Kedmi on the arms race: the United States is afraid of Russia

Israeli political expert, the former head of the Nativ secret service, Yakov Kedmi, about the beginning of the arms race.

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    28 September 2017 20: 55
    Kedmi is the most straightforward Jew of all. In any case, this is the opinion about him. The smartest guy.
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      2 October 2017 18: 49
      HE is military to the bone!) Jew is a Jew, BUT the imprint of the service is an imprint, there is no time for Jewish beautiful trade!)
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    28 September 2017 23: 02
    I would like to believe Yakov Kedmi. But there is a reason. What kind of person and what weight he has in politics? Many can talk in tongue. It’s also sensible.
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      29 September 2017 15: 16
      Quote: VERESK
      I want to believe Jacob Kedmi.

      so, the free shooter is a talker. works for the public, you need to eat the same.
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        29 September 2017 15: 21
        Talker bird? I understand its interiorview. laughing
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          30 September 2017 11: 48
          Quote: VERESK
          Talker bird?
          Agent of influence.
          There they say one thing, we have another. An example, the war in Lebanon, there - they lost under the net, the army is a mess and is not capable of anything, Hazbullah will destroy us all with missiles. Here we have - Israel is super strong, he is not silent, he is watching and will tear everyone, Hazball is no one. Like this...
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            5 October 2017 20: 44
            The same thing he says in Israel they stopped inviting him to dislike the truth
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        5 October 2017 20: 44
        What is the truth about Israel right?
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      29 September 2017 19: 30
      Ex head of the special services Nativ .... one of the best by the way
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    29 September 2017 16: 39
    Jacob is really a smart, interesting person, and listening to those is useful. Here are just "admirers" of Nashensky, you do not extol him, he is not "ours", and he never was (and never will be :() ever. He is an educated and prudent "promised eel," besides with not a little life experience. Unless, with age, he began to temper his anti-Sovietism, or began to hide better. “I won’t say for his attitude to Russians, but there is a feeling that we respect him (despite the seeming“ about Russian conversations ”) cause a lot, however, we ourselves have hardly any more of this “self-respect” .. And even to cheap flattery, or even just flattery, Jacob does not openly fall, nevertheless, he was a military man + who fought. But, whatever I thought about him, no matter how you relate - you can deal with Jacob, IMHO (however, they do :)). Good time.