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Their language is their enemy

Their language is their enemy

Does anyone remember how the Russian Spring began in the Donbass? What exactly? From which moment? Let me remind you: with the adoption of the law on the only state language, Ukrainian, by the Kiev Rada. It happened literally immediately after the bloody Maidan 2014 of the year.

Do you remember what demands the rebel Donetsk-Luhansk republics put forward before Kiev went mad, began to fire them from a large caliber? Let me remind you: they just simply asked to leave them Russian as the second state language and asked for some kind of autonomization within Ukraine. Quite a bit, right?

Could you agree? I am sure they could. Moreover, the “rebels” were then ruled by not yet charismatic riflemen and motorola, but the same Donetsk oligarchs, let's be honest, right?

Not agreed ... The war is the fourth year ... I note that the Russian language then Rada quickly left alone. Yes, and some “autonomy” to the Ukrainian regions provided - in terms of sawing budgets. In order not to rebel.

Now, when hot warfare with “cyborg and“ cauldrons ”has moved into a phase of tedious“ squares ”shoot-outs and it has become obvious that there will be no more changes on this front, Kiev, with persistence worthy of better use, is preparing the following similar provocation. I mean the new Education Act.

Its essence is as follows: for the first four years, children will study in “mixed” move - some of the subjects in their native language (minorities), some - in Ukrainian. And from the fifth class - everything is only on the move, without options. It is supposed to start it already from 2020 of the year, that is, already about to ...

I note that we were in Latvia in this “reform” in 2004, but not in such a fierce form. First, her leisurely Latvians took her training, not two years, but seven years. Secondly, she was not so radical. Our Russian students 40% of the subjects still study in their own language to the last grade. If we correctly decompose, then important subjects - mathematics, physics, chemistry - are in Russian, and physical education, singing, drawing - in Latvian. And god with them ...

And most importantly: in Latvia there are practically no purely “Russian” regions. We, Russians and Latvians, always lived mixed up. In Ukraine, the situation is drastically different in this respect. I'm not talking about Donetsk and Lugansk, where they never spoke on the Move. But all the major cities of the left bank of the Dnieper from Kharkov to Mariupol (plus Odessa) were Russian in language. Not Russified, not “in large numbers”, namely, the Russians initially, no matter what the embroidered historians composed.

And in the south-west of Ukraine there are regions where the original majority are Hungarians, Romanians, Moldovans, who also now have national schools ...

And by the decision of Kiev in two years - the gop-gop - all education is transferred to the MOV. There has never been such a thing, and here again (c) ... I’m not saying where they will take during this time the tens of thousands of “marivann” who have mastered enough to teach mathematics, physics, and chemistry. In Latvia, those are still not enough.

I look on the ukro-TV performances of supporters of the total Ukrainization of education. A single argument is raging: "Here is Ukraine, everyone here must speak the language of the indigenous nation." ROOT? And the Hungarians, Romanians, Russians, Jews in Ukraine - not the indigenous? Yes, they are the roots of you in these lands for hundreds of years! You were not in the project yet, but they already lived here ...

It's funny: Hungary and Romania have already responded to the new Ukrainian Education Law with complaints from the UN, the EU and the OSCE. Say, Ukraine infringes upon the rights of their minorities ...

I will express my assumption: this law, paradoxically, is extremely beneficial for Russia. From where I began my note - with a reminder of the events of the spring 2014, from the beginning of the war in the Donbass. The war began with protests, the fuse for which was precisely the law of the "only state."

Will new protests of Russian-speaking Ukrainians begin now? Of course! In Latvia, pushing language education reform in 2004 brought tens of thousands of people to the streets. The demonstrations were peaceful, but very impressive. The authorities were frightened, the reform was softened ... This is in a quiet, unarmed Latvia. And in Ukraine, stuffed weapons and excited by the war, passions will burn much brighter.

Will they lead to the violent seizure of administrative buildings and parades of local "sovereignties"? Hardly. The repressive resource of the Kiev authorities is now great, nipped in the bud. And this is also good. Russia does not need another ten partisan wars in Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa. She grabs the Donbass. Wars, even small ones, are very expensive ...

Russia is now most of all interested in a split in the Ukrainian society that has become for a time “united” (war, sister cities, volunteers, Putin-enemy). Russia needs the disintegration of Ukraine from the inside. The idea of ​​embroidery gop-gop-Ukrainians should devour itself. Tough language pressure, especially when it comes to children (children are a painful point for any nation), is the best way to split any society.

Latvia has reached this split, the Latvians tried very hard. In Latvia, they are not conducting polls for whom local Russians will fight for if there is a mess between Russia and NATO. They are afraid to carry out, because they suspect that the answer will be clearly not in favor of NATO ...

Simple language. It should turn out like this: “Russian-Russian” (Russian-speaking) Ukrainian, who is now shooting at a large caliber at the Donbas, which was sung in the ears, that “we are all Ukrainian, Russian, Tatar, Georgian, Jewish, one people, we all fight against klyatoy Russia ", must discover that while he fought, his Ukrainian" twin "slowly deprived of the normal education of his children. And his boss / master was a moron in embroidery, all the dignity of which is Vinnitsa ragulsky. Which he, the hero of the ATO, does not own. And the children do not own it ...

I summarize: when the new Ukrainian Law on Education comes into force, they will drink champagne in the Kremlin.
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  1. Basil50
    Basil50 21 September 2017 06: 14
    The author has reduced everything to language. In fact, in Kiev, the Nazis brought to power. They need a country * monolith * since they understand this, any resistance or disagreement is suppressed by concentration camps or terrorist attack aircraft. All this we see. It’s just that they hastened too much, and it was frustrated, especially since the Nazis still remembered the German people. And so everything is natural.
    1. kpd
      kpd 24 September 2017 10: 05
      Yes, they do not need a monolithic nation, they need to overcome the “white-collar” posts, to make them only for their own. Two main slogans of the Maidan: "Work - slaves" and "We are not slaves." But will someone have to work? Here on a vacancy of "slaves" and try to transfer all non-Ukrainians.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 September 2017 06: 50
    The language, of course, played an important role, but the author should remember that the rampage of the Maidan led to certain thoughts of both the DPR and the LPR.
    when the new Ukrainian Law on Education enters into force, in Kremlin will drink champagne.
    What is this about? If Russian is completely banned, will there be a holiday in the Kremlin?
    1. Kenxnumx
      Kenxnumx 21 September 2017 07: 27
      This is about the fact that the author living in the west believes that Russia is sleeping and sees how to make nastiness to others and enjoys all the problems of its neighbors.
      1. Kenxnumx
        Kenxnumx 21 September 2017 07: 28
        Yes. Forgot to add. With respect to a significant part of VO visitors, he is right.
    2. EvilLion
      EvilLion 21 September 2017 08: 17
      Of course it will. Or do you think that a country in which 93% is Russian-speaking, but no one knows mov, can only communicate on mov? It will be such a psychosis that the elimination of dill will accelerate significantly.
      1. Antianglosax
        Antianglosax 22 September 2017 14: 15
        An amazing thing - this castrated burp of the South Russian dialect, artificially created by the Psheks, Austro-Hungarians and other nationalist husks and which is not even 150 years old, is cultivated by abnormal Ukrainians and trying to make the state language! Eprst, why not fenyu? From the same discharge, side view. But no one will understand (except for the Russians of course)! laughing
    3. g1v2
      g1v2 21 September 2017 12: 25
      Maybe. The fact is that I personally predicted 2014 as a schoolboy in the 92nd and not only me. Limonov and Zhirik then said the same thing. But 40 million ides believed that Ukraine would be their home. That nothing will change and they will be able to speak and think in Russian. Even more - they spread the opinion that since you live in Ukraine, you should learn Ukrainian, etc. fool
      Ukrainization then began immediately and the Nazis came to power there immediately. Just then, the Nazis were smarter and did not force events, slowly reformatting youth through education. And adult deer broadcast that all this is nonsense and there is no threat to Russians in Ukraine. About fraternal peoples and other crap. But Ukrainization only accelerated. In the 10s, fans of the Kharkov metalhead and I were still drinking vodka. They were still pro-Russian. And after less than 83 years, they were already burning people in Odessa under Bandera chants. It’s like the famous cooking of a frog - the degree was raised slowly and the frog did not jump out. And stupid Nazis who came to power after the Maidan sharply raised their degrees, and even the very latest layman realized that something was wrong. Resistance appears. The Russian population of Ukraine saw the enemy. The confrontation began and it’s great. Ukrainization has become clear. Russians in Ukraine are XNUMX percent. The number of Ukrainians is much less. But in order to start the process, the Russian population must clearly understand that these are enemies and resist them. And such laws they just help the population to realize this. When more than half of the population speaks a non-state language, this is simply explained - in this country they are not full-fledged citizens. And they are under the yoke of a minority speaking another dialect that oppresses them. And they can only feel at home when they return to the country where they will speak, study and work in their own language, without fear that someone will forbid them. You can naturally return with a suitcase, but it’s better - along with the whole of Ukraine. hi
      1. captain
        captain 21 September 2017 18: 28
        Dear g1v2. Ukrainization began when you respected grandfather Lenin. Your beloved leader gave Ukraine (created not without his help) the South-East of modern Ukraine, where the majority were Russians, Greeks. Bulgarians, Moldovans, Germans, Serbs. Tatars and others. This territory was conquered from the Turks by Russia. A sea of ​​Russian blood spilled over this territory. For Ukrainization, they invited Russophobe Grushevsky (from Lviv) and several thousand teachers of the newly invented language from Galicia. Stalin came to his senses when, in 1928, the Ukrainians began to demand the introduction of the Ukrainian language for the Red Army troops located in Ukraine. He quickly stopped this business. but it was too late. So glory to the great Lenin. for his national policy.
        1. Nickolai76
          Nickolai76 23 September 2017 12: 39
          The Provisional Government climbed out of the skin, but fulfilled the task set by it, those who brought them to power (the British) - inflated nationalism in the Empire. As a result of their six-month reign, the army did not follow orders, the police were paralyzed, and everyone wanted to rule their allotments, even Cossacks. Nationalism as a virus penetrated everywhere and divided the peoples of the empire into hostile camps, divide and conquer in realization.
          The Bolsheviks proposed cementing a decaying society on a class basis, but had to compromise with nationalists from other nations. So there were national elites who nurtured, trained and fed at the expense of a common table. The only people deprived of their nationality was Russian, due to which the table was paid. You can say that I am unfair and agree, but as practice has shown, seventy years of voluntary slavery led to the fact that the Russians were able to pull themselves out of the abyss of debt, devastation and fragmentation. Since they have not forgotten how to work and create in difficult conditions. We do not care, we can be in confrontation with the leaders of the World and DEVELOP.
          Our enemies envy and fear us, the world “hegemon” is looking for someone to be allowed against us, and only stupid Ukrainians found, the rest afraid and only screech around the corner.

          ps Let Ukrainians themselves burn their Nazis themselves must go through the process of self-purification or bend.
  3. Mik13
    Mik13 21 September 2017 08: 04
    Moreover, the “rebels” then were controlled by not yet charismatic riflemen and motorola, but the same Donetsk oligarchs, let's be honest, right?
    Not so, of course. Donetsk oligarchs tried to influence the process, and even somehow influenced, but this cannot be called management. For an approximate understanding of the process, one can imagine an elephant driver who suddenly appeared on the back of a wild African elephant, not a trained Indian. Will he be able to somehow influence the behavior of the elephant? Probably able to. But I would not risk calling this process management ...

    And his boss / master was a moron in an embroidered shirt, all of whose dignity is the Vinnytsia ragul dialect.
    In the place of the editor, I would not allow such statements in the materials. Since the Author is somehow too keen to link together morons, embroideries and Vinnitsa dialect of the Ukrainian language (which he also called “ragulsky”) In real life morons are separate, dialects with embroidered shirts and shirts are separate. And there is also inciting ethnic hatred ...
    1. EvilLion
      EvilLion 21 September 2017 08: 18
      T. n. Ukrainian language is the Ragul dialects of Russian.
      1. Mik13
        Mik13 21 September 2017 09: 15
        Quote: EvilLion
        T. n. Ukrainian language is the Ragul dialects of Russian.

        Somehow I don’t really want to argue with alternatively adequate ... Let's do it easier.
        Tell me, do you have an education in the field of ethnography, linguistics or history? Or is it patriotism playing with beer in your bowels in the bowels of the body?
        1. EvilLion
          EvilLion 21 September 2017 12: 41
          From the fact that the Poltava dialect of Russian was called the language, it will not become one. But in your knowledge of history, I would doubt it.

          A village is a village, not only in Russia in the 19 century in the villages they said the devil knows what and it is good if the neighboring villages understood each other.
          1. Mik13
            Mik13 21 September 2017 15: 32
            Quote: EvilLion
            From the fact that the Poltava dialect of Russian was called the language, it will not become one.
            Of course he won’t. Because it is a dialect of the Ukrainian language.
            And that is why I asked how competent you are in the matter. Since you are not a linguist, not a historian, and not an ethnographer - your opinion, of course, is very interesting, but solely for the purpose of studying you personally.
            As for the East Slavic languages ​​and dialects - I think I will use other sources.
  4. Old26
    Old26 21 September 2017 08: 04
    The problem is probably deeper and language is only the tip of the iceberg. Although even in Soviet times attempts to Ukrainize formations were used, they quickly came to naught.

    From my own life experience. From 3 to 9, he studied in the Poltava region. In the town (then there were about 40 thousand of the population) there was an attempt to conduct the educational process in Ukrainian (fortunately this was before I arrived there). As a result, at the mid-60s, the city had
    1. Ukrainian schools (primary) with teaching exclusively in Ukrainian
    2. Russian comprehensive schools
    The fact that the Ukrainian only remained initial means that the process did not succeed then. Yes, there were so few Ukrainian schools that one could count on the fingers of one hand. Even the local nomenclature tried to give their children to Russian schools with the aim of further studies in Moscow and Leningrad.
    True, the lessons of language and literature in Russian-language schools were mandatory for everyone. But in a year’s time, that is, from the year 65, the children of the military were allowed not to learn the language, although we had to attend classes
    My classroom was a teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature. She, the children of the military, she usually called "foreigners." But sometimes it came to a paradoxical situation. Those who studied language and literature (especially literature) answered so badly that she made a statement in her hearts:
    "Now I will raise someone" from foreigners and let you be ashamed "

    Planting one language will not lead to anything good. And coupled with the ideology now existing in Ukraine - all the more so
  5. EvilLion
    EvilLion 21 September 2017 08: 16
    The worse, the better. The very idea of ​​Ukrainians should begin to cause more disgust in a normal person than homosexuality. The more delirium introduced, the faster everything will come to the desired state.
  6. Conductor
    Conductor 21 September 2017 08: 37
    Kazakhstan went the other way, they wanted to translate everything into Kazakh, thought better of it, the teaching was conducted in Kazakh Russian and English !!!)))) Yeah, now they’re just increasing the share of studying Kazakh, especially in institutes.
  7. Catherine II
    Catherine II 21 September 2017 09: 03
    Cancellation of Kivalov’s law Kolisnichenko was a return to the old law. According to him, the Russian has more constitutional rights. But propaganda immediately declared it all a Russian ban. And yes, this could not be done by the first law - the whole system collapsed and the Ukrainians kicked the nationalists out of the Rada with a kick ..
    They won’t go to riots - now there’s a war, but anything can be taken under war.
    Odessa region will suffer the most. There, after Donetsk and Lugansk, the largest percentage of Russian speakers.
    Hungary and Romania take care of 160 thousand of their native speakers. RF - never thinks about it.
    If the Russian Federation benefits from all this, Russian interests will be sacrificed to geopolitics and the Russian Federation will lose. Only capitalism will win.
    1. avt
      avt 21 September 2017 11: 32
      Quote: Catherine II
      RF - never thinks about it.
      If the Russian Federation benefits from all this, Russian interests will be sacrificed to geopolitics and the Russian Federation will lose. Only capitalism will win.

      Enough already, to think "according to the precepts of the EBN - ,, In the morning I got up and think- What have you done for Ukraine?" Now like that, especially after the example of Crimea and LDNR, YOURSELF decide who you are. And the Euroopu bridge is money for Russia, and the river is no longer for you. Well, for dessert, those who are buggy - we won’t give back the money to Russia, well, about 3 yards in Eurobonds
      Ukraine paid part of the costs of the debt proceedings on the Eurobonds bought back by Russia, thereby fulfilling the decision of the London court, the Russian Finance Ministry said.
      “The Law Debenture Corporation, representing the interests of the Russian Federation as the sole trustee (trust) of Ukraine as the sole owner of $ 3 billion worth of bonds in Ukraine, confirmed the receipt of payment from Ukraine in the amount of £ 1,16 million (slightly more than $ 1,5 million - approx. Ed. )
      Thus, Ukraine complied with the decision of the High Court of London on compensation by Ukraine for part of the legal costs incurred by the Russian side, ”the Finance Ministry said.
      bully Give everything back. Take off the trousers and sell them to pay off debts. Especially Franklin Templestone, since the installment debt terms are coming to an end, and they will also force you to dance naked at Europe at the fairs for the repayment of their debt.
      1. Catherine II
        Catherine II 21 September 2017 14: 16
        It was about native Russian speakers. All reduced to ordinary capitalism. I am aware that money is more important in the Russian Federation ...
        Well, I was right-capitalism wins.
        The position of Hungary and Romania as an example. This is also to the fact that they always support native speakers of their language and do not require them to recognize who they are, uprisings and money.
        But what am I talking about ...
        There is no center of crystallization .. no one needs Russian speakers outside the Russian Federation. So they will disappear.
        It is sad.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Egoza
    Egoza 21 September 2017 09: 46
    The author touched me. You did not notice the main thing: besides the exclusion of the Russian language, the new law actually destroys education FULLY! Not only will 12 be taught, but there is a reduction in compulsory subjects from 22 to 9! In particular, instead of physics, chemistry, biology, geography and astronomy, integration courses "Nature and man", "Man and the world" will be created.
    Language and literature will merge into the subject of "Literature", and algebra and geometry will return to the general course of mathematics.
    And not figs educated and smart to produce! They will figure it out in the garden - and that's enough.
    1. Mik13
      Mik13 21 September 2017 11: 04
      Quote: Egoza
      The author touched me. You did not notice the main thing

      The author was not going to “notice the main thing” at all
      The author wrote his article to incite ethnic hatred. The article contains unacceptable statements addressed to the Ukrainian-speaking Russians on behalf of the Russians, and a number of negative characteristics of Russian politics.
      It is quite possible, by the way, that the Author is quite a "daughter of an officer."
      In any case, it was very interesting to find that one "Russian Nazi" writes his inciting comments .... from Odessa. And all 2 of the year - from one IP address ... But at the same time, he is absolutely not shy to write "we, Russians," "here, in Russia," and the like.
      1. EvilLion
        EvilLion 21 September 2017 12: 44
        And to call the Little Russians Ukrainians is not inciting ethnic hatred.
        1. Mik13
          Mik13 21 September 2017 15: 25
          Quote: EvilLion
          And to call the Little Russians Ukrainians is not inciting ethnic hatred.
          Well, here the question is for Little Russians and Ukrainians themselves. But I didn’t mean it, but a very specific phrase:
          And his boss / master was a moron in an embroidered shirt, all of whose dignity is the Vinnytsia ragul dialect.

          However, I have a purely subjective opinion on this. But to reasonably answer the question of whether there is a crime in this phrase, only a linguistic examination can.
          The only thing is that such an examination is carried out, as a rule, in the framework of a criminal case ... which Nafik does not need either by VO himself or by me, as his regular reader ...
      2. Catherine II
        Catherine II 21 September 2017 14: 22
        Quote: Mik13
        . from Odessa.

        what am I?
        (since no one else is left here from Odessa)
        For me there is no difference between Russia and Ukraine in this regard. I was in the Russian Federation. Relatives are there too.
        In Russia, oh yes .. I still measure Soviet patterns from Minsk / Kiev / Leningrad to Vladivostok, it’s “with us” ...
        and for the compliment, thank you (unless, of course, I’m talking about me), but it’s not true.
        1. Mik13
          Mik13 21 September 2017 15: 18
          Quote: Catherine II
          what am I?

          In no case. This is a completely different character who, on several resources, appearing to be Russian, on behalf of the Russians insults representatives of other peoples and citizens of other states.
    2. avt
      avt 21 September 2017 11: 15
      Quote: Egoza
      You did not notice the main thing: besides the exclusion of the Russian language, the new law actually destroys education FULLY! Not only will they be “taught” for 12 years, but there is a reduction in compulsory subjects from 22 to 9!

      good Exactly! And solely for the purpose of
      Quote: Egoza
      And not figs educated and smart to produce! They will figure it out in the garden - and that's enough.

      According to another plan, Ost, to teach the remaining ragul to an understanding of several commands and the four rules of arithmetic. There is no need for swineherds anymore.
      Quote: Catherine II
      Do not go to riots

      Here I agree. Hatskrayniki will not go because of the language. They will endure to the very end.
      Quote: Conductor
      Kazakhstan went the other way

      But to the same goal. Here today the Elbasy is translating into Latin and the result will be exactly the same as on the Ruin, but with colorful Kazakh specifics - free people on free horses will ride across the steppe and sing in the Kazakh epic about the gods who rumbled up to heaven and descending to earth under white Since the training of units, and even let thousands of students abroad, does not replace universal secondary education. And having broken in fact with the remnants of the Soviet in Russian, you simply cannot stupidly transfer to the Kazakh Latin alphabet at once the whole array of educational literature (with the exception of the story about the invaders) and at least lose a generation. But actually these are your national problems. Moreover, it seems like on the issue of recycling Baikonur sites, well, who needs to saw and sell something, or export it, the NAS agreed with Russia. It's funny, but the fact - the introduction of the Latin alphabet in the RSFSR was still lobbied by Lunacharsky, but Lenin proposed to wait and enter later - after the Civil. Well, in the end, the elimination of illiteracy to great happiness was carried out in Russian and then Stalin generally physically calmed all the permanent inflators. Well, those Trotskyists who are buggy with the slogan, “We’ll blow up a world fire on all the bourgeois.” And he began to build the Red Empire.
  9. Earnest
    Earnest 21 September 2017 11: 51
    Quote: Conductor
    Kazakhstan went the other way, they wanted to translate everything into Kazakh, thought better of it, the teaching was conducted in Kazakh Russian and English !!!)))) Yeah, now they’re just increasing the share of studying Kazakh, especially in institutes.

    Nevertheless, they came up with a new way, with the replacement of the alphabet. This is already a strong move, in 25-30 years the consequences will definitely be in the form of weakening ties with Russia at the household level
  10. andrewkor
    andrewkor 21 September 2017 14: 42
    Workers at TAPOiCh worked 30 years ago from Ivano-Frankivsk, launched the IFL foundry complex, talked about life. For children of any nationality (from the submission of the elders, as I understand it), it was common for people to speak only mov for up to 10 years, otherwise they were just beaten by friends and after 10 years on what you want, no complaints, but they already knew Mova from young nails. I don’t remember exactly about age, I could be wrong, but the principle was like that.
  11. Shurale
    Shurale 21 September 2017 21: 26
    Let me remind you: since the adoption by the Kiev Rada of the law on the only state language - Ukrainian.

    So told our media. But it turned out to be a lie ...