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Baltic Park "Patriot" instead of a sovereign country

Sometimes I wonder: how did we live before? Without all these means of communication ... Without computers, without smartphones and other gadgets ... How easy it is today to organize an international drunk ... conference. He sat down on the sofa, set a glass in front of him ... tea and called a friend from some Honduras. Everything. And if you add more from other countries? What is not a forum?

Although, on the other hand, there are downsides. It seems all together, and everyone drinks and bites his. No sincerity. And there is no dispute. About politics there. Or economy. Here before. You take half a liter, and into the yard. And there is already the whole color of the neighborhood. Discuss the internal political life of Zimbabwe. No one even knows where this Zimbabwe is located, but what controversies ... Beauty! Even the collars of shirts crack ... That's always the case. We find something, but we lose something.

So I found this weekend. Here is how it was. We gathered at the symposium. International. Each "report". Well, depending on your health and wallet. Only the first question was "discussed", an unwelcome guest appears. My friend. Very good. Once, in Soviet times, they lived nearby. Then he drove home to Lithuania. And from there to Germany. Well, nothing to do. I had to connect to an important international summit.

And he told me about the last article right away. Well, about the summer sufferings of grandfather Fedot. "I," he says, "is also at the dacha now." What is a summer house in Germany? And he said: "I am in Lithuania. I now have a whole country became a dacha. Silence. Rest. Old men and old women wander. There are no factories for you. Clean air. So I come for a weekend break from German vanity."

And my memories flooded. We had summer cottages nearby. So already at that time my neighbor had a vein of a businessman. That's what you see on the walls of your cottages? Something like a "wicked dog"? In the best case with the sequel: "And the cat is a moron"? And in the last century, he had an announcement of a business project: "A watchman with a gun, loaded with salt, will help everyone to improve the level of skill of parkour!"

I confess that I don’t know about those who want to improve their skills in parkour, but I know that the chairman of the partnership offered him a job as a watchman several times. By the way, he also weaned everyone away from fitness. I went to the gym somehow. I looked. "Well, yes. Biceps swing. Press. Well done! At your age, normal men already pump oil from their own wells ..." That's it. No fitness, no oil.

And how he transferred the self-sufficiency partnership to us. Fairy tale. Sorry, but I can not resist. I'll tell you.

In Soviet times, we were at the very border of the reserve. Then only the animals lived. It is clear that the road was made normal. Equipped more or less. And then bam, restructuring. Reserve "shriveled". And after us, for the "new Russians", we started to give land. And let's build those palaces. And most importantly, on our road drive. Break the public road with their "Mercedes".

And our Lithuanian offered them "to break off the horns." To put the barrier and take the money for the fare. From a passenger car hundred. Well, with a truck in general five hundred. There is an alternative. Or on our good road 3 km to go with payment. Or on the local road 12 km. You understand ... Well, then we had a life! Someone "on the barrier" sat down. Someone began to work on new cottages. Someone on the contrary, became the owners of those cottages in firms ... All in business. All is well ... Someone at a dacha had any own business - he quit. Money themselves in the hands of the rod.

It was good until we re-elected the chairman of the partnership. He convinced our pensioners that they were being robbed. We need to take more money. Well, they increased the fee three times. Then another two. And then we were sent ... not in words. Simply, these same "new Russians" built their own road. So that we do not pay ... "Zaryvalsya" we are with fares. Hmmm ...

I remembered everything for this: after all, we talked for a long time afterwards with my Lithuanian friend. He told me a lot. Something I give him. So, like when you call from your wife. "Hello, can you talk?" - I can. - "Then listen!"

History in general, no different from our villa. In the same way it was. Only the “new Russians” were the new Russia. We also had to import and export goods to the West. A "road" was built. We also agreed to pay. In the same way, the “new chairman” did not start “burrowing” ...

We have a region that, by virtue of a change in the political map of Europe, has become an enclave. A piece of Russia, which in itself. Kaliningrad. Here we need a “road” to this territory. In addition to all these export-import "problems". Russia is big and different. But this is Russia.

We traveled back and forth without much difficulty through Lithuania. The first "bell" sounded in 2003 year. It was then that the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry introduced new rules for the transit of Russians to Kaliningrad. Remember, probably, the servicemen were forbidden to travel on identity cards, they began to demand a passport. In addition, all obliged to issue a special transit visa. And with 2005, they stopped letting them pass on their regular civil passports. It became necessary to issue medical insurance and fill out customs declarations.

No, I certainly understand that Vilnius cared about the Russians. Agree, it may be true that life was a success when, leaving home, to have dinner at a cafe, you take with you a passport just in case. Suddenly want to dine somewhere in the Maldives? .. Only annoying it sometimes.

Well, ordinary citizens. We are accustomed to the fact that simple is not particularly cared for. But the Lithuanians on the holy encroached. On business! They raised tariffs. And they threatened, threatened, threatened ... Just like we in our garden partnership.

So what is next? Then we can still hear or read the daily attacks on us, the aggressors. And how many exercises in recent years in the Baltic States held? Yes, and placed four NATO battalions ... At the exercises, by the way, NATO is working on the blockade of the enclave. In 2016, Lithuanian security forces rehearsed the detention of escaped passengers of a transit Russian train. According to the scenario of the exercise, the Russians, having left the cars, tried to raise a rebellion in the Republic of Lithuania.

Lost Lithuanians, just as we once did, that you can ask as much as you want. And for everything. Only now, to the one from whom you ask, at a certain moment, it doesn’t matter how much to give, little or a lot. That's exactly how Russia is today ...

We built our ports. Very little is left until the moment when we simply stop using the “road” through Lithuania. Someone with a bad memory, I remind you that in the 90-s, our, Russian ports (St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Vyborg, Vysotsk) could cover only a quarter of Russia's export needs. We paid up to a billion dollars to the Baltic states for transit per year. Normal earnings ...

I don’t know if this is a historical fact, but the old men say that the once wise Diogenes went to the market for food. He returned, but no barrels. So, they say, it was after this incident, he became a great sage. But nothing cost a little bit to think. Tara, she was in ancient times tara. Necessary thing. And transit will only be saved when it is profitable for both parties.

The Lithuanians did the same. When we built the port in Ust-Luga for 5 years (2007-12), when we built the Primorsk oil-loading port for 6 years (2000-06), it was possible to begin to "wise"! And what did we see? In March, 2014, the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius accused us ... of "the deliberate blockade of cargo traffic through the Klaipeda trade port"!

I once witnessed such a conversation. "Vasya, do not put a bottle of gasoline near the fire." - "No, well, you and savage. Do not be so superstitious ..." The tent then these two burned. This is what I? And besides, even last year, the head of Transneft announced a complete cessation of transit through the Baltic States ... We will no longer "put our own bottles of gasoline" in Lithuania. The port will not burn ...

As there, the cat is scratching ... So, the Baltic States scraped and something else. Since January Gazprom has been building a terminal for receiving liquefied gas with a capacity of about 2017 billion cubic meters of gas per year in the Kaliningrad Region. The first phase will be built soon. More this year. And what does it mean? And this means the transfer of the transit gas pipeline Minsk-Vilnius-Kaunas-Kaliningrad to the category of scrap metal. Unless, of course, we do not make an offer from which we can not refuse ...

And what remains there? Baltic locomotive? And for a couple of years we will start it on a new route. Ust-Luga - Baltiysk. Railway route with elements of the sea cruise! Modern and creative. Directly by train to the ferry boat and off you go. Beauty!

True, while it is a dream. There are only two old ferry, "Baltiysk" and "Ambal". They can not even transfer 15% of goods. In the year both vessels can take on board no more than a million tons. And you need 7 millions! So, we will build ferries. At least six more. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has already given such instructions in August of this year.

I here read the opinion of one intelligent person on this issue. Not lazy, copied. So, Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Zharikhin:

“For Russia, it is preferable to ship its goods through its own ports, and not through the Baltic countries, which are members of NATO and the European Union and conduct a rather hostile policy towards us. It makes no sense to share profits with them, so much work has been done to form our own transshipment base on the Baltic Sea. Moreover, there is a risk of introducing additional sanctions. The loss of Russian transit will be a big disadvantage for the Baltic states. But even if they make some concessions, it makes no sense for Russia to return to their ports, spending a lot of money and energy on building their own terminals in the Baltic. The train is gone forever. ”

I do not want to ascribe to themselves other people's thoughts. These are Lithuanian thoughts about Latvia. “Today, probably, following the example of Russia, we are building the Patriot park. But considering the lack of territory for such a project, we are building all over the country. Well, we’ll compensate for the lack of our own army and military equipment with NATO. And now I will have a Homeland not a dacha ", NATO Patriot Park ... It's sad, but it has already happened."

Sometimes I get a strange feeling of “blindness”. Like a horse in the "top three". The eyes see only forward. And what's around, like and not. Everyone knows about the rake, which is constantly attacking fools. But I had another thought. If fools step on a rake, then what should we call those who jump on this rake? And our Baltic partners just jump. Even jump!

Or is it a continuation of the famous Ukrainian game "Who does not jump, that moskal"? Or maybe some new fashion appeared? A pine head? .. I then remembered an old children's riddle. Probably many people know. "Will point a glass eye, click once, and remember you." Who is it? Now many immediately remembered optimistic otgadku. This is a photographer! And if you think? Especially for readers of our site. There is a pessimistic version of the solution. Hmmm ... Sniper ...

Baltic with the loss of our transit cope. These states will not disappear. Our holiday village still stands. Only the devastation there today is complete. Half the houses are just abandoned. And in the remaining old retired people live a century. They would, if someone suggested, also agreed to place in their partnership a unit of the army. Eat something you want not only fruit and vegetables.

And in order for you to be able to understand why and why this is so, I suggest you watch one good cartoon. History through the eyes of the Baltic director Janis Zimermanis. This is a gift for readers "IN"! From the Baltic. From the German Lithuanian. Interesting thoughts about the statehood of the Balts. If you think about it ...


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  1. rehev931
    rehev931 18 September 2017 21: 25
    cartoon smiled ... although ... all this would be funny if it were not so sad ...
  2. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 19 September 2017 09: 35
    A cartoon is good))))! Really recommend for viewing!
  3. Old warrior
    Old warrior 20 September 2017 11: 36
    Impunity has never stopped anyone. Stop Enduring Hulu and Reproach! Such insinuations must be stopped harshly and instantly.
  4. spravochnik
    spravochnik 25 September 2017 11: 02
    Gentlemen, the authors stop confusing the Balts, it is somehow solid.
    These are Lithuanian thoughts about Latvia
    . These are thoughts PALAT about Latvia or These are Lithuanian thoughts about LITHUANIA.
    From German Lithuanian
    , PALM, because Janis Zimermanis - Latvian.