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Results of the week. General not to return. The fight continues

Desovatisation in military warehouses of Ukraine

One of the largest ammunition depots in Ukraine burned out. It took him almost a day of time. He burned beautifully, spectacularly and thoroughly. But any event ends sooner or later, and the time comes to calculate the damage and draw conclusions.

The program for the disposal of old Soviet ammunition in the framework of complete and unconditional de-Sovietisation is being carried out. It is not clear what the higher officials of Ukraine are dissatisfied with? It is rumored that only at that moment, when in Ukraine, in the solemn atmosphere of a festive super firework, the last shell, inherited from the treklytototo totalitarian heritage of the USSR, will be destroyed, and the final peremoga will happen.

Comments from our readers:

If somewhere a bahnul warehouse is Putin is to blame!
And Poroshenko walked past, Putin's passport found.

Everything is stolen to us, uzbahoy, homobyane ... should read this news.
Or: Is sukashvilko revenge Kiev corrupt?

Above the army warehouses wind collects clouds. And between the clouds and the warehouse the UAV is quietly flying, a white lightning-like one.
It will show stars from the wing, then two rockets under the belly, it buzzes, and - from the bottom they hear a howl of screws, like thunder!
In this thunder - there is a threat! The strength of the cotton wool, the flame of explosions and the certainty of victory can be heard at the roof of this sound.
Hourly moaning in the booths, - moaning, rushing about in front of the warehouse, ready to flee the fence, to hide the horror before the threat!
The generals, too, groan, - they will not be able to access everything that is stored in the warehouses: this frightens them greatly.
The greedy prapor timidly hides the fat body in the capter ... Only the proud UAV flies boldly and freely over the army warehouses!
Faster and lower circles, descends over the warehouse, and buzzes, and priests are torn watch that protect those warehouses from saboteurs.
The wind is whistling. The drone below flutters, white lightning similar as an arrow pierces the clouds, the roof from the warehouses breaks.
Here he is worn, like a demon and stars are screaming on the wings, and he buzzes and attacks ... Explosions! Soon the explosions will strike!
This Russian UAV proudly comes out of the peak above the army warehouses; then Moskal shouts - Victory! - Let the explosions be stronger! ..

We measured rockets

8 December of this year marks exactly 30 years from the moment when Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan signed the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Short Range Missiles. By the way, the contract is unlimited. The USSR was not indefinite, but the contract was supposed to be just that.

Results of the week. General not to return. The fight continues

They break the contract, they break the contract! the Americans shouted loudly about Russia, setting up their missiles from Europe to Southeast Asia. And the whole business: they called rockets with antimissiles and from the podium they said that all this was for the defense of democracy. And yet - to the stormy applause of the Poles, South Koreans and the "other" Romanians, for American missiles, well, those who, like antimissiles, of any range, should not fall under any restrictions a priori - this is a gift to humanity ...

Comments from our readers:

What are bad Americans, even cry.
And who prevents us from responding mirror and turn on the fool? Excessive intelligence or toothlessness of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

I still wonder how a Kalashnikov assault rifle did not get under these all treaties, because with this wording a nuclear warhead that reaches America can be screwed to the bullets. And the then plasticine leadership would easily have agreed.

In such cases, there is no need to justify anything at all. There is a clear contract and there are facts that the United States does not fulfill it. It should be clearly stated, if you yourself have not fulfilled part of the points, we completely discard all obligations and work on the basis of our own ideas of security.

Beat simulator

The Radioelectronic Technologies Concern has begun to supply the troops with aerodynamic targets, in which the electronic warfare system (EW) is built, capable of simulating a group rocket.

This is a joke for partners such humor. Since they say that Russia violates the INF Treaty, then we will “violate” on a large scale. And if a missile strike, then we will certainly be massive. That way 50-60 is simulated in one sitting - so let them digest. Kim Jong-un, out, choked with saliva. You look, in the West new sanctions will be introduced. And since the sanctions, as it turns out, are for the benefit of our economy, it means again on the positive ...

Comments from our readers:

“Aerodynamic targets can simulate a massive aviation flying at distances of up to several hundred kilometers. "
Carriers will surrender. To lower the flag of the USA?

How nice to hear "deliveries to the troops began," but it will be ... do ... Well done!

With such a system, "dissolve" the enemy missile defense, like two fingers on the asphalt! Very good thing, we need it!

Behind it weapons future. The eternal confrontation of the shield and the sword does not stop. I believe that today the EW is much more effective than air defense and precision weapons, and our defensive doctrine should generate these means of sufficient quality and in sufficient quantity.

Typical well communal

No wonder Poroshenko rushed into the longest voyage, spitting on the Georgian ram left behind in the rear, Saakashvili, compared with the melting aid from the West, is childish babbling. No, he is dangerous, especially after the shouting of Kurt Volcker, the US special representative in Kiev: "Engage in the fight against corruption and do not touch" the son of a bitch is our son of a bitch. "

For the fourth year, we are discussing how Ukraine “will soon collapse.” But then we are also surprised when some hard-pressed MP LIE declares that "immediately after construction, the Kerch Bridge will collapse." And the thing is that for all attempts to declare Russians and Ukrainians completely different, we remain peoples with a virtually unified system of thinking (the buzzword is “mentality”). Historically, in turn, we are cutting through “windows” to Europe, while now also actively knocking the door to our common Russian-Ukrainian apartment - the door from one room to another. In the pot on the stove we were spat - and life became better, life became more fun. We spat back. And it seems like we should feel better at heart. Typical communal. Fact...

Comments from our readers:

Ukraine began not only to annoy, but also to annoy Europe. An alcoholic president with a civil war in the country and an eternally outstretched hand (in the other - Russian passports for clarity), sooner or later may even get bored with the “friends” of Ukraine. What is observed today. Of course, you don’t need to interfere with the Ukrainian mess, but it’s not worth doubly helping (which happens all the time) this smelly and malignant regime.

We can help only one thing - to push this regime to the abyss ... Although those who are in the Kremlin know better. Recent gestures in foreign policy suggest sad thoughts.

And what kind of “last gestures” are there in the Kremlin that drove you into melancholy? It seems like everything is exactly - we are watching the process of self-destruction and are taking steps to reduce our dependence on the foolishness of the "nedotrak". Already, the railway, bypassing the urkains, was launched, which deprives the juntians of their annual income in 200 million dollars. Energomost in the Crimea thrown, refusing to conclude contracts for el.postavku from the territory of "nerabov", depriving them of another 200 million dollars. They stopped the transit through the ammonia pipeline, for another 300 million. In 2019 we will stop the transit of gas - minus 2 billion. The pipeline with oil has already become just a pipe. Trade turnover fell from 60 billion to 15 billion. We are building the Crimean Bridge. Recognized passports and other documents LDNR, in which the official currency today is the ruble. The fact that they wanted to draw us into the war, they did not succeed. The curators are sad. Russia just watches how these plague-ones spread their hut into the trash. Now the "partners" and they have thrown Mishka to them, which would speed up the process of defeat, more than the "nerabs" themselves, this process was too delayed. Although there is nothing left to do there: Remove the moratorium on the sale of land, after which the agroholdings will drive Ukrop farmers to black soil, use the restitution procedure, after which thousands of non-slaves will have to return the property to the former legal owners, who in Poland alone will have thousands of 50, start the privatization of state assets and, finally, arrange a military provocation against the Russian Federation. Poroshenko is afraid of doing all this, but Misha Saakashvili will do it easily, because and the country is not his and Russia, he does not like, and the roof after this adventure he will provide the same mattresses. Considering that there, for the disintegration of the Urkains, everything is done without our intervention, we just need to observe what the Kremlin is doing in general.

General not to return. The fight continues

Lieutenant General Valery Asapov, commander of the 5 Combined-Arms Army, died in Syria as a result of shelling by ISIS terrorists * ("Islamic State", organization banned in the Russian Federation), the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

When is the general on the front line — is it heroism? When the general is on the front line - is it the negligence of those who decided to send him there? In this case, both principles work. It is obvious that the general was sent to the east bank of the Euphrates not only to help the mooring boats. Valery Asapov had to participate in a certain mission - quite possibly negotiating - with “partners”. But the "partners" used the opportunity in their own way. In the end - death. As a result, we are trying to wave our hands. True, there were new strikes with cruise missiles, perhaps, on the positions from which Valery Asapov was killed. However, a professional combat general will not return. Even "Caliber". You need to think, you need to analyze. Condolences to relatives and friends.

Comments from our readers:

Sanya Terek
The bright memory of all those who gave their lives, stopping the enemy on the distant approaches to our country.

It seems that the special forces have worked, and a new phase of the war begins. This is not the expulsion of diplomats. We must quickly respond - these are the rules of the game.

Igor Vagin
Striped merged coordinates, creatures.

He is Russian GENERAL. He did not sit in the headquarters ... But the generals should not die, this is too valuable personnel for the army and the state. Eternal memory to the Hero.

Maybe matt equate?

When there is nothing to do the cat, then we know what he is doing. Again, if the caring owner for him did not manage to organize a trip to the veterinarian ... When there is a creative crisis with the authorities, then there is also no wide scope for activity. An option when “patriotic” feelings are played out in particular. It comes down to attempts to "cleanse" the Russian language from all kinds of "filth."

Of course, when neo-anglicisms from the franchise, merchandiser, or liftoluk series are used out of place and out of place, it is sad. But is it necessary for the rectification of the situation with the Russian language zeal of people's representatives? Or will anglicisms in Russian be decided by deputies to equate to a mat with all the ensuing consequences for their use in public places?

Comments from our readers:

Everything is much worse. The degradation of the economy has led to an increase in the level of education. Higher education is not related to sectors of the economy, with industry science is unscientific. Science is the development of concepts. Words that designate scientific concepts are terms. Terms are words. People use words without understanding concepts. In addition, students do not study philosophy, thinking becomes a clip, i.e. non-system. But such people are more willing to make spontaneous purchases and take loans.

Not the Anglicisms themselves, but their thoughtless, stupid, out of place and out of place to use.
I personally people use, with such mock pride, buzzwords such as reception, cleaning, moritoring, and so on. Rubbish, resemble a parrot in the performance of Khazanov.
And our economy would not be a problem to deal with.

Yes, any language is developed and modernized, otherwise it will become a dead language, like Latin. But the problem is that now Anglicisms do not just go, but flooded by a deep river, which can almost destroy our language. Foreign words have come before, but these were streams that the Russian language managed to transform and absorb. Now under the onslaught of foreigners you will not understand what they are talking about. Our modern language can be understood mainly by those who know English. But we do not have to know it all without exception, we have enough of our native language. So why turn Russian into an ugly process of English? It would be better then to immediately abandon your language and switch to it, so it will be more honest than speaking in a mixture of "French with Nizhny Novgorod."

All this fussing around the Russian language is the nonsense of idlers imitating vigorous activity.

Polish Reinforcer

In September 2013, a promising new Polish tank PL-01 was shown at an exhibition in the Polish city of Kielce. Perhaps only lazy did not write about this, and Western military and couch experts called this project almost the killer of “Almaty”. But the time of the first euphoria has passed. And what about the perspective Polish tank now?

If you roll a bulldozer from a construction site and sheathe it with numerous metal (and even plastic) body kits, including a drainpipe of an indeterminate caliber, then as a result in Poland you can get not only the “killer of Almaty”, but first and foremost the “killer” of all those In this vundervafle on the battlefield will leave.

Comments from our readers:

Yes, all of them have a strong brain from our T-14 made! Now in the NATO countries it has become fashionable to call almost any home-made “steam pan with a riveted string” called “killer“ Almaty ”” at once!

They can do anything for their money. In reality, only migrants are threatening Poland. And "Almaty Killer" is not even funny ...

The Poles need one tank and another dog. And then: hold on, Europe.

In short, they took the ancient English BMP and decorated it with a plastic body kit. A curtain.

Exhale ...

Official Tehran is preparing for a new round of confrontation with the United States. Donald Trump is clearly aggravating relations with Iran, and it’s time for his leadership to think about what will happen next, that is, after the confrontation with Washington takes more open forms.

Yes, in Iran, all great. Decades under sanctions, and did anyone hear anything about the Iranian economy torn to shreds? Vooot. Israel, however, the Iranian nuclear program as a bone in the throat. And in Iran they answer: peasants, we are for parity all over the world, exhale ...

Comments from our readers:

Snail N9
I think Iran has not stopped developing nuclear weapons. In Iran, in the mountains, there is so much of it all - there can be more than one nuclear program hidden there.

Much is known about Iran’s nuclear program. And it all depends on how well the provisions of the agreement concluded in 2015 are fulfilled. No one argues that even by ceasing a military nuclear program, Iran will not lose the knowledge gained as a result of its implementation. Knowledge will remain, there will not be just opportunities.
As for the fact that "hidden in the mountains." By agreement, it is in factories "hidden in the mountains" that most of the relevant equipment will be dismantled.

"Iran's nuclear bomb is much more real than we all think"
I don’t think about Iran at all ... Let Israel think with the United States ...

"Dusk" of the desert

Today, Kalashnikov presents two main areas of production of sniper rifles: manual reloading and self-loading. Microwave rifles are weapons of the latter type.

And the other day in the Russian Federation a super-sniper rifle “Dusk” was demonstrated, which hits targets as much from a distance of more than a kilometer from 4. Given the characteristics of long-range, such weapons may well begin to be "run-in" in the vast expanses of the province of Deir ez-Zor. The desert is flat there, the bogeyman, along with the American fighters against terrorism, are darting along it. Come on, without a good sniper, figure out who is there for the world ... Well, “Dusk” from the dusk bring daylight to light.

Comments from our readers:

The requirement for compactness for a sniper rifle is debatable! If you want to make it shorter - do bullpup, BUT THE TRUNK MUST BE LONG. Conventional assault rifles (assault rifles) have a longer barrel. The same AK-74- 415 mm. How are they going with a "compact" barrel to have a greater initial velocity of the bullet?

A lot of development. This makes me happy. But why, until now, the introduction of these new weapons to the troops is so "difficult"? AK-12 has already turned into AK-15, but is still undergoing tests! And about the new guns, I generally keep quiet!

How much has been talked about the fact that the SVD is outdated, the SVD must be changed, the SVD is the last century. And as she was in service, so it will be another 20 years. Just because it is a weapon masterpiece.

Kurdish referendum: what next?

Iraqi Kurdistan held a referendum on independence. The Kurds voted to create their own independent state. The referendum was declared valid, the voting took place without violation. More than 92% of people who participated in the plebiscite have spoken out for the creation of an independent state.

In such a outcome, no one doubted. It is much more important to understand what the consequences may be. Already we can say that the referendum will be the beginning of a new confrontation in the region, and, perhaps, another prolonged war.

Comments from our readers:

Now the United States in the role of the USSR 70-s, when we supported the Kurds, and Russia in the role of America, respectively, together with Iran and Turkey - against.
An interesting collision is obtained. If we had planning for at least 10-15 years ahead, we could talk about something. And so we will only tactically oppose the Americans. What is the end, it is not clear.

To get a real Kurdistan, you need fertile land (Syria), energy (Iraq) and access to the sea (Iran). Does someone really think that Syria, Turkey or Iran will give it to them?

All literate. The referendum has passed, now negotiations.

Long term rental

Anna Borshchevskaya (Anna Borshchevskaya), a columnist for Forbes, reminds that on September 30 of the “Moscow intervention in Syria” will be two years old. The Kremlin’s intervention saved President Bashar al-Assad from collapse. Assad "is largely responsible for one of the worst humanitarian tragedies since the Second World War," the columnist notes. But today, “to a large extent due to Russian President Vladimir Putin,” he holds the strongest position since mass insurrections swept the country in March 2011.

From the very beginning, Putin stood for Assad and defended him in various ways. He armed him, defended his authority in the UN Security Council to the United States, and helped Syria militarily and economically. Putin has achieved “almost everything he wanted” in Syria, Borschevskaya is sure. He kept Assad in power. He secured Russia's military presence in Syria - "at least for the next 49 years." And this is “Russia's largest military presence” since the days of the Soviet Union.

The observer’s irony about the forty-nine Syrian years of Moscow, we note, hints at Russia's long-term "lease" not only of the base, but also of the country into which the Russians entered as "interventionists." The latter term, of course, is politically motivated: with the same success, Assad himself can be called the interventionist, because it was he who invited the Russian military. The fact remains a fact: Russia was entrenched in Syria, while the United States remained in the background.

Comments from our readers:

We would still gain a foothold in the Persian Gulf and in the region of the Gulf of Aden. And then quite well. And so it is a pity that there is no naval base there. But the fact that we have partners (in the good sense of the word), Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar and Iraq, is already a huge plus ... Most importantly, after the victory in Syria, in military terms, not to lose economically there. On construction contracts alone, you can make very good money there.

I always wondered: why ??? That is the practical sense for Russia from this ??? No one can answer clearly. The USA is understandable, they have a peek about democracy, human rights and other such nonsense, and the role of the global police officer does not give rest. Do we need something from this ??? For me, it's just expenses and now the obligation is to fight 50 for years with ISIS (forbidden in Russia) in Syria instead of or together with Assad, as you like. LIH is not going to disappear, will go underground for decades.

With ISIS, Russia would have fought ANYWHERE. The difference is only in its territory or in Syria. In Syria, and so was our fleet in Tartus. So Syria is an absolutely obvious necessity. In all other cases, there really is no direct participation in military affairs. It would make sense in Iran, because it doesn’t fight yet, and we don’t need it bombed by the word “completely” - it’s hemorrhoids ... Well, from the Iran you can control the Indian Ocean - even with long-range aviation fleet from the Persian Gulf. But this would be possible if rhetoric of the annihilation of Israel, etc., the infamy and, in general, greater secularism and moderation of foreign policy were excluded. And now - not yet. In other countries of the region - similarly. We do not need their war on our neck. Only peacekeeping.

Unpleasant surprises?

Against the backdrop of the massive scale of projects to develop long-range promising subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic anti-ship missiles for the fleets of the leading states of the world, it is sometimes difficult to consider less well-known programs to create equally formidable anti-ship complexes designed to attack enemy surface targets at a distance from 5 to 35- 40 km, but with a completely different concept of use, which came from the 40-s. XX century. This is a prospective development of South Korean specialists - a deck-mounted rocket launcher of the ship-to-ship or ship-to-ground class. Despite the fact that the 130-mm model of the guided missile was presented at the Polish exhibition MSPO-2017 on September 7, South Korean representatives provided an extremely narrow range of information about the new product.

Given current trends in the development of solid-propellant rocket engines, including an increase in the quality and thermodynamic properties of fuel charges, it can be argued that the range of the promising 130-mm South Korean MLRS can approach 50 — 60 km with a missile flight speed of the order of 3,5 — 4М. It is already clear, according to E. Damantsev, that the multipurpose MLRS can create a lot of unpleasant surprises not only for the DPRK “mosquito fleet”, but also for larger frigate / destroyer-class surface ships that are in service with the PRC Navy and Russian Navy Fleet.

In any case of a likely large-scale conflict in the APR, the Navy of the Republic of Korea will “play” on the side of Washington. Despite the short range of the new MLRS, getting into the radius of its destruction of any modern frigate or destroyer, even with the latest versions of the ship-based air defense missile systems (“Polyment-Redut”, HQ-9B) can end with very unpleasant consequences. In particular, it would be very difficult to repel an 10 second volley from 20 small-sized guided missiles. The light fragmentation combat “equipment” of these URSs is not able to send our or Chinese ships to the bottom, but it can easily destroy radar facilities that are vital for self-defense, controlling naval air defense systems. This weapon can significantly change the balance of power in the course of possible sea battles in the APR at medium distances.

Comments from our readers:

"... at a flight speed of rockets of the order of 3,5 — 4M."
On horseradish goat bayan? For the MLRS, the speed of an anti-aircraft missile is completely unnecessary, and the price of such a projectile rises sharply. This is not an isolated item for jewelry destruction of targets, but, as the name implies, "multiple rocket fire". And the unit cost of the product should not be at the level of a high-tech rocket.

I agree. A salvo with these missiles will cost, perhaps, more than a North Korean boat. From the cannon on the sparrows ...

If South Koreans make the analogy of APKWS II, then the devil knows. Is this justified for sea battles?

Russians will win in the middle of 2020's

“Tomahawks” are the weapons with which the Russians, as well as the Chinese, will be defeated at sea. And on land too. We are talking about "Tomahawks" is not simple, but gold. Maritime Strike Tomahawk - here it is, the invincible America's formidable weapon!

Victory over the Russian and Chinese US Navy and the company "Raytheon" is scheduled for the middle of the 2020-s. It is by this time that the newest Tomahawk super-missile will be put into service, which does not fear any sea and land tricks of Beijing or Moscow.

Specialists from the United States should not forget that Beijing and Moscow by the middle of the 2020-s. something new may also appear. And then the victorious war will have to be postponed to the middle of the 2030-s.

Comments from our readers:

After the shortage of the Toporov, when it hits the Syrian airfield, it is somehow hard to believe that something sensible will work out.

Americans rush to brag about what is not yet. This is at least by 2025, but already in 2017 they shout that "everyone will win." “Win”, but on the condition that, from today, the missile weapons of Russia and China will not only be no longer developed, but also developed.

But I'm really afraid of something. Not the "Tomahawks" of new or old as such, but another attempt to endow a serious weapon with artificial intelligence. Such an “ax” can not only be dropped on the foot, but also wait for arrival in the back ...

Not those targets chosen by the French

The current General Assembly of the United Nations has been noted by a number of noisy initiatives and statements. The world is discussing the mutual trolling of Americans and North Koreans who have broken out with the threat of war from the rostrum of an organization designed to protect peace. US President Donald Trump even threatened North Korea with "total annihilation." No less sensational was the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron on the voluntary refusal of the veto by the permanent members of the UN Security Council. The French were immediately supported by representatives of over a hundred countries of the world. However, the main players did not support.

Of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, the position of France was supported only by the UK losing the remnants of its former greatness. The United States and China opposed any change in veto power. Marked in Russia Macron got right into them. Beijing called the French proposal "immature." In such a reform of the Security Council, China saw a threat to the existing world order, and this assessment means today in the world much more than the reformist rhetoric of Paris.

Comments from our readers:

When something is not obtained, not won, not earned, but donated or found, it is not appreciated.

Micron started judo? And on a supersonic bomber? And on the submarine? Did you ride a bear? Grandmother's husband, but not grandfather. Weak and balabol. Let him first solve the problems with migrants, then pretend to be geopolitics.

Someone fell asleep and did not pull the leash when this lapdog was yelping. Well, nothing. A leash short will not run away - after a healthy kick, they will be weighed. That yelled only on command and on the piece of paper written to him, but not in itself. Too stupid.

Russians won't give veto power

French ideas about the “voluntary” rejection of the veto right (see the “Results” episode above) have been unsuccessfully advancing for several years. Jean-Baptiste Lemoine, Secretary of State at the European and Foreign Affairs Minister of France, at a special meeting at the UN headquarters on the issue of the right of veto, recalled that for four years France and Mexico had been promoting an initiative to restrict the veto in the event of genocide, crimes against humanity and widespread war crimes. Such a restriction could be achieved through an “informal, voluntary and collective agreement of the five permanent members of the Security Council,” that is, the charter should not be changed.

This time the idea has evolved. Aurelia Frick, who heads the Foreign Ministry of Liechtenstein, reported that 114 countries have signed a “set of rules” for members of the Security Council. Countries should be guided by this “code” in responding to “mass atrocities”. The initiative was developed by the “Panel for Accountability, Consistency and Openness of the UN”. According to the “Group,” states that are elected as temporary members of the Security Council undertake a voluntary commitment not to vote against resolutions regarding actions in response to genocide and other crimes. According to Frick, the “vault” complements the French-Mexican initiative.

The veto has been discussed in the context of the topic of reforming the UN Security Council for a long time, and current initiatives, supported by many UN member states, definitely will not lead to the “voluntary” refusal of some countries from the veto right and, even more, to the extinction of such a right.

And it's not just in Russia, which annoys the "international community" with the use of the veto on the Syrian issue. France has zero chances to insist on its own, especially with respect to “goodwill”. Paris will not defeat Washington, Beijing and Moscow, and the latter will not “voluntarily” give power to the Security Council. Rather, it will be carried out a reform of Sobviza's prescription G4 (Germany, Japan, India, Brazil, insisting on changes to the permanent membership), than the members of the Security Council will rush to fulfill the will of Paris and Mexico City.

Comments from our readers:

How is the joke: "But Putin will not approve you"? Here it is.

And who prevents France, the "mistress of the seas" or the States to give up their veto power? But after all, they would like Russia to give up its right. Therefore:
1. Russia will never do this!
2. If all those who own it are denied their rights, no one will need the UN, since the veto is the foundation of the foundation of the organization.

And "if tomorrow is war", will anything change with regard to France? In the same way, with tears in their eyes, they will meet any aggressor, unlike Russia, which still today will give any worthy rebuff to anyone. All of them - blind guides, want to follow them and the rest into the abyss.

Merkel starts and wins

Angela Merkel for the fourth time burst into the chancellor. After twelve years on the path to a brighter future, under its strict guidance, the Germans still have four more glorious years to come. Victory determined the growth of the German economy. If at the beginning of 2000's. unemployment in Germany exceeded 10 percent, and at the end of 1990-ies. the country was called “the European patient” at all, but today the country has the lowest level of unemployment since it took over the GDR. The Germans are also leading in terms of the state budget surplus: 18,3 billion euros is the best indicator in the EU. GDP during the years of Merkel's rule grew by 21,1%. And this is also the highest rate in the European Union. The Germans traditionally vote for those who provide them full existence.

The results of the parliamentary elections in Germany allowed Europe to make an interesting conclusion: Merkel will stand at the head of state for the fourth time. And since this is allowed in democratic countries, then Putin cannot be reproached for his ambitions of power and the desire for re-election.

In "Gazeta Wyborcza" (Poland), Vaclav Radzivinovich even led Opinion F. Lukyanov, chief editor of the journal "Russia in Global Affairs." “And here [in Germany], Mrs. Merkel becomes the chancellor for the fourth time,” noted Lukyanov. “If she, the policy in the country, without doubt, democratic, is possible, then why should this be something reprehensible in the case of a Russian?”

Comments from our readers:

Grandma Merkel will obviously hold this post until such time as she can carry it forward with her legs. Obviously, the experience of the USSR in recent years (removal one by one by the general secretaries) does not give the old woman peace of mind.

Moscow, the double agent Angela, was tasked with transferring the full authority in the country of the party "Alternative for Germany". This party is the only one that adds from election to election. By the end of the new term, it must fulfill the task set by the center. Everything goes according to plan!

Recall that the relay from Obama is now she is the "leader of the free world." So the chancellor's chair is attached to it with a twist on the chest.

Turn California to ashes

Almighty Mr. Trump, president of the American superpower, is not in a position to oppose anything to the leader of small North Korea. From aircraft carriers, the American leader slid to squalid tweets online. While the old businessman pours empty sentences, the young energetic leader makes rockets and threatens to crush Washington and San Francisco. Southern California is afraid of a “catastrophic” nuclear strike: officials are already thinking about evacuation.

Noting the threats to North Korea, the United States Regional Intelligence Center in Los Angeles published a bulletin warning that a nuclear attack on Southern California would be "catastrophic."

The same goes on in the Rand think tank: a single nuclear explosion in the port of Long Beach could cause damage worth more than 1 trillion. dollars, not to mention the massive loss of life and the destruction of buildings and infrastructure. The speakers warn about the difficulties that the authorities will face in dealing with the consequences of the explosion, including panic, problems with environmental pollution, transport, etc.

The free Western press is scoffing at the hapless Trump, who has never been able to turn into a dodgy politician from a straightforward businessman.

While Kim Jong-un is making rockets and experiencing them, President Trump fills the air with angry tweets, thus demonstrating not only impotence and irritation, but also the complete absence of any strategy regarding North Korea that didn’t care about the UN sanctions, but also Mr. Trump .

Just think: Donald Trump, who now expresses the will of the “exceptional” American people (this definition was very fond of using the previous administration headed by Obama), cannot do anything with Lenin from North Korea driven into the corner!

The UN Security Council by the will of the United States and the “world community” may endlessly write out the sanctions of the DPRK, but Kim Jong-un remembers what happened to Gaddafi and his predecessors who did not have a nuclear bomb. And Comrade Kim almost won in Southern California: there, apparently, they are preparing to die from a nuclear attack.

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Uncle lee
Yusovtsy brave boys: from one hypothetical threat have already begun evacuation! And you can't hide from an atom!

I do not understand? Trump went down, a rag, and what do you want? Had Nixon, Johnson, these could and unleash a nuclear war. Trump does business, it’s a war to him neither here nor here. Not bombing, already good, for American presidents this is progress.

You have forgotten the most important thing: the entire American "power" is based solely on the threat of military force, but such a "rebuff" of the DPRK reduces the "power" of the United States to the level of ordinary chatter. And world politics is still “street politics”: it’s worth the “cool kid” to show that he is just a balabol, not only will everyone turn away from him, but they will be ... by the whole court. This is where the “tip” comes for a well-fed American existence.
Moreover, there is an opinion that really strong boys in the world court yard have long understood that the US boy is a balabol and are ready to put him in his place, but they are not ready (or have not agreed who will be the godfather) to take his place. But such works are carried out constantly, but not strongly advertising the true essence of such preparations.

Mel Vlad
Saving California with the hotel "California" is very simple: you need to break the Trump twitter. Then Trump will not be able to anger normal people. Mend - break again. While Trump will repair his twitter, California, along with the hotel "California", you can sleep peacefully.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 1 October 2017 07: 31
    However, a professional combat general cannot be returned. Even "Gauges." Need to think, need to analyze. Condolences to the near and dear ones.

    ... unfortunately, this information overshadowed all the weekly news ... the general died ... died in the war, as befits people who have chosen the military profession ... bitterly and insultingly for all those who died, including Lieutenant General B .Asapova ... earth rest in peace for you, General, condolences to the family and friends ...
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 1 October 2017 08: 29
      I fully support you.
      Need to think, need to analyze (from the article)
      Thought, analyzed and struck. Both the bearded and the United States should know that not a single provocation against Russia will remain unanswered. Frankly, I would be very happy if a blow was inflicted on the shown positions of the "specialists" of the United States in the territory of bandits. The attack is on terrorists, and why the Americans were there, let the UN understand, which completely lost its scent.
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 1 October 2017 09: 14
        rotmistr60 Today, 08: 29 ↑
        The attack is on terrorists, and why the Americans were there, let the UN understand, which completely lost its scent.

        ... and I agree with you, and the wishes coincide, but here the UN will do what the mericatos indicate, and what they indicate - clearly and so - we will be to blame ...
        1. rotmistr60
          rotmistr60 1 October 2017 09: 20
          Previously, he was very sensitive to all statements by all sorts of UN and UN Security Council, EU. Now I realized, on hell, wasting my health on those who by birth hate Russia. According to all the canons of these, it is simply necessary to destroy for the well-being of your country and people. The United States and its satellites are actively engaged in this. And we are still modest.
          1. aszzz888
            aszzz888 1 October 2017 11: 16
            rotmistr60 Today, 09:20 ↑ New
            Previously, he was very sensitive to all statements by all sorts of UN and UN Security Council, EU. Now I realized, on hell, wasting my health on those who by birth hate Russia.

            ... a similar situation ... and health is more expensive ...
          2. DEPARTMENT
            DEPARTMENT 1 October 2017 11: 41
            Quote: rotmistr60
            Previously, he was very sensitive to all statements by all sorts of UN and UN Security Council, EU. Now I realized, on hell, wasting my health on those who by birth hate Russia. According to all the canons of these, it is simply necessary to destroy for the well-being of your country and people. The United States and its satellites are actively engaged in this. And we are still modest.

            Excellent expressed Gennady! Everything is so and we in Russia still don’t like to shout and brag often (unlike our “partners”))))
            Everything is just beginning for Russia! soldier The main thing is not to succumb to provocations ..
            And still to deal with internal enemies .. Pecking bastards!
            Good luck to all men .. Break through!
      2. privateer2000
        privateer2000 1 October 2017 13: 09
        for sure, well, they tried the barmaleyushki first, and the next one just with accuracy, of course, by the guys from the United States. And they already did that. So the little answer is just around the corner, or behind the Caucasus mountains ... we’re waiting. soldier
        1. Alena Frolovna
          Alena Frolovna 1 October 2017 13: 35
          One of the largest ammunition depots in Ukraine has faded.

          We are waiting
          1. Gransasso
            Gransasso 1 October 2017 14: 10
            Quote: Alena Frolovna
            One of the largest ammunition depots in Ukraine has faded.

            We are waiting

            According to materials in the Russian media:

            - On May 21, 2000, an ammunition depot exploded on the territory of a military unit in the Vaninsky district of the Khabarovsk Territory. The fire that arose after this lasted more than four hours; four carriages of shells were destroyed by explosions. One soldier died.

            - July 20, 2001, artillery depots caught fire, located 120 km from Ulan-Ude. The fire led to explosions of ammunition. As a result, three people died, dozens were injured.

            - July 10, 2002 near Syzran as a result of a fire and subsequent explosions, the storage of lighting rockets was completely destroyed. 64 people were injured.

            - On October 16, 2002, a fire broke out in the territory of the Pacific Fleet’s arsenal in Vladivostok, as a result of which 13 wagons of ammunition exploded.

            - On July 13, 2003, a fire broke out near the Vladivostok ammunition depot in the Pacific Fleet, followed by an explosion of artillery shells. 27 people were injured.

            - On August 13, 2003, in the village of Babstovo of the Jewish Autonomous Region, a fire broke out in artillery depots. Two officers were killed, five people were injured.

            - October 1-3, 2005, as a result of a fire that occurred in the artillery depots of the Pacific Fleet in Kamchatka, ammunition intended for disposal exploded. Four people were injured, 7,5 thousand people were evacuated from nearby settlements.

            - On May 23, 2008, in the Leningrad Region, a fire at a missile and ammunition depot destroyed 430 air-to-air missiles.

            - On September 30, 2008, the warehouse of the Pacific Fleet in Fokino (Primorsky Territory), on which charges for rockets were stored, was completely destroyed by a lightning strike.

            - September 14, 2009 in the Chelyabinsk region near the city of Karabash, the ammunition depot caught fire and exploded. As a result, the deputy chief of the military unit was killed, several servicemen were injured.

            - November 13, 2009 at the 31st arsenal of the Navy in Ulyanovsk there was a fire in one of the shops where the disposal of ammunition took place. Then the fire spread to the neighboring building of the military unit. The fire lasted almost a day. Two soldiers were killed, 60 people were injured.

            - On October 28, 2010 in the Amur Region, a fire occurred in the ammunition depot of one of the military units of the Far Eastern Military District.

            - April 6, 2011 in the Lipetsk region at one of the central bases for the storage and disposal of ammunition, an explosion occurred. Four people were killed.

            - On May 26, 2011, a fire occurred at the military arsenal in Bashkiria, which was localized the next day. 12 people were injured.

            - On June 2, 2011, a fire broke out in the arsenal of the Russian Ministry of Defense in Udmurtia, resulting in explosions of ammunition. Three people were killed, 100 were injured.

            - On May 18, 2012, a fire occurred in the artillery shell storage in Primorye, followed by an explosion of ammunition. Two servicemen were injured.

            - On June 11, 2012, a fire broke out in the warehouses of military unit No. 96558 in the Orenburg Region, resulting in explosions of ammunition. Two people were injured.

            - On June 18, 2013, in the Samara Region, at the Volga State Ammunition Testing Ground, a series of explosions of shells stored in an open way occurred in a federal state-owned facility, then a fire broke out. At the range were more than 10,5 million shells. Almost 6,5 thousand residents were evacuated from the danger zone. One person died, more than 40 were injured.

            - On August 2, 2017, ammunition exploded in the warehouses of the Russian Ministry of Defense in Abkhazia in the village of Primorskoe.

            - On August 4, 2016, a missile and artillery armament warehouse caught fire in the Volodarsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the area of ​​fire was about 100 m & ³2;. The fire broke out in an open area of ​​a warehouse in the village of Yuganets.

            - On October 18, 2016, a fire broke out at the warehouse of the Samara RCC "Progress" - one of the leading rocket and space enterprises in Russia. The fire area amounted to 1000 sq.m.
            1. svp67
              svp67 1 October 2017 14: 21
              Quote: Gransasso
              According to materials in the Russian media:

              And no one does not deny. But you looked at the dates? The vast majority of them occurred under the "effective manager" Serdyukov. After the arrival of Shoigu, the number fell immediately, at times ... And then something like this:
              On October 18, 2016, a fire broke out at the warehouse of the Samara RCC "Progress" - one of the leading rocket and space enterprises in Russia. The fire area amounted to 1000 sq.m.
              It is not clear how it relates to the RF Ministry of Defense.
      3. Buryat666
        Buryat666 2 October 2017 14: 25
        That's right, these rats got
  2. Herculesic
    Herculesic 1 October 2017 08: 30
    I will say briefly, thanks for the review! !!! hi good hi
  3. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 1 October 2017 09: 22
    ... The United States and China opposed any change in veto. Macron, who aimed at Russia, hit them directly. Beijing called the French proposal "immature" ...
    I understand when you are criticized for the cause. And a self-respecting person takes it with dignity if he admits that she is fair. But here is the case when "you" with ... "immature" ... you babble into an adult conversation. And they tell you about it. Shame can fail. A descendant of the land of kings, emperors, numerous revolutions and five republics. Does "he" understand this? Most likely not, kid yet. As someone said ... about times, about morals ... Still to study and study, and we must think for a long time.
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 1 October 2017 11: 21
      s.melioxin Сегодня, 09:22
      ... as well as the fact that the flange on the left is welded by electric welding, and on the right - by gas welding ... something like that ...
      1. Mordvin 3
        Mordvin 3 1 October 2017 11: 22
        Quote: aszzz888
        and on the right - gas welding ... something like that ...

        Semi-automatic. hi And on the left, too, the wire sticks out.
        1. aszzz888
          aszzz888 1 October 2017 11: 24
          Mordvin 3 Today, 11: 22 ↑
          Semi-automatic. hi

          ... I agree, it will be more accurate ..
      2. s.melioxin
        s.melioxin 1 October 2017 14: 09
        aszzz888 Today, 11:21 ↑ New
        ... something like this...
        I have a familiar welder, a professional, who says that a GOOD welder and concrete will weld. No matter how and on what. If you take it, do it WELL. And the Frenchman is still “immature”; Here is what I wanted to say. Sincerely.
        1. Buryat666
          Buryat666 2 October 2017 14: 27
          The main thing is that the hands not only come out of the shoulders, but also grow from there!)
      3. nikottin
        nikottin 2 October 2017 02: 00
        Not at all by gas welding, but by a machine in a carbon dioxide environment ...
  4. andrew xnumx
    andrew xnumx 1 October 2017 10: 55
    In fact, we have not yet avenged the death of our general. This event is not only sad, but also terrible, out of the ordinary. It is necessary to take revenge not only on the minions of the West, but also on the customers of this crime. Revenge must be cruel, merciless, furious and long-term. It is necessary to teach all those who impede the advancement of Syrian government forces and arrange attacks on our advisers and military personnel to such a terrible lesson that they shudder and remember this for a long time, and better forever. This should be not only a warning, but also a deterrence. Eastern Syria, all resource regions must be liberated, and Western puppets thrown out into Iraq, and then finished off there. And the top officers, and indeed all of our people must be protected. Loss is irreparable. What people! Not a couple to all of us, ordinary people. Much could have been avoided if we had not lagged behind with the development program for heavy drones, both reconnaissance and strike.
    1. goblin xnumx
      goblin xnumx 1 October 2017 18: 21
      in addition to the general, the marine also died, the brigade commander ... and these are large figures, how many simple then?
      1. nikottin
        nikottin 2 October 2017 02: 06
        And in the news they squealed, “from a mine’s rupture ...”, but mines are not the weapons they destroy purposefully, while they are lying to us at all levels, nothing will help ...
  5. moxoff.j
    moxoff.j 1 October 2017 12: 38
    I would put on a bronze helmet and a helmet as if according to the charter I should have stayed alive, judging by the photos he neglected both
    1. wolfhunter2035
      wolfhunter2035 1 October 2017 13: 40
      which photos? Comrade, of all the photographs provided, only photographs from various events or his personal ones. And you already concluded from them that he was without protective equipment ... We would have such extrasensory abilities as yours ...
  6. Guest171-Again
    Guest171-Again 1 October 2017 13: 52
    Commanded the 5th (my) army, eternal memory HERO
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Starik72
    Starik72 1 October 2017 14: 18
    Russia needs to lay a large device on all the insinuations and barking of the United States, and mongrels at the UN. Do your own thing and firmly respond to all provocations, and avoid pissing. And let the United States and the UN mongrel bark, WE are already used to it and are not paying attention.
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  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 2 October 2017 08: 41
    I’m not a Merkel supporter, I wrote about this before, but there is one BUT, the economy is growing, prosperity is growing, the Germans are unhappy only with the influx of migrants, but against this background, we simply lose, not in international politics, but in the economy, although all politics are based on two components on foreign policy and domestic (this is economics, personnel, ideology, etc. ..). Even the lazy one says that the whole liberal economy that has held power in the past 17 years is simply mediocre and stupid and leads nowhere. We need the experience of the thirties, the period of industrialization, then the country's situation was much worse and more dangerous, we’ve overcome it, we need to change the economy, if our rulers don’t understand it, I’ll say this: "rule the country, it’s not rowing on galleys, here you need to think "