Military Review

Russian "Bastion" against the NATO fleet: the clash of missiles and ships

In an interview for television channel Zvezda, military expert Alexander Mozgovoy evaluated the potentials of two coastal missile systems - the domestic K-300P Bastion and the NATO-made NSM in Norway.


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  1. Vard
    Vard 26 September 2017 12: 23
    It seems to me that coastal complexes themselves are very effective ... they do not allow enemy ships to get close to the coast ... including aircraft carrier formations ...
    1. Igar
      26 September 2017 12: 48
      aircraft carriers do not need to approach the range of DBK
  2. NEXUS
    NEXUS 26 September 2017 13: 45
    On the sides of the Bostion and Balls it would be necessary to write-Welcome!
    But seriously, it wouldn’t hurt to add a range for the Bastions, so that the adversary would bypass our 10th road.
    1. ProkletyiPirat
      ProkletyiPirat 26 September 2017 17: 24
      Quote: NEXUS
      the range for the Bastions would not be added,

      What for? There, it seems like the range of the radar is limited. Or do you mean the radar?
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 26 September 2017 17: 25
        Quote: ProkletyiPirat
        What for? There, it seems like the range of the radar is limited. Or do you mean the radar?

        And the radar and the rocket itself ... well, of course, target designation systems too ...
        1. antivirus
          antivirus 26 September 2017 19: 54
          soon all complexes will be at 5500 km - will cancel the INF
          1. Alexizhevsk
            Alexizhevsk 27 September 2017 10: 11
            If canceled. It seems to me that the question of range is a matter of reprogramming equipment or chips and that’s it.
  3. Oleg Salov
    Oleg Salov 26 September 2017 23: 34
    It is good that the coastal complexes negate the landing of any naval assault, and leave the entire US Marine Corps and their allies out of work.
  4. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 27 September 2017 08: 16
    A good, frank warning, first of all, for Stoltenberg, that the duller cut his short tail, and then to his master - the USA, which will no longer be served by the events that took place on the Cook ship
  5. Den nn
    Den nn 27 September 2017 08: 42
    “Is there a law in the world that allows these killings?” I will tell you: yes, there is. This is the Law of the Jungle. This is your law and your order. Four months, four months! - you are bombing our country, and everyone is afraid to even say the words of condemnation. If Russia, the real Russia, the united and great Russia, which defended the weak, were still in the world, you would not have dared. But she is not there, she is not, and you triumph. ” Muammar Gaddafi
  6. Kerensky
    Kerensky 27 September 2017 14: 26
    This is the weapon of the straits.
  7. wasapip2010
    wasapip2010 27 September 2017 19: 02
    Yes, the Yankees already poop in their pants. Because it no longer interferes with diapers.
  8. Midshipman-53
    Midshipman-53 2 October 2017 12: 08
    In the Black Sea, the range of the "Bastion" is quite enough - Welcome to HELL!
    1. freejack
      freejack 24 October 2017 21: 10
      And why is it always reasoning related to the Black Sea? and the Baltic? ... It seems to me that it is getting closer and more dangerous there ... the same Peter, Kaliningrad and Murmansk ... Or would serious American vehicles not be trampled there because of the shallow water? ... Who in the subject - how is it ?? ? request