 October 2017 16: 17
    From the point of view of a little man, everything that happens in Ukraine is a tragedy. From the point of view of history - purification.

    This is brilliant ... to the point !!!
    Exactly!!! I agree with almost everything that was said in the article .... But ... think dangerously ... I won, for the phrase, what if Russia, i.e. we’ll all break down under the pressure exerted on us and surrender - they will joyfully dance on our graves, issued a warning ... Perhaps they can ban you ... wink
  12. Aspid 57
    Aspid 57 4 October 2017 16: 51
    Cool article.
  13. intuzazist
    intuzazist 4 October 2017 17: 43
    From the point of view of history - purification. Everything and everyone falls into place. Oles Buzin has already become a martyr, and sometime he will certainly be erected a monument in the very center of Kiev. All these creatures that are now in power around or around it, the Ukrainians themselves will shoot or tear to pieces.
    "It is only a pity that neither me nor you will have to live a wonderful time at this time ......................
  14. Alex20042004
    Alex20042004 4 October 2017 17: 56
    dill showed its worn face.
  15. domokl
    domokl 4 October 2017 18: 54
    Hard. Even cruel. But honestly. It is clear that the Ukrainians this article will be oh, how not in the vein. It's a shame when you muzzle so in shit. And all my fault moyhataskraynaya position. You have to pay for everything ... Including for your own naivety and zlobstvo ...
  16. Vadim Golubkov
    Vadim Golubkov 4 October 2017 23: 08
    The funny or sad thing is that in 2006 (I don’t remember exactly or in 2005), the Kiev Sociological Institute conducted a survey among Ukrainians, who do you consider to be a thief and the main corrupt official in the country? So 1 place was taken by P.A. Poroshenko, part of the power of Yanukovych. Poroshenko was considered at that time, the thief and corrupt number 1 in Ukraine. And so they in 2014 elected him president. It can be so, where is the memory then?
  17. Suhow
    Suhow 7 October 2017 12: 44
    The author is largely right, although judging by the article Ukrainophobe .... the majority on the Maidan jumped for (Euro sausage in his opinion) I will say differently - an improvement in the standard of living. Yes, and the whole mess started after the dispersal of students who prevented installing a Christmas tree ... In Navara there were those who gave the order for that dispersal (it’s clear that it’s not free), well, those who are now at the trough .. (the catch has increased) and in order to stay they will be friends even with the Nazis even with the devil himself .... But about Andreevsky descent completely agree .... With such a brainwashing by our (Ukraine) media it is unlikely to change anything .... So far the country has not completely slipped into a hole ....
  18. Opponent of Swamp
    Opponent of Swamp 23 February 2018 22: 19
    Well, it’s good that our people did not hang on the Swamp Maidan, otherwise they were worse than the dashing 90s!