"West-2017." What they think and say in Poland

The teachings of "West-2017" is now in full swing. Perhaps only lazy did not refuse their discussion / condemnation and other things. Here you and good military experts, both Western and Eastern. Not very good military experts, the creation of which is more like a stuffing than sound analytics or a review of the situation. And, of course, "sofa experts" of all stripes. Including ordinary citizens on the seemingly ordinary resources, express their point of view. Familiar, is not it?

We got acquainted with some of the Internet sites, famous and not, and saw what ordinary Poles write about the “West-2017” doctrine.

And let's begin, perhaps, with the notorious Polish "Gazeta Vyborcha". This is a Polish daily social-political newspaper that has been published since 1989. The newspaper was created to support the independent trade union "Solidarity", and therefore enjoys sufficient support and loyalty of the population. Seen in forcing mass hysteria about passing exercises on the territory of Belarus and Russia. But with user comments is not so simple.

An article from 13 September 2017 of the year entitled “Początek manewrów Zapad 2017 przy polskiej granicy. Rosja pręży muskuły "(" The beginning of the maneuvers "West-2017" on the Polish border. Russia squeezes the muscles ") can boast a little controversy. The user with the nickname alakyr1 writes:

"A good discussion of the WEST maneuvers can be found in the September issue of the monthly Military Report (Report). You can find out where that cosmic difference between the declared participants of the exercises and the data submitted through Minister von der Lein comes from.

In the spring, someone discovered that the Russian armed forces ordered 4500 cars, but they forgot to check for what and when. It turned out that this is an order for all armed forces for the entire 2017 year throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. So the trick is that these are wagons for the 2017 West, classic fake news.

As for the objectives of maneuvers, they are very plausible and realistic. NATO, mainly through Poland, has been trying to destabilize the situation in Belarus for several decades. For decades, finances the opposition and organizes its actions. Suffice it to recall Anzhelika Boris (head of the Warsaw-recognized Union of Poles of Belarus, recognized by Warsaw, but note of the author) and attempts to overthrow Lukashenko through organized demonstrations after the last presidential elections. If I were Belarusians and Russians, I would train and train; there was no such threat from NATO yet. "

Naturally, the author of such a message is gaining a bunch of dizlays and angry comments.

Majak: "@alakyr1 if you can't troll, you can learn how to style hair, tiles, sidewalks. There is a chance for success."

Legeh: "@alakyr1 and you can add the traditional" this is not a Russian army. "We already know. And then" Our Crimea !! Ours is Lithuania! Ours is Latvia! "Do you have little land in the country? Such a big country, and all of them are few Ugh, makes me disgusted. "

In general, everything is predictable. We have such comments, dialogues, too, unfortunately, not uncommon. The voice of reason and banal logic is silenced by the banal unwillingness to delve into and think. And from this most problems. A few more comments:

Pag1951: “We are not afraid, we have a territorial defense, through which, according to the Minister of National Defense, no special forces will slip through.”

It is believed that the Poles do not really want to check this postulate.

Saintjustintimberlake: “Russia, as usual, is going to help, and if possible, it will send and kill 20 thousand people. With such a friend and enemies are not needed. "

The user has a short memory, I forgot to see who threw his homeland in 1939.

These are the opinions that were voiced on the eve of the beginning of the exercises, there are actually many more of them, but it is not possible to bring everything.

Three days later, on the same site there is another article entitled “Manewry Zapad 2017. Rosyjskie czołgi zmierzają na Białoruś, mają uderzyć 17 września”, which means “Maneuvers“ West 2017 ”. Russian Tanks are heading to Belarus to be there by September 17th. ”

A sort of thin trolling in Polish. For those who forgot / did not know / listened: 17 September 1939, the Red Army troops crossed the border with a state that no longer existed. At this time, the Polish government urgently fled abroad. And the citizens of Gazeta Vyborcha decided to make analogies in this way. It is not entirely correct and appropriate if we remember whose actions led to the tragic events of September 1939, but this is a topic for another discussion. And we let's see the comments. Already unknown to us, alakyr1 continues its crusade against brainwashing and ignorance, give him the word:

“As it is easy for the Pole to turn, Pan Choczobut knows this well, I suggest that you also indicate the time of the attack, and this will certainly be the hour when Molotov signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. To increase rage, you can also write that the weather was the same as in September 1939. What kind of nonsense.

Healthy sarcasm to survive in the world of idiots. There is nothing more to add. The remaining comments can in principle be described as identical. For example:

Slain: “17 September? I have a sense of deja vu. ”

walerystof: "Military losses must pay for two September." A hint that Poland wants to recover reparations from the Russian Federation, as before, but without success, tried to withdraw money from Germany.

Kniaz: “I hope that our divisions in the east are already warming up the engines ...”

Barxxl: “I wonder if NATO military experts will use these maneuvers to accurately analyze the strategy and equipment of the Belarusian-Russian forces?”

On the site wiadomosci.wp.pl.

The user with the nickname Logik writes a comment on the phrase "The answer must be given to the maneuvers of Russia."

“I did not know that the answers were given earlier, and several times. Such exercises have happened with us many times. Only this year thrice. ”

It is not a secret that since the beginning of the year a number of military exercises of various sizes took place on the territory of Poland and the Baltic states. This is the saber weapons and the threat to national security. And it is not surprising that Russia is taking adequate measures.

Polak normalny: “In the end, it is the United States that wants war, attacks and destroys sovereign states, organized massacres where they wanted. Russia does not want war, does not conduct war, but must be prepared for war, because the Washington terrorist and colleagues from the EU surround her. Bases and garrisons. Think and do not write nonsense.

Using the example of these statements, it can be seen that there is no consensus among the Poles about the “West 2017” exercises. Part of the population, not wanting to understand, writes angry comments and only aggravates the situation. The part that still writes rational things does not go through moderation, since comments can make people think differently, but according to the modest opinion of the author of the same newspaper Vyborcha, this is not necessary. Or is this part drowning in hundreds of completely faceless and stupid messages. A similar situation can be observed also on the Russian and Belarusian resources. And it is too well organized to look / appear spontaneous and emanating exclusively from people.

The Internet is a battlefield of the 21st century.

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  1. +6
    20 September 2017 06: 40
    You should not pay attention to the nonsense that the Poles, the Balts and other American licking! negative Every day more and more stupidity and lies, only yesterday the Polish Minister of Defense pawed up the following: "The exercises will continue, now with the use of nuclear weapons and the development of their use, this was not included in the training program!" Such a normal and adequate person would say, much less occupying such a position! fool
    1. +4
      20 September 2017 09: 28
      Quote: Sergey-svs
      Such a normal and adequate person would say, much less occupying such a position!

      “The more monstrous the lie, the sooner the layman will believe in it” (J. Goebbels). fool
      1. +2
        20 September 2017 09: 58
        Lelek Today, 09: 28
        “The more monstrous the lie, the sooner the layman will believe in it” (J. Goebbels). fool

        ... and works to this day ...
        1. +1
          20 September 2017 14: 43
          Quote: aszzz888
          and works to this day.

          Hey. It does not just work, but has become the foundation of the ideologies of many countries, especially from the former socialist camp and in the post-Soviet space. And after all, what is the most paradoxical, if you start to behave in their own way, then you are a liar, bullshit, a vicious element that requires worldwide condemnation, and if you do not accept their tactics and cut the truth, you are not tolerant, angry, aggressive. Conclusion (IMHO) - do not give a damn about opinions and choose the second position. "... praise and slander were received indifferently and do not dispute the fool ..." Yes
    2. +2
      20 September 2017 10: 00
      Sergey-svs Today, 06:40
      You should not pay attention to the nonsense that the Poles, the Balts and other American licking!

      ... this is a fact - our health is not enough for everyone, so we need to separate the seed from the husk ...
    3. +5
      20 September 2017 10: 42
      The Internet is a battlefield of the 21st century.

      This is exactly Yes One fool will say hundreds fool they repeat after him. laughing
  2. +6
    20 September 2017 06: 57
    Moscow understands the concerns of the United States and its vassals in Eastern Europe over the Russian-Belarusian military exercises in Belarus and promises that the next exercises will be held far from Poland and the Baltic countries. Say in Cuba.
    1. 0
      20 September 2017 11: 39
      Together with the PLA, to work out the landing of troops there ... wink
      1. 0
        20 September 2017 11: 52
        Yeah, to the base of Guantanamo.
  3. +5
    20 September 2017 07: 09
    The Internet is a battlefield of the 21st century.
    “Better to wave your fists here than on the battlefield!”
  4. +4
    20 September 2017 08: 57
    These Poles are funny. Give an answer to Russia. How? Again to London the government to emigrate?
    1. +2
      20 September 2017 09: 41
      so, go, the plane is already in pairs - and then suddenly it really is
      1. 0
        24 September 2017 16: 09
        They are now afraid (after the Smolensk birch) to fly by air). Once again, probably, the evacuation will be the sea!)))
  5. +1
    20 September 2017 13: 14
    In Poland and on the Internet, these are “two big differences”. British scientists have proved that no more than 1,5 ... 2% of the population are capable of thinking, another 5 ... 7% think what they think. The rest can shoot themselves if forced to think.
    1. 0
      21 September 2017 05: 43
      British scientists? !!! laughing
      1. 0
        22 September 2017 00: 51
        Yes. It is thanks to British scientists that we have an objective science.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. +1
    20 September 2017 23: 41
    The sense of inferiority has reached universal proportions!

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