American star on the uniform of the Red Army man


“To award the Order of the Silver Star of Senior Sergeant Mikhail Sakhnenko to the Red Army of the USSR,” the diploma handed to the hero, signed by the American president, was noted.

When a son was born in Sidor Sakhnenko’s family, the grandmother who took delivery giving a glance at the boy smiled: “A real warrior!” Having heard this, Sidor Fomich, having heard it, just sighed: “Maybe it’s enough for our age of warriors ...” in the hands of little Mishan, the father could not even imagine that his son was really destined to become a Hero.

... Outside was the nineteenth year. The First World War died down, on the battlefields of which Sidor Sakhnenko and his brothers Ivan and Terenty saw plenty of blood. But the peaceful life really failed to taste. The civil war plunged into the mortal whirlwind of all, as they say, from young to old. He fought on the side of the Reds and Sydor Fomich. Having barely recovered from a wound to the stomach, he returned to his native Kuban stanitsa Kurgan. More than once she passed from hand to hand.
On one of these days, the White Guards, who ruled at Kurgan, then, heard about the military achievements of Sidor Sakhnenko and, among others, who fought in the Red Army, brought him to reprisal. When the turn came to Sidor Fomich, he said goodbye to the whole family and went to the gallows. But the noose intended for him remained empty that day. Thanks to villagers. Cossacks stood up for Sidor Fomich. More than once he saved the inhabitants from being flooded by the waters of Laba, which flowed nearby, was considered the best "prudilschik" in the village. Yes, and the man was kind. In dashing years of hunger, Sidor Sakhnenko helped people with what he could.

American star on the uniform of the Red Army man

In those years, every boy dreamed of a Red Army shirt. Mikhail Sakhnenko was no exception. Already studying at the Batumi Railway College, he received a subpoena with an order to appear in the city military registration and enlistment office. A month later, on a frosty December morning, 1939, he took the military oath.

... And ahead was the Great Patriotic War.

Totally drank to her queen Mikhail Sakhnenko. Had two contusions. After the first deaf, could not speak for a long time. Recalling the heavy battles surrounded by Kharkov, he wrote to his sister: “They stood in cold water for three days. The clothes froze. And the fascist smiled and smiled everything ... ”Mikhail then wept with anger and powerlessness, but he survived, went out to his own. Thousands of Soviet soldiers were captured in Germany.
Heavy was fighting near Odessa.

“I'm going like Fritz,” said Mikhail Sidorovich, “he is dressed in everything German.” You will see the killed German, rummage around in your pockets, find a piece of stale bread, eat it, and - further.

The hungry, ragged mother infantry lacked neither uniforms or food. But even in such conditions, the Red Army remained people.

... Once in a trench on the outskirts of the Ukrainian village of Petrovka, where the soldiers were sitting, an eight-year-old girl tumbled:

- Uncles, help! Mother is dying ...

It turns out that in one of the Petrovkins' huts for the second week the mother of Polina, wounded by the Nazis, lay in her leg - that was the name of the girl. She was hurt by a stray bullet and her older sister Lida. The woman was also holding a three-year-old baby. When the mother felt very bad, she asked Paul to run for help:

- You're small, you can - the Germans will not notice you.

But they noticed and opened fire on the girl from the neighboring village of Nikolaevka (Petrovka was already abandoned by the fascists). How she survived - only God knows.

Under cover of night, Mikhail Sakhnenko, together with his fighters, found the necessary hut and carried out the mother and her daughters to a safe place.

Years later, when Mikhail Sidorovich was already living in Minsk, he received a letter. The sender’s hand, confusing Russian with Ukrainian, wrote the return address: “Dnipropetrovsk region, Sofiyevsky district, Progress settlement, Petrovka village, Davidova Lydia”. Found your savior! “Let Liszt write to you from the village of Petrivka that girl, to yaku vryatuvali vid killing,” an uneven line ran along the tetrad sheet. - Nizky you bow, Michael Sidorovich ... Mi all you and your squad bazhaemom happiness and health. I to your sins, i daughters, stink at you e. Come to our guest ... "

But all this was later. In the distant forty-third too soldier’s life could end at any moment.
... At the height of the Nameless Krivoy Rog region, in the area of ​​Krasny farm, the German firmly pressed the Soviet fighters. (How many such nameless skyscrapers are scattered across Russia, Belarus, Ukraine!) The attack choked. The Nazis methodically knocked out soldiers from the ranks of the attackers. By all means, it was necessary to take the height. But how to force yourself to rise when the legs become wadded, when lead mortally stings everyone who tries to tear itself off the ground? Sergeant Mikhail Sakhnenko managed to raise the battalion to the attack. The height was taken.

Already in the medical unit, bandaging Michael, a pretty nurse slipped:

- In the shirt was born.

Nine bullet marks were counted in Sakhnenko’s sweatshirt. But the goals reached only two bullets, causing light injuries. And one, bursting, went straight to the heart. Breaking through the commander's card, singing photos of her brother and sister, she hit a metal comb, ricocheted and pulled out a piece of muscle.

No less memorable was the battle at the Ingulets River, which in February 1944 had to force the Soviet troops. A company of senior sergeant Sakhnenko was assigned to take over the enemy bridgehead occupied on the opposite bank.

Sneaking to him at night. However, the coast was closer than warriors had expected. Soon they discovered themselves. Then the commander went to the trick: he ordered one branch to create the appearance of a company retreat. The main forces continued to move forward, by three in the morning they were already at the height. The Germans calmed down somewhat, the lighting flares did not flare up so often. Mikhail decided to wait for the dawn and begin the attack at five in the morning, when punctual Germans have breakfast. At exactly five o'clock the noise of the bowlers and the contented voices of the Nazis were heard. After waiting another ten minutes, when the kettles were filled with porridge, the Red Army soldiers rushed to the attack. Sitting with spoons in the hands of smoking pots, the Germans did not expect an attack. Without loss, Mikhail Sakhnenko captured a bridgehead, captured a German mortar battery, 2.000 mines, five machine guns, 75 prisoners. We had the way, and two field kitchens. Then, occupying all-round defense and adapting captured machine guns and mortars, before the Soviet troops went over to the offensive, the enemy fought off four counterattacks.

And in November, 1944, Junior Lieutenant Mikhail Sakhnenko, was summoned to Moscow, where in the Kremlin for the bravery shown in that battle, he was awarded the Golden Star of the Hero and the Order of Lenin. By that time, Mikhail Sidorovich already had the Order of the Patriotic War 1, the degrees, the Medal for Military Merit, and the soldier's Order of Glory, the 3 degree.

A tear flowed down my father’s cheek, Sidor Sakhnenko. In his hands he kept the letter brought by the postman. The voice treacherously trembled, and his eyes again and again read into the lines: "By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR ... for the exemplary performance of combat tasks of command at the front ... and the courage and heroism shown to your son Mikhail Sidnovich Sakhnenko awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union."

His son is a Hero! This warrior! How my father wanted at that moment to press his Minku to him ...

And in those days, Mikhail Sakhnenko liberated Poland. And here, just as in his time surrounded by Kharkov, he wept. Last time in your life. Nothing more terrible than Auschwitz, the officer will no longer see: the furnaces in which people were burned, the clothes and shoes of various sizes left from them ...

And once again fights, and again awards. One of them is the Army Order "Silver Star" and a diploma signed by US President F. Roosevelt.

“To those who see this letter: to testify that the President of the United States of America, authorized by the decision of 9 Congress on July 1918 of the year, awarded the Order of the“ Silver Star ”senior sergeant Mikhail Sakhnenko of the Red Army of the USSR” - was written in it.

The American "Silver Star" and the diploma Mikhail will receive in Berlin, being already a lieutenant. And in the personal file of the officer there will be a record: “For military distinction”. For what exactly? Unfortunately, we will never know about it. Today, Mikhail Sidorovich is not alive.

Mikhail Sidorovich (center) at the celebration of Victory Day with comrades. Photos from the family archive

After World War II, he continued military service: first - in Germany, then - in Belarus. The service record of the officer ends with the recording: “10.01.1959-23.05.1963 was the military commissar of the Lenin RVK of Minsk. Etc. com BVO No. 09 from 10.01.1959. ”After his transfer to the reserve, Mikhail Sidorovich was ill (affected by the contusion received on the front), he worked again.

People who knew Mikhail Sakhnenko said that he was a modest man. I did not like to talk about myself.

... Lyubov Nikolaevna sorts through photos that have turned yellow. She proudly tells that one of the streets in the city of Kurganinsk is named after Mikhail Sakhnenko. In memory of him, a memorial plaque was unveiled on the building of secondary school No. 4. She regrets only that, Misha did not live to see these days.
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  1. +3
    16 September 2017 20: 57
    One of them is the Silver Star Army Order and a certificate signed by US President F. Roosevelt.

    "Silver Star" is a medal .... You can learn a little more about this award in the internet, where the list of Chevaliers of the award is published. On the letter "C" the first line is taken by the Hero of this material .... Eternal Memory! Eternal Glory!

    1. +2
      16 September 2017 21: 25
      You need to know that according to the rules for wearing awards in uniform and civilian clothes, awards of other states were placed after the domestic ones, at the discretion of the awarded ... This is clearly visible in the photograph of the Hero ...
  2. +5
    16 September 2017 21: 11
    It is unlikely that we will ever find out why the representative of the American command handed him the US Silver Star. Where exactly did the path of the Russian soldier cross with the brave Yankees? Did they act together? Were their positions close in battle? Or maybe in the heat of battle Michael saved the life of an unknown John from distant Texas. The certificate reads: "for courage in battle." Dry, clear words. And that’s all! In addition to “Everyone who sees the award - welcome!” The hero is at the front and a modest man in everyday life.
    The heroes of those days are immortal like that feat for the motherland!
    1. +2
      16 September 2017 21: 19
      Quote: Catherine II
      It is unlikely that we will ever find out why the representative of the American command handed him the US Silver Star.

      most likely a regular exchange of rewards between the commands of our and allies, they ask us to submit a list, we are theirs. This is not a rebuke to the hero, he undoubtedly deserved his awards, including the American one.
      1. +1
        16 September 2017 22: 09
        Do you know a lot of GSS Americans?
        1. +1
          16 September 2017 22: 13
          Or is there a BKZ for Americans? Actually, I'm sorry, Any military award is a little feat.
          1. +1
            17 September 2017 06: 23
            Quote: Conductor
            Any military award is a little feat.

            and I somewhere said that he was just given it? You at least read the comments in a bunch, and do not take it out of context. The question was
            Quote: Catherine II
            Where exactly did the path of the Russian soldier cross with the brave Yankees? Did they act together? Were their positions close in battle? Or maybe in the heat of battle Michael saved the life of an unknown John from distant Texas.

            Quote: verner1967
            most likely a regular exchange of rewards between the commands of our and allies, they ask us to submit a list, we are theirs. This is not a rebuke to the hero, he undoubtedly deserved his awards, including the American one.

            Any questions?
            1. 0
              18 September 2017 14: 36
              Thanks, no questions.
        2. +4
          16 September 2017 23: 00
          The Gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union by status corresponds to the American Medals of Congress. Do you know many Soviet citizens - holders of this award?
        3. +2
          17 September 2017 06: 21
          Quote: Conductor
          Do you know a lot of GSS Americans?

          and does the Silver Star equate to the GSS? what GSS is most likely an Honorary Medal of Congress.
          1. +1
            17 September 2017 07: 15
            Guilty, confused, I repent feel Congress Medal is the highest civilian award. The highest military is the Medal of Honor, the same Medal of Honor. Silver Star by status, approximately, our medal "For Courage" or the Order of Glory
            1. 0
              18 September 2017 14: 34
              The starley also has Slava in the photo, how is that? then the statute is not supposed to be a clean soldier’s order.
              1. +1
                19 September 2017 00: 22
                During the achievement of the feat was in the rank of Art. sergeant. Replaced the retired platoon commander in battle.
                My countryman.
              2. 0
                20 September 2017 17: 50
                standard situation - my grandfather started the war as an ordinary, ended as a captain, and retired as a colonel ...
        4. The comment was deleted.
  3. 0
    10 October 2017 18: 11
    Honor and glory to the hero! The Order of Glory is the equivalent of St. George. It is a pity that the President of the United States is not fully registered in the letter at the award.
  4. 0
    27 February 2018 15: 23
    People who knew Mikhail Sakhnenko said that he was a modest man. I did not like to talk about myself.

    I asked how many relatives and friends I asked for front-line soldiers, everything was the same “modest, did not tell” soldier

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