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50 caliber S&W revolver exploded in hands

A resident of the Canadian province of Albert Cole McCartney was able to capture on video how his friend explodes in the hands of a Smith & Wesson Model 500 caliber .50 revolver. According to reports, the shooter was not injured.

What led to the gap weapons it is not known, but later Cole published photos of what was left of the revolver.


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  1. Mik13
    Mik13 22 September 2017 12: 22
    Judging by the nature of the damage, it can be assumed that for some reason the drum lock did not work, and the drum was offset relative to the barrel.
    Large-caliber revolvers do.
    1. Sorokin
      Sorokin 21 October 2017 22: 30
      I agree completely. Even 7,62 Nagan when hit by a foreigner and not turning the drum with an effort of descent was an incident. but the bloated trunk didn’t come off
  2. Mista_dj
    Mista_dj 22 September 2017 23: 14
    made in China?