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"Armor" of Russia: testing the desert

This issue is a continuation of a series of films about the extreme expedition of Russian armored vehicles to Elbrus, this time dedicated to the hot endless desert. See what ordinary sand can do with an unusual technique, who will become the undisputed leader in a kind of rally in the dunes, and who will have to be pulled out of the desert captivity with the help of two tractors. Also, “Military Acceptance” will test a unique BAZ-6909 platform, the very machine that is used to transport C-300 and C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. She, too, will take part in an extreme rally for survival in the desert.

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  1. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 2 October 2017 22: 19
    Class, childhood remembered
  2. max702
    max702 3 October 2017 00: 23
    The Urals stupidly cut down the electronics of the cross-axle differentials .. That's the question, but is it needed there? If this is the reason, then back to the rough cam, or pneumatic, but reliable!
  3. Belarus is Russia
    Belarus is Russia 4 October 2017 23: 25
    I love the program "Military Acceptance"! Cool. And its author is a presenter-cool. It makes a good program. It’s the same as you are there yourself and you see everything with your own eyes and touch everything. It’s as if you drive cars yourself, inspect them, experience them, drive them. And all the other military equipment and developments. As if you walk through factories and workshops, scientific forges, buildings and are at the military bases of the Russian Orthodox Church of Russia.