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The crisis of management thought 21 century

Trying to analyze the results of the previous week and trying to find the causes of past events, we often touch on only superficial nuances. For example, the unexpected success in the German elections to the Bundestag of the Alternative for Germany Party is due to the European migration crisis. Although I personally was surprised that this party did not get even more votes. Therefore, the underlying trends and causes remain somewhat in the shadow.

Or, for example, the excitement around Trump's speech at the UN and the idea of ​​reform of this organization. The first was originally a tautology of the speeches of all previous "leaders of the free world", and the second sank in joyful approval without any detailed discussion or additional proposals.

And, like the cherry on the cake, satellite imagery provided by the Russian Defense Ministry, proving the cooperation of the western "comrades" (which we are not comrades at all) with the ISIL grouping banned in Russia (DAISH, Dzhebhat an-Nusra) - does not matter ). And complete silence. The deathly silence of Western media and politicians, drowning in a heap of political and near-political talk, like the appearance of a “wrinkled mushroom” on the Internet, as he was quickly dubbed on the Internet, Morgan Freeman with his fantastically original statement about the war with Russia.

The crisis of management thought 21 century

Unfortunately, we are too accustomed to look for a double bottom, and the wild-capitalism inoculation received by our country during 90's shock therapy often makes us see the purchase / sale of each action, figure or party. And this is partly true. But, alas, everything is simpler than it seems, and worse than you want.

The fact is that since the collapse of the USSR, and, accordingly, the bipolar structure of the world, the pro-Western politicians have totally changed not only all decision-making algorithms, but also the Modus operandi itself, and the thinking itself. By giving the US almost all foreign policy and concern for its own security, which the United States carried out without any losses, since all the threats were mythical, Europe lost not only passionarity, but also the ability to return it. This concerns not only the highest echelons of power, but also the peoples of Europe themselves, especially the western ones.

After the Second World War, the mild dismantling of European independence gained momentum. Old De Gaulle, after his attempt to get out of the suffocating embrace, was thrown to the side of the road stories. And the slow elimination of the high-tech military industrial complex of the US allies was not a special secret. Britain was just beginning to feel nostalgic for the seas and skies, and last week, analysts with "surprise" noticed how the American F-35 just "devoured" the Royal Air Force. But this is so, the nuances. The main thing is that future “chancellors”, prime ministers and “European bureaucrats” grew in this environment.

The collapse of the Union took the last source of motivation for a certain independence from many countries that have ceased to be targets. In a couple of years, by inertia, so to speak, on the “old” brains, the European authorities continued their solemn expansion until the formation of the EU. The bureaucratic apparatus, which was swollen to unimaginable dimensions, soon began to engage in simply self-reproduction, with the imitation of vigorous activity characteristic of this process.

Soon for many European bureaucrats, any crisis really became an opportunity, just like in the tale that creacles were saying recently from TV screens, only with a minus sign. The crisis, migration, economic, military-political, becomes in this model the reason for expanding the staff, budgeting of the enterprise and another way to prove its own indispensability (there is no Stalin for them, really).

In this context, the adoption of a decision, and more often simply a statement about the decision made without its implementation, becomes the result of several factors:
- the degree of influence on publicity (is it worth it to contact the topic if it is not interesting);
- the possible amount of budget funds and the duration of their receipt;
- a guarantee of saving your own post.

The latter directly depends on the fact that these “new” rules are in the trend. As soon as someone shows principle and, God forbid, ideological in defending his opinion, he is subjected to public flogging, like Dominique Strauss-Kahn used to be. The naive Dominic, whom the European Union appointed as head of the IMF in 2007, and in 2011, he decided to turn his back on Washington, after which he was immediately declared a sex machine, in habits of which he would force hotel staff on arrival in the room.

That is why it is impossible to grow in this environment anything other than “European bureaucracy”. Those. Nobody needs to bribe or intimidate, the system is already closed, and it has developed a special thinking. And this concerns not only the EU, NATO, but also practically all Western organizations. The UN, headquartered in New York is no exception, because such thinking in the air is like sarin. After all, the people who are in the system cannot assess the extent of her illness, so all these meaningless sessions, conferences, and so on are extremely important to them.

Cocoon around the system is reliable and debugged sweeps all dissidents away. Even US intervention is sometimes not required, the thinking of pro-Western bureaucrats will work as it should.

Therefore, seemingly at least strange decisions of Western-oriented organizations only confirm the inviolability of a closed system. Drunk Jean-Claude Juncker - the norm. Anders Fogh Rasmussen is a great “warrior” and former NATO secretary general who has traveled a difficult path from the liberal leader and prime minister of Denmark to adviser Pan Poroshenko - all the more. Zitz-chairman of the company is not a hindrance, especially properly "educated." Even the “conflict” of the EU with its participants from Eastern Europe over the reluctance to accept refugees only helped to put together a couple of additional commissions that were not even going to resolve the crisis itself, but only exchanged small legal barbs with the “European officials” of the guilty countries. Everyone is happy ...

However, one should not think that I am singing a song about “decaying” Europe again, no. First, as I indicated this thinking, like sarin. And our bureaucrats, who settled in the UN, PACE and other organizations, will lay bones in order to prove their own importance; they cannot imagine the world without their “horn and hoof” office, even if it is completely useless. However, they simply cannot notice this fact.

Secondly, sometimes it seems that the local authorities, really aiming at the result, who are forced to communicate with their Western comrades, simply encounter people from a different reality. After all, these “aliens” are not aimed at the result, often not because of the “pro-Western” position or the machinations of the United States, but simply because the spring of the budget dries out, and the flickering of their names at the highest level will fade.

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  1. Mik13
    Mik13 28 September 2017 07: 57
    I was always thrilled and delighted by the authors, who, sitting on a sofa in Uryupinsk, can say for sure what kind of thinking is in the air at the UN headquarters in New York.
    Insider, such an insider ...
    1. Eastern wind
      28 September 2017 09: 34
      You exposed me ... By your logic in the modern world, with its capabilities, knowledge and technology, to declare that the Earth is round, I must go around the globe, and in order to analyze staff moods during the battle for Moscow, I must not disassemble my memoirs and published archives, and be at least Zhukov. Milota ...
      1. Mik13
        Mik13 28 September 2017 10: 06
        Quote: East Wind
        You exposed me ... By your logic in the modern world, with its capabilities, knowledge and technology, to declare that the Earth is round, I must go around the globe, and in order to analyze staff moods during the battle for Moscow, I must not disassemble my memoirs and published archives, and be at least Zhukov. Milota ...

        Damn it ... Dear, I have no need to expose you. So far, you yourself are doing pretty well.
        You really do not understand the difference between well-known scientific information and classified information about the mechanisms and schemes of political processes?
        If a similar article were written by Churkin, Nebenzya or Lavrov, I would read it very carefully. But you sign the article with an indistinct pseudonym - and at the same time affirm fundamentally unverifiable things in it. You will forgive my skepticism, but nothing but laughter, your creativity can not cause just by definition.

        Yes, and as for Zhukov (although what does he have to do with the topic under discussion?) - you know, practice has shown that very many can read memoirs and archival documents, and only a few can understand. Just because for this it is necessary to know in the present way not only modern military affairs, but also military affairs of WWII times, and this is not given to everyone ...
        1. Eastern wind
          28 September 2017 10: 30
          Well, do not be nervous so ... You have notably tried on the field of self-affirmation, to put another barrier for the dear bridal party bureaucrats. And, by the way, there are no closed political processes, politics as a matter of fact is public - they would learn a bit. Everything "closed" is an intrigue and an agreement that just emerges in political processes. According to them, you can analyze what was "under the carpet." You do not need to thank for the lesson, this is a gift.
          1. Mik13
            Mik13 28 September 2017 11: 18
            Quote: East Wind
            Well, don’t be so nervous ... You have notably tried on the field of self-affirmation in order to put up another barrier to the sweet brawl between the bureaucrats.
            As I understand it, are you here struggling with bureaucracy with your articles? What selflessness and uncompromisingness! I admire you!

            Quote: East Wind
            And, by the way, there are no closed political processes, politics is essentially public - we would have learned a little.
            I won’t even comment on this stupidity. You put forward this thesis - you try to justify it. If possible.

            Quote: East Wind
            Everything "closed" is an intrigue and an agreement that just pops up in political processes. According to them, you can analyze what was "under the carpet."
            Of course "pops up." Sometimes. Years through 50. Sometimes longer. Here, for example, there is still no reliable information about the mission of Hess. and in our lifetime, most likely, it won’t be. And any attempt to “analyze” Hess’s mission without archival documents is a profanation of historical science and simply fortune-telling on coffee grounds.

            Quote: East Wind
            There is no need to thank for the lesson, this is a gift.
            Are you like this, seriously? You have no constructive arguments anymore? However, this is expected ...
            1. Eastern wind
              28 September 2017 11: 25
              Floats years through 50? Would you pay for a full package of satellite, and then REN-TV has a bad influence on you. However, there are pluses - you are a clear confirmation of my conclusions.
            2. iConst
              iConst 28 September 2017 11: 42
              Quote: Mik13
              I won’t even comment on this stupidity. You put forward this thesis - you try to justify it. If possible.

              belay wassat laughing
              Aerobatics! Well, in this case, following your own statement, you must first justify all your points. AND? laughing

              No, my friend, in the discussion (by the way - do you know the types of discussions?) The debaters put forward their theses and if the opponent does not agree, then he gives evidence of the invalidity of the thesis put forward. So it has been since the time of Plato and Aristotle. laughing

              And what you present has a clear term - trolling.
      2. iConst
        iConst 28 September 2017 11: 35
        Quote: East Wind
        in order to analyze staff moods during the battle for Moscow, I should not analyze memoirs and published archives, but be at least Zhukov. Milota ...

        I, I think, that a person is simply not familiar with such an instrument of intellectual labor as logic. It is useless to argue.

        Such people do not bother to turn on the brain, even remembering that many cosmic objects, the laws of physics, knowledge of quantum physics were first made at the "tip of a pencil" and only decades later received experimental confirmation.

        Returning to your note, I will say that the Americans * with the theory and control mechanisms are all right. Not only that - technology continues to improve.
        What you described is not a crisis, but the installation of the ruling owners of money. At all posts are the right people who function in the given mode. That's all.

        * Talking about the SGA as universal Evil is not entirely correct. At the moment, the SGA is chosen by the owners of money as a platform.
        Theoretically, if they suddenly need it, these owners can move to another territory and grow a "hegemon" there.
  2. grandfather Mih
    grandfather Mih 28 September 2017 07: 59
    The elite of the Western world is being destroyed by “universal values” and, as a result, the self-identification of nations is being eroded. ADH-the desire of the Germans to be Germans. The flailing, foolishness, and annihilation of the nation of "chancellor" Merkel is a superficial example. My opinion.
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 28 September 2017 10: 14
      I will object. There is no destruction of the "elite of the Western world." She lives and thrives. We observe only puppets that obediently open their mouths and puff out their cheeks. Moreover, a new generation of puppets has appeared, an example of this is Macron. No political weight, no support, no real business. All fame blown, made in 3 months. But in reality, everything goes according to plan: puppets wave their hands, the indigenous population bend, etc. However, our situation is almost the same, except that "our" puppets are not smiling at us.
      1. grandfather Mih
        grandfather Mih 28 September 2017 11: 22
        For former managers "chips fall out." Become adequate. I suppose that coming to power, management is accompanied by an artificial, far-fetched change in consciousness, thought. Want to "steer" -be "like everyone else." Replacing, replacing habitual values ​​with “universal” ones, blurred, disfigured, alien - this is, in my understanding, the destruction of the elite (future managers and managers in the present). What is the insertion of the "chips" is not a question of.
      2. rvRomanoff
        rvRomanoff 28 September 2017 13: 06
        And all from the fact that "our" puppets are our leaders. And not all of them can smile there. And they pull each other's strings in full accordance with social laws. However, in the rest of the world as well. And everything is going according to plan (more precisely, it was going) with Egorka Letov (a glass with a slide for him).
      3. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 30 September 2017 07: 19
        You are quite right ... and very wrong. At the same time. It happens. Yes, a puppet theater is present. Yes, "everything is going according to plan." Only now you understand ... the puppeteers are also from this planet! And their dolls were not picked up in the garbage dump, but put forward on the front line from the puppet-breeding environment.
        Such cases rarely (when a victim is needed) are trusted by left-wing people. As a rule, everything is played among themselves. The author has noticed the general trend of our entire civilization, attributing it exclusively to Europe. And America and we say ... Alas. With us, it all just goes slower.
        We again failed to cope with the “power-knowledge threshold”. Soon we will erase ourselves. Not in the war, so much stagnation of technology that against the backdrop of a huge population will cause the collapse of civilization in the process of fighting this very population for food. Alas.
  3. Titsen
    Titsen 28 September 2017 08: 00

    What are so many beeches drawn on?

    About nothing!
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 28 September 2017 08: 03
    However, you should not think that I am again singing a song about a “decaying” Europe, no.
    .... However, we don’t think ... Europe drove itself into a cage, beautiful .. yes the door slammed, and the key was thrown into the tortilla Tortilla ... You can get into this cage through the bars of the lattice ..
  5. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner 28 September 2017 08: 17
    This is the result of the widespread adoption of ISO9000 and ISO14000. If it is used everywhere, then there will be processes for the sake of processes ...
    1. Max otto
      Max otto 28 September 2017 09: 11
      As accurately said. I have a certificate according to ISO9000, I don’t remember a word from the whole course, and even over the years the purpose of this creation has weathered.
      And the author perfectly summarized the current trend in imitation of violent activity. All this concerns us directly. In our countries, such processes are no less.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 September 2017 09: 32

    If this is the Western elite, then it is time for them to drain the water.
    1. Knizhnik
      Knizhnik 28 September 2017 13: 50
      This is not the elite, this is a servant of the elite. Clintonich and Merkelikha will be more significant, the type in the middle is just a clerk.
    2. Eastern wind
      28 September 2017 14: 57
      - What are you?
      - I am an old soldier and I do not know the words of love ...

  7. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 28 September 2017 13: 46
    As for the desire of bureaucrats (the euro and not only) to sit in a comfortable chair and talk more talkatively in it for as long as possible - that’s the point. These people, although bad, but the performers are the same Rasmussen, Mogherini and other riffraff, who has no opinion. Other people make decisions, this is a big business, for the favor of which the politicians serving them are fighting.
  8. Old warrior
    Old warrior 29 September 2017 12: 38
    I offer Morgan Freeman almost the High Rank Afroakhedzhakova. sad
  9. iouris
    iouris 1 October 2017 21: 01
    There is no crisis. Ponyakovsky will sell you. He will buy and sell again, but already more expensive.