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Walls: one is large, others are not. Infographics

Ukrainian taxpayers spent fabulous money on the construction of the so-called "Walls", which is a wire fence on the border between Russia and Ukraine. In three years, the 400 km of fence was built. Compare this wall with other famous in the world.


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  1. Observer2014
    Observer2014 21 September 2017 08: 13
    What pennies and officials with a desire to master the budget. Such and walls.
    By the way, they say the Chinese wall of the stairs to climb the wall from the outside of China has. What does not modest speculation suggest this wall from whom was it from?
    1. pvv113
      pvv113 21 September 2017 10: 31
      I also came across an article that this wall is not for the protection of China, but for protection from China
    2. Glory1974
      Glory1974 21 September 2017 23: 45
      and I read at Bushkov that she didn’t exist at all. There is a remake in the Beijing area, everything else looks more like a man-made hill along the border.