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Grybauskaite: "West-2017" trains the army to attack Europe

As the RIA News, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, during a speech at the UN General Assembly that started the 72 session, stated that the West-2017 exercises are part of the information war and are aimed at spreading fear.

Today, the attention of the world is drawn to North Korea and other regions, but the same methods of blackmail and aggression are used in Ukraine and along the eastern border of NATO. About a hundred thousand Russian troops take part in offensive exercises "West-2017" on the borders of the Baltic states and Poland and even in the Arctic.

(c) Bernd von Jutrczenka

According to her, with the help of these maneuvers, the Russian Federation "rehearses aggressive scenarios against neighboring states, training its army to attack the West." In addition, in her opinion, teachings designed to spread fear are also part of the information war along with false the news and aggressive destabilizing propaganda.

In the role of geopolitical weapons, directed against the Baltic states, stands the under construction of the Russian Federation near Ostrovets, Grodno region BelAES.

On the eve of the Grybauskaite speech, the Russian delegation at the UN General Assembly left the hall. This was announced by the chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, a member of the delegation Leonid Slutsky.
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  1. Moore
    Moore 20 September 2017 04: 08
    Apparently, something really needs to be done with the UN, since mournful inadequate minds freely reach the microphones there and they are allowed to voice their small-town fears, which arise from their own inadequacy.
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 20 September 2017 05: 18
      Ignore such appearances, which the Russian mission did. There is nothing more for the Baltic states to attract attention, as Russophobia and to show the importance of the region in terms of security. But how will this affect the fading economy of the region? The authorities and the Baltic military shout about evil Russia, and their transporters beg for transit to their ports in Moscow, and farmers ask for sales. Marasmus. It is obvious that the authorities of the Baltic states, as well as Ukraine, do not meet the interests of the economic development of their countries. Therefore, they themselves will bring themselves to a crisis, and Eurodotations will not help. Maybe then they will get a “vaccination” from Russophobia? It seems to me that even the EU is tired of this.
      Several dozen NATO exercises, it must be understood, are aimed at protecting the EU. wink. Even a thousand Abrams, which the United States simply do not have, will not be able to protect the Baltic states from a hypothetical offensive by the RF Armed Forces.
      Dalia has already said so much that it is impossible to turn on the “back” to her. Forgetting and closing the Baltic states with an iron curtain, I don’t see another way to cure them. hi
      1. dik-nsk
        dik-nsk 20 September 2017 05: 32
        Using these maneuvers, the Russian Federation "rehearses aggressive scenarios against neighboring states, training its army to attack the West"
        Dahl's disease again escaped from the chambers, did the autumn crisis begin? pill to her pill
        1. hrych
          hrych 20 September 2017 05: 57
          Usually, if a permanent member of the Security Council leaves the hall, then talk will lose its meaning. Another non-permanent member presides - Ukraine, therefore, every rabble is given the opportunity to speak out for the last time because this indecency ends. Then there will be more constructive and bazaars about the reform will be completed.
          1. Sergey-8848
            Sergey-8848 20 September 2017 17: 58
            If you compare the UN with the chicken coop:
            While there are no adults and affluent (that is, permanent members of the Security Council), those who have barely fledged and who have the right to vote by the height of the tail can tweet with impunity (and without writing to the protocol).
      2. Moore
        Moore 20 September 2017 05: 36
        Quote: Kasym
        Forget and close the Baltic with an iron economic curtain,

        Well, that's why she is hysterical and completely inadequate:
        -Ust-Luga took almost all container and oil transportation;
        -North Stream-2 goes past the nose, and Dahl was left with the nose in the form of the Independence gas terminal, devouring a hole in the budget;
        -Batska builds a nuclear power plant and becomes in that area out of competition for electricity trade;
        - Russia, fulfilling Dali's burning desire for energy independence and disconnection from the Russian network, is increasing production energy capacities in the Kaliningrad region.
        Russophobia begins to be expensive.
        1. Grandfather
          Grandfather 20 September 2017 05: 45
          Grybauskaite: "West-2017" trains the army to attack Europe
          and Dalyagribova, having learned intimacy in her youth, "now has" the Principality of Lithuania "...
        2. Kasym
          Kasym 20 September 2017 06: 08
          Moore, thanks, in the know. The EU will “help” by disabling Eurodotations in the 20th year, and the States will “condemn” it with its shale gas. From the "window" of the Union, the Baltic states is turning into a "settler" for the EU. Neither rural household nor industry. Then they will say in the Kremlin that the West has deceived them. So much for the year 2023. hi
    2. svp67
      svp67 20 September 2017 07: 25
      Quote: Moore
      Apparently, something really needs to be done with the UN,

      Of course ... A serious event turned into a "big top circus"

      Trump, a self-respecting person, the head of a respected country in the world, WAS to the "nickname" in relation to his colleagues ... He still needs to learn courtesy and culture in kindergarten ..
        DEPARTMENT 20 September 2017 09: 43
        The UN needs to disperse and create a new structure based on the SCO! More adequate countries and politicians gathered there!

        The United States and Israel are only observers (or rather, the defendants ..)))
  2. Cutter
    Cutter 20 September 2017 04: 10
    This lady with low social. responsibility can not calm down? Tired already with his delirium ... fool
    1. Jedi
      Jedi 20 September 2017 10: 22
      Grybauskaite: "West-2017" trains the army to attack Europe

      Here they are, double standards of the West. What do you teach your armies near our borders? The confrontation of "Russian aggression"? Tell your grandmother in sneakers! And this simple grinder would completely close the pan and not slam the lid. am
  3. Mihail55
    Mihail55 20 September 2017 04: 11
    Now they will beg for money on the WALL!
  4. Evil 55
    Evil 55 20 September 2017 04: 14
    With such a surname and a way of thinking, only fly agarics should be grown and fed the same patients ..
  5. Vadim Zhivov
    Vadim Zhivov 20 September 2017 04: 15
    I could knock on a shoe or pull up my skirt so that it would be more effective ... And then I’m already sickened with this plate feel
  6. Firework
    Firework 20 September 2017 04: 16
    judging by the photograph, she seems to recall her childhood in a pioneer camp and tells a terrible story about the Russian army:
    "in the black, black forest ..."
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 20 September 2017 04: 35
      "F (s) uchka krashenna! ...."
    2. bald
      bald 20 September 2017 04: 43
      --- "in the black, black forest ..." - grew red, red fly agaric. And as soon as you open your mouth - they immediately flew into the mouth ....
  7. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 20 September 2017 05: 00
    The former currency prastipoma continues to earn Tugriks with its usual business - trading in its rotten mouth!
  8. Nikolai Petrov
    Nikolai Petrov 20 September 2017 05: 08
    For pennies again. They would have come up with something new. Why the hell do we need you. You should restore the destroyed factories, for there was nothing left except sprat. Yes, pay pensions to SS-vskimi disadvantages. No, thanks. And if they were suddenly needed, they would have organized a referendum without attacks.
  9. mario petrov
    mario petrov 20 September 2017 05: 25
    State Sales Puppet. It makes no sense to comment on the rest of her nonsense, she simply follows Washington's instructions
  10. andrewkor
    andrewkor 20 September 2017 05: 33
    What the Red Dale wrote in the State Department on a piece of paper, it was voiced, it cannot be otherwise, because it can never be!
    HEATHER 20 September 2017 05: 51
    Again fly agaric ate.
  12. aszzz888
    aszzz888 20 September 2017 05: 54
    In addition, in her opinion, teachings designed to spread fear

    ... and in a dream shake with fear, quickly you will fall into a fool ... bully
  13. midshipman
    midshipman 20 September 2017 06: 46
    Madam President of Lithuania, we compiled digital maps of Lithuania back in 1989. See the results of precision missile and bomb strikes against targets at a training ground near the town of Mazeikiai and the Druzhba state farm. low-altitude attack aircraft arrived there for 200-300 km to complete missions. We trained our pilots there. Therefore, you have nothing to fear. After ten minutes of flight you will not exist already. Stop teasing Russia, establish better friendly relations with our country. Otherwise, the entire indigenous population of your country will flee to the West. I have the honor.
  14. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 20 September 2017 07: 35
    What can I say. I wonder when she chokes on Russophobia, which pours out of her like a pipe without a tap and shuts up forever. For several extra years he has been pacing around.
  15. Lesorub
    Lesorub 20 September 2017 08: 48
    Grybauskaite: "West-2017" trains the army to attack Europe

    Well, it’s necessary someone pours such information into an empty mind !! )) In such a small Lithuania - such a talkative president !! )))
  16. Lelek
    Lelek 20 September 2017 09: 13
    (In addition, in her opinion, teachings designed to spread fear are also part of the information war along with false news and aggressive destabilizing propaganda.)

    Correctly thinks profursetka. To live with wolves .... As regards the desire of the Russian Federation to attack the Baltic lice, then - on the ** th they surrendered to us, let them sit in their dimensions and not stink, then everything will be a bunch. bully
  17. rpuropuu
    rpuropuu 20 September 2017 09: 51
    one hundred thousand Russian troops
    And builds the Death Star in orbit! laughing
  18. nafanal
    nafanal 20 September 2017 17: 13
    And cho train them. Read the memoirs of marshals liberating Europe from fascism. Everything is laid out on shelves. So aunt relax and if you try to have fun
  19. APASUS
    APASUS 20 September 2017 19: 57
    Dalia Gribyne let go cuts the truth of the uterus! Yes, such energy, but in a peaceful direction, we would all envy the Baltic states, but for now all the energy goes to lick .................
  20. Sextant
    Sextant 20 September 2017 21: 40
    This woman has a lack of male attention - she believes that everyone wants to fuck her.
  21. Vodila
    Vodila 21 September 2017 14: 51
    She screams as if she has nowhere to escape.
  22. Nikxnumx
    Nikxnumx 22 September 2017 08: 20
    Here are the stinky bugs when they calm down.