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The action "Service under the contract - your choice!" In Rostov-on-Don. Aerobatic team "Russian Knights"

To make aviation the holiday is truly unforgettable, you need a demonstration performance of the aerobatic team on modern airplanes. As part of the recent Rostov campaign “Contract Service - Your Choice!” similar tasks were solved by the pilots of the Russian Knights. Their flight program was a loud and spectacular conclusion to the event organized by the Ministry of Defense.

After the completion of the air parade and individual demonstration performances of the Berkuty aerobatic piloting group on the Mi-28H and Ka-52, four Russian Vityaz fighters appeared in the air. It is worth noting that this group is not the first time performing in Rostov-on-Don, but each of their arrivals causes a real stir. So, more than 3 thousand people came to the aviation festival 60 of September, and most of the spectators arrived on the Don River Embankment just to the beginning of the flight program.

The “Russian Knights” demonstrated their skills to four of us. It may be recalled that in the 2015 year, during a similar campaign of the Defense Ministry, six heavy fighters took part in the flight program, but a smaller number of aircraft this time did not affect the beauty of the performance and the audience’s reaction.

Recent performances of the aerobatic team, held on 2 and 3 in September on two festivals, were notable for the fact that for the first time the Rostovites were able to see the “Russian Knights” on a new technique. Last year, the group that previously used the Su-27 fighter aircraft received the first Su-30CM type aircraft. In the spring of 2017, the pilots for the first time showed the audience a performance on a new technology, and just a few months after that, the most modern aircraft appeared in the skies above the Don.

One of the main differences of the new Su-30CM from the older Su-27 are engines with a thrust vector control system, giving a noticeable increase in maneuverability. This feature of the technology was taken into account when drawing up the program, and guests of the holiday were able to see what Su-30CM can do both independently and in a group.

Traditionally, the performance of the aerobatic team began with a group aerobatics of four fighters lined up in a rhombus. Keeping minimal distances and intervals, the pilots performed various aerobatics. “Russian Knights” demonstrated to the audience both relatively simple walkways and turns while maintaining the order, as well as more complex elements. In particular, the barrels were shown both with the preservation of the structure and with the individual rotation of the aircraft around their own axis.

In accordance with the established traditions of performances, at a given moment the group was divided. Four aircraft entered the vertical lift and made shooting of false heat targets. At the same time, the cars began to diverge in different directions, drawing a beautiful figure in the sky with smoke. After that, a couple of pilots separated from the group, allowing their comrades to continue their performance.

Using the basic capabilities of its technology, the two “Russian Knights” demonstrated a variety of different maneuvers and the most spectacular pair aerobatics. In particular, the pilots showed such elements of pilotage as the "mirror" and "counter pass", enjoying unwavering success with the audience.

Demonstration performances of the “Russian Knights” group ended with an individual performance of one of the pilots. He once again confirmed the high potential of the Su-30CM aircraft in the context of close maneuverable combat. Perhaps the most memorable moments of the program were the figures “bell” and “cobra”. During the last plane used thermal targets, leaving behind him a beautiful trail of smoke and flares.

Having completed a demonstration performance, the aerobatic team fighter went to the airfield. The holiday of aviation ended, giving the audience joy and pride in the domestic armed forces. In addition, among the guests of the holiday one could hear regret that such events are held not too often. But there is no doubt that the next holiday of this kind will certainly gather tens of thousands of spectators and will again show the achievements of the army.
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  1. Doliva63
    Doliva63 18 September 2017 20: 05
    Beauty, what. True, I only saw them in the 27s.
  2. Doliva63
    Doliva63 18 September 2017 20: 33
    However, what I want to add. Popularization is right. But not enough.
    In those distant times, when, according to the Old Testament, there was such a type of aviation as IBA, flying in tight formation was practiced by combat pilots of dozens of APIB and IBAP. And often on a “shaver,” as they said then. And often under 1000 km. hour. Today, there are simply not as many pilots as then only served and flew in the IBA. So we rejoice in the Knights. And I remember that no flights, necessarily someone above his house in the town "creeps", but that a thread executes (barrel, for example). And thousands watched aerobatics being practiced in the zone - this was about 20% of flights. Air combat is also interesting, but there are great speeds and distances, you just won’t see everything. What am I doing? It was the daily work of thousands of combat pilots, not a select squadron. Yes, expensive. So what to do? It should be. And Vityazi - let them show our strength abroad, pilots of combat regiments show us at home, taking off from airfields built in each district center. Yes, and bombs in addition, and the position of preliminary preparation of missiles, and objects "Granite"). Just kidding, of course.
    1. flyer
      flyer 19 September 2017 12: 35
      Probably a long time ago you departed from flights. At present, dense systems fly, and extremely small heights, and so on. A raid is now even more than in the USSR. Therefore, the trees were not so greener and the sky bluer. And another question, is it possible that according to the KBP, the dense systems in the IBA were 3x1 m? And in these systems allowed the implementation of complex and aerobatics? How the Knights and Swifts fly. I doubt very much.