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Israel shows weapons of the future

The Weapons Development Directorate at the Ministry of Defense presents a number of developments that will soon enter service with the Israel Defense Forces, including modern drones, remote-controlled armored vehicles and reconnaissance submarines.

The ADW’s Arms Development Administration (Administration for the Development of Weapons) at the Israeli Ministry of Defense presented a number of modern developments to be put into service by the Israeli armed forces in the next few years.

All the new weapons for action on land, at sea and in the air, based on advanced technologies, will be able to revolutionize the way the Israeli army conducts future combat operations with the groups of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Israel shows weapons of the future

Unmanned Yasuron

Among the new developments presented was the Carmel armored fighting vehicle, which will be available in the form of tank Armored personnel carrier, armored personnel carrier and heavy engineering vehicle, a drone firing from heaven from small arms weapons, a smart rifle, firing only after a target is captured and unskilled submarines for intelligence gathering and mapping.

All of these new developments are in advanced planning stages, and some, such as the smart rifle, have even been handed over to the Israeli army, but have not been adopted yet. Other prototypes, such as the Carmel tank, will only be available live after three years.

Among the ADW developments that still need to be presented to the public are the Fast system, scattering thousands of small, hidden sensors for total control by reconnaissance vehicles from the air, and the Sky Eye drone, independently scanning the 10 km2 area for subsequent its reconstruction, for example, so that special forces could get accurate information about the ways of escape of the kidnappers.

Another system allows you to shoot down enemy drones in various ways: by means of electronic warfare, laser beams or fire from conventional weapons. The Department of Defense is developing real-time face recognition technology that will overcome a well-known flaw: pointing weapons at wanted suspects, walking in a crowd of people and trying to disguise their features with a beard, hat, etc.

Unmanned Submarines - AUV

Despite the fact that the lion's share of the flight hours of the Israeli Air Force is the merit of unmanned aerial vehicles, the pace of development of autonomous means for fleet still far from desired. In fact, the choice of uninhabited marine tools is scarce and relatively limited. But, as expected, a small autonomous and as a result uninhabited underwater vehicle (AUV) will change this situation. There are already quite a lot of models of such uninhabited underwater vehicles in the world, but the Israeli version is currently being developed in tandem with Ben-Gurion University.

Crewed submarine

The AUV is a miniature submarine used for observation and mapping, which can be launched either from the shore, or from an ordinary crew submarine or from a surface ship. AUV will be able to quickly sink almost vertically and move in any direction. According to the Ministry of Defense, the submarine will cost only one third of the cost of foreign analogues.

While work on the AUVA continues, a larger version, called the “Little Caesar” (Caesaron), is also being developed, which is in fact a real submarine with the exception that there is no crew on it. This larger option will be used for covert operations, such as intelligence gathering.

"Little Caesar"

Carmel - the tank of the future

After almost 15 years of idle talk and, ultimately, vain administrative work of defense structures in an attempt to find a replacement for the massive and lumbering Merkava tank in the form of a maneuverable armored vehicle, more suitable for a modern battlefield, finally this year a three-year plan was developed. the development of technological infrastructure for the new platform, named Carmel.

Carmel - the tank of the future

This next generation armored vehicle will be very different from the Merkava tank, it will serve as a platform for the BTR or other heavy engineering systems, replacing the current generation of Puma engineering vehicles.

Like the current Merkava Mark IV tank, the new Carmel armored vehicle will have a Trophy-style active defense system, allowing it to shoot down attacking anti-tank missiles. Under certain conditions, mainly at night, this BTR can become “invisible” to enemy sensors and radars, including through an electric auxiliary power unit. The Carmel platform will also have a gearless version.

In any case, its hybrid engine will be low noise and smaller in size. It will be easier to work on the new platform than on the Merkava tank, it will require a crew of about half the size of a modern tank, two people instead of four. Two operators will act almost like pilots, smart helmets will be quite possible to simulate the combat situation, and their owners will not need to physically look out of the car.

In the cockpit will be installed several large touch screens showing everything that the tank “sees” around, and representing its course based on information from smart cameras and enemy detection systems.

Carmel will be connected to the network along with other tanks in the zone, which will allow him to automatically protect not only himself but also the accompanying forces from the missiles.

Mortars and tank machine guns can be controlled with joysticks from the cockpit, while they will have unusually large vertical guidance angles, 60 and 80 degrees, if the crew chooses to fire a particular apartment in a nearby high-rise building.

As expected, the development of the tank will be completed in three years. Some of its proprietary technologies, however, will be “exported” to the army, since they are already ready, despite the fact that the development of the platform is ongoing.

Shooting drone

The testing laboratory of the Israeli army is already testing the capabilities of one of the most advanced weapon systems, which according to plans should be put into service no later than the end of 2017.

Shooting drone and not only

This relatively small drone carries some kind of small arms, resembling a shotgun or assault rifle, from which it leads a fairly accurate shooting, without putting Israeli soldiers at risk and surprising the enemy.

The Israeli start-up company, or, as it is fashionable to say today, a startup, develops this system slowly but surely, overcoming some of the inevitable problems, such as stabilizing the drone before firing, safe and quiet management of it and achieving maximum accuracy.

Smart rifle shoots just the right targets.

So far, ADW calls it a “smart shooter” (SMArt SHooter), but this development can have any number of nicknames. Without a doubt, she presents the infantryman with new revolutionary opportunities on the battlefield.

SMASH defines the goal

A group of former employees of the company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has developed a SMASH optical electronic system designed for the Tavor and М16 army assault rifles. This system should dramatically increase the likelihood of accurate destruction of the target in all firing modes. The system actually marks the actual target, and if, after pressing the button, the soldier chooses another target, he will not be able to shoot (pull the trigger). New development should reduce indirect losses among unauthorized persons and increase the probability of hitting a specific target. To date, the system tests have been successful.

Unmanned Yasuron

Israel Aerospace Industries has developed an ADW unmanned vehicle capable of flying at speeds up to 150 km / h and carrying loads up to 180 kg. Thus, it can be used for the logistics of troops, for example, for the delivery of ammunition, water, fuel and provisions, minimizing the slow and dangerous delivery on the ground.

Drone yasuron

This kopter has a range of more than 8 km, it can perform one task after another, while its internal combustion engine is working.

Aeronautics Defense Systems is simultaneously developing a drone designed for similar purposes, but having an electric motor powered by batteries and capable of carrying up to 90 kg at a speed of 75 km / h.

This drone will be able to deliver special cargo at low altitude for small formations conducting combat operations. After the introduction of two similar unmanned vehicles and their ability to perform their tasks, the ADW Office is currently considering the possibility of their further development and development of application patterns.

Robots for infantry and border protection

Remotely controlled vehicles (DUM) have been used in the Israeli army for many years, but they have not been widely used, but the Israeli fleet cannot boast of having a large number of remotely controlled surface and underwater vehicles.

Robots to help the infantry

One of the difficulties in operating DUMs in open areas, for example, in the mountains or on outcrops of rock, is to ensure the accuracy of firing. ADW is currently experiencing several DUMs at the same time, some of which have already been handed over to the army.

Director of the Arms Development Directorate - Brave Brigadier General Daniel Gold

These SAMs are used in a number of scenarios, such as engineering and logistics tasks, infantry support in urban combat conditions, and everyday border guard tasks.

"We are developing various types of weapons, including even the training of dogs for the Okets division, instead of buying them abroad," explained the director of ADW, General Daniel Gold. “We are trying to find solutions for the military, dealing with a variety of threats, from breaching the rule of law to protecting land borders and launching rockets, starting with the secret operations of the Israeli army to prevent the strengthening of the Hamas and Hezbollah groups and ending with total defense and preventive control of cyberspace.”

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  1. Engineer
    Engineer 20 September 2017 08: 39
    Something did not see here the weapons of the future. Is there no drones or drones in the Israeli army? Yes, more than any other. Submarines like these already exist in decent armies around the world. I do not even want to comment on such an attack on the side of the divine chariot. What else is there ... the collimator is smart, but, here it is what the future is. It is sad that the article does not really have weapons, which is the basis of the existence of Israel as a state in the future, on which tremendous money is spent, in the development of which Israel is deservedly a leader. The collimator is so a collimator.
    1. viktorch
      viktorch 20 September 2017 10: 51
      article about one press release, the Jews said that there is supposedly such, everything else is sucked by the author from the finger.
      ps about replacing merkav with caramel - this is strong, we are waiting for new breakdowns of the integument
      1. psiho117
        psiho117 20 September 2017 11: 14
        Quote: viktorch
        I don’t even want to comment on such an attack on the side of the divine chariot

        I do not think that they will refuse from Carrots, Namer and other cords. On the contrary, all current trends indicate the need for heavily protected equipment.

        And the presented universal 35t chassis is so far only a concept that is not designed to replace tanks at all.
        1. viktorch
          viktorch 20 September 2017 12: 02
          everything rushes with universal chassis, only really the rejection of MBT towards universals is still fantastic, in fact only the heavier MBT is visible,
          in relation to merkava, the question most likely sounds like this - how much heavier will be the new option.
    2. A. Privalov
      A. Privalov 23 September 2017 14: 27
      The fact is that the source did not speak about "weapons of the future", but only about "weapons for a future war." About two weeks ago, I already wrote about all of this, including some materials about the prospects for Israeli tank strength on
      Everything else, we leave on the conscience of the author. hi
  2. siberalt
    siberalt 20 September 2017 08: 42
    I wonder what will be the effect if over a swarm of Israeli copters fly a fighter in afterburner? winked
    1. Lex.
      Lex. 20 September 2017 12: 57
      Well, you and cards in hand forward!
    2. And Us Rat
      And Us Rat 20 September 2017 21: 02
      Quote: siberalt
      I wonder what will be the effect if over a swarm of Israeli copters fly a fighter in afterburner? winked

      Downed fighter. request
  3. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 20 September 2017 10: 13
    It’s really revealing, although the Jews achieved a lot thanks to the borrowing of new technologies of the West and, especially, the USA .. Our GDP is right in that we are far behind in labor productivity and show it only when the fried rooster pecks in one place. And it all depends on the corruption of officials and their dependence on self-interest and such evil spirits, which scream and wilt from the monument to the patriot-gunsmith Kalashnikov
    1. Arikkhab
      Arikkhab 20 September 2017 12: 11
      Borrowing new technologies of the West and especially the USA?
      Well, offhand ....
      If my memory serves me right, we are talking about a country with a population of 8 million (Muscovites laugh)
    2. Thronekeeper
      Thronekeeper 23 September 2017 20: 59
      Terrorist Popil Kickbacks moved from USA to Israel for permanent residence? Usually settled in the military-industrial complex ...
  4. Gogia
    Gogia 20 September 2017 10: 42
    An electro-tank from Israeli comrades ... Nu Nu ... I would like to see what happens to the electronics if I knock it from the nr-23 spark .... How cameras will work, like bullet-proof glass, etc. There is a proposal to make charges against these optical systems, even ordinary ones filled with aerosol, which settles on optics, for example, and if there are metal dust in the aerosol, we will see how such a technique can use its radars, and what stealth it will have ... The equipment goes on the march, and they begin to extinguish it with such RPG shells, but the active systems fire on the approach - the fuck of women and clouds of sticky and electrically conductive aerosols obscure optical systems and antennas - the fun begins immediately .....
    1. Curious
      Curious 20 September 2017 11: 55
      Everything new is well forgotten old. Remember how in the film "Maxim Perepelitsa" the soldiers stopped the tank, covering the optics with overcoats.
      Therefore, in the equipment of the infantryman, you just need to add a couple of spray cans of spray paint. We climbed onto the tank, quickly painted over the optics - everything, the tank is not operational. Evil and cheap.
      1. missuris
        missuris 20 September 2017 22: 12
        Well, you are already going too far) that you have soldiers that are so cheap so that you can paint optics with baloniki? =) the electric motor is plus it was run in Russia, quiet, the same battery from Tesla on Samsung cells will allow BPM to drive half a hundred km I think (Tesla in ideally half a thousand), cameras are now all weighted, because cameras are better than visors and windows, cameras can be poked a lot on the armor and there will be fewer holes in the walls of the bm, in a press release their advertising can be a big joke, the attack from new RPGs with 2 charges is not commented on, it’s the same when attacking a fuel truck from RPG in 100% of cases it will break out, because fragments from a grenade will fly, and what else is this red laser flying out of? what kind of game? the laser is not able to intercept the grenade now, will not have time to heat up, so small.
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Gary zucker
      Gary zucker 21 September 2017 21: 57
      Protection against this can also be thought up. The usual shell and armor fight will go. Offhand, cameras can be taught to hide at such a moment. Well, or like on ordinary cars, rear-view cameras are washed with a powerful jet. Only here, instead of washing the white spirit, pour it. The cameras themselves should be coated with some kind of aerophobic and dirt-repellent composition.
  5. Arikkhab
    Arikkhab 20 September 2017 12: 05
    And the massive and rumbling Merkava tank is not at all suitable for the modern battlefield? Especially in Israel
  6. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 20 September 2017 12: 31
    It was they who decided to cheer themselves up for the Israeli New Year? It has just come. On New Year, the Israelis are you. Live happily and for a long time, and do not harm the neighbors.
  7. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 20 September 2017 12: 45
    The point is no longer in these samples themselves, but in their introduction into army structures and combination with conventional weapons. When robots become familiar in combat units and standard, like regular infantry pieces, a turning point will come.
    1. Lex.
      Lex. 20 September 2017 13: 00
      When robots become familiar in combat units and standard, like regular infantry pieces, a turning point will come.
      Robots are controlled by the operator, so when it will not be necessary to manage, then another thing will be it in 50 years
      1. philosopher
        philosopher 21 September 2017 19: 49
        That's it. A revolution in the conduct of hostilities will occur when people cease to die on the battlefield. In the meantime, there is a crew in the tanks and the infantry itself covers the tank, which means nothing has changed in fact, just another modernization.
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 22 September 2017 12: 20
          I have unclearly formulated.
          The turning point will come when the first echelon turns into robots: reconnaissance, reconnaissance in battle, close combat.
          They will be followed by tanks to finish open firing points, and after them infantry to clean the area.
  8. Lex.
    Lex. 20 September 2017 12: 54
    Yes, the armata made everyone move
  9. Seba
    Seba 20 September 2017 18: 46
    Information slipped that from 2018, Israel will begin to develop MBT to replace Merkava. So carmel is not a replacement for MBT.
    1. viktorch
      viktorch 21 September 2017 11: 19
      Jews having seen enough armature, they can very well saw the merkava in the tonnage
  10. missuris
    missuris 20 September 2017 22: 14
    more toys to the gods of war)
  11. zasrailist
    zasrailist 25 September 2017 09: 15
    This will not save them.