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The London Messiah, or the March Theses of Boris Berezovsky

It is obvious that the dank and foggy climate of London is fogging not only the streets of the British capital, but also the minds of some of its inhabitants. Someone goes to indulge in heavy thoughts to the Tower Bridge, someone contemplates the dirty waters of the Thames, and someone hits the writing on the topic "How to re-dissolve Russia."

Let us realize that if the abbreviation CDDRR has ever said anything to us. We, obviously, did not speak, but Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, apparently, did not give rest all the time.

After the disgraced billionaire, he was a “prisoner of the regime”, he discovered the wonders of social networks and Internet blogs, the craving for the use of various sets of adjacent letters, which sometimes by fate turn into words, ceased to give Mr. Berezovsky rest. As the famous Bulgakov hero once ran around the apartment of Professor Preobrazhensky with the words "Abyr ... Abyr ... Abyrvalg!", So, apparently, Boris Abramovich began to rush about his 10 million-person estate of Hascombe Court early in the morning with a strange word in his language - CDDRP! .. CDDRP !! CDDRP !!! The family apparently thought that Boris Abramovich also reread the “Dog's Heart” once again, but then they realized that the owner caught his wave.

Subsequently, Mr. Berezovsky himself, with the help of his blog, rushed to clarify that the CDWP is nothing more than the name of a completely new party - the Christian Democratic Revolutionary Party of Russia, which he and himself are going to announce April 15 as a leader. Why is 15 April? - the possible interlocutors could ask Boris Abramovich a question, but, apparently, there were no such people at the time near the oligarch, since the BBC journalists had already stopped keeping up with Boris Abramovich’s activity, and he revealed his main secret to the Internet. April 15 comes the day of the Resurrection of Christ, and then the party will find its true name - "The Party of the Resurrection" ...

No one could have imagined that Mr. Berezovsky is such a fervent Christian that he sees in himself a spiritual need to organize on this basis a whole political party. The disgraced oligarch decrypts the name of the CDDPR so that people uninitiated in the activities of this London dandy can get tears from emotion.
According to his plan: Christian - because the party is based on love and freedom. Apparently, in the case of Boris Abramovich, on the love of appropriating millions and freedom from compliance with the laws of Russia.

Democratic, since only democracy in Russia is capable of realizing the plans of this party. Here, too, need to make a reservation that the word "democracy" Boris Abramovich, apparently, means the power of the majority, but the majority are not people, but bills in wallets.
There will be a revolutionary party, because the orthodox Christian Berezovsky is going to make a revolution (and this, God sees it, in a Christian way) - a revolution in the transition from paganism to the total Christian mentality in Russia. Well, the fact that Muslims alone live on the territory of Russia more than 5% of the population, Boris Abramovich, obviously, cares little. He said - Christian mentality, it means - Christian!

HDRPR with banners, sewed by Boris Abramovich, should, according to his plan, destroy political chaos in Russia and create an effective modern state. Apparently, the state that was during the time of active creative activity of Berezovsky himself in the 90-s.

Another March thesis of Mr. Berezovsky was that he was not going to register his own party, since he could not ask "criminals to give life to their grave-diggers." From these words it becomes obvious that Boris Abramovich literally with his whole head went into the early Christian esoteric ...

It is possible that the idea of ​​entering Russia on a white horse of Orthodoxy came from the London fugitive after a Russian court sentenced him in absentia to 13 years in prison. In all likelihood, the number of 13 made too big an impression on Boris Abramovich, and he manifested deep-seated desires for great religiosity.

Having typed the words “The process has begun,” the oligarch clicked on the Enter key and launched his next appeal to the people of Russia on the Web. And indeed, if not for the work of Boris Abramovich in London, today, frankly, it would be boring in Russia. The electoral videos of Vladimir Zhirinovsky went to the archives, the domestic opposition also lost their revolutionary enthusiasm. And here - here you are, get it, sign it - Boris Abramovich with his CDDRP.

How this should be familiar to us - the Russians: the creation of "saving" parties is not within Russia itself, but somewhere in Foggy Albion. It is possible that the influence of London smog does its work, and party authorship at different times overshadows all new and new people. True, in this case the oil painting “Boris Abramovich on the armored car” is unlikely to be painted by the artisthistorybecause we have so far, thank God, and the lower classes still want tops, like, they can ...

Thank you Boris Abramovich for the notion! For our part, we can offer a slogan for your party: “If it becomes boring, sir, then join the CDDRP!”

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  1. Dmitriy69
    Dmitriy69 20 March 2012 08: 08
    Is Judas not his relative ???
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 20 March 2012 08: 18
      For a long time it must be banged as a traitor
      1. older
        older 20 March 2012 10: 20
        BAB, all faces familiar ... And what did we think about Russia again? If BAB started talking about the death of Russia again, then everything is fine with us ... A political corpse, and even a criminal now, who still thinks something mean .. Funny bun ...
        1. askort154
          askort154 20 March 2012 13: 33
          He looks more like a ferret than a bun.
      2. predator
        predator 20 March 2012 10: 33
        According to Berezovsky, a refugee is better than a seedling.
      3. recitatorus
        recitatorus 20 March 2012 16: 09
        Are all ice axes over in Russia ?!
        1. Sniper 1968
          Sniper 1968 21 March 2012 00: 04
          Quote: recitatorus
          Are all ice axes over in Russia ?!

          No. Specially trained people to "work" with an ice ax have ended.
          1. Paratov
            Paratov 21 March 2012 00: 31
            Well, it's you in vain! There are people, there’s no one to give an order to!
    2. alexng
      alexng 20 March 2012 08: 39
      This is his reincarnation, but the essence has not changed. laughing
      1. Churchill
        Churchill 20 March 2012 22: 00
        What amazes me the most is how much attention this guy has! What would not blather - right on the front pages! What is it for him? ..
  2. Tersky
    Tersky 20 March 2012 08: 10
    Bah, familiar faces! And the land of this freak bears. So the Christian Democratic Republic of Belarus Boris Abramovich, did they accept Orthodoxy? Or can everything be accepted for the sake of the collapse of Russia? Yes, how were you Judah, and stayed !!!!! How many lives so much and crap!
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 20 March 2012 08: 54
      Interestingly, what was cut off he stuck in place or wears in the cormorant? wassat
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 20 March 2012 09: 27
        Dmitriy69, in his pocket, he most likely has a conscience, but the fact that he was cut off must be cut to the fullest, so that such people do not breed wink
      2. older
        older 20 March 2012 10: 21
        Harmful you laughing Grandma’s grandmother’s run out of money, but the British don’t let them steal ... So he’s trying to invent something ... Only now it’s harmful for him to appear in Russia ...
    2. Uralm
      Uralm 20 March 2012 10: 16
      Tersky (2)
      I am in shock. I look a familiar face. BAB Christian! Democrat! This BAB Jesus certainly not for three pieces of silver, for one would have sold. (He could have paid it for free, he also paid, but millionaires haven’t decided to do something for free. Or $ 1 or at least $ 1 million)
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 20 March 2012 11: 28
        Uraim, This species of primates has one unique property-transform into anyone for the sake of the dough!
    3. recitatorus
      recitatorus 20 March 2012 16: 12
      For a long time nobody surprised me so powerfully: it turns out that Berezovsky is a Christian !!!
      1. 755962
        755962 20 March 2012 16: 32
        Marks put not where, but he is still there. About the Christian commandment "Thou shalt not steal" probably did not hear. Why ...?
    4. Marat
      Marat 20 March 2012 18: 54
      Agreed friend of Tersky! How tired of all these Birch trees are ....

      When will the fraternal Russian people clear themselves of all this pro-Western evil! And we already managed to catch us!
      1. ole
        ole 20 March 2012 20: 43
        The most important thing with all this (I want to call it a strong word) is the USSR country gave reptiles life, education, work, and they all ruined, ruined and still appeal to the minds of ordinary Russians who were thrown 10 times, so I want the death penalty to be introduced in the Russian Federation! !!!!!
  3. esaul
    esaul 20 March 2012 08: 11
    Alexey, thanks for the charge of reading fun. The topic is not simple, but set out with evil sarcasm, which, with regard to such an odious intriguer as BAB, I really like! Babu is impatient, apparently, to return to Russia on a white horse yet, apparently also because the runaway oligarch kept up on heating on wet London nights. After all, he hoped that in London his talent as a brilliant politician and financier would be in demand, and he got a face on the table - there are such bells and whistles as uncut dogs. Each scum that has accumulated money in the muddy waters of social storms, seeks to hide in the English fog, the benefit of the legislation of the country allows, paid lemon pounds, settle in England as a respectable escayer. They don’t smell like money, and they don’t flatter the House of Lords who these grandmothers put into their pockets - a rogue financial fugitive and a complete bastard or terrorist acting as a fighter for democracy. So, and where, if not in the new social buch, did the BAB get a bean? This buch needs to be created and here he, the dog, felt nostalgia for Russia.
    1. domokl
      domokl 20 March 2012 08: 22
      laughing As they usually write after such articles to me, In vain you Esaul have fun ... The topic is very serious ...
      Hi Valera, I, as always, also smiled at Alexei Opus ... BAB will never understand that the time of the gangster 90's has passed and now his horse will never ride on Russian soil ...
      1. VAF
        VAF 20 March 2012 08: 48
        Quote: domokl
        a horse will never ride on Russian soil ...

        And what is there for this "old" nag to do?
        All his "attempts" were in vain and all the "orange and white and every movement" blew and burst like a soap bubble! tongue
    2. Sibiryak
      Sibiryak 20 March 2012 08: 27
      Quote: esaul
      This buch needs to be created and here he, the dog, felt nostalgia for Russia.

      Greetings Valery! It’s not in Russia that I felt this type of nostalgia, but the loot beats off! On his forehead in large letters it is written - FISH!
      1. esaul
        esaul 20 March 2012 08: 44
        Hi guys! Sasha, I agree, it is not possible to enter the same water twice. Even if it’s muddy ... This neck is now in Russia such fatty kusmans, as in the 90s, will not break off. A new shoot of bankers will not allow carcasses. With her, Putin would have the same thing to restore civilized order and it seems that something is beginning to be undertaken in this area.
        Namesake, Sibiryak (2), did I say that Baba is attracted to Russia only (!) By nostalgia? recourse
        1. Sibiryak
          Sibiryak 20 March 2012 09: 19
          Yes Valery, about the drives of BAB, you didn’t put it one-sidedly, just in my opinion the nostalgia about Russia and BAB is simply and absolutely incompatible !!!
          1. esaul
            esaul 20 March 2012 09: 36
            Quote: Sibiryak
            Russia and BAB are simply and absolutely not compatible !!!

            Valera, the word is said in an ironic way .. Well, maybe it was necessary to quote. wassat Missed - I will correct ....
          2. older
            older 20 March 2012 10: 28
            Adult uncles, but talk like a normal person about BAB ... What is such nostalgia? What are you? The woman feels great market conditions ... In Russia, after the election, there is no opposition leader .. Everyone who has even called himself the opposition has been thrown off .. BAB, once again, decided to take this place .. Taxi from London, and then, as president, drive to Moscow on Bentley ...
        2. Nymp
          Nymp 20 March 2012 13: 20
          Quote: esaul
          that BAB in Russia attracts only (!) nostalgia?
          Good afternoon, Esaul! He is bored in London, he is kept there as an irritant to the Kremlin! And he wants the enthusiastic looks of his "compatriots" (the London jackal is his compatriots!) Like Abramovich's! He envies him for black! And he thinks that only Putin is an obstacle to this! And he thinks we are Russians!
      2. frolovvgg
        frolovvgg 21 March 2012 16: 37
        And also a traitor .... And an English spy !!!
    3. alexng
      alexng 20 March 2012 08: 40
      He needed to create a BABU-BOB or BAO-BAB party.
    4. Sergh
      Sergh 20 March 2012 09: 06
      Really, the reclusive birch began to move with its mind, it seems that it affected the climate or it went out on the exchange. In its place, it is necessary to dump the monastery or run into the hermits until they slammed or fed bleach. England became like a leopard for lepers, gathered all the trash, a kingdom of curves and slopes ...
      1. Roman A
        Roman A 20 March 2012 10: 14
        Become smiled especially this
        “Abyr ... Abyr ... Abyrvalg!”, So, apparently, Boris Abramovich in the early London morning began to rush about in his 10 millionth Hascombe Court estate with a strange word in his own language - HDRP! .. HDRP !! HDRP !!!
        I remembered the movie "The Mummy" where one had a star of David on his neck and used something else depending on the situation
        And in general, where is our GRU breathing easily
      2. older
        older 20 March 2012 10: 30
        Do not think that he ... Bab, understands perfectly well that he can become the banner of the persecuted, with appropriate replenishment ... But the USA has allocated decent grandmothers to the opposition, why not grab them?
        1. esaul
          esaul 20 March 2012 12: 06
          Quote: older
          ... And the USA has allocated decent grandmothers to the opposition, why not grab them?

          Sergey, the idea is very sound! I support. good
    5. older
      older 20 March 2012 10: 24
      In .. a complete set of smartest people .. I’ll greet you all in a row ... Are you talking about horse breeding here? In vain ... BAB on a horse only at the racetrack, and even then not so ... But we are waiting for his game, sir. ..It’s interesting what a big .. big shot will be here, in Russia, the chairman? Is it really Nemtsov? laughing
    6. askort154
      askort154 20 March 2012 13: 47
      I think that he is most afraid of a return to Russia. Just continues
      to play the exiled politician card. Party to collect
      "donations" that will allow the ferret to live comfortably in
      chicken coop
    7. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 20 March 2012 22: 00
      esaul Comrade Marshal, allow the Voennoye Obozreniye forces to start Operation TRUST-2 to bring Babr out of BABr's hole to Russia !! ?? bully
  4. Vanek
    Vanek 20 March 2012 08: 15
    Christian Democratic Revolutionary Party of Russia

    And at the head of it is the Antichrist.
    1. domokl
      domokl 20 March 2012 08: 42
      Well, you’re not a tolerant person. Vanya laughing In London, Abramovich is all Russian, because money was stolen here .... lol
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 20 March 2012 09: 04
        In many cultures, the concept of “tolerance” is a kind of synonym for “tolerance”. In addition, all dictionaries of the XX century clearly indicate a direct interpretation tolerance as tolerance.

        What did you mean? request
        1. Vanek
          Vanek 20 March 2012 09: 27
          Antichrist is the adversary of Christ. The messenger of Satan, acting at his instigation. Must appear shortly before the second coming of Christ and focus all the evil that exists on earth to fight against Christian churches.
        2. older
          older 20 March 2012 10: 32
          And I understood him .. It was he who had tolerance .... in view of ... BAB is not so simple at all .. And he is hunting for American help from the opposition in Russia
          1. recitatorus
            recitatorus 20 March 2012 16: 19
            Yes, he is served up to the owners in order to somehow justify his irreplaceability! PR - scandal - fame! And fame is also capital! And until he hovers himself up, he will not calm down ...
  5. raptor_fallout
    raptor_fallout 20 March 2012 08: 18
    Dear Boris Abramovich !! Even the Jews have already become shy about you !! Read on the Internet komenty about you from Israel !! Shame on my friend, shame !!
    1. domokl
      domokl 20 March 2012 08: 51
      Jews are offended in vain ... BAB is no longer a nationality, just like Rockefeller or any other financial whale .. This is a state of mind ... Prokhorov is also no longer Russian ... laughing
      1. esaul
        esaul 20 March 2012 09: 04
        Quote: domokl
        Prokhorov won, too, is no longer Russian

        Sash, cool noticed! Plus with pleasure! Yesterday in the internet I came across a note about the psychological characteristics of financial tycoons. And here such families as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, and other "trifles" were also affected. It was said, as a summary, that people who are constantly faced with the need to solve, at times, very risky issues, eventually lose such a purely human (I will add - human) quality, as the ability to empathize. With them, it atrophies and comes to the fore - the matter and all their thoughts and actions they subordinate to this idol. So, it turns out that appeals to humanity and humanism of those people who simply do not perceive this are useless! So, Mr. Prokhorov is a potential dictator of democratic bottling.
        1. older
          older 20 March 2012 10: 34
          Great ... I read the comments and scratched my turnips ... But in principle, this can be said about any specialist ... the higher the skills and abilities, the less human abilities .. The closer the machine thinking ... smile
      2. Sniper 1968
        Sniper 1968 20 March 2012 13: 13
        Quote: domokl
        ... BAB is no longer a nationality

        "... Young man, we, Uskih, are not puny to deceive duug duug ...." "Brother-2". lol laughing good yes bully
  6. Sibiryak
    Sibiryak 20 March 2012 08: 21
    Article plus. And I don’t even want to talk about this bloke, because some mats turn out!
  7. YARY
    YARY 20 March 2012 08: 22
    I just see this face, I want to grab something heavy.
    Everyone already knows that he is a bribe what climbs out ?!
    Comes on? Or is he mocking me?
    It was necessary to bang it.
    1. rolik
      rolik 20 March 2012 23: 17
      Buy a ticket to London, fly and bang !!!
      And then as in a joke.
      -Fight- so fight !!
      -H ... whether in w ... poo then yell.
      Then you will be honored and respected. But remember, when you shoot, blow back urgently. The main thing is to cross our border, but they won't give us away. You and the president will also sing "Where the Motherland Begins" together.
  8. ward
    ward 20 March 2012 08: 23
    Laughed, rolled on the floor .. It’s necessary to think of it ... Democracy and revolution ... it’s necessary to combine it .... Generally, some Western publications put forward an interesting theory ... Polonius was for Birch ... But Litvinov because of the races ... just failed the task ...
  9. Bat1stuta
    Bat1stuta 20 March 2012 08: 28
    he apparently thinks that in Russia his abominable Yid mug is waiting with open arms ... naive ... sit in your rotting west, and don't gurgle, ghoul ... No.
  10. mengeleff
    mengeleff 20 March 2012 08: 40
    March theses of Boris Berezovsky

    Spring exacerbation of BAB
    1. VAF
      VAF 20 March 2012 08: 50
      Quote: mengeleff
      Spring exacerbation of BAB

      Aha, "spermotoxicosis" !!! lol
  11. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 20 March 2012 08: 47
    So that everyone understands the inevitability of punishment. And so - BAB continues to scoff, here's another joke, HDRPR ... "... and if the parasite's face was placed next to my woman, then everyone would exclaim: "Look, two bandits !!!" ... "
  12. Anatoly
    Anatoly 20 March 2012 09: 05
    It is strange that our special services have not yet removed this leech.
    1. Sniper 1968
      Sniper 1968 20 March 2012 09: 45
      Quote: Anatoly
      It is strange that our special services have not yet removed this leech.

      Sudoplatov the new has not yet grown? Strange, our country is rich in talents ... request
  13. ward
    ward 20 March 2012 09: 37
    Well, Putin, oh well done ... After all, Berezovsky is the face of our foreign opposition ... And if you look at gag reflexes ... Then what more could you want ... Birch did a lot to create a positive image of Russia ... EVERYTHING IS EXPERIENCED IN COMPARISON ...
  14. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 20 March 2012 10: 08
    It was necessary to name the new party in a different way: PIUR (Russian Judas Party). The BAB could return, purely theoretically, if Khodorkovsky becomes president lol laughing fool In the meantime ... Better kalym in Honduras than Honduras in Kolyma. For such Berezovskys there is no concept of "Motherland". It is for them where you can earn money on blood and human misery ... Good luck to everyone.
  15. maksman
    maksman 20 March 2012 10: 15
    It seems to me that the state has every right to destroy Berezovsky, in addition to what he already did in the 90s, calls for an "unconstitutional change of power" are still visible. But this is not the main thing, the main thing is that the people will support the elimination of the criminal, what other arguments are needed for the authorities ?!
    1. BMW
      BMW 20 March 2012 11: 21
      Note that shit is flocking to London from all over the world. Let the whole country throw off 100 rubles from the nose, all the "Russian" emigrants in Great Britain will click. Let's show our civic position.
  16. Uralm
    Uralm 20 March 2012 13: 36
    London is already like a garbage pit. But they still won’t understand why it constantly stinks from there, regardless of the direction of the wind.
  17. sichevik
    sichevik 20 March 2012 14: 49
    And for some reason I thought that a woman was a Jewish believer. And he turns out to be a Christian. Apparently the money is running out. So he decided to engage in revolutionary activities. Perhaps from across the ocean a grant will be sent. A purely Jewish approach to business. After all, revolution is what a business !!!
  18. Yura
    Yura 20 March 2012 15: 39
    When Vladimir Dahl (author of the Russian Dictionary, Swede) asked who you are by nationality, he answered I was Russian because I think in Russian and we honor this scientist. As an insult, Russian speech is perceived from the lips of Berezovsky. The ice drill is crying.
  19. strelok_2077
    strelok_2077 20 March 2012 19: 18
    And let's shoot him am ... Although ... only it "will not be enough".
  20. gercog_75
    gercog_75 20 March 2012 20: 21
    the party is probably translated so Damn Dam Ruble Orthodox Russians laughing
  21. Aleksey67
    Aleksey67 20 March 2012 22: 02
    Dear Site Administration, I restrained myself and was silent. I did not give you any promises, and so my hands are untied.
    I return to the Sunday SHOW, I got tired of your "ye ... ki", for today's minuses I am a record holder, but to offend mothers and wives, as it does, a certain PIDOPAS calling himself YARYY, even though he looks like SIVY got sick.
    Persecute me, but why delete comments and your pack of mongrels has already got it. The moderator itself is a worthy post, not everyone will take on this "burden". And believe me, most members of the forum want to develop the site and improve the culture of communication.

    P R E D A L A Y A:
    1. Do not delete posts, but moderate profanity or insults in them, but indicate in the message
    - (nickname modera) warning for checkmate
    - (moderator nickname) warning for insult (indicate initiator nickname)

    Thus, there will be no repeated imposition of before ... I got up to 3 for one, because every "vigilante" seeing my attitude to one immediately "punished" not knowing that I was already punished by "another avenger". The punishment for one offense several times is "not demoralizing".

    Threat I do not give anyone the right to believe that I was offended

    2. mods should be "visible" for members of the forum, as a fact, some kind of "gambling" mold gives me the impression, and only after receiving it in a personal I find out that the Joker is a modernization, got it. This one ... stood up for the "honor of the uniform" ... and did not fulfill his duties

    Vadivaku, and something the Urals with Ava Pu can be granted the rights of Global Moderators so that they can follow and punish moderators, Prohibit them from minus or pay them for work
    1. rolik
      rolik 20 March 2012 23: 24
      I absolutely agree, but I’m tired of the pros, the disadvantages to level out, which some of you ......... people put.
  22. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 20 March 2012 22: 23
    Alexey67 The heirs of Yezhov rule !! bully
    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 20 March 2012 22: 27
      Quote: SAVA555.IVANOV
      The heirs of Yezhov rule

      And I don't give a fuck ... "Titanic" also drove smile I do not like fagot sucking to power, minus, but do not insult wives and mothers !!!! Drove, answer !!!
      PS And which of them was Yagoda or Yezhov was a bugger? I think Yezhov
  23. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 20 March 2012 23: 03
    The system of moderators is probably still "raw", maybe people mix a little personal beliefs and entrusted hard work, don't take it so close to your heart bully
  24. rolik
    rolik 20 March 2012 23: 32
    Strange, wrote a comment and he did not jump out? Then I repeat again.
    To be honest, talking about Berezovsky is no longer interesting. Any movements of this p .... sa are visible even before he makes them. And nothing comes of his mouth, except for diarrhea.
    BUT! The only thing when I hear the word Berezovsky or BAB is that I want again to reanimate a very good organization called SMERSH.
  25. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 20 March 2012 23: 35
    Aleksey67 Do not Cry !!!))) Look !!
  26. ward
    ward 20 March 2012 23: 36
    But such a phenomenon ... this infection, it doesn’t sit quietly ... it infects everything around .... so let's consider London sitters as our contribution to the cause ... destruction of the criminal Anglican regime ...
  27. Odinplys
    Odinplys 21 March 2012 01: 45
    And let's throw ourselves on an ice ax (as I noticed
    recitatorus (1), well ... or on diapers ... damn it all over Britain ...
    I want to write again ...
    In the World there is no fighter stronger than a frightened Jew ... (oh, excuse the Jews) ... w ... d
  28. vylvyn
    vylvyn 21 March 2012 03: 48
    Cool article. Respect to the author. This is our way. We understand and accept such humor. The main idea of ​​the article is expressed very fully and clearly - today Berezovsky causes only laughter.
  29. Prophet Alyosha
    Prophet Alyosha 21 March 2012 10: 10
    Yes, this is the enemy. BUT what are they afraid of? And they are afraid of one revival of Russia. And they very clearly imagine that the revival of Russia will begin with the conversion of Russia to its roots, to the main source of its greatness, to Orthodoxy! So they want to tear this idea out and replace it with their own Christian Democratic Republic of Poland. Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality - a simple and centuries-old recipe for the greatness of Russia!
  30. ward
    ward 21 March 2012 10: 43
    If they scold us ... everything is in order ... if they praise .. something is not right, we are doing ...
  31. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 21 March 2012 23: 21
    In the capital city of London, a long time ago they have found a haven (who is temporary, and who is permanent) of various kinds of volunteers and other balamutes who themselves do not know how to live normally and are trying in every possible way to prevent others from living normally ...
    Perhaps the most famous in this cohort of London sitters were that Mark and Engels ... Over time, the public, who had gathered on the banks of the Thames, somehow gradually faded. The scale of the people narrowed and began to dry out right before our eyes. And they didn’t stand out at all by their particular scope and breadth ... Either the Ichkeria emissary will light up in the society of an elderly actress, or the fugitive state security officer will slurp a radioactive seagull. However, long before that, Albion became the haven of another defector from the special services, Rezun-Suvorov. Well, this one at least sprinkled some books ...
    But Abramych did stand out, he gave a blunder ... He thought of creating a party, and not some kind of party, but (apparently mindful of the old London traditions!) Revolutionary !!! ... Amused Boryusik, very amused! For which he has a big sencue ... We look forward to new numbers. KVN and Comedy Club stupidly relax and smoke the mahr on the sidelines ...

    PS Here, many at his age begin to part in youth, and this one has gone to politics ... However, you will not breathe enough before death ...
    1. Chicot 1
      Chicot 1 22 March 2012 12: 50
      Good view! laughing
    2. lilit.193
      lilit.193 22 May 2013 19: 57
      Quote: Chicot 1
      Here, many at his age begin to part in youth, and this one has gone to politics ... However, you will not breathe enough before death ...

      Nifigo web !!! As I looked into the water !!!
  32. pribolt
    pribolt April 10 2012 01: 19
    Article class fun laughing