Lithuania today: you are a KGB agent, no, you are a KGB agent ...

At the end of last week, the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) once again considered the initiative to publish the data of all those persons who were previously somehow connected with the activities of the State Security Committee. “In the next” - because in Lithuania political calls are almost always heard to make the names of all ex-KGB officers public. Here only these appeals every time rest against a wall of disagreement of deputies of the Diet. Apparently, the principle “the most important thing is not to go out on your own self” works in the Republic of Lithuania.

Did not grow together during the previous vote. And it was in 2015 year. Not in September and 2017 th.

Voting on the bill on the declassification of the data of former “KGB agents” was initiated by the representative of the Lithuanian party “Election Action of the Poles of Lithuania - Union of Christian Families” Zbigniew United. Edinny, before the start of the new vote, announced that if Lithuania gave publicity to the names of ex-employees and ex-agents of the Soviet special services, this would “forever close the last page of the shameful KGB book.”

The one:
This will make it possible in the future to avoid speculations about the KGB in holding elections (in Lithuania).

But, as the Lithuanian reality showed, the Seimas deputies are not ready to close the “shameful book of the KGB”, as they are not ready to “avoid speculations on the topic of the KGB” at the Lithuanian elections of different levels.

The voting results turned out to be the following: only 19 of Lithuanian people's deputies voted for the initiative of the “Lithuanian-Polish Election Campaign”, of which the Polish “actionists” of the Lithuanian Sejm themselves 8. 26 deputies were categorically opposed to the announcement of information about former KGB officers who worked in the Lithuanian SSR. And 33 parliamentarians decided that for their political future it would be the right step to abstain from voting.

Here you should pay special attention to the fact that the Lithuanian parliament is actually a deputy 141. And simple arithmetic calculations show that about 45% of the composition of the Sejm (63 person) decided not to tempt fate at all and did not take part in the voting. A sort of option from the series: "Think how you want."

Once again, the rejected bill caused a heated discussion both within the walls of the Lithuanian Seimas and among representatives of the Lithuanian public. The above-mentioned Zbigniew Edinsky states that at the next elections in Lithuania “information surprises can be expected”. According to him, at the beginning of 90, an impressive part of the documentation was stolen from the building of the State Security Committee in Vilnius. Who stole and where these documents are stored, the deputy of the Lithuanian parliament does not inform. However, it declares that “stolen documents” may, as they say, emerge at any time - either to eliminate political rivals or to exert pressure in forming political coalitions.

According to the representatives of the political party “The Electoral Action of the Poles of Lithuania - Union of Christian Families”, former employees and agents of the KGB of the USSR still threaten the freedom and security of the European Union Lithuania. This is a very original argument. Mr. Edinny, who again suffered a fiasco during the voting on his own bill, states that he is getting scared ... It is terrible because “these people (unresecured) cannot be trusted at all”. According to the deputy, "these people have already betrayed the republic, and can betray it again."

Informational portal gives the argument of the representative of the Lithuanian Seimas:
And what if (God forbid) we will be conquered by the "Islamic State" (* prohibited in the Russian Federation). They will introduce our own laws, Sharia. And these people (to all appearances, those whom the One has failed to “declassify”) will tell us all: this is good, let's serve ISIS (*).

Earlier in Lithuania published documents containing general information about cooperation with the KGB of persons residing in the Lithuanian SSR. If you believe this data, over the years the Lithuanian republic was a part of the Soviet Union, the number of collaborators with the KGB of the USSR (in Lithuania) was almost 120 thousand people. Impressive "human mass." Of this number, around 1,5 thousand, with 1991, decided to voluntarily confess about their “terrible past”. The overwhelming majority of those who collaborated, currently living in Lithuania, prefer not to share their participation in the “New Gebn”. And it is these thousands of "non-proliferating" individual Lithuanian parliamentarians are actually trying to declare a mysterious fifth column, which must be immediately declassified.

It is noteworthy that the parliamentary initiative on declassifying the data of ex-employees and ex-KGB agents prefers to leave without comment the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite. That same Madam President, about which, at one time, the interesting book “Red Dahl” was published, which was widespread in the European Parliament. The book describes the “glorious past of Dali”, which absurdly continues to deny the fact that it was included in the very 120 of thousands of Lithuanians who collaborated with special services during the Soviet era.
By the way, after trying once again to push through the initiative on “declassification” through the Sejm, some representatives of the Lithuanian coalition “Union of Peasants and Greens of Lithuania” and “Social Democratic Party of Lithuania” declared that there are forces in the parliament that want to make a clear split in political platforms their "late initiatives". That is, it was announced that it would be necessary to give the names of everyone who was involved in the activities of the Soviet special services in the territory of the Lithuanian SSR, but later ...

Lithuania today: you are a KGB agent, no, you are a KGB agent ...

Against this background, a remarkable event occurred for the Lithuanian parliament and the entire Baltic republic: the said coalition in the Sejm ordered to live long. The Social Democrats decided to leave the coalition, declaring the emergence of "deep contradictions" with the "Union of Greens and Peasants." And then - on the chain. Following the collapse of the coalition, the “slim” ranks of the parties themselves, which were part of it, began to fall apart. Thus, one of its most prominent representatives - the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkiavicius decided to leave the composition of the Lithuanian Social Democrats. Today (Monday, 25 September) Linkyavichyus filed an application for termination of party membership.

In Lithuania, they immediately recalled the record of Linkyavichus, who was accustomed to “change shoes in the air” in accordance with political realities. And the track record is indeed interesting: from the secretary of the Kaunas district committee of the Lithuanian Komsomol and the head of the department of the Komsomol Central Committee of the Lithuanian SSR to an ardent anti-Soviet and Lithuanian representative in the North Atlantic Assembly, the Minister of Defense of Lithuania (in 31 year) and now the Foreign Minister of Lithuania, an old russophobe. Most of the party Linkyavichyus (in which he is still de jure) voted against the bill “on declassification”, or abstained during the voting.

And, apparently, even if the split of the coalition is not directly connected with this, the highest political leaders of Lithuania need to make another attempt to “change the air in the air” with declarative “saving face”. Otherwise, it turns out that Mr. Linkyavicius and all the “volunteer Komsomol members” spoke out against declassifying themselves, and for this, the partners in NATO and the European Union would not caress the head, and therefore, would not give a chance at the new elections.
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  1. +4
    25 September 2017 06: 56
    ... they don’t want to disclose compromise to everyone ... bully
    1. +1
      25 September 2017 08: 22
      Yeah. The entire Lithuanian elite are KGB agents, and Dahl is the main Kremlin resident. wassat
      Well, it will begin, commissions, investigations, etc. Equal to Washington, there, too, the main Putin agent is taken to clean water. laughing
      1. +5
        25 September 2017 15: 53
        The story of the "KGB bags" in all three Baltic countries stretches from the moment of withdrawal from the Union - and everywhere the deputies hinder this, choke on for a week and calm down. What to take from the former "Komsomol members, party activists and propagandists of" scientific communism "- they will change their clothes and change their clothes more than once
        1. +2
          25 September 2017 20: 42
          We need to help them and Russia to declassify these documents. Let Dalia turn around like on a hot pan.
          Or maybe she is now working for the FSB and therefore is not declassifying? belay
  2. +5
    25 September 2017 07: 26
    Well, you’ll declassify, and then it turns out that those who didn’t cooperate with the same “bloody” GEBNE are not the same Lithuanian citizens who are now spreading rot for the current Lithuanian citizens for their connection with the GEBNE. Democracy, damn it.
    1. +1
      25 September 2017 10: 56
      Quote: Smog
      Well, you’ll declassify, and then it turns out that those who did not cooperate with the same “bloody” GEBNE are the same non-citizens of Lithuania

      120 thousand ... It turns out that almost every tenth to fifteen adult citizen of Lithuania collaborated with the KGB ... But there were also other special services that had their own agents ...
      Horror. You live in a house in which 300 residents are adults, and in it, it turns out, 20-30 KGB agents knock on you day and night ... But you didn’t say hello to one of them yesterday, you stepped on the second, and about the third he told someone that he was a complete eccentric with the letter M ... For the rest, even worse, especially if they were women, he simply did not pay attention ...
  3. +1
    25 September 2017 07: 31
    about 45% of the Seimas (63 people) decided not to tempt fate at all ...

    And who will be pleased that the country will learn about cooperation with state security. Now in a warm place, at a position, and then they can illustrate for the rest of their lives. Disclosure of agent lists is the most shameful thing that only a finished one can think of .... Then let them publish the lists of active agents of the Lithuanian special services.
  4. +2
    25 September 2017 11: 42
    All calm! This is me a KGB agent! In general, political Lithuania is a historically continuous serpentarium in which everyone knocks on each other, often with the same people.
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      25 September 2017 14: 28
      Quote: East Wind
      In general, political Lithuania is a historically continuous serpentarium in which everyone knocks on each other,

      They just need to knock, and it doesn’t even matter to whom. hi
  5. +1
    25 September 2017 11: 55
    Funny, but all are KGB agents.
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    25 September 2017 14: 12
    I look at it from a slightly different point of view.
    If the KGB had so many agents (whistleblowers, etc.), then why did they manage to make out everything?
    One of the reasons - the overwhelming majority were just those who were prone to “re-shoes in the air” (something in my memory flashed about “alternate airfields”)
    Quantity and quality ..... - dialectics, Mlyn)))
    Then argue for yourself ...