HRW - to Kiev: Investigate the episodes of abductions and torture of people by the Ukrainian special services

International organization Human Rights Watch, positioning itself as a human rights advocate, has published a regular report on the human rights situation in Ukraine. The report says that the Security Service of Ukraine practices abductions and torture of people. A specific example is the fate of 29-year-old Daria Mastikasheva.

The report says that Mastikashev, together with a citizen of Ukraine living in Moscow, arrived in the Dnipropetrovsk region (Kamenskoye village), where the 10-year-old son and mother of Darya live. 15 August Mastikasheva was abducted by the Ukrainian special services. 17 August head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak said that a criminal case under the article on treason was opened against the detainee. Mastikasheva under torture gave "confessions".

HRW - to Kiev: Investigate the episodes of abductions and torture of people by the Ukrainian special services

Hugh Williamson, Director of Human Rights Watch Europe and Central Asia:
Ukrainian authorities should immediately investigate allegations of unlawful detention and torture of Mastikasheva. In Ukraine, both torture and other forms of ill-treatment are documented, supported by impunity (for Ukrainian special services) for such abuses (powers).

Mastikasheva told the lawyer that the 16 of August abductors put her in a car and took her to the office of the SBU in the administrative center of Dnipropetrovsk region. She was held at the headquarters of the Security Service of Ukraine for several hours and then taken to a parking place. The officers of the SBU searched the car and found grenades, explosives, fuses, maps of Russian cities and other documents and memory cards that did not belong to it and which were not in the car before. They took her back to the SBU building, keeping the night in the remand prison. Subsequently, under torture, she was forced to declare that she was “an FSB agent sent to Ukraine for sabotage”.
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  1. +5
    16 September 2017 05: 55
    Funny to investigate, they will flog themselves.
    1. Maz
      16 September 2017 06: 17
      These sho, Donetsk sho, only different clothes and speech
      1. +1
        16 September 2017 08: 02
        Tried and released? What kind of torture is this?
        1. +3
          16 September 2017 12: 10
          Tried and released?
          stop As for the "released", the article does not say anything!
        2. +1
          16 September 2017 15: 01
          Quote: Sentry73
          Tried and released?

          as we said: "Kapustin, in .... m - let go!" )))
      2. +4
        16 September 2017 09: 43
        What are you talking about? Which Donetsk?
        1. +1
          16 September 2017 15: 01
          Quote: LiSiCyn
          Which Donetsk?

          which in the DNI
          1. +2
            17 September 2017 03: 31
            Quote: verner1967
            Quote: LiSiCyn
            Which Donetsk?

            which in the DNI

            And what is often detained there, especially women (on far-fetched charges) and tortured, knocking out testimonies?
            1. +2
              17 September 2017 06: 30
              Quote: LiSiCyn
              and tortured by knocking out evidence?

              you know yes. And these are not just words, a relative suffered from them at one time, and was not at all involved in business. He is for the DNI from the very beginning, it’s just a “mistake” and he spent more than a week in the basement. Arm fracture, hematomas, mild concussion. Well, or the sensational case of the abduction and murder of a 17-year-old schoolboy from Kramatorsk Stepan Chubenko. The bandit regime there.
    2. +3
      17 September 2017 03: 22
      Like a non-commissioned officer widow, what has she flown herself? ... so on ukakaine then Sashko Bily will shoot his own head a couple of times - a sort of masochist, however. Before him, the former SBU or MVD general, who was investigating the case of Gongadze’s head, also brutally committed suicide - three bullets in the chest and a control in the head. ... Well, after all, all the time they accuse the militias that they, too, see masochists, are shooting themselves from the Ukropin guns! Features of national self-striking, mabud?
  2. +3
    16 September 2017 06: 04
    HMR runs the risk of losing content .. And about this case .. in short and will be rewarded to them ..
    1. +2
      16 September 2017 06: 10
      Well, well, they beat their own so that others would be afraid. The woman was tortured.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. +4
    16 September 2017 06: 25
    Well, given the fact that the SBU is directly led by Americans, for whom all Slavs are enemies, it is clear why there, in the SBU, torture is put on stream.
  5. +4
    16 September 2017 06: 41
    ... the Ukronazists and do not need to learn from anyone ... earlier, during the Second World War, the Bandera and the Upashists had their own method of knocking out "testimonies" .... the campaign "veterans" willingly share their experience without past ... angry
    1. +1
      16 September 2017 07: 40
      Quote: aszzz888
      the campaign "veterans" willingly share with the experience of previous years ...

      these “veterans” are generally the heirs of the KGB, but otherwise, the GB (as the heirs of the NKVD) has extensive experience in “extracting” confessions from suspects.
      1. +3
        16 September 2017 07: 45
        Today, 07:40 ↑ these "veterans" are actually the heirs of the KGB,

        ... in general, I gave comets regarding the “bezpeka”, the so-called security service of Bandera .....
        - Bandera's Bezpeka’s Service, with its cruelty, terrified ... the Bezpeka’s service, which was headed by Deputy Bandera Nikolai Lebed. ... started from the first days of World War II .... something like that hi
        1. +1
          16 September 2017 07: 50
          Quote: aszzz888
          Actually, I gave comets with respect to Bezpeka,

          I understand you perfectly, but I, in general, about the SBU veterans, the heirs of the KGB, something like that hi
          1. +3
            16 September 2017 07: 52
            Quote: verner1967
            , but I, actually, about the SBU veterans, the heirs of the KGB, something like that

            Something like this is lying. For the SBU is not the heir to the KGB, but the heir to the Security Council of the OUN.
            1. +1
              16 September 2017 07: 56
              Quote: Pancir026
              Something like that, lying.

              actually I talked to aszzz888
              well, if you have his lawyers, I’ll explain, and the members
              Quote: Pancir026
              SB OUN
              also studied at the higher school of the KGB of the USSR? fool
              1. +3
                16 September 2017 08: 10
                Quote: verner1967
                actually I talked

                Yes, it’s kind of violet to me. But lying, an ungracious juggler in words, is not a trace.
                SBU, heir to the Security Council of the OUN. For all its deeds and actions.
                1. +1
                  16 September 2017 08: 40
                  Quote: Pancir026
                  SBU, heir to the Security Council of the OUN. For all its deeds and actions.

                  and according to your wet dreams, but this is not a document ....
                  1. +3
                    16 September 2017 09: 41
                    Quote: verner1967
                    and according to your wet dreams

                    they are your .. change the bed.
                    1. +1
                      16 September 2017 14: 59
                      Quote: Pancir026
                      they are your .. change the bed.

                      ha, the poor have no servants themselves change.
                      1. +1
                        16 September 2017 15: 14
                        Quote: verner1967
                        the poor have no servants themselves change.

                        Are you a beggar? Work hard.
                  2. +3
                    17 September 2017 03: 17
                    A little not exactly - the SBU is the heir to the Gestapo, dearest.
  6. +2
    16 September 2017 06: 47
    And these ... led by strip-eared, they "broadcast" something for "legitimacy" ... The shores have long been lost, well, "recognition is the queen of evidence"! "Bloody Gebnya" is just about them ...
  7. 0
    16 September 2017 07: 22
    Human Rights Watch

    I am very suspicious of this organization, because biased to the bone marrow. But in this case, I fully support her conclusions on Ukraine. But who will investigate what?
  8. 0
    16 September 2017 08: 19
    One word - scum. What they wanted to prove to these and to whom.
  9. +1
    16 September 2017 08: 44
    Yes, no one will investigate anything until Russia completely gets rid of such as a former member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Bandera, Narusova. All these Narusovs, Novodvorsky and Yavlinsky have always hushed up and erased all cases of genocide of the Russian people in the former republics of the scoop.
  10. 0
    16 September 2017 09: 20
    What to do when people have no conscience?
  11. +1
    16 September 2017 09: 27
    Yes, they lied to all sorts of calls
  12. +1
    16 September 2017 14: 38
    the defenders of Ukraine’s “rights” are teaching the SBU, the CIA, it has long been known how these "democrats" interrogate prisoners around the world, Ukrainians are not used to such methods of interrogation, genes, and Bandera.
  13. +1
    16 September 2017 20: 35
    Quote: Pancir026
    Are you a beggar?
    the address was wrong: "You all came out of the people, children of the working-class family ..." in general: "who was nobody, he remains nobody .." Goodbye!
  14. +4
    17 September 2017 03: 15
    Yeah! Now the GPU scoop will investigate the speed of the SBU mashrochki !!! Well, the Europeans made fun. It's like instructing Muller to investigate torture in the Gestapo! And Heydrich - a violation of the rights of prisoners Auschwitz! Or naive to idiocy, or ...

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