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Diving springboard


The main headquarters of the Russian Navy on the proposal of the naval command aviation This year, he refused to use both the “ground-based aircraft carrier” training complex in the Crimean Saki for training pilots of the 279th and 100th hotel ship's fighter aviation regiments (OKIAP), and the ship itself - Admiral Kuznetsov TAVKR.

Previously it was assumed that after the Main Naval Parade, which took place on 30 in July, in which several 279-1 OKAAP aircraft took part, the regiment would fly to Saki to maintain readiness to work from an aircraft carrier, a source familiar with the situations reported. Now, the aforementioned plans have been abandoned. This suggests that the only in Russia TAWC "Admiral Kuznetsov" in the near future will not go on long hikes and will wait for repair.

In order for the aircraft-carrying complex to function, the ship system must operate — ground infrastructure — aircraft. "Kuznetsov" is now "alive", he is on the move. But due to a number of technical problems, it has difficulty in obtaining the required travel speed for the aircraft to take off. The NITKA complex in the Crimea is virtually forgotten, although the corresponding instructions for its resuscitation were given at the highest level by the General Staff at the beginning of 2016. This would require minimal costs compared to the billions invested in such a simulator in Yeisk.

The commissioning of this complex has been delayed for five years. It literally rolled into the concrete at least 10 billion rubles, it is planned 18 billion more. The deadline has repeatedly been disrupted. Last time it was promised that this would happen at the end of 2016. However, a year has passed, and so far no prospects.

And almost ready simulator in the Crimea is idle.

Most of the pilots 100-th OKIAP on the newest MiG-29KR / KUBR can not work with the aircraft carrier, because not honed the necessary skills on the thread. 279 th OKIAP on Su-33 and Su-25UTG and several pilots of 100-th OKIAP trained in Saki in 2016 year before sending Admiral Kuznetsov to the shores of Syria, but in 2017 the ground complex was not used, and according to the existing regulations aces lost access to work from the deck.

During the long-distance cruise of the aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean Sea, from which it returned 8 February, were lost due to technical reasons for one Su-33 and MiG-29. The photographs of another MiG-29, which had landed while landing on a ground-based airfield, appeared on the Internet after the return of Admiral Kuznetsov. Some experts say that all this comes from the lack of proper training for deck aviation pilots at the NITKA complex, and not from the problems allegedly experienced with braking devices.

It is assumed that the aircraft carrier in the 2018 year will be repaired and upgraded, which, if there is enough money, will last two or three years. At the moment, the aircraft carrier is on the 35-m ship repair plant (branch "Zvezdochki"), but under the terms of the training of deck aviation pilots they need to comply with certain regulations in order to receive permission to fly from an aircraft carrier, and do it without training on the THREAD is impossible.

Another 22 in March 2016, Major General Igor Kozhin, Chief of Naval Aviation of the Russian Navy, informed the Minister of Defense that in Yeisk the springboard and upper stage were ready for commissioning. “The whole complex will be commissioned completely by the end of this year,” the general said then. "This year" smoothly moved to 2017. And the surrender is still not visible.

According to reports, the main problem of the NITKA complex in Yeisk is that it is made of concrete, unlike its predecessor in Saki and its counterpart in India, made, as befits a real aircraft carrier, from steel. The concrete performance of the remake, which has already turned into long-term construction, seems to be its main problem: the design “went” before receiving the planes ... At one time - before the return of the Crimea - the beginning of its construction was justified, but now the situation has changed radically. It seems that only the desire of some officials to “cast into concrete” billions does not change. And a completely seditious assumption: maybe because of someone’s disbelief that the Crimea has returned forever?

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  1. NIKNN
    NIKNN 5 October 2017 15: 08
    With closed eyes and a smile from ear to ear, I go to my own happiness through a rake field.
    Add nothing more ... recourse
    1. maxim947
      maxim947 5 October 2017 15: 44
      Article Another mutoten. THREAD in Yeysk is almost ready, and there, alongside concrete, there are enough various systems, a catapult, air finishers, safety strips and much more. Moreover, in the 14th year, training flights have already begun
      Who knew that everything would turn out so well with Yeisk))) By the way, everything is functioning there, I personally observed it from Yevpatoriya beach) and the departures were very intense. Yeisk will now be brought to mind, then the question of the modernization of the Saki "deck" will be considered, although on the other hand, why there are two of them at the moment is not clear.
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 5 October 2017 15: 52
        Quote: maxim947
        Everything is functioning there, by the way, I personally observed from Yevpatoriya beach) and the departures were very intense.

        Oh, thanks! Pleased! And the fact that the training of pilots greatly depressed me .. (I flew it myself, the nuances of training are not alien), I was upset about this ... hi
      2. Oden280
        Oden280 5 October 2017 18: 00
        The shelf is already two. One on Sushki, the second on MiGs. And besides, there is not only a springboard in Yeysk. there is the 859th Center for Combat Use and Retraining of the Naval Aviation Naval Aviation.
        1. Kenxnumx
          Kenxnumx 5 October 2017 19: 57
          And what are these two regiments to base on. Kuznetsov is one.
          1. Oden280
            Oden280 6 October 2017 18: 18
            There are not so many flying cars, especially Sushki, so that they will fit in. there are still helicopter pilots grazing the same.
      3. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 5 October 2017 18: 25
        Quote: maxim947
        Yeisk will now be brought to mind, then the question of the modernization of the Saki "deck" will be considered, although on the other hand, why there are two of them at the moment is not clear.

        At one time, hypotheses were expressed that each of the simulators will have its own regiment: the 279th in the Crimea, and the 100th in Yeysk. smile
        And here the structure of the springboard is clearly visible.

        Concrete is only on the way there, the springboard itself is metalwork.
      4. Alekc100
        Alekc100 9 October 2017 11: 57
        Good afternoon! How did you manage to observe the flights in Yeysk from Evpatoria Beach? !!! (Who knew that everything would turn out so well with Yeisk))) By the way, everything is functioning there, I personally observed it from Yevpatoriya beach) and the departures were very intense. ) I understand that we are talking about flights to the Crimea. Yes, the flights were quite intense, but only in May-mid July 2016. The rest of the time the thread in the Crimea is. There were no flights at all in this 2017. Moreover, for three (already almost four) years at NITK in the Crimea there has not been a single commission and not a single ruble has been allocated for maintenance, let alone modernization. A thread in the Crimea is ready for flights. To bring into working condition requires a maximum of a week, and if urgent, then two days. I’m not saying it unfairly, I served at NITK in Crimea as a senior engineer for 9 years and I know both the state and the possibilities, and I live not far away. In the photo, by the way, the take-off of the UTGshki from the springboard in Saki. Now a little about Yeysk. The complex is built of concrete, with concrete laid on a foundation of silty and sandy soils, which will inevitably lead to the formation of cracks (the structure then weighs more than tens of thousands of tons). And concrete structures are practically not repairable (again, everything must be destroyed and cast again). Concrete was poured in different batches and at different times (hence the heterogeneity). Well and most importantly, concrete holds static loads very well and does not hold dynamic at all, and the landing of the aircraft is dynamic and, in addition, practically shock. Well and still: practically nothing can be changed and altered in concrete. So, the almost ready Yeysk still does not work and, apparently, will not work. According to the plan, Yeysk was supposed to start work in 2012, then the deadlines were repeatedly postponed (raise the periodical press, everything is there). The last time I. Kozhin visited Yeysk in March 2016, the Moscow Region S.K.Shoigu called the deadline: -Late 2016, already at the end of 2017, and NITKA did not work in Yeysk, and about 10 billion rubles were spent, according to the press. In addition, you are a little disingenuous: - they are only going to build a catapult in Yeysk (and this, again according to the press, is still about 18 billion rubles), despite the fact that in Yeysk everything needs to be started with "0", and in the Crimea it’s already a working catapult (although it’s steam, but if necessary, you can dismantle it and use the rooms for electromagnetic) and there are rooms for another catapult, which was planned to be installed, but in connection with the adoption of the springboard take-off, they were not mounted.
        Well, and most importantly: NITKU in Crimea was designed by the Nevskoye Design Bureau, and built by ChSZ Nikolaev. So, the thread in the Crimea is essentially an aircraft carrier, poured into concrete with all the attendant advantages, even ship equipment is installed there.
        Like this: THREAD in Yeysk is not ready for work, THREAD in Crimea is practically in working condition, but no one flies on it. Meanwhile, there are no young trained pilots, and the old ones are about 50 years old. If urgently you don’t start preparing young people, then by the time Kuznetsov leaves the repair, there will be no one to fly on it .....
        1. maxim947
          maxim947 9 October 2017 14: 35
          I have no right to object, not so knowledgeable. About Good afternoon! How did you manage to observe the flights in Yeysk from Evpatoria Beach? !!! [i] [/ i], - it may not be correctly written, but the essence is clear. I watched just around June-July 2016. from Evpatoria. This year was August-September - there were no flights. About Yeysk, honestly surprised, is everything really so bad? It has been repeatedly reported that everything is in its final stages. I am not inclined to believe everything written, do they really lie without measure
          1. Alekc100
            Alekc100 9 October 2017 22: 35
            If I expressed myself a little sharply, please excuse me. Just a little jarred: “Who knew that everything would turn out so well with Yeysk))) By the way, everything works, I personally observed it from Yevpatoriya beach) and the departures were very intense.” You wrote how well everything was arranged in Yeysk, and the flights were observed in Crimea. I know for sure that in Yeysk only a few flights were made from a springboard and, in my opinion, two landings on a cable. Everything is done for a show, in order to somehow account for the money spent. Regular, scheduled flights never started. Not only that, they did not even begin the acceptance tests (even the GLIC is not taken). Currently, you can’t fly from a springboard. It is made partly of concrete and partly of metal (specifically, about one third of the inlet is concrete, then metal). So, at the junction of metal-concrete, a “step” was formed (and it could not but form due to the difference in the coefficients of thermal expansion and “shrinkage” of concrete). In addition, there are cracks in the concrete at the entrance, and I have already talked about the difficulties of repairing concrete.
            Well, the quality and quantity of trained pilots can be judged by the fact that the flights according to the full program were carried out by two regiments in May - mid-July 2016. Prior to this, flights on NITKA were carried out ..... in 2010. All this is in the open press. So, the situation is not just sad, but very sad. If you want, I can tell you more in detail SKYPE sannikov-alekc
            1. maxim947
              maxim947 10 October 2017 09: 29
              There’s nothing to apologize for, it's all about the case.
  2. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 5 October 2017 15: 49
    They sawed the loot, but there is no result --- a familiar picture, we also build a stadium for the mundial in the city.
    In general, a complete seam in our city in football troops --- the local team moved to the league lower and the handsome stadium does not want to build on time, and the international commission has already decided.
    But this is football, and here is the country's defense capability! And the symptoms are the same --- it means this is not a separate egregious case, but a systemic phenomenon.
    1. andr327
      andr327 5 October 2017 16: 27
      If you look carefully, the builders everywhere with great failure work: both Vostochny and the complexes in the Strategic Missile Forces. etc. Even in housing construction, there are long-term construction projects throughout the country. The money goes huge, and the result is disgusting. You see some kind of system failure. Something needs to be changed, guest workers can not cope with large projects.
      1. vlad007
        vlad007 5 October 2017 18: 27
        Quote: andr327
        If you look carefully, the builders everywhere with great failure work: both Vostochny and the complexes in the Strategic Missile Forces. etc.

        This is true only for objects financed from the budget. Construction on the money of private investors is carried out very well - on time, in the planned money and with good quality.
        1. andr327
          andr327 5 October 2017 18: 42
          This depends on whether this private investor can be turned off or not.
        2. Kenxnumx
          Kenxnumx 5 October 2017 19: 58
          This is called capitalism.
      2. Ivan Tartugai
        Ivan Tartugai 7 October 2017 07: 10
        Quote: andr327
        If you look carefully, the builders everywhere with great failure work: both Vostochny and the complexes in the Strategic Missile Forces. etc

        You can not look carefully, everyone can see right away that during the construction of facilities financed from the country's budget an intensive cut is taking place.
        The construction of sensitive military facilities is extremely convenient for cutting budget funds.
        And if you can still tighten the construction, then it turns into a klondike for generals in general. And the builders themselves, the migrant workers themselves have nothing to do with, a huge crowd of officials feed on them.
  3. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 5 October 2017 20: 34
    And quite seditious assumption ...
    Nothing seditious for some - very many of the so-called "ilites" would have returned Crimea immediately.
  4. Vadim Sh.
    Vadim Sh. 6 October 2017 18: 45
    In each long-term construction, we begin to look for KRAMOLA, especially about CRIMEA.
  5. raw174
    raw174 9 October 2017 08: 25
    Given our current policy, we need an aircraft carrier as a pensioner, a tablet, this is a fashion item, in order to say that we also have it! As a fighter, we don’t need him, because we are not a warrior alone in the field, and we can’t fight overseas, land forces ... (Syria doesn’t count, because there we help the locals, and not independently carry out the operation)
  6. Laksamana besar
    Laksamana besar 10 October 2017 21: 01
    Here is the answer smile Part 1:
    In the issue of the Military-Industrial Courier newspaper of October 3 of October 2017, material was published signed by Alena Nadezhdina entitled “Diving Springboard”. The next publication on the training of pilots of naval aviation, built on incompetent reasoning, is a "mantric" repetition of materials published in the Military Industrial Courier throughout the year.

    In response to previous publications of the newspaper on the topic of training pilots at the NITKA training complexes in Yeysk and Saki, the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation repeatedly drew attention to the fact that the editorial office of the VPK newspaper does not use the possibility of official requests for this subject to the military department in order to obtain objective information. This opportunity was not used by the author of the article “Diving springboard”, in which the author acts as a specialist in concrete structures, as well as an expert in determining the volume and financing of construction and repair work. Moreover, the basic information for writing an article again becomes the data of various sources.

    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the High Command of the Navy have repeatedly stated that the UTK NITKA in the city of Yeysk and the UTK NITKA in the city of Saki have different tasks and bear their specific load in training naval pilots. It will be useful to once again recall that the UTK NITKA in Yeysk, in accordance with plans for the future, will prepare pilots for new generation warships of the Navy. This complex is also intended for the development and testing of new types of equipment entering the naval aviation.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Laksamana besar
      Laksamana besar 10 October 2017 21: 12
      The UTK NITKA in the city of Saki was originally designed, built, and used to train pilots for class ships of the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov. It is quite objective that the UTK NITKA in the city of Saki for some of its components is outdated. Individual components of the complex have exhausted their resources and require replacement. Reconstruction work is planned and will be carried out during the overhaul of the UTK, which is planned to be carried out in stages in the near term.

      It is also important that the UTK NITKA in Saki is structurally included in the Center for the combat use and retraining of naval aviation flight personnel in the city of Yeysk, is its active part, functioning according to a unified plan. The complex is used cyclically and seasonally depending on the tasks.

      Without understanding the essence of the issue and not knowing the situation, the author of the article also thinks about using the UTK NITKA resource during the repair and modernization of the Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft cruiser, which misleads the reader. Also, the author easily calls the construction of the UTK NITKA in Yeysk long-term construction, not taking into account the fact that, for example, the UTK NITKA in Saki, under the conditions of developed cooperation of enterprises of the USSR, was built for five years and was commissioned only partially in the 1982 year.
      Incompetence and inaccuracies in the article by Alena Nadezhdina could be easily avoided by sending an official request to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. But, apparently, in the name of the rating, a bet was made on sources.

      Igor Konashenkov,
      Head of the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
      1. Ehanatone
        Ehanatone 11 October 2017 21: 12
        Well, damn it, now it’s located in its rightful place - Threads separately, women separately - and there’s nothing to tell them how
        1. Ehanatone
          Ehanatone 11 October 2017 21: 15
          Well, damn it, now it’s located in its rightful place - Threads separately, women separately - and there’s nothing for them to tell how cool green people to roll grandmas into concrete! ...