Passion for George. Battle of symbols and meanings

In 2005, the St. George Ribbon public campaign started on the territory of the Russian Federation. The action was a success and became traditional, timed to coincide with the annual celebration of Victory Day on May 9. Striped ribbon is now a recognizable symbol. She is not only celebrated with her. They fight with her, they make motor rallies with her and climb Elbrus, write poems about her and write songs, pensioners receive it by mail; film festivals, photo exhibitions and even space flights are dedicated to her. The action is blessed by the patriarchs and bishops, supported by millions of Russians, the government and the president. Promotions and flash mobs are held, nails, dogs and bio-toilets decorate the image with ribbons. It is used in advertising and caricatures ... And almost from the very beginning of the action, the dispute over the name of the tape has not stopped.

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    19 September 2017 14: 33
    Friends, there is no "Passion for George." “Passion” is according to Matthew, according to Luke, according to John and according to Mark. Literate ...
  2. +2
    19 September 2017 14: 39
    with the image of a ribbon decorate nails, dogs and dry closets.

    common sense should be, show at least a little respect for the tape
  3. +4
    19 September 2017 14: 48
    Request for commentators - first watch the video. The topic is not a joke and is directly related to where the society is going.
    And it goes somewhere wrong.