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The US contingent in Afghanistan will increase by 3 thousand.

As the RIA News, a representative of the United States Department of Defense Michael Andrews announced a planned increase in the number of US troops in Afghanistan by more than 3 thousand troops, to 14 thousand people.

We will not say where they will be sent, because we do not want the enemy about our plans.

- Andrews explained.

(c) Staff Sgt. Alexander W. Riedel

The Pentagon has been granted the right to increase the number of troops within 4, thousand people.

At the end of 2016, the number of troops in Afghanistan was approximately 8,4 thousand, and as of August of this year, 11 thousand. The maximum number reached 100 thousand.
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  1. Firework
    Firework 19 September 2017 14: 04
    The maximum number reached 100 thousand.
    this is not enough!
    1. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 19 September 2017 14: 13
      Quote: Salute
      this is not enough!

      The Pentagon has been granted the right to increase the number of troops within 4, thousand people.
      - And the Pentagon, in addition to increasing its number, is capable of anything else?
    2. Simon
      Simon 19 September 2017 14: 25
      Let them stick to Agan! So they solve unemployment in America. How to get rid of excess people only through Afghanistan! laughing
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 19 September 2017 14: 46
      Now the new 3 thousand will guard the old 100 thousand. bully
    4. Maz
      Maz 19 September 2017 18: 21
      Well, the Taliban have guns in their hands, rockets on their shoulders, mines in the ground. So many goals at the training ground. Shoot straight - I do not want to.
  2. Skay
    Skay 19 September 2017 14: 05
    Reinforcing American "farmers".
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 19 September 2017 19: 07
      Quote: Skay
      Reinforcing American "farmers".

      No, American scientists to help Afghan farmers
  3. midshipman
    midshipman 19 September 2017 14: 06
    Few, we will wait in numbers equal to the 40th Army of the USSR Ministry of Defense. And then they will trample them. I have the honor.
  4. Dezinto
    Dezinto 19 September 2017 14: 07
    Something about the expensive maintenance of the UN Trump is very worried. And here - "yes please, take the money in the nightstand" ...
  5. Simon
    Simon 19 September 2017 14: 18
    What, the soldiers began to run out, the lack of Amer’s "cannon fodder" began! laughing
  6. Now we are free
    Now we are free 19 September 2017 14: 21
    I liked how V.V.P. recently said if the United States gives Ukraine lethal weapons, then ... Then the leaders of LDNR will find in their warehouses weapons that they, in turn, will transfer to countries / movements / organizations that are at war with the United States. So, soon in Afghanistan, the US contingent and countries from their political harem may start to have problems (and maybe not even small ones). Yes, and it is necessary to settle accounts with "probable partners" for their assistance to the Taliban during the "Afghan war." Now the Taliban are perfectly at war against the "former sponsors."
    It should be noted that even a US project such as ISIS could not take root in Afghanistan, the Afghans have a strong immunity to both communism and capitalism and radical Islamism, which the US is openly propagating. Such conflicts where the “Former Hegemon” will not be kicked only by the lazy (with the help / sponsorship) of two or even three unnamed states, there will be more and more on the planet (and the United States themselves understand this perfectly well) not in vain for 2018 the US defense spending will be more than $ 700 billion, unlike this year (more than $ 500 billion). However, this picture will not change, the Roman Empire, for example, began to collapse, not because it did not have money for the troops (pay for mercenaries), but because it degraded / weakened from the inside within the walls of the holy senate. I think the analogy with the modern madhouse of internal political / foreign policy that is happening in the USA is not necessary ...
  7. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 19 September 2017 14: 46
    This is not even funny. Everyone leaves and leaves Afghanistan and cannot get out of it, on the contrary, more and more meat is being sent.
    Although - a flag in hand. The more they get stuck there, the calmer in other regions.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 19 September 2017 19: 08
      Quote: Corsair0304
      Although - a flag in hand. The more they get stuck there, the calmer in other regions.

      I will venture to suggest that to create a corridor for ISIS in Central Asia winked
  8. Bert
    Bert 19 September 2017 17: 55
    We have been trying there for 10 years to fix something. Now the Americans have stepped on the same rake. By the way, we were there because otherwise the Americans would have entered there. Well, the Americans came in, what's next?