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Secrets of the First World War. Friends and enemies

During Soviet times, it was not customary to sing the feats of Russian weapons on the fronts of the First World War, since this war was considered "imperialistic". Therefore, in a country that as a result of this campaign has experienced two revolutions and a radical change of the state system, has lost millions of its citizens, there are still practically no monuments to the heroes and victims of the First World War.

The film "Secrets of the First World. Enemy Friends" is trying to find the answer to many historical questions. How and why was the Russian Empire drawn into the First World War? What role did her allies England and France play in this? How did it happen that Russia lost its centuries-old historical ally - Germany? How did the royal cousins ​​Willy and Nicky quarrel? Could the impending catastrophe be prevented? Why was tsar's favorite Grigory Rasputin stabbed a few days before the start of the war?


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  1. Monarchist
    Monarchist 23 September 2017 15: 53
    The film is interesting, but controversial. There were already articles on this topic on our site and they came to the conclusion that Russia had a choice between bad allies or to remain alone against all.
    Narochnitskaya quoted the correct words: "Russia piously observes international treaties"
    1. yehat
      yehat 28 September 2017 12: 40
      It was enough for Russia not to quarrel with Germany and to continue the development set by Stolypin and not to go into adventures of building dreadnought fleets so that everything would be fine.
      Within this framework, you could do anything
  2. antivirus
    antivirus 23 September 2017 21: 11
    I listen, they marvelously dabble.
    contradictions between RI and Austria Hungar where (+ with the Turks in the Caucasus)? each empire had its own plans for seizures and where did RI go? only in a peaceful future7 or have they grabbed the identity too?

    "distant relative" Nikki is a sentence? or can you be friends with "not relatives"? Who determines the vector of RI development, the direction of its foreign policy?

    "new friends" are drawn into the war. but how? - they just pay money. don’t take money, live on your own and without other people's technologies - TEACH YOUR PEOPLE FOR 20 YEARS AWARENESS (AND RELAXING) YOUR PEOPLE and do everything yourself (without other people's money).
    Chezh did not teach literacy to 100 million peasants then ??????????????????????????

    about terror.
    who demanded what? peacefully at first. then???
    were there just demands? as in western Europe? - they took money there, from their advanced economies. give rights and obligations, as in the West and don’t take money from them, earn it yourself

    control of the straits --- fetish, THIS BEGINNING THE SEVERAGE OF THE MEDITERRANEAN: GREECE FIRST, BECAUSE ALL THE BALCAN. and further - everywhere (Malta was already owned) + The Caucasus and Great Armenia - this is an exit to Syria and Mesopotamia (almost Persian Gulf)
    and the Kurds agreed to enter our sphere of influence ?????????.
    OUR authorities could not convince of the limited plans for capture ---- poorly taught philosophy and literature in Western Europe?
    "Russia was responsible for cannon fodder" - see mine for 20 years to teach 100 million literate peasants.
    "friends dragged into the war" - who prevents anyone from getting drunk on Fridays (and on other days) to hell with friends? ---- he drinks and drinks his liver