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Satanovsky about why Americans are nervous in Syria

President of the Institute of the Middle East Yevgeny Satanovsky comments on the current situation in Syria.


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  1. Tatyana
    Tatyana 25 September 2017 13: 40
    An interesting big presentation by Satanovsky on the situation in the BV and his answers to Solovyov’s questions.
    You need to carefully listen to this video again, otherwise everything is not immediately remembered.
    In addition, Satanovsky substantiated that there will be no referendum on the formation of an independent Kurdistan. However, today, September 25, this referendum is still held.
    And the referendum question is formulated as follows: "Do you want the Kurdistan region and the Kurdistan regions not included in the Kurdistan region to become an independent state?"

    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 26 September 2017 12: 53
      E. I always need to not only listen, but also remember that he is wise enough to speak not just the Truth, but also "what can be voiced now." And according to the same referendum - it was obviously a “strong-willed decision” of Americans, who instead of the wise decision of “slowly and gradually pushing through" (which the British usually do) decided to "blow up the barrel of gunpowder." And there will clearly be a complete failure - approximately the same as with Ukraine, in which the United States arranged for us to "opa", but the main goal of "tying Russia into a war with Ukraine (and Russians from Ukraine)" is completely failed.
    2. kasatky
      kasatky 27 September 2017 08: 29
      Quote: Tatiana
      We must carefully listen to this video again

      It is possible of course, but even Satanovsky is not the Lord God. Too much source data (the reliability of which is not provided) and no explicit dependencies. The GDP said most correctly: - Do you even now understand what you have done? But "they" are not going to understand.
  2. antivirus
    antivirus 30 September 2017 09: 57
    until that time, we will "rest" against various obstacles.
    life goes on. our fleet has no landing capabilities yet.