Be afraid, Donbass, shudder, Russia: "De-occupation of Crimea is inevitable"

"After Poroshenko’s statement, everything fell into place and everyone fell from their seats. Stormy prolonged applause, turning into a standing ovation, the highest officials of almost all world powers welcomed the words of the Leader of the Nation, standing for thousands of years in defense of the borders of the vast European homeland. Thunder cry" Glory Ukraine - glory to the heroes "shook the walls of the hall with its English-Spanish-French pronounce. He was drowned out only historical "Zig Heil!" German delegation - affected almost a hundred years of training. "

Professor Freud put down the pen and, looking at the window, which had been picked up by the frequent grille, at the drizzling rain, thought: "Madhouse". And having made the final conclusion, I ordered: “Sister, in the ward No. XXUMX there are three cubes of sedatives. To each ... Yes, and wake the patient the Piglet - his delusions prevent me from concentrating."

The above is not at all fiction. On the contrary, an attempt to soften the accents and not to say that this is the normal atmosphere of a psychiatric hospital, in which each patient is immediately Napoleon, Spinoza and Margaret Thatcher - three in one bottle. The hospital, the size of half a million square kilometers. In which "the first to wear a robe is the doctor." And the first were the most violent patients.

Who sat down in the chair of the chief doctor, in addition to the pronounced psychosis aggravated by alcoholism, on Friday (though not 13, but 15, the number) was delivered by an outstanding speech. It is already obvious that since then he has not dried out - on the night of St. Michael's miracle (September 19) the "guarantor" wrote about half a billion dollars allocated by the United States for the purchase of lethal weapons. Plus, intelligence, plus money to repair cyborgs. Apparently the air of freedom and alcohol vapors struck the patient's unstable psyche.

And he began in a very suitable place - at the meeting of the “Yalta European Strategy”, for lack of Yalta, held in “Besarabka” - the market in the center of Kiev. Most of them place there - in the market.

“Ruddy women are treating balyk, wine and cocktails are pouring. Foreign guests are gathering,” said Yana Polyanskaya, an enthusiastic journalist for Radio Svoboda.

It makes no sense to assess the venue of the international summit - after all, the statements of the organizer and the main clown on this show are no less amazing. The head of the Kiev regime immediately declared that, under his wise leadership, a part of Ukraine controlled by Kiev is the border of a united Europe. By whom and when united, I forgot to clarify. And the fact that there was a certain “brexit”, and in two weeks a referendum on the state independence of Catalonia was to be held, the speaker clearly did not know at all.

But, following in the footsteps of the first Maidan president, Pan Yushchenko, who was unfrozen by the enemies, his bloody reincarnation declared that the mythical Ukraine has a "thousand-year mission." Apparently, the subconscious allusions on the theme of the Millennial Reich. Not for nothing, and the slogans are the same - "Nation above all else" and other Nazi bredyatina. Hitler saved Europe from "red Russia", this one saves simply from Russia. Forgetting that his regime on 28% this year increased trade not just with Europe, but with Russia, the Leader of the Nation vowed on a piece of bacon that the Russian road to Europe was blocked for them.

Europe can fall easy!

“Ukraine has de facto become the frontier of a united Europe. Today, again, we are fulfilling our thousand-year mission to defend our common European home from the threats that come from the East. With Moscow, you should always be prepared for the worst.”
This is why he spoke about the readiness for the worst, that I really want to shoot at the Russians. And not from anything defensive, like the Jewelin anti-tank complex, which the year has been asked for from the Yankees, but an offensive, modern one. Tactical missiles are fine.

Be afraid, Donbass, shudder, Russia: "De-occupation of Crimea is inevitable"

"I hope that this will not be just defense weapons, although this will significantly enhance our defenses. We do not want, we hate the idea of ​​attacking the enemy. We just want to confirm the fact that the aggressor will pay a much higher price if he violates the Minsk agreements and to attack my troops, this is absolutely fair. But we want peace and I am the president of the world. "
The president of the world is hinting at the Nobel Prize. And what - next to Yasser Arafat this one would look just perfect. And Gorbachev is on the right hand.

That this would be their "Wishlist" and limit. After all, Europeans are calm people, unaccustomed to the “galloping” of Kiev. They gallop in Europe is not in order. But no, "and here Ostap suffered":

"Dear friends of Ukraine, we are moving towards full membership in the European Union and full membership in NATO. Recent years have shown that this is a proper guarantee of Ukrainian independence, sovereignty and prosperity. Our vocation is to become the eastern border of European civilization and make our contribution to international European cooperation "We will become the engine of the continental economy."

I imagine how delighted not only the Germans with the French were, but also the Poles with the Czechs. hearing about the "engine". No, older people may remember that the Ukrainian SSR was one of the most economically powerful countries in the world in 25. But this one, headed by a half-serving speaker ..! Surviving solely through loans and gratuitous assistance to all - from money to used ambulances. Plundered the entire Soviet legacy. all created by generations of ancestors. Ditching space, aircraft building, armored, and thousands of other industries, dropping the standard of living below the baseboard in a controlled area. He has lost millions of citizens who run in droves that to Russia, that to the EU - if only he could be far away from here and forever.

The doctor should have been called, but the guests were too carried away by the buffet. And know Poroshenko nightingale poured. It turns out that a flock of friends is about to be created for the "de-occupation" of the Crimea, who together hold hands, pushing out all polite people with their beer tummies.

Yeah, it was already. They heard: "Crimea will be Ukrainian or deserted." I forgot Poroshenko, as in 2014, the year came to "de-occupy" the Crimea.

And who would have reminded the disease about the words of his great European friend (by the way, European Commission President) Jean-Claude Juncker, who just as 29 of August said literally the following: "Now there are wars in the world, and not one in Europe, Ukraine. But Ukraine is not a European country in the sense of belonging to the European Union. I saw my friend President Poroshenko say a few days ago that look, Ukraine is almost the EU and NATO. However, at the moment it is not neither to others and it is important that all they understood that. "

Agree, what is happening in the ward number XXUMX compared with this madhouse - a sample of normality.
Video of what happened on the Bessarabian market

28.02.14 video. Poroshenko in Simferopol

Involuntarily remembered Vysotsky -

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  1. jjj
    20 September 2017 15: 05
    In the photo, where Petro and PTRK look like Ilyich on a clean-up day
    1. +21
      20 September 2017 15: 14
      Well why the heck Ilyich offend.
      Bomzhara pulls the pipe into the chermet on the sober to hand over. lol
    2. +2
      20 September 2017 15: 57
      We just want to confirm the fact that the aggressor will pay a much higher price if he violates the Minsk agreements and attacks my troops, this is absolutely honest. But we want peace and I am the president of the world. "

      Tired of this cry of "Yaroslavna" about the aggressor, by golly, the boring and fixated life of Pedro. drinks
      1. +6
        20 September 2017 22: 20
        Swung to Russia:
        Be a "Muscovite" country!
        In Kiev sits a "mission"!
        He is with God, (who is Satan), on a par.

        And the diagnosis is "messiah"
        Solved without effort!
        In vain struggled for three days,
        Here's a thing to understand:
        Well "people" on the tune of a psycho,
        "She didn’t die yet ..." howls famously?
        He (the "people") doesn’t see whether -
        The president is seriously ill!
        He has "cretinism" ...
        Popular indifference?
        Well, they are scouring the country,
        What, will they give one more?
        What cookies for power ...
        However, brothers, your right!
    3. +1
      20 September 2017 23: 10
      Ilyich was engaged in useful work, and 'this' * censorship * ..
    4. +2
      21 September 2017 00: 15
      Only one difference. There Ilyich was a good judge.
  2. 0
    20 September 2017 15: 23
    Be afraid, Donbass, shudder, Russia: "De-occupation of Crimea is inevitable"

    Well, right, we all in Russia were scared and ran the diapers to change laughing
  3. +4
    20 September 2017 15: 26
    And the fat in the photo is good! Yes good
  4. +5
    20 September 2017 15: 42
    I don’t understand how our general staffists - why are we stubbornly breaking through the Donbass? Europe’s strongest army is concentrated there! it’s time to move something already from the Bryansk-Oryol direction, otherwise some aggression is unfinished, forgive me
    1. 0
      20 September 2017 22: 12
      OUR staff officers do not break anywhere. it’s the idea of ​​a race among the skiers that Russia attacked them and they “hold it back”, inflicting huge damage wassat
      and in nature, if Russia wants to conquer uraine, we have 20 hours to do it
      1. +3
        21 September 2017 07: 28
        smacks of hatred lol
        1. +1
          21 September 2017 08: 24
          Ukraine in 2000 had 4060 tanks; now 400 had 940 combat aircraft, 122 remained, etc. etc. about the state of this technology, I finally can not say anything! they can’t cope with the Donbass militia! and you about the REGULAR ARMY! Yes, with all the means of amplification + aviation, which Khokhlyatskaya on one hit. 3 divisions are enough to roll out all the APU in a pancake.
          1. +3
            21 September 2017 09: 35
            I'm all for it! good drinks
        2. 0
          25 September 2017 15: 05
          Demand for panic.
          1. +2
            25 September 2017 21: 58
            Would you like to push yourself in a gas mask?
  5. +1
    20 September 2017 15: 59
    It was always interesting, why did the amers have a craving for gigantism, but did the Hans have a “squareness” in arms?
    1. +3
      20 September 2017 21: 17
      Quote: Yarik
      It was always interesting why amers have a craving for gigantism,

      Because the complexes they have are clearly according to Freud.
      Quote: Yarik
      the chances of "square" in weapons

      Because the Germans are practical. A square is packed in a denser container.
  6. +4
    20 September 2017 18: 26
    Lenin at the cleanup was a symbol of building a peaceful country.
    Petro tube drags, like the chanting of war. All the difference.
    1. +1
      20 September 2017 22: 14
      and visual aid (layout) drags.
  7. +2
    20 September 2017 18: 57
    The collapse of world imperialism is inevitable And Petro is his faithful hirelings.
    1. 0
      23 September 2017 18: 24
      He is a slave to the Queen of England. All world presidents kiss the leg of the English queen so that she confirms them in office. Their discipline is tough. Behind her are Egyptian sorcerer priests. She does not hide that her family tree is from the pharaoh Aminhotep (the high priest). They openly worship Isis, Horus (Egyptian deities). Even ISIS was named after Isis. Warriors ISIS - Warriors of the goddess Isis.
  8. +1
    20 September 2017 19: 30
    Just like a scythe from "Gentlemen of Fortune" .. "I will buy a suit with the ebb and tide to Yalta" laughing so does Mr. Pedro, all in pairs in alcohol on the shoulder.
  9. +6
    20 September 2017 21: 34
    wassat Well, something like this !!!))) laughing laughing
  10. +1
    20 September 2017 22: 47
    Poroshenko in a real lump and with a training missile ... just somehow symbolic
  11. +1
    20 September 2017 23: 57
    He fulfills food from the master's table.
    1. 0
      25 September 2017 15: 08
      Well, these are fantasies, Poroshenko and the work of the concept are incompatible.