Military Review

Heavyweight Battle: Russian Peony vs. American M110A2

The capabilities of the Pion and the M110А2 were compared by a military expert and specialist in stories artillery Alexander Shirokorad. He said that initially the installation played a different role in the system of the armed forces of the USSR and the USA.


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  1. mat-vey
    mat-vey 24 September 2017 13: 39
    2s7 work of art ...
  2. Victor Zimin
    Victor Zimin 24 September 2017 17: 34
    Russia's weapons are much better!
    1. mat-vey
      mat-vey 24 September 2017 18: 01
      And what is better in Russia “Peony” (“Malki”) did in this class?
  3. Monarchist
    Monarchist 24 September 2017 18: 21
    Quote: Victor Zimin
    Russia's weapons are much better!

    The Russians are accustomed to fighting themselves, and the Americans prefer the macaques to use the differences in weapons from here: the Russians do things for themselves and for themselves.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. Victor_B
    Victor_B 25 September 2017 00: 16
    I worked at the factory with a man who was in the service of the driver of our military attache in Germany.
    We talked in 1972.
    He told how they chased for a long time "throughout the country" for the Amer "atomic guns" (as he called), but still managed to take a picture.
    KMB, by the way, it took place in Poland. Driving was directly through the territory of the Auschwitz camp (there are good roads and there are no people, according to him) and when you listen to a person who personally saw all these huts, depots with female hair, children's shoes ... Frost on the skin.
    Nowhere later did I come across such details as - red smudges under the hooks on which corpses for removing skin with tattoos were hung by the chin. In order not to pierce their skin, they were killed through a gap in the bar for measuring growth, and longer on the conveyor ...
    Bear pit, glazed pipe with rats and this is for fun.
  5. The comment was deleted.
    1. mat-vey
      mat-vey 25 September 2017 09: 38
      And is 63-65 already a record?
  6. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 25 September 2017 13: 13
    Well, these are completely different art systems, maybe outwardly somewhat remotely similar, but for completely different theaters of action, and therefore are not comparable.