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From the Chechen Republic, part of the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is transferred to Dagestan

From the Chechen Republic, part of the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is transferred to DagestanFrom sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus Federal District (North Caucasian Federal District) it became known that part of the VOGOiP (Interim Operational Grouping of Organs and Units) of the Russian Ministry of the Interior was transferred from the Chechen Republic to the Republic of Dagestan, where the VOGOiP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be created. Such a decision on redeployment, taken by Rashid Nurgaliyev, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia, is intended to stabilize the operational situation in the area.

In order to ensure maximum efficiency of work, a decision was taken on the location of the operational groups in those regions of the Republic of Dagestan, where today the “crime situation leaves much to be desired.”

Oleg Kizhaev, police colonel, was appointed head of the operational group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Dagestan.

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  1. Drednout
    Drednout 19 March 2012 15: 26
    It’s best to stabilize the situation in general throughout the Ministry of Internal Affairs, landing Nurgaliyev for 10 years to begin with.
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil 19 March 2012 15: 31
      So here is the problem! It turns out landing Nurgaliyev will solve all issues in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
      1. Drednout
        Drednout 19 March 2012 16: 50
        Is there really not a single normal general with a decent reputation left in the bodies in order to lead them. We practiced with the FSB decoy (I mean Nurgaliyev) and ENOUGH!
        1. Baron Wrangell
          Baron Wrangell 19 March 2012 19: 23
          [quote = Drednout] Is there really not a single normal general with a decent reputation left in the bodies in order to lead them. We practiced with the FSB decoy (I’m talking about Nurgaliyev) and ENOUGH! [/ Q
          after Shchelokov there was not a single normal minister! and this is a clown with a ylog!
        2. Uralm
          Uralm 19 March 2012 23: 02
          There are a lot of talented people in Russia in all areas!
          The system is such that only the most stupid (for Russia) reach power. Tricksters, embezzlers, corrupt officials,
          ALL Cadres decide. In Russia, few people are in their place. With such wealth and such. The rich work miracles, sell Russia, live like h..en knows who. And then when times come simple Russians pull Russia out of shit. And where is usually at this time the Oligarchs, "Dermocrats"? Like Prokhorov, Abramovich (I'm not talking about the rest) What have they done for Russia and what will they do?
          Putin will have a very hard job.
    2. woland05
      woland05 19 March 2012 15: 39
      Kamrad, and for what, in fact, plant Nurgaliyev? Please explain, just motivate, do not become like clowns with Swamp ...
      1. Drednout
        Drednout 19 March 2012 16: 32
        To clowns with vomit had no similarities!
        And about Rashid - well, you can’t remain with a clear conscience and without an answer for all the scandals in his office. If you are not responsible for the actions of subordinates, you cannot protect them from killers or from them - ordinary law-abiding people - either sit down or resign.
        Swamp, not organs.
        Of course, he won’t solve all the problems, but he had to start the reform with him, and not with renaming. By the way, there is no police, but the riot police (special police unit) remained! wink
        1. Viking
          Viking 19 March 2012 17: 55
          Quote: Drednout
          By the way, there is no police, but the riot police (special police unit) remained!

          By the way, the Special Police Detachment - NO! And there is a Mobile Special Purpose Unit. This is so for information.
          1. Joker
            Joker 19 March 2012 21: 58
            D0% B8% D1% 8F)

            no need to be clever, my friend in riot police works for me, according to all documents, a special police detachment. Even purely theoretically they could have thought, OMON refers to the police, and from there the letter M in the abbreviation.


            in the photo OMON police department of the city of Moscow the police department is the main department of internal affairs, or, more simply, the police (the police now)
            I wonder who you put the pluses, probably your fans wink
            1. Ascetic
              Ascetic 19 March 2012 22: 28
              Quote: Joker
              no need to be clever, my friend in riot police works for me, according to all documents, a special police detachment. Even purely theoretically they could have thought, OMON refers to the police, and from there the letter M in the abbreviation.

              In connection with the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in March 2011, the Russian police was renamed the police. By the logic of things, such a change should have entailed a change in the already abbreviated OMON abbreviation to OPON. At the same time, the head of the Moscow Central Internal Affairs Directorate Vladimir Kolokoltsev noted that the OPON is not a final option, and the question of how the service will be named in connection with the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is being “worked out.” [1]
              On March 21, 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that a decision on renaming had not yet been made and promised to think about this issue [2].

              In the spring of 2011, the Moscow OMON was merged with the special police forces into a single structure - the Special Police Center [3].

              July 12, 2011 in St. Petersburg, and later in several other regions (Kemerovo region, Buryatia), OMON units were officially renamed as Special Forces of Special Purpose Centers (UN Special Assistance Center) [4].

              On November 30, 2011, by order of the Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev, the Special Forces detachments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (where they were renamed) were again officially named OMON, but were deciphered as “Mobile Special Forces”. [5] [6]

              Excerpt from Wiki
            2. Viking
              Viking 20 March 2012 00: 02
              Quote: Joker
              I wonder who you put the pluses, probably your fans

              Do I have fans ??? Class!

              Quote: Joker
              on the photo of the OMON police department in Moscow

              And there is no "GUVD for Moscow" either, but now there is "GU MVD of Russia for Moscow".
        2. datur
          datur 19 March 2012 21: 25
          Drednout,reform! recertification in my former office was based on the principle of electivity - they chose those who more or less learned new moronic laws and go ahead repeat and put the rest of the machine !!! and voila, the police !!! winkthe truth is now that they poke this money everywhere a little! people howling !! the benefit of the service was faded to retirement - now the same money and peace of mind, lepot !!! wink drinks
    3. in4ser
      in4ser 19 March 2012 16: 00
      It’s not that he is bad or good, Nurgaliev, he is, but that means what is, that is, his time will come.
      Before making such high-profile statements, one must at least think in larger categories.
      Presidential elections in Russia took place. Putin won, the orange scenario did not work, now they will try to throw all their strength from the south, they will balomutut with Georgia. with Azerbaijan with Turkey - Georgia generally acts as a gateway - which can open up and let in all this evil., Iran’s company is being prepared - in which Georgia will be a key participant. Transcaucasia for Iran is an exit to the outside world, Armenia will not isolate itself from Iran because it will be self-isolation, moreover, it is our Ally and Gyumri is our base. For Azerbaijan, it’s the same risk as it has a huge Iranian community if it decides to become a base Americans are disastrous for him, Turkey obviously will not risk too - Only Georgia remains !!!
      Therefore, not only a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs needs to be transferred there, the Army should be ready there - for at any moment.
      1. Roman Shukhevych
        Roman Shukhevych 19 March 2012 16: 44
        According to sources from Chechnya, from the early morning of Saturday, March 17, from the federal base in Khankala and also from the base near the airport named after Sheikh Mansur (airport "North") in the direction of Dagestan advanced a group of troops of up to 25 thousand soldiers. In the convoy, which stretched over a distance of 10 to 15 kilometers, eyewitnesses counted more than 300 units of armored vehicles, including tanks, not counting hundreds of URAL vehicles.

        Meanwhile, sources from Dagestan reported that a huge convoy of troops was seen as early as March 14 along Makhachkala in a southerly direction.

        Journalists of the local edition of "Draft" reported that the convoy mainly consisted of armored personnel carriers (armored personnel carriers), armored "Urals" and military UAZs. When the head of the column passed the village of Agachaul, its tail was still in the area of ​​the Kirgu store. Journalists on the map calculated that it is approximately 10,5 km.

        A few hours after the first reports, it became clear that the convoy turned towards Karabudakhkent.

        On Saturday, it became known that the troops were located in the vicinity of the Gubden forests in the Karabudakhkent district, partly on the territory of Sergokalinsky district.

        Sources in Chechnya confirmed to Dagestan journalists that a 25-strong group of units of the internal troops and special services units had advanced to Dagestan.

        In turn, the sources of the publication "Caucasian Knot" reported that in the Karabudakhkent district of Dagestan there is a large accumulation of military equipment and soldiers.

        A resident of the village of Karabudakhkent Valimagomed Iziev told the publication -

        “We have never seen this before. The entire highway was filled with tanks, armored personnel carriers, armored heavy vehicles. "

        According to him, now the troops are deployed in the vicinity of Karabudakhkent, a tent camp has been set up. Starting Monday, according to a resident of the village, the schools announced vacations, although officially the schools should be closed for vacations starting March 20.

        “They say that the vacant school premises will be occupied by troops,” said local residents.
        1. Jackyun
          Jackyun 19 March 2012 17: 10
          Roman Shukhevych.
          In 1941-1942 he served in the armed units of the Third Reich: he was the deputy commander in the Nachtigal special forces, from November 1941 he was the deputy commander of the 201st security police battalion in the German rank corresponding to the rank of captain.
          Battalion "Nachtigall" - an armed detachment, consisting mainly of members and supporters of the OUN, formed and trained by the Abwehr to act as part of the sabotage unit Lehrregiment "Brandenburg" zbV 800 in Operation Barbarossa on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR.
      2. 19 March 2012 21: 29
        in4ser, Your words generally coincide with the statement of Albert Pirmanov. Here is interesting:

        Azerbaijan has a very difficult period of life, since oil fields have passed the peak of production and now a gradual decline in oil production will begin. And if oil production falls, then state revenues fall, since Azerbaijan will not be able to replenish state revenues from other sources.

        In such a situation, it will be very difficult for Ilham Aliyev to remain in power, as in any Asian country, Azerbaijan is subject to the clan distribution of state revenues, as long as there is oil and revenues from it, equilibrium is established in the country. But with the shrinkage of income, friction will begin on the distribution of cash flow, there will be those offended and those who will be wiped away from a life-giving source, as a result of this there will be dissatisfied and dissenting people who will be forced to challenge Aliyev, otherwise they will not survive.

        Azerbaijan only seems calm and calm, and more recently, there were constant coups and seizures of power, under the pretext of democracy and for the sake of a bright future for the country. The nationalists overthrew the Communists, and then a series of coups and rebellions broke out, in addition, Azerbaijan fought for Nagorno-Karabakh, where it was crushingly defeated.

        This is Aliyev's saving straw, the only real opportunity to stay in power is to organize a "liberation" war for Nagorno-Karabakh. Aliyev has no other choice, given the inevitable decrease in income, he will not keep power. The population of Azerbaijan has grown numerically, and there are few jobs in the republic, agriculture and food industry are jobs, there is also transport and transit, but they cannot replace the outgoing jobs from oil production and oil refining. And the population is growing.

        So Aliyev, by any means, will embark on a Karabakh adventure, there is no way out, he expects to achieve military success in resolving the Karabakh issue.
        One chance to solve the Karabakh issue, by the radical method - by military blitzkrieg, Aliyev hoped to solve in 2008, when Mishiko’s adventure took place in South Ossetia. With a certain development of events, the surrender by Russia of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, armed uprisings in all republics would break out in the North Caucasus. In the North Caucasus, sabotage groups were prepared and local bandit undergrounds were paid, both from Al Qaeda - actually the United States, and through Qatar and Saudi Arabia with accomplices from the bay, as well as Turkey.
        With such a turn of events in Russia, the whole North Caucasus would have flared up for a month, and Russia would have had military hands tied.

        In addition, the main focus would be to undermine Dagestan and unleash a guerrilla rail war, to counter the deployment of the Russian army on the border with Azerbaijan.
        At this time, Western countries were supposed to launch air missile strikes on Iran from several directions, but the main strikes were to take place from Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well as Turkey, US aircraft and their NATO satellites. From the northern direction, Iran had the country's most unprotected place from air strikes, the main aviation and air defense forces of Iran are concentrated along the Persian Gulf and the border with Iraq and Afghanistan.

        In such a multi-way, the Americans gave guarantees to Azerbaijan for the annexation of Nagorno-Karabakh - without taking into account its Armenian diaspora, Aliyev could start his small and victorious war.

        In such a situation, Russia would not be able to provide assistance to Armenia and transfer additional troops and weapons to its base in Gyumri; Georgia simply had to block the air corridor with Armenia, linking this hostile move with a provocation, with South Ossetia and Abkhazia, followed by power capture of these territories. And Azerbaijan itself, naturally, would block its airspace for Russia and block the border with Russia, and at the same time the railway.
        But in itself, Azerbaijan was not so brave and Aliyev did not at all look like an idiot and a suicide. At that time, the army of Azerbaijan still had big problems with armament and personnel; the army of Azerbaijan even in such conditions could not defeat the army of Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia.

        To give courage to Azerbaijan, he was promised assistance to Turkey, which was supposed to help Azerbaijan by pushing its troops through the territory of Northern Iran to Nakhichevan, and from there delivering a cutting blow to the rear of Armenia and Karabakh. At the same time, Turkey was supposed to block the Russian base in Gyumri, preventing the air defense and aviation of the Russian army from working. Something like this was calculated by overseas strategists, according to their calculations, Russia could not help either Armenia or Iran, as it would be occupied with its own problems in the North Caucasus and would actually fight for its survival and territorial integrity.

        At this time, airstrikes from Northern Iran, through Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey would be inflicted on Iran. And the air groups themselves, coming from the north, after missile and bomb strikes, would go to the bases in the Persian Gulf and to the aircraft carriers of the USA, England and France, which were already at that time in or near the Persian Gulf. In addition, airstrikes on Iran would have been inflicted from Iraq and Afghanistan, in fact, Iran would have been in the ring of fire. After the fall of Iran, the Americans would bring down the cost of oil on world markets to a minimum, after which problems with the budget would begin in Russia, except that at that time a civil war would flare up in the country. This was the main goal of the United States, through the adventure of Saakashvili in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, to remove Russia from the game in order to strike at Iran. At the same time, taking Iran out of world politics and the game. With such a development of events, Iran simply would not have survived for long, it would have been rolled out in a few months, and then it would have captured all of Iran’s oil - this is the ultimate goal of the United States and the West as a whole.

        But the plans of the United States and its allies did not include the quick defeat of the Georgian army, trained by the instructors of the United States and Israel, but this US plan did not suit Russia at all, it defeated the Georgian army within three days, and so the most ambitious plans of the “great strategists. ” With its blow, Russia, besides removing Georgia from the big game, sent Turkey into a mental knockout with its Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, who immediately rushed to Moscow with assurances of sincere friendship between the two countries. Perhaps he was just scared of the impasse and catastrophe where their generals could have brought him, with the filing of the United States.

        After such events, Azerbaijan lost interest in solving the Nagorno-Karabakh problem, by the wrong hands, but Aliyev never left the thought of returning it. Since 2008, Azerbaijan has sharply increased funding for its armed forces and has re-equipped the army, equipping it with more or less advanced weapons, from what they sell to Azerbaijan. And since the problem of Nagorno-Karabakh is a thorn in the politics of Azerbaijan, all expenditures on the army will be fired, at one not perfect moment, when the tangle of internal problems of Azerbaijan, as always, will be solved through a small and victorious war.

    4. Nickolay3145
      Nickolay3145 19 March 2012 17: 49
      Oh, Nurgaliev’s landing ... And immediately everything will improve, everything will normalize ...
      1. Ruswolf
        Ruswolf 20 March 2012 08: 44
        Neither better nor worse
        What do you think, well, they’ll put one and all
        Well, will sign new decrees, orders at the bottom will blow the same. Or do you think that in a day everyone will become good? from deputy minister to chief of the police department somewhere in the backwoods?
    5. datur
      datur 19 March 2012 21: 19
      Drednout, and better at 25 and without the right of correspondence !!!!! wassat fellow
  2. YARY
    YARY 19 March 2012 15: 39
    Well, as the first measure, but only in the complex!
    And about the conclusion, I think the gradual separation of Chechnya has begun.
    Maybe I'm wrong, but if they drum into us about the fact that Chechnya is part of Russia and on this territory it is "dumb" to keep troops, then the dumbass will not understand why.
    1. woland05
      woland05 19 March 2012 15: 46
      Well here, comrade, I do not agree with you. Chechnya is now the most stable part of the North Caucasus region. Only a dumbass in Chechnya wants to secede from Russia. Dumb or enemy, for they don’t refuse such financial subsidies ...
      1. ilichstar
        ilichstar 19 March 2012 15: 50
        yes .. unfortunately it is .. the hero of Russia (who incidentally killed Russian soldiers), the Chechen president - Kadyrov, received from Russia so much to rise that only pony id..t will refuse! Dudaev did not even dream about it!
        1. almost demobil
          almost demobil 19 March 2012 16: 01
          And who set minus ilichstar? It would be very interesting to find out for what. Answer and explain. The man did not twist a word, only stated a fact. Well, so what?
          1. Drednout
            Drednout 19 March 2012 16: 37
            This is simply the lesser evil and actually a very wise move of GDP. Yes - a lot of dough is being dumped into Chechnya, but let the tax on their minarets go away from me than on zinc for the 200s we have.
            1. von_Richten
              von_Richten 19 March 2012 17: 03
              Minus in Kadyrov himself. If only there was a Chechen instead of him (with the first Chechen with us). Kakiyev, for example. There would be fewer shouts and exclamations of the type: "Kadyrov eats children", "Chechens - ...", "blah blah blah"
              1. Viking
                Viking 19 March 2012 17: 59
                Quote: von_Richten
                Minus in Kadyrov himself. Now, if instead of him there was a Chechen (with the first Chechen with us).

                And he could have so firmly led Chechnya. Crush competing teips, win over most of those who during the first Chechen war fought against Russian troops? Strongly I doubt it. Yes, and the current Kadyrov - this is not the same as it was 10 years ago.
                1. von_Richten
                  von_Richten 19 March 2012 20: 11
                  Most of the people I have met from the non-Chechen part of Russia do not really treat Kadyrov very much (precisely because of the first Chechen one). But, IMHO, the scout and battalion commander of the "West" could do something.
            2. Drednout
              Drednout 19 March 2012 17: 37
              By the way, I set +, but the comment disappeared.
          2. Jackyun
            Jackyun 19 March 2012 16: 57
            The Germans turned my city into a football field. Until now, foundation pits have been dug under houses, and human bones have been dug up. So should I really hate them? Everything is changing. And Kadyrov made his choice. No matter how, but done. And it was his guys who stood back to back with ours in Ossetia. And they were dying for Russia. To think in the past is to have no future. I minus! Because you can not spit on friends. And you cannot buy national pride with any money. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this, and therefore such statements appear.
            1. Eric
              Eric 19 March 2012 17: 31
              The Yamadayevskys stood with our guys!
              1. Jackyun
                Jackyun 19 March 2012 17: 50
                It doesn't matter, Yamadaev, Kadyrov ... It's time to stop perceiving them in Lermontov's way "... an evil Chechen is crawling ashore ...". They are Russians, just like us. I was not mistaken in writing. They deserve a capital letter. And the sooner we all understand this, the less blood and tears there will be, and we will finally learn to understand and respect each other.
                1. woland05
                  woland05 19 March 2012 18: 15
                  Plus from me, comrade ...
                2. Midshipman
                  Midshipman 20 March 2012 00: 41
                  I hope the Chechens will give you a try too.
            2. Viking
              Viking 19 March 2012 18: 02
              I have already said, and I will repeat again the great merit, first of all of V. Putin, who attracted Kadyrov to his side, first senior and then Ramzan. Since everyone sees the results of activity - Chechnya from all the republics of the North. The Caucasus has become the calmest region. And the fight against militants is mainly conducted by the forces of the Chechen divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is an indicator, the rest is chatter.
              1. Midshipman
                Midshipman 20 March 2012 00: 01
                Think right, dear comrade. All the envious Kadyrov’s stables let them go through the forest.
      2. Drednout
        Drednout 19 March 2012 16: 59
        I agree - not a single Nokhcha will even mention the separation of Chechnya now. All the troublemakers and scoundrels have long since switched mainly to Dagestan. And "Draft" was also involved in the turbidity of the waters.
        1. Midshipman
          Midshipman 20 March 2012 00: 03
          All balamutes and gorlodery most focused on the swamp. Kadyrov is clearly not enough there.
          1. Drednout
            Drednout 20 March 2012 09: 45
            I will get better - goroddera a la Caucasians and human rights activists who are "responsible" for the region.
    2. Jackyun
      Jackyun 19 March 2012 15: 48
      It is a pity that you do not understand. The transfer of troops is connected with the problems in Dagestan, and not with the "bombardment" in Chechnya. You can treat Kadyrov's fighters in different ways, but they control Chechnya and help us gloriously (the last war will accept that)
      1. Drednout
        Drednout 19 March 2012 16: 45
        If - if the authorities cut off the financing of the "forest" in Dagestan - it would not be necessary - they would transfer anyone anywhere. But it has already warmed up and the brainwashed, brainwashed, financed by racketeering and trapped, are clearly activated, "building" the so-called Sharia state, detonating bombs, killing employees, arranging provocations as a result of which ordinary citizens and children die. It is still possible to transfer the "forest" ones, but the screeching of all human rights activists has already risen to the skies.
  3. plotnikov561956
    plotnikov561956 19 March 2012 15: 45
    Normal reaction - reinforcement of a hazardous area
  4. bubla5
    bubla5 19 March 2012 15: 49
    At this stage, only a strong and cruel leader can maintain the situation in the Caucasian republics, and if there is no order in both Dagestan and yours and ours, I think Kadyrov is still in his place, and much is being done, not like in some regions where all regional funds are stolen
    1. Viking
      Viking 19 March 2012 18: 05
      Quote: bubla5
      and if both in Dagestan and yours and ours, then there will be no order,

      It is bad that in Dagestan there is no Kadyrov of his own, who would begin to restore order with a firm hand. By the way, one of the reasons why Grozny was rebuilt so quickly and with high quality (and the rest of us. Items). They steal a lot less than in the rest of Russia, because they know how it can end with Kadyrov.
  5. in4ser
    in4ser 19 March 2012 16: 27
    What have you done to these Kadyrovs?
    Yes, Akhmat was a separatist and taught his son the same thing - where is Akhmat and what does the son do?
    And I’ll tell you, Putin’s people most likely removed Akhmat — he could get out of control at any time, but his son didn’t have a choice either, or to his father’s grave, because he has something to do, or atone for your fault and do it what they say. will get stronger and will be removed.
    For comparison, one can take a photo of Chechnya’s panoramas in 2000 and today.
    so stop these cries international. Chechnya Russia is the point. And if you make it not Russia, it will be against us, better for us than against - enough wars inside Russia.
    we must think of something else, of the Army, of protecting our borders, of helping our allies, of significance in the world community.
    1. YARY
      YARY 19 March 2012 16: 55
      You are dear as in a riddle - "Before you; thief, robber, swindler - exclude the most dangerous for you"
      And after you leave a couple of three, try to accumulate goodness!
      What safety? If one link is rotten, the chain will break!
      1. in4ser
        in4ser 19 March 2012 19: 25
        This is not rot, but rust, and in order to wipe them, a resource is required. But to take this resource you need to sacrifice something, otherwise you get the hernia effect, you shut it up in one place and jump out in another.
        in your opinion, replacing the entire system from the root. is it unrealistic, impossible to change flows with 12 zeros at the end., or do you think that by throwing a piece of paper into the ballot box every 4-6 years, can you change these flows? :)
        1. YARY
          YARY 19 March 2012 20: 22
          If you want to consider me an idealist, I'm flattered!
          But, I see how it should be, as it really is, and the gap between them.
          Have you ever wondered why Stalin "resettled" these individuals? And the data is there, and in the public domain. Anyway.
          The fact of the matter is that there are objective fears, confirmed by real facts and historical analogies, that you can’t PAY OFF - this is not good enough.
          1. Midshipman
            Midshipman 20 March 2012 00: 14
            You're not right. It is possible and necessary to pay off, an example to which we all are unloved by our geopolitical adversary. The main thing is to use it, about which there is a separate conversation.
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 19 March 2012 23: 17
      [quote = in4ser]. Chechnya Russia is the point., And if you make it not Russia, it will be against us, better for us than against - enough wars inside Russia. [/ Quote

      In regions such as Chechnya and Dagestan, a dictator is needed. Otherwise, under the European model of governing "savages" living in a communal-clan system, there will always be chaos and everybody with everybody for money, power and prey. Either a golden ram or a dictatorship there is no other way out, otherwise everything will end with radical Islam.
      Their mentality is such that when in contact with the "blessings of civilization" and life not according to the law of the mountains, they completely blow away the roof. In the USSR, there was strict power control and money for social services, and it is also not small, Compare their standard of living and life in the Russian outback. Nothing has fundamentally changed since the times of the Union.
      And the mentality .. A word to the Dagestanis themselves

      [quote] Amina
      Somehow I suddenly wanted to go to an event organized by this diaspora. Let's leave the concert with the event aside. Dancing, songs, etc., it's all great, but the audience ... except for the vomit reflex, they didn’t cause me anything. I am sure that there were normal, cultured and well-mannered people, but they simply got lost and drowned in a sea of ​​ponte, steepness, pomp. The most interesting thing is that it all gives away just cheapness, as if they gathered all who were on the “second” and “eastern” markets of Makhachkala and caught up in the Kremlin Palace. A terrible feeling when you do not know where to put yourself and how to get down from here, when feelings of shame and anger are overwhelming at the same time, I really want to shout at all these ghouls so that they never tell anyone where they are from. After that, I decided to go to all the events of the diaspora, despite the warm relationship with its head. Even the relatively adult generation (40-45 years old) are degenerates, what can we expect from their children? Only aimless march through the "fashionable shopping centers" in Moscow.

      - mutual assistance turned into nepotism, the invincibility of clans, permissiveness, in that, as a matter of fact, man himself became impoverished internally, reset to zero, hoping for communications, a roof, everything ready on a silver platter
      - enterprise, courage turned into arrogance, into bribery - everyone on everything and everyone is trying to do business, everyone is trying to grab something, get here and now
      - principledness, honor turned into conformism, fanaticism, show-offs and other manifestations of herdness, because people live on imposed principles, at the same time they are taken with seriousness and, as if, these are their native principles. If my neighbor has a Mercedes, then I’ll break myself, lie down with my bones, I should have a Mercedes no worse, etc.

      In Dagestan, the image of a bull that has a “wooden” sense of humor is now fashionable, throws everyone into the bend, dances anywhere in the lezginka, swears in cheap classmates in classmates, and rides girls pretty ears. Cursing obscenities, these parasites are not ashamed of adults and women passing by, molesting girls, do not pay attention to mothers walking next to their daughters.
      The more such rabble among us Dagestanis, the more utopian my future seems to me.

      Our customs, which we are so proud of, today cannot stop (even partially): corruption, slander, vulgarity, backwardness, ignorance, lack of culture, dull arrogance, bad manners ... Sometimes, on the contrary, they even contribute to that. We use modern means of civilization: different transport, the latest communication technologies, office equipment, clothing, comfortable housing, furniture, but mentally still we are in the early Middle Ages. All these ugly phenomena are the result when government institutions, management mechanisms of social and political life, and indeed the whole external surroundings of our being from the 21st century, but inside people, in every bone marrow cell, the clan-communal system is still firmly seated. Evolution is needed. Or do we really relate to those nations that can only develop correctly under conditions where we have tough and centralized power from outside (from Moscow) that "knew how to educate" and which did not allow us to "prank"?

      [/ Quote]
      1. Midshipman
        Midshipman 20 March 2012 00: 26
        Well, since there are people who think soberly, not everything is lost. Honestly surprised, you can still deal with them.
      2. Drednout
        Drednout 20 March 2012 09: 54
        Ascetic, thanks. +++
        I especially agree about:
        "In such regions as Chechnya and Dagestan, a dictator is needed."
        This is clearly not enough at the moment in Dagestan. But the difficulty in the first place is that Dagestan is multinational !!! Amirov in Makhachkala, the mayor who is a Dargin will never receive the support of those Avars. There you need authority, which will be respected, and it is better to be afraid of all nationalities (or at least the majority).
        There is only one way out - you need to send there a bloodthirsty, but fair Varangian!
  6. Sarus
    Sarus 19 March 2012 17: 09
    And for some reason it seems to me that 25 thousand employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for one Dagestan is a lot .... So many people are easier to capture Georgia ...
    Something in the south is not without reason such a relocation. Not in vain did the ships pull off to Makhachkala and strengthen the Caspian Flotilla ..
    I see 2 options: Optimistic and pessimistic.
    1. The war begins in Iran. Russia favors NATO. Ulyanovsk serves as the main NATO terminal for the offensive from the North. The Russian Federation comes overland from the North and controls the Caspian.
    2. The invasion of Iran begins. RF on his side. The Caspian flotilla participates in the water area of ​​Azerbaijan and the land part captures Georgia and opens a corridor for support from the North. Also helps Armenia with Azerbaijan. I see the future poorly as Turkey is on the side of Azerbaijan and NATO is supporting Turkey.
    P.S. until it was decided which option is more optimistic, but in any case, we will certainly not be spectators like Iraq ... Although, if they promise to remove the missile defense of their Europe under the carpet in exchange for surrendering Iran ....
    1. Viking
      Viking 19 March 2012 18: 08
      Quote: Sarus
      Ulyanovsk serves as the main NATO terminal for the offensive from the North.

      This is what I imagine the offensive from Ulyanovsk. Why then not from Vladivostok?
      Quote: Sarus
      but in any case, we will certainly not be spectators like with Iraq ..

      99 percent (if chance doesn’t happen), that we will be just spectators. There are no vital interests of Russia in Iran, that there would be no war to start with anyone.
      1. YARY
        YARY 19 March 2012 20: 25
        Oh oh Take a better look.
      2. Midshipman
        Midshipman 20 March 2012 00: 30
        The base in Ulyanovsk is just another NATO pain point, which is in our full power. Look at things wider.
  7. Yves762
    Yves762 19 March 2012 17: 11
    Doubtful decision: on the one hand, yes, the field of terror activity is increasingly illuminating Dagestan in reports; on the other hand, the withdrawal of part of the MVD group from Chechnya will weaken control over the situation in the main hotbed of extremism in the North Caucasus. More, it will reduce control over and counteraction to the corruption component of Chechnya in all its manifestations ... sad
    1. Viking
      Viking 19 March 2012 18: 14
      Quote: Yves762
      on the other hand, the withdrawal of part of the MVD group from Chechnya will weaken control over the situation in the main hotbed of extremism in the North Caucasus.

      Fuck, they are actually not needed there for five years. They are mainly engaged in protecting themselves. There are those who stand there on a permanent basis - the troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are special forces groups of the FSB (which basically operate in a targeted manner), and there is the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs, which, in principle, performs all general police work and the main burden of fighting in the "forest brothers". And a bunch of Consolidated detachments and subunits from all over Russia, still arriving there, for the most part (and for the small part) are not needed in FIG. The days of checkpoints and sweeps are long gone. And people are torn from their places for six months, which actually weaken the forces of law and order in the regions.
  8. nycsson
    nycsson 19 March 2012 17: 14
    This information is thought-provoking !!! Is it possible to import it again ???
    1. Drednout
      Drednout 19 March 2012 17: 40
      There is no need for Sochi 2014 in the Caucasus, these morons with bombs. The sooner they are crushed, the better.
  9. biglow
    biglow 19 March 2012 17: 58
    this message was taken on the website of the militants and should not be trusted
    1. Drednout
      Drednout 20 March 2012 09: 58
      biglow, even on the site of militants there are many adequate people, not necessarily militants. There are certainly a lot of Wakhovian fanatics, but not the majority. If you have a "Caucasian knot" under the militants' website.
  10. zamanyha
    zamanyha 19 March 2012 18: 04
    We are all waiting for a tough approach to solving problems. Soul and thirst for blood want. Nurgaliev is a good decent man. Well, he doesn’t want to be tough. Believe me, if he needs to, he will do it and we will respect him for a peasant approach to business. But that’s not the point business ...!?!?!? Everyone in the Soul must understand that one must be responsible in their place. They set him up in Kazan and in general .... But ... probably Life at this stage forces him to be different in his place. can he handle it?
  11. Viking
    Viking 19 March 2012 18: 17
    Yeah. But I don’t think that units are permanently transferred from Chechnya to Dagestan. This is not a matter of one day or even not one week. Probably for some major operation.
  12. choice
    choice 19 March 2012 19: 51
    on kakase Yermolov is not enough, there would be more order.
  13. VadimSt
    VadimSt 19 March 2012 23: 18
    Quote: Drednout
    And about Rashid - well, you can’t remain with a clear conscience and without an answer for all the scandals in his office. If you are not responsible for the actions of subordinates, you cannot protect them from killers or from them - ordinary law-abiding people - either sit down or resign.

    Have you tried, at least, to instruct the team of shabashnikov?

    The point, after all, is not even in the person of the minister, but in the system of recruitment, training, organization of work and control of law enforcement agencies.
    As a rule, people go to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for several reasons:
    1. A true desire to fight crime. The motives are different, but, basically, they are the police dynasties, romanticism, as well as personally experienced events and dramas. There are few of them, and they often rarely take root in teams and are objectionable to the management. For the most part, all the "control" and repressive measures by the leadership are directed at them.
    2. Outright lazy people (the first in this group) who do not have a craving for both physical and mental work. The second, in this group, are those who, due to their moral qualities, were often humiliated by their peers, and wearing shoulder straps trying to realize themselves in a different light, under the guise of power. These employees, in the main, build the "weather", both in the system and in relations with citizens.
    3. Promoters - well, this is a special group. Children, various "persons", incl. and with a former criminal record. The most vile and corrupt category. But it is also the most promoted!

    And, the relocation, apparently, has ripened - the last time, only information from Dagestan is coming, they also apparently relocated but, earlier. True merit in this, just a group, not local law enforcement.
    1. Midshipman
      Midshipman 20 March 2012 00: 33
      I agree, it is not necessary to divide what is happening into black and white, maximalism is a sign of the immaturity of the psyche.
    2. Drednout
      Drednout 20 March 2012 16: 25
      VadimST: And, have you tried, at least, to supervise a team of shabashnikov?
      Of course, I did not try the team of shabashnikov, can share your experience?
      And they made him a minister from the Chekists. At this time, there are two "non-floodplains" - Shoigu (I have nothing against him) and respected Rashid. Do you have any credentials? It seems like the minister should have? Change the system of recruitment, control, "insert the piston" to a couple of lazy people to calm down the electorate, throw out a couple of thieves. If you want to prove to me that nothing depends on the leadership, it is useless.
      Now I lead the engineering service in the region (at first it was very similar to a team of co-workers) and I do not admit a mess.
  14. Nymp
    Nymp 20 March 2012 00: 17
    I hope in Dagestan will nevertheless restore order! If in order to restore discipline and order it is necessary to punish someone exponentially, then so be it, but not a mess and terror!
    1. Midshipman
      Midshipman 20 March 2012 00: 58
      In principle, it is necessary to punish exponentially, in the square at the confluence of television.
  15. Midshipman
    Midshipman 20 March 2012 01: 13
    To the designer of the Urals a fat plus - the hammer smokes nervously on the sidelines
  16. Igorboss16
    Igorboss16 20 March 2012 07: 14
    Cheto there apparently large is planned although who knows, we wish the fighters success drinks