Ethnocide in Ukrainian

Ethnocide in Ukrainian“The dream of neo-Nazis came true. A gathering of poorly educated, mentally ill and corrupt people, called the “Verkhovna Rada”, with the complete silence of the people adopted the “Law on Education”, which finally fixed the ban on education in their native language for Russians and people of other nationalities. After 2020, it will be impossible to get a secondary education in Russian in Ukraine, “only by the authorities”. And what is significant: no reaction of human rights organizations, leaders of the European Union, anyone who so recently resented the infringement of the rights of the Crimean Tatar people. But what do the Russian people themselves think in Ukraine? Where is the reaction of their representatives in the so-called Verkhovna Rada? These clinical madmen made another step towards the split of Ukraine. ” This is the statement of the ex-premier of Ukraine Mykola Azarov.

The fact is that on September 5, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On Education”, which launched educational reform in Ukraine. The law effectively prohibits receiving education in any language other than Ukrainian, which directly violates the guaranteed part of Art. 3. 10 Constitution of Ukraine free development, use and protection of languages ​​of national minorities, contrary to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, European charters on regional or minority languages.

According to the new law, starting from 2018, classes with teaching subjects in the languages ​​of national minorities (including Russian) will remain only in elementary school, and starting from the fifth grade, they will be completely abolished. With 2020, the junior classes for national minorities are eliminated, and education in Ukraine will become fully Ukrainian-speaking.

Exceptions are made only for the children of the “indigenous peoples”, as well as for the English and European languages, in which one or several subjects are allowed to conduct in schools. In the indigenous peoples, the Rada defined the Crimean Tatars, Krymchaks, Karaites and Gagauz, but not Russians.

"It - historical moment, - writes analyst Iskander Khisamov. - All the previous acts of the Ukrainian government related to the limitation of the use of the Russian language, the introduction of language quotas in the media, the demolition of monuments, renaming of streets and cities, the prohibition of Russian media, books, films, music and so on, were just a prelude to what happened on this week. Until now, the Russian-speaking inhabitant, who makes up more than half of the population of Ukraine, still had some opportunity for comforting self-deception - they say, it's all pretense, but on the Internet we read and watch everything we want, and still in Kiev everyone speaks Russian , including the bosses. Now this layman first fell into a situation of the absence of the most important personal choice, the choice of the language of instruction for his own child. It simply means that the child is taken from him, that the child will grow up completely different from what he dreamed and planned. ”

After the vote, the law was signed by Parliament Speaker Paruby, and Poroshenko endorsed it. That is, the law came into force.

September 27, having waited for Poroshenko’s decision, the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation called the new Ukrainian law “On Education” “an act of the ethnocide of the Russian people in Ukraine”. “The deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation consider an unacceptable violation of the fundamental right of indigenous peoples and national minorities of Ukraine to study in their native languages,” said a statement adopted at a plenary session of the State Duma. The State Duma also accused the Verkhovna Rada and the Ukrainian leader, Petro Poroshenko, of “hostile intolerance” towards members of ethnic groups in the country.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto called “shameful and shameful” the signing by Petro Poroshenko of the law “On Education”, which limits the study of the language of national minorities. According to Siyarto, this decision of Kiev is far from Europe and represents a step in the opposite direction. The head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry said that from this point on, Ukraine "can practically forget" about Europe. “Hungary will block any initiatives that benefit Ukraine in international organizations, especially in the EU. We can guarantee that this will hurt Ukraine’s future, ”he said.

It is noteworthy that the Hungarian government was the first of the “outsiders”, but nearby ones - another 7 of September, with a protest against the new educational legislation of Ukraine, which defined Ukrainian as the main language of education in the country. The State Secretary of the Hungarian Cabinet for National Policy Issues, Janosh Arpad Potapi, then stated that this law infringes upon the rights of national minorities living in Ukraine, among which about 150 thousand Hungarians. Hungary demands to reconsider the Ukrainian educational “reform”, calling it “an unprecedented violation of the rights of minorities”.

Representatives of the Hungarian public, professional organizations and clergy of Transcarpathia appealed to Poroshenko to return to the Hungarians the right to study in their native language. The rector of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute, Ildika Oros, called the adopted law the return of the “most severe Stalin era”.

September 11 P. Siyarto has already summoned the Ukrainian ambassador to Hungary, Love Nepop, because of the notorious law on education. Minister Siyarto personally informed her that he considered the new law on education "shame and disgrace" and ordered that Hungarian diplomats not support any Ukrainian initiative in international organizations, and also that Hungary would no longer support important decisions for Ukraine.

In all forums of the UN, OSCE and the European Union, Budapest will raise the issue of amending the language article of Ukraine's law on education. By the personal order of Siyarto, Hungarian diplomacy will impede Ukraine in the implementation of important affairs for it in the international arena.

The reasons for this decision by Siyarto, on the one hand, were such changes in the Ukrainian law on education that make it impossible for the national minorities of Ukraine, including the 150-thousand Hungarian national minority, to receive education in their native language.

When Siyarto raised this question to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Klimkin at a meeting under the EU Eastern Partnership program, the response of his Ukrainian colleague was “unacceptable,” the Hungarian Foreign Ministry stressed.

But Romania is already concerned about the law on education adopted by the Ukrainian parliament. “In particular, because of the article 7, which concerns education in the language of national minorities,” the Romanian Foreign Ministry said. The Romanian Foreign Ministry also recalled that, according to the Convention on the Protection of National Minorities, the state should recognize the right of representatives of national minorities to study in their native language. As expected, Romanian Secretary of State Viktor Mikula will talk about this issue during a visit to Kiev next week.

And they began to arrive in the telegraph mode, as they say, from the fields. In Uzhgorod, a scandal erupted around a family of immigrants from Donetsk who wanted to send their daughter to school, where, as it turned out, the children of the local “elite” study. We are talking about the educational complex "Prestige". The father of the girl at the parents' meeting was scolded for “five thousand miles” and demanded not to “drink the blood of the locals”. The members of the parent committee demanded that the child from Donetsk did not walk on the carpet, did not sit on the sofa at school - after all, father and mother did not pay for it. And persistently forced to transfer to another school. Immigrants wrote a statement to the police and are waiting for the reaction of law enforcement.

An indignant young woman from Odessa writes in a popular social network: “So, the diaries were translated into Ukrainian as well. I repeat - in the Russian class.

Testing is an exam, according to the results of which either a child is transferred to 5 or not - also in Ukrainian. Move and “zhytannya” (requirements as for those who originally studied in Ukrainian). Then immediately translated into Ukrainian completely. Another plus is a second foreign language. That is, for example, German, will be taught in Ukrainian.

The idea is: lowering the system of bribes (and hardly any monetary units will go to the Ukraine after five years, the person wants to become at least a baker, even a shoemaker, then he can’t use it (ban - PM). The main thing is that he does not want to become a doctor in this situation. Because it is impossible to teach children four years in Russian for four years and suddenly demand 100% knowledge of Ukrainian from them. Their five-year-olds are shoved into schools — they don’t even have porridge in their heads, but some kind of uzvār. To go to Russia - they no longer catch up with their peers. There is no future here. Europe - aha - so generally surrendered to the monastery. I would like to wish one thing to the current "reformers" - that in their old age they should have brain surgery performed by those neurosurgeons who now take examinations in Ukrainian, instead of learning a profession, and not patriotism. "

Ukrainian Oppoblok is silent.

And V. Medvedchuk, the leader of the “Ukrainian Choice - Rights of the People” recalled that in trying to limit the use of the Russian language in the education system as much as possible, the government violated the rights of all national minorities, which runs counter to Article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which guarantees “free development, use and protection of Russian and other minority languages ​​... ". “By approving the amendments to Article 7 of the draft law“ On Education ”, people's deputies violated the rights of national minorities, which immediately caused a negative reaction from the public, and not only in Ukraine. These are the realities of a “democratic”, pro-European Ukraine: constitutional rights of citizens are being sacrificed for the sake of Russophobic ideas, ”the politician concluded.

Publicist K. Kevorkian, who had to leave his native Kharkov in 2014, wrote on Facebook: “The ban on education in the native (first of all, in Russian) language logically and expectedly completes the assimilation of non-Ukrainian ethnic groups in Ukraine.

The process of systematic assimilation, started by the supposedly innocent Ukrainization of names (Elena to Olena, Konstantin to Kostyantyn and so on), was obvious to all sensible people except fanatical admirers of both Maidanians. Who told me personally: where did you see Bandera?

Where did you see Russian infringed? neo-Nazis is an invention of the Kremlin propaganda!

Today I disdain to communicate with them directly, especially since some of them have become ordinary informers. But, if you have the opportunity, tell them: “An official ban on education in your native Russian language is just one more step down the path where you will face defeat in political and property rights, repression against timid protesters, sale of the lands of your ancestors and descendants of transnational corporations. " This is the usual way for those who betray their native language first, then their own culture and history, and then naturally fall into madness, poverty and anarchy. Each nation deserves its own government, and they are just such statehood.

The ban on public education in Russian in September 2017 of the year is the direct merit of those who, being Russian and Russian-speaking, supported the armed nationalist coup in February of 2014. ”

Meanwhile, in the Cherkasy region, schools have already actively begun to introduce Polish language lessons due to the high demand of workers in the labor market. According to the head of the district education department, Larisa Koval, before, Polish was studied only in the city school number 2, and from the new year they will study at the sanatorium boarding school and Korsunskaya school. “The demand for this language is constantly growing. Many graduates come to study in Polish universities. At first they thought to invite to the area of ​​the Polish volunteer. However, it did not work out. Therefore, we began to look for teachers here. We already have two teachers. ”

Demand is formed by parents of children who go to Poland to earn money. From 10 to 25% of the residents of Cherkasy region of working age at least once went to Poland to earn money. According to official data, the 342 person is registered in the district employment center. This is the lowest figure in recent years. Most of the unemployed have long been employed in Poland. Recently, the number of Ukrainian students who have gone to study at Polish universities has increased dramatically.

By the way, even before the Poroshenkov visa, right after the draconian law voting that took place on 5 in September, a greeting appeared on the tweet of the US Embassy in Ukraine: “Congratulations to Ukraine on the promotion of educational reform, because the contribution to youth development is a guarantee of the future.”

This is precisely the aim of those who impose laws on Ukraine that supplant everything Russian: to make the native mental forget and “free” the territory, where there are less and less conditions and reasons for living and surviving.
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  1. +6
    3 October 2017 06: 09
    The article touches most of all “with the complete silence of the people” ... What “people”? People are fighting in the Donbass against Bandera evil. And everyone else who agrees is simply biomass. And what their rulers will do to me deeply on the drum.
    1. +6
      3 October 2017 06: 53
      A sign of biomass is all on the drum.
      1. +4
        3 October 2017 07: 09
        Everyone is outraged, everyone speaks out in defense of their fellow tribesmen. And where is the reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry? What has the Foreign Ministry done to protect Russians in Ukraine in their right to study and speak their native Russian language?
        1. +6
          3 October 2017 08: 56
          Do Russians in Ukraine want to be protected?
          1. +3
            3 October 2017 10: 39
            Do Russians in Ukraine want to be protected? - Ken71

            And imagine yourself beloved in their place, and then get the answer to your question.
            1. +1
              3 October 2017 12: 21
              There are a lot of Russians and Russian-speakers in the puppy-girl. Probably even more than half. This is not a couple of percent of Hungarians. They chose the Rada of their representatives. Rada adopted the law. They also signed the elected president. And what do I care about them. Why should I introduce myself to someone? These are their problems and there are a lot of them to solve these problems.
      2. 0
        3 October 2017 13: 47
        Are you so worried about those who are going to kill you? Judging by your flag?
        Quote: Victor N
        A sign of biomass is all on the drum.
    2. +1
      3 October 2017 08: 47
      Ethnocide is not a very successful application of the term to the Ukrainian law on the national language. Nevertheless, "ethnocide" involves the physical destruction of an ethnos, rather than infringement of its rights in the form of discrimination on the basis of language. Although, horseradish radish is not sweeter. recourse
  2. BAI
    3 October 2017 08: 41
    Now Poles, Hungarians and Romanians will be ranked among the indigenous peoples and all will calm down.
  3. +4
    3 October 2017 11: 29
    Quote: siberalt
    Ethnocide is not a very successful application of the term to the Ukrainian law on the national language .... recourse

    In this regard, I would like to note that even under the Soviet regime, the study of the Ukrainian language was mandatory for study even in Russian schools. At one time, when my father was transferred to serve in Kiev VO, I had to study the Ukrainian language and literature and pass exams on them, although the teaching of other subjects was in Russian ..
    And we didn’t need Ukrainian to hell - we had to move constantly from one end of the country to the other ... And nevertheless, I had to study, despite the fact that Russian was officially the language of international communication ...
    So what do you want now, Ukraine has become independent and Ukrainian is the national language - it’s too late to drink Borjomi ....
  4. +3
    3 October 2017 12: 17
    Ukrainian Oppoblok is silent.

    then the author is a populist and swims in this topic.
    They published an appeal
    The enactment of the Law "On Education" is the beginning of the presidential campaign, marked by a violation of the Constitution and the rights of non-Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians ......
    The language norms of the Law on Education testify to the inadequacy of power. We will fight in the courts for the abolition of the language of the law, we will defend the right of every Ukrainian to speak and hear in their native language.

    Yes, and called for a replacement of power (probably on them)
    OPPOSITION BLOC declares - only a change of power will save the country.

    taken from the OPPOblok website
    Vilkul collects 45 signatures for the transfer of the COP and further to the European.
    Obviously (despite the result) a rich topic of promotion of the electorate. Against the background of falling BPP votes, votes will pass to the OPPO block.
    Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria and Greece expressed their concern about the language article in the law. Of which only Hungary is ready for its 150 thousand citizens of Ukraine-ethnic Hungarians to go to the end. They are great. They always supported their own. In a word, deed, support on all fronts.
    What about the Russians? They are not particularly protected in the Russian Federation, and native speakers of the Russian language are dying out (shrinking). And in Ukraine even more so.
  5. +3
    3 October 2017 14: 29
    It’s high time to admit that there will be a war with potters. And we must prepare for it.
  6. +1
    3 October 2017 17: 21
    Quote: ranger
    In this regard, I would like to note that even under the Soviet regime, the study of the Ukrainian language was mandatory for study even in Russian schools.

    Like Russian in Ukrainian schools
    Quote: ranger
    And we didn’t need Ukrainian to hell - we had to move constantly from one end of the country to the other ... And nevertheless, I had to study, despite the fact that Russian was officially the language of international communication ...

    Needed, not needed - everyone decided for himself. Not needed, shoved into triples, needed - tried to know better. I needed and I taught, but anyway, how hard it was to take physics and chemistry at a Russian university, and the teachers were having fun.
    I mean. that we had a choice, and today's children were deprived of this choice
  7. 0
    3 October 2017 18: 42
    But what do Russian people themselves think in Ukraine? Where is the reaction of their representatives in the so-called Verkhovna Rada?
    Yeah. We will wait for the people to overthrow the Khazar yoke. As expected, when "the German proletariat will overthrow the power of the Nazis."
    1. +3
      3 October 2017 20: 48
      I don’t understand what you are actually offering.
      When all this "mess" went in '14, I told my wife right away, either we will join the Russian Federation, or pack our bags and we will leave for the Russian Federation. Since Ukraine has finally moved its mind and we can’t live here further.
      Everyone can do the same. But ninety percent will be silent, hoping that everything will work out, etc. Then they will begin to switch to the Ukrainian language (cursing Kiev and those who invented it all) and live how they live. No explosion and other revolutions there from below should be expected. It will not be this. Since the population of central and even southern (which is a sin) Ukraine is politically inert for the most part.
  8. 0
    3 October 2017 23: 38
    It seems that the ethnocide will end with the emergence of a nuclear Hasidic state in Ukraine, which will be called as one of the nuclear states of B. Vostok.
  9. 0
    6 October 2017 20: 41
    The outskirts, the Baltic states, Central Asia, all according to one scenario with the main goal - de-Russification of territories, is a geopolitical issue of the existence of Russians as a nation.

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