Party life in the virtual dimension

Party life in the virtual dimension

When I hear the statements of some former candidates for the presidency that they almost took away the victory, then, being a professional political scientist and psychologist, I initially hesitate in my assessment. Immediately diagnose megalomania or, nevertheless, search here for some other incentive motives. And I seem to even be able to explain which.

In my opinion, the answer here is simple. A stormy, often overlapping protest is nothing more than a form of existence of the opposition. Only in this way - apparently, the ideology of the opposition forces of all stripes is believed - there is an opportunity to keep at least some part of citizens sympathizing with them in their orbit and create the appearance of their presence in the political arena.

Following this logic, and she, in my opinion, is the only true here, one willy-nilly comes to an impartial conclusion: opposition leaders, who tirelessly branded power, are in fact perfectly aware of their place in the political life of Russia, their real significance and the true degree of their support in society . But they never admit it publicly, because in this way they will in fact sign in their own political impotence. We won't go far for examples.

Take, for example, Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov. We must pay tribute to this intelligent and experienced person. In addition to all the other advantages, it is to him that the merit of the resuscitation of the Russian Communist Party, when in the early nineties it was almost completely crushed by the pseudo-democrats who came to power, was credited to him. But does Comrade Zyuganov really think that communist ideas and ideals can be today, in the twenty-first century, really in great demand in Russia up to and including victory in elections? In a country that suffered from the communists, like no other country in the world. Where the communist ideals themselves were distorted and covered with the blood of millions of innocent people. No, probably, in Russia there is a family in which at least one sad story from Soviet times. And with such "baggage" to claim leadership in public preferences? I will never believe that Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov really counts on this.

Let's take another character - the leader of JUST RUSSIA Sergey Mironov. I do not want to offend a person who has faithfully served the authorities on its uppermost floors for almost a decade. Therefore, I limit myself to the statement. Sergei Mikhailovich went to the polls, as he constantly repeated from the stands and on television, to win. And could he win? His State Duma colleague Gennady Zyuganov has the baggage of the seventy-year history of the Communist Party, with all the negative and positive nuances. And what about JUST RUSSIA and Sergei Mironov personally in luggage, except for the vague program and not at all the vivid verbal rhetoric ... And with such a set to count on victory? Mr. Mironov does not look like a young idealist or a romantic dreamer. We simply state: a person with such experience in the highest political spheres couldn’t think about victory.

I would like to make special mention of the so-called “surprise” of the past election campaign - Mikhail Prokhorov. As a presidential contender, he also exuded confidence. It is clear that high-level entrepreneurs tend to take on big things and resolve them in their favor. Otherwise they would not be among the hundred richest people in the world. But such people are also characterized by practical sharpness, calculation. And on what, if you take the ideal situation, could Mr. Prokhorov, known so far only as a successful businessman, be able to count? Exclusively on the novelty of his image in politics: a young, fresh and successful character. No more. Consequently, in visible baggage - the desire and money. Both the first and second solve a lot, but not all. Expect to win in this situation - adventurism. Prokhorov also gives the impression of a pragmatist.

So, why am I setting it all up? But to what. When opposition leaders beat themselves in the chest and loudly declare that they are being robbed of votes, that they are being disturbed, they are not allowed to work, then there is a certain guile. The position of the “offended” government is much more convenient and profitable in Russia than the image of cooperating with it. Are there so many representatives of opposition parties working today in the structures of the executive branch? Countrywide - units. A pity, the country needs professional human resources managers. But the example of the well-known Mr. Yavlinsky turned out to be contagious. What is he famous for all his years in politics? The program "500 days", which no one was going to implement, and even his persistent reluctance to work in the government. Or give full power, or do it yourself - this is his eternal slogan. After all, Yavlinsky knew that they did not give power, they took power. But did he really want to take it? It seems unlikely. Thus, for twenty years he has kept the purity and purity of his political clothes, nothing, by and large having done for the country, while living in his virtual political world. Having emerged from it into reality, he “slipped” on the fabricated lists in his support.

What is the benefit for the country from the fact that some politicians have been four for decades, who five times present themselves as candidates for a high Kremlin chair, with full personal awareness of the impossibility of occupying it? Does the country need them and their parties in the form in which these organizations exist today? After all, they are more virtual, not real, and do not affect the overall political processes. For many years, calling for a vote for themselves, they simply deceive the voters, because they have long taken a conformist position and are part of the whole system of government, playing the role of the opposition, but not being it. By and large, in the general political system the party niche remains empty.

Frankly, for the country it is a disaster. Nature does not tolerate emptiness, and the party niche is already filled. How? But this is another topic.
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  1. raptor_fallout
    20 March 2012 07: 49
    Comrade Zyuganov showed himself in the elections in 96. Well, I’m not talking about the other candidates! Does anyone really take them seriously ?? laughing
    1. +2
      20 March 2012 08: 01
      The question is not even Zyuganov and all the others ... The question is generally in the political system of the country ... Indeed, most parties now simply live and act by old memory .. Well, they take away voices ...
      1. +1
        20 March 2012 09: 44
        The absence of opposition is primarily dictated by the state of the entire political system in the early 00s. Absolute chaos and inability to coordinate their positions on key issues, as a result of this, complete lack of control over the country, and at all levels. I recently read an interview with respected Surkov, in which it is clearly said: The patient is cured and is on the mend, accordingly, the methods of "treatment" will change. This is exactly what we see in Medvedev's latest legislative initiatives, and, please pay attention, practically all of these decisions were basically adopted back in 2009. So, our political "swamp" will become a little more fun, including due to Navalny, Purginyan etc.
    2. Sergh
      20 March 2012 08: 09
      Well, the fact that all these applicants have already said their word for a long time is a fact, but I did not find any sense in this. After analyzing the situation over the past twenty years, I don’t want to go back to the nineties, I was too full of belly, and if from 2003-04 my cropped little brothers began to disappear, no matter what gunpowder, then progress is already evident. That's why I voted for these years. And these friends, especially Yavlinsky, can’t stand his speech set of phrases, they are the weathercocks, who are more, who are less. At one point they’ll put each other up, they won’t ask for the name!
      1. +1
        20 March 2012 10: 06
        Hello Serzh! It is precisely the fact that the majority of our oppositionists are simply trepachki, either personally got rid of themselves while in power (like Nemtsov) and led to the fact that we would not believe them .. And we won’t believe ... Saying and doing these different things .. .
    3. 0
      20 March 2012 11: 10
      Quote: raptor_fallout
      Comrade Zyuganov showed himself in the elections in 96.

      What happened in 96? It was the use of great PR in favor of Yeltsin.
  2. +3
    20 March 2012 07: 54
    The group "Singing Panties" has a song "String" .... Well, the theses on this article are straightforward ... Definitely a plus ... fatty ... Unfortunately, there are many things in our country ... there is no opposition ... ...
  3. YARY
    20 March 2012 07: 56
    In the political struggle, and even more so in the struggle for the "throne", in our country it is not like in foreign "democracies" - we have either "pan or disappear".
    But the fact that while there is no bright personality capable of leading the people, igniting the fire of what is called people's optimism and striving for "something" is a fact, I do not argue.
    1. +2
      20 March 2012 08: 56
      I’m afraid it’s not right to meditate, therefore .. Some of the famous Russians said, In Russia it’s always so whose portrait in the red corner was hanged, that’s God ... Indeed, the role of the person in the history of Russia is great ... It is the appearance of the person that leads to the next jump .. forward or backward, but be sure to jump ...
    2. +1
      20 March 2012 10: 07
      The situation creates the personality .. How many personalities war gives birth to, for example ... The personality does not create circumstances, circumstances create the personality ...
  4. +3
    20 March 2012 07: 57
    Nature abhors a vacuum, and the party niche is already filling. How? But that's another topic. ----------- Let it be filled, but only, maximum, three or four parties. If the regulation on registration of a party that received 500 votes is adopted, then it will turn out to be a mess of the 90s, when every trash, who is not lazy, registered his party. Numerous committees for "saving the fatherland" have not foamed in the political life of post-Soviet Russia! Horror! So the current situation can give rise to a lot of different small-town "progressive" Movements, which will begin to tear the country to pieces. In general, the very fact of intent to resolve this issue is a concession to all these bogs. There should not be this problem on the country's political horizon!
    1. raptor_fallout
      20 March 2012 08: 03
      Quote: esaul
      If they accept the provision on registration of a party with 500 votes, then we get a mess of the 90s

      Well, you can create your own party, for example, you can appoint and defend the interests of the country as a leader + to finish off overseas devotees!
    2. Tyumen
      20 March 2012 09: 35
      Quote: esaul
      Nature does not tolerate emptiness, and the party niche is already filling.

      Ash Klaasa party card beating in your heart?
      1. +1
        20 March 2012 10: 35
        Quote: Tyumen 35
        Ashes Klaas party card beating in your heart

        Is it cold where you are? Probably colder than in Novosibirsk ... I'm sorry ... I can advise a heating pad on the head ...
    3. +1
      20 March 2012 10: 09
      laughing The thing is that a large number of parties increases the chances of winning for leading parties ... It is clear that the party of forest walkers will not stand next to the Liberal Democratic Party, which means it will simply take away some of its votes ...
  5. Uralm
    20 March 2012 08: 02
    The author is a plus. The topic is this. Of course, all this whining about the fact that the votes were taken away if only they would become Presidents is complete nonsense. As well as rallies of "oppositionists". Everyone knows what they want in their own way. Everyone knows in advance how many% of the votes will have. (well, if I guessed almost 100% a month in advance). And whining is needed only in order to cover up your true intentions and desires.
    1. +3
      20 March 2012 08: 58
      The main thing is to light up on the TV .. then you can count on grants from overseas .. Here you are and are torn by any means into the political light ...
      1. Roman A
        20 March 2012 09: 59
        The main thing is to light up on the TV

        Maybe not even in a TV set, but in an elected party Where to Zyuganov (born in 1944) or Zhirinovsky (born in 1946), it is advisable for them to hold on to retirement in power. like a desire
    2. +3
      20 March 2012 10: 11
      Unfortunately, our people still believe more than those whom they see more often on TV .. And loves them as well .. Look at the stage, they watch it on TV, that's the star .. So it is in politics ...
      1. Roman A
        20 March 2012 10: 22
        The harsh truth of life
  6. +3
    20 March 2012 11: 07
    "But does Comrade Zyuganov really think that communist ideas and ideals can be in great demand in Russia today, in the XNUMXst century ...?"
    I believe in it too. Only these are not "communist ideas" a la Trotsky / Lenin, but normal socialist-conciliar ideas, where everyone is guaranteed a minimum equal "base" with everyone in the form of free education / medicine / housing minimum / payments for small children. And the money for this is justly taken from the state monopoly for all the most profitable resources that we have thanks to our ancestors, and which were taken away by individual oligarchs when bribing individual bureaucrats.
    So there is no need to throw fishing rods from afar on the subject of "market relations" and "inviolability of the results of privatization." Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten. There will be justice in Russia, and thieves will be punished, even abroad they will not be saved. let the author of this article remember the development of the planned Chinese economy and then again say something about the "damned communists". Satya is a huge minus from me, I did not read further the quote I gave
  7. malera
    20 March 2012 11: 14
    Quote: domokl
    Someone from the famous Russian said, In Russia it is always like that, whose portrait was hanged in the red corner, that is God.

    True, until a kick in the ass did not give- Khrushchev. Or they just didn’t start laughing, Brezhnev.
    Love (and not love, but orderly worship-servility) never lasted long, this love is short. For there is nothing to love them.
  8. +1
    20 March 2012 16: 03
    Quote: Magadan
    but normal socialist-conciliar ideas,

    Exactly! You can kill people, people will be smaller. but God has not abolished JUSTICE!
  9. hellbringer
    20 March 2012 16: 51
    I believe that the problem is not so much in the absence of the opposition as in its quality.
    The fact is that in Russia, the coming to power of new figures has always been accompanied by strong shocks. The point is that both the current government and the opposition should be guided in the first place by the interests of the state. In fact, almost a natural disaster is taking place in our country. Therefore, the electorate developed a subconscious fear of a change of power.
    Indeed, the arrival of any of the "oppositionists" at the last elections could have ensured confusion or even the collapse of the Russian Federation. Because the pie-sharing that followed would have buried everyone.
    For example, I could see Medvedev as the only opposition to Putin as a liberal, but everyone remembers too well his decision on Libya at the UN Security Council and what it turned out to be.
    In short, the opposition should be Russian, not MakFolovskaya, not Bnai British. And then there will be political competition.
  10. Nechai
    20 March 2012 17: 06
    Quote: RedDragoN
    What happened in 96? It was the use of great PR in favor of Yeltsin.

    Comrade Ziu surrendered victory in the presidential election. The "family" was expecting the results in Sweden, not of the elections, but of the winner with the winner. And then they quickly destroyed all the papers as they entered the CEC.
    Quote: malera
    True, until the kick in the ass did not give- Khrushchev

    "-Granny, was grandfather Lenin good?
    -Good, granddaughter, good ...
    -And Stalin?
    - Bad, granddaughter, bad ...
    -And Khrushchev?
    - Bad, oh, bad ...
    -And Brezhnev?
    -Wait, he'll die, then we'll know what he was ... "

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