The party of special fire engines was handed over to the military

The plant "Omsktransmash", (part of the "Uralvagonzavod"), ahead of schedule completed the delivery of special fire engines (SPM) for the Russian Defense Ministry, according to News with reference to the press service of the UVZ.

The military two months ahead of schedule received 12 armored vehicles created using units and assemblies tanks T-72 and T-80.

In the world today there are no analogues of SPM. Its feature is the presence of an armored cabin, which ensures the safety of the crew when working in hazardous areas, such as fires in ammunition depots. As well as a supply of water and extinguishing agents - 25 cube. m, no other fire truck can accommodate such a volume,
told the chief designer for the experimental development of special equipment Boris Eremenko.

It is reported that "the mass of the machine does not exceed 60 t, the range of" firing "by extinguishing agent reaches 100 m." The machine is accepted for supply in the 2015 year and put into production from the 2016 year. Previously delivered SPMs are serving throughout the Russian Federation.
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    26 September 2017 09: 51
    Need a car. Without such fires, it would be necessary to extinguish according to the Kaklyatsky method — to wait for complete combustion and, accordingly, self-extinguishing.
    1. +2
      26 September 2017 09: 55
      The right machine, and often ammunition depots are undermining ... And the ends into the water!
      1. +3
        26 September 2017 10: 02
        And if such a technique is available, the warehouses will no longer undermine? Like, there is a meeting of roguish ensigns, eh, to undermine the warehouse, so that you sweep the traces of theft, but, damn it, there is such a machine there, well ... smile
        1. +2
          26 September 2017 10: 32
          Quote: By itself
          And if such a technique is available, the warehouses will no longer undermine? Like, there is a meeting of roguish ensigns, eh, to undermine the warehouse, so that you sweep the traces of theft, but, damn it, there is such a machine there, well ... smile

          laughing laughing Well, it’s not an obstacle, of course, you're right, but at least we will save the boys of conscripts .. soldier
          1. RL
            26 September 2017 12: 13
            Should there be two, three such vehicles in each ammunition depot? Unrealistic!
            After the explosion of the warehouse, you can begin to extinguish the places of ignition, almost immediately if the ammunition after the fire started does not explode and fly apart, and if such special fire engines and with calculations will carry out round-the-clock service in shelters in the territory of these warehouses. Just where to get the money for this?
            And the ammunition depots, basically, do not explode at the hands of saboteurs, but at the hands of their own personnel (do not care, maybe, etc.) or at the hands of untrained.
      2. +3
        26 September 2017 10: 03
        In addition to warehouses, a lot of things can be put out with such equipment. For example, accidents at wells and wells. And do not LA about the bombings of ammunition depots. For emergency, there are enough technical reasons, and the same sloppiness.
        1. +4
          26 September 2017 10: 15
          Do you think that all the explosions in the warehouses are solely the fault of the drunken conscript who threw the cigarette butt in the wrong place? You're a Holy Man !!! I rephrase a little, just without offense - Holy Simplicity. It’s easy to live like that, everything is clear and understandable to you, in parallel and perpendicularly , and strictly in the wake system ... hi
          1. +1
            26 September 2017 11: 21
            I don’t understand, is it a replica about a pair of feathers and a keel? Then I will answer. I had to face tight storage of explosives. The main and almost the only reason for all emergency situations is non-compliance with job descriptions. Alas, my friend, and not at all the mischief of saboteurs and, supposedly, thieving ensigns. So simplicity is you. Not sure saint. And do not poke me. The calves you grazed without me.
            1. +4
              26 September 2017 11: 31
              Well, I won’t poke, really, I didn’t help the jaws of the pigs, YOU and YOURSELF are dealing with it at the very least, glad for YOU, MUCH DEAR SIR ... Is that better, Barin? laughing And I’m YOU not my friend, God forbid, you couldn’t say that about Sons. I didn’t write about saboteurs, what is the habit of many here, when there are not enough arguments, to attribute to the opponent their insinuations that are sick?
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    26 September 2017 10: 21
    The coolest car -
    A feature of the SPM is the ability to remotely control, which ensures maximum safety for people involved in fire fighting in particularly difficult and dangerous conditions. When a threat to the life of the crew occurs, people leave the car, and it performs the task with the help of a remote control system.
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    26 September 2017 11: 32
    A powerful machine is a pity that before it was not bought by such an army and the Ministry of Emergencies needed.
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    26 September 2017 20: 40
    Analogs are full.
    GPM-64 created on the basis of the T-64 tank by engineers of the Kharkov Armored Repair Plant in 2010.

    GPM-72 created on the basis of the T-72 tank by engineers of the Lviv Armored Plant in 2016.
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      27 September 2017 05: 29
      Upper - exactly based on the T-64? Maybe based on the T-54? It’s painfully similar to the chassis