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President Trump: there will be no impeachment

72-th UN General Assembly will be remembered by the speech of US President Donald Trump: in his speech, he first expressed support for the sovereignty of states, and then threatened to destroy North Korea, which just defends its sovereignty from the United States. In other words, Trump said: every man for himself, one God for all, be saved, who can!

President Trump: there will be no impeachment

Thank you for your frankness, of course. Many predict today the near demise of the UN that it will repeat the fate of the League of Nations, which died before World War II. Although the UN World Conference is still needed, at least as a platform for regular meetings of diplomats and diplomatic wars.

The meeting of Trump and Poroshenko also left an indelible impression: six minutes Donald told Peter about hurricanes in America and asked to support American business in Ukraine. About shipments weapons and the peacekeepers in the Donbass did not say a word: why did they meet? The American president was serving a number!

Trump was asked to meet Poroshenko, and the president of America could not refuse! Maybe he asked the vice-president Michael Pence: he makes "presidential" statements instead of Trump, and in the spirit of Obama, when Trump makes scandalous statements, and talks about hurricanes. All this leads to the idea that Trump is suspended from making decisions, from real power. And makes a presidential mine in a bad game. Trump's impeachment will not be: he is no longer needed.

The American press before the General Assembly wrote that Trump was either under house arrest, or under a quiet coup d'etat: he was unavailable to friends. At the General Assembly, Trump confirmed these suspicions, he drowned in the "Washington Swamp", becoming his talking head. They told me to meet Poroshenko - he met, and talked about hurricanes! Karen Shakhnazarov came to the same conclusion from the point of view of the direction of the performance of the American president: "Trump does not control anything, the situation is very bad."

Yes, the situation is bad because we don’t know what kind of people today anonymously run America on behalf of Trump. Former Secretary of State Kerry once told Lavrov to Obama’s rudeness towards Russia: “Do not pay attention!” Today, you can also ignore Trump. He's doing a presidential show, like Obama, and other people are doing American politics, and it's all the same people. They are betting on a world war, which is why Trump so unbelted at the General Assembly. America has no other way to keep “world leadership”.

Today, it is quite simple to plunge the world into war: neither Colin Powell's test tubes, nor loud provocations like the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, which became the reason for the war in Vietnam for Washington, are needed. Cyber ​​weapons, anonymous information wars in the network, which are led by groups of “unknown hackers”, are already being tested, becoming in this sense a “state”. Julian Assange and his associates have become, for example, such an “information state”, and the US is fighting with them as with the state, and uses it as a pretext to accuse Russia of “hacker attacks”. England has officially equated computer network "invasion" to a military attack.

Another way of destabilizing the world is possible as a result of the “suicide of the American elite,” according to analyst Sergei Karaganov. In this sense, the Donald Trump presidency is comparable to the “perestroika” in the USSR, and the consequences for the United States may be comparable. And for the world.

In the meantime, the US is trying to plunge Western Europe into chaos, which has become a “weak link”, vulnerable to Washington’s financial sanctions. Russia overcame American sanctions, its economy began to grow, perhaps due to a weak dependence on the US market.

Economist Paul Craig Roberts, father of Reaganomics policy, has long warned that stopping energy supplies from Russia to the European Union would throw the latter into chaos, he assumed that Russia would resort to this economic weapon during the sanctions war. This did not happen, but today we see that Washington has decided to block the supply of energy resources from Russia to Western Europe! For this, the United States is blocking the financing of the construction of the Nord Stream - 2 with the help of the Congress’s new sanctions, and they do not hide the fact that their ultimate goal is to tear off the EU from Russia energetically.

It is believed that the collapse of the construction of the joint venture 2 is designed to preserve Ukrainian transit of Russian gas to Western Europe after 2019, however, it can be unexpectedly blocked by a new war in the Donbass or a new putsch, with the filing of the Americans preparing to officially announce Russia aggressor, with the declaration of war Russia? Then the Ukrainian transit will be blocked, and the ultimate goal of the US energy policy in Europe will be automatically achieved. True, the SP-1 thread will remain, however, it is too thin to keep Western Europe from destabilization. Deliveries to Europe of liquefied gas from the United States, in comparable sizes, are not foreseen in the foreseeable future.

In Europe, this is understood, and not only the ex-Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder. Dmitry Peskov made an interesting statement the other day: the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine after 2019 is possible if it is economically feasible.

French politician Jean-Luc Schaffhauser said recently: “You can leave Europe without Russian gas.” Political analyst Alexander Rahr reports: "All the German parties are in shock, Trump is cooking a very dangerous compote." Only Trump does not cook, he is with him.

Vladimir Putin did not come to the 72-th General Assembly, but expressed his position at the Vladivostok forum: complete disregard for the US interests of other countries leads the world to a global planetary catastrophe. Here we have in mind the policy of the neocon group of the United States, whose banner was former President Obama, according to the spread in the world, with the help of coups, the American "democracy", which led to today's world crisis. The neocons seem to remain in power in America, making the “great Trump” powerless.

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  1. iouris
    iouris 25 September 2017 15: 27
    Anyone can be a president or congressman. The United States is a tool to achieve the goals of the most powerful bunch of financial bigwigs - trillionaires (not even such a word), and not some neo-windows. If you know where the cash flows are directed, you will understand everything in politics.
    1. Glory1974
      Glory1974 25 September 2017 15: 42
      If you know where the cash flows are directed, you will understand everything in politics.

      money started a lot, but not all. Power in itself is more expensive than money.
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 25 September 2017 16: 03
        Trump will not be impeached: he is no longer needed.
        The neocons seem to continue to remain in power in America, making the "great Trump" powerless.
        Exactly. Trump is already a nominee President of the United States and exists only as a transmitter-speaker of other people's personal, national interests and thoughts.
        In general, the past - elected nationally oriented toward the interests of the peoples of the United States - "The Great Trump" has almost blown away geopolitically nationally. feel
        1. Glory1974
          Glory1974 25 September 2017 16: 12
          Trump is already a nominee President of the United States and exists only as a transmitter-speaker of other people's personal, national interests and thoughts.

          however, like all other American presidents. Therefore, smart people did not expect from Trump any changes in relation to Russia.
          Because practically nothing depends on the president.
          1. Victor Kamenev
            25 September 2017 16: 28
            Too categorical. Trump did manage to do something for Russia. The neocons lost an important pace, revealed themselves, the power in the USA was disorganized, a breach was made in the fake media, uncomfortable questions were put on the agenda in the country, almost unrest - Trump managed to do it all!
            1. dzen123
              dzen123 25 September 2017 17: 00
              They may have lost the pace. But it seems that power is not. The Pentagon is certainly in power. And they will quickly suppress the turmoil in the country. Considering the dumb 9/11 attacks, they will stir up the nuts for another two or more hours under the same sauce, appointing the perpetrators from somewhere ... yes, at least from Syria or Iran. In the latter case, even Mossad will be happy to help them. And globally, the sinister shadow of Putin and Russia will be to blame. It shatters their people, as hawala all nonsense throughout the struggle with the Soviets. And the indefatigable will quickly shut up the FBI and the NSA.

              Recent events in Syria show that in the coming month one of the parties will have to go all-in - there is too little space left for maneuvers. Idlib or Deir ez-Zor? My opinion is both there and there. Plus, the Turkish sultan on tanks in the Kurds ride. This one will not miss a chance.

              In any case, Mr. Trump is clearly not working out the investments made in his “figure”. And he will be forced to "rush between two beds." So we will be surprised more than once by his behavior and words - the weather vane will die of envy.
  2. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 25 September 2017 17: 16
    We need to squeeze the situation .. If America realizes that the US president is not at all as cool as it is shown in Hollywood, that everyone and everyone is awake at him, from Congress to athletes .. I think more people will ask the question - What’s going on? .
  3. a.sirin
    a.sirin 25 September 2017 18: 34
    "but expressed his position at the Vladivostok Forum: the complete disregard for the US interests of other countries leads the world to a global planetary catastrophe"
    At one time, "he" said that "if oil prices fall below $ 80, a global industrial catastrophe will come"
    We are waiting for the next. predictions
  4. Agent_017
    Agent_017 25 September 2017 20: 40
    Trump is a fox. He got into the chicken coop by cunning, now hens steal .. And what is wrong? He was condemned as a successor to Russia, but what did he do well for Russia? Did he make sweet speeches about rebuilding the United States and refusing to participate in the world order? He does everything to participate in it and steer! The concept itself is red-haired ... These are still flowers .. And what do you think why the lobby missed such a candidate for president? Yes, they wouldn’t have missed it in life if he was a stranger .. Well, the fox, the bear will understand later ... How she settled in his house, and ran to “help” the animals at night .. This is from a Russian folk tale ...