Results of the week. “Russia is rattling weapons”

Ministry of Culture will bite a tough nut?

Often on the pages of our information and analytical portal, proposals were made to reduce the percentage of demonstration of the Hollywood "meter" in cinemas and on television screens of the country. The premise is this: you need to give the opportunity to realize yourself to domestic young directors, you need to shoot a patriotic, truly historical, a civilly significant movie.

How are we going to win Hollywood...

While Hollywood gloriously defeats "Godzilla", "Aliens" and other "Predators", in the Russian Ministry of Culture decided to start winning Hollywood itself. Rumor has it, the Knights of the Ministry of Culture are ready to strike at enemy advanced units with both sword and ruble. And this blow is positioned as an indispensable help to the Russian cinema - they say, Hollywood tapes will make room for our film market, and Russian directors will become like, how they will, you know, make high-quality films - for the heart, soul, mind and body ...

Hollywood still considers how much the daily salary of Bruce Willis will cost him a strike from the Russian Ministry of Culture ...

Comments from our readers:

It is clear that we will not raise anyone to "Alien against a predator", but who will go up in growth on "such" as the "Viking", worth a billion and despising our ancestors?

Let's think, and who in our country makes a movie? And the movies are filmed by people “praying” for Hollywood and secretly dreaming of getting “star” there (my guess). You look at these "movie masterpieces", and in them only the desire of the creator to stand out and assert itself. But we shot a good movie, as in one of these films it says: “It's a shame for the state”!

My grandson graduated this year from the St. Petersburg Institute of Film and Television. Entered 51 specialists of this institute as the best graduate. Received a diploma in red. His student films won awards. I could not get him to work in the film studios of the country and Belarus. He did not go to graduate school, although his teachers asked, and he himself began to look for the work of a film director. I think this is a disgrace. Budget money is spent on any nonsense that does not educate our people, and excellent students are forced to look for themselves in life. Take a TV show, what kind of movies are there? And they were shot on budget funds or some channels are given to the USA. I have the honor.

President Tour

Mishiko Saakashvili has a lot of experience in border violations. A few months after he came to power (with the help of the “color revolution” and with the support of the United States), he famously demolished a border checkpoint at the border that divided Georgia and Ajaria. Thus, he abolished the Ajarian autonomy.

By train, by bus ... in your arms. Saakashvili's Adventures
Operation “Pretender – 3”

President of the tour, the president of the legionary. Updated role in world politics. As the first owner of such a resume - our old "friend" Mishiko. He left the territory of Ukraine with his head slightly down, but entered back into the hands of the “electorate” - inspired to the point of madness. Considering that Poland had a hand in the matter, only one thing is strange - why Mishiko did not declare himself a neubienny Tsarevich Dimitri, ready to “poknyazhit” while in Kiev ...

Comments from our readers:

Ukraine can not be analyzed. Guess who is more puppet, Poroshenko or Georgians, it is difficult. But both of them can now provoke hostilities in the Donbas. Unfortunately.

When two bastards offend each other, a holiday comes to decent people.

Uma palata
It did not work for the Americans to arrange the Ukrainian-Russian war under Parasha, so they decided to change the brazen coward to a decisive psychopath. Miho is a hammer, a ram, to strike across Russia with the forces of stupid, but very fierce ukronatsistov. Aborigines are gathered around the runaway Georgian in the hope that they are clever, cunning, deceived everyone, and will use the American messenger Miho to plunder at last.
The riot against Parasha is most likely paid by Kolomoisky. That is, the Americans solve their problem by hand and at the expense of Aboriginal people. There probably will not be a civil war, they will fight at the top. But what is really very bad is that under such a quiet rule it is extremely convenient to gash a terrorist act, for example, at a nuclear power plant, to spoil it against Russia, that the nuclear power plant for the brothers was badly built. For Russia, such garbage will be oh ... what a hemorrhoid. How much money will fly away for liquidation not from humanism, but due to the fact that all this will break on us.
To the parasha, apparently, they are flooding theirs — for the same purpose — to have time to rob unhappy this Ukraine. Miho, as befits a goat-provocateur, who has completed the work of preparing for slaughter, will peacefully unscrew to some Miami.
And we will get the ruins that were once the beautiful South Russian land. Plus an embittered population with huge problems FOR ALL. Actually, this is Miho's ultimate goal - to present us an unthinkably difficult problem - non-brethren in the crap.

“Hands off Vashnorii!”

Exercises “Zapad-2017” began in Belarus. They will answer the question of how Russia will respond to the NATO aggression.

Exercises "West-2017": hidden rehearsal of war with NATO
The invasion of NATO troops in Belarus and Russia: their response to the "West-2017"

And what have we not heard lately about Russian-Belarusian exercises from Western and Russian liberal partners. The smallest - “Russia is rattling weapons". The most fervent - Russia invented the terrorist Weishnoru, to carry out a sweep of the Polish population in the west of Belarus. Especially outstanding "military experts" suggested that the 12,7 of thousands of Russian and Belarusian soldiers are only the tip of the "iceberg of aggression", and hundreds of thousands more were caged in Belarusian forests and swamps and meanly threaten from there all of progressive mankind represented by Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and, of course, Ukraine. With the theses “Hands off Vashnorii!”, The report of the US State Department specialists on the problems of Eurasian democracy has, of course, already been prepared.

Comments from our readers:

If NATO tramples, then the case will not be limited only to the Belarusian theater of military operations.
At the same time, the strike will be delivered from the Baltic states towards the Leningrad Region and its center, on the Kaliningrad Region, essentially blocked. Well, of course, Ukraine will not stand aside, along with NATO in the Crimea, in the direction of the Belgorod and Kursk regions, and in the Rostov region.
Are these areas planning to cover? And the defense strategy itself, what will it envisage? Or how in the 1941 year, "rattling fire, flashing with glitter of steel, will the cars go on a furious campaign"? Without proper intelligence, without the necessary training on the signal "Alarm" forward to the foe? 1941 year did not teach anything?

34 region
Pro army training is certainly good. But will our capitalist economy survive the fighting? How long will our economy be able to provide the army and rear? Month, year, before the first arrest of accounts abroad ??? Can we cover the ammunition consumption? How about food in case of war? Will bombed hypermarkets be repaired or products will be redeemed? What will happen to fuel? Indeed, in our oil companies a large proportion of our opponents. Or will not NATO bomb its companies? Or do import companies simply sabotage the supply of fuels and lubricants? And the use of rolling stock Railways? Commerce will not mind to give cars to the military? Wagons in the event of war where to go? Where are we going to get parts for foreign cars and mechanisms? Who will rebuild private enterprises after the bombing? In the event of war, private business will incur losses. What are we going to do with it?

What to pour from empty to empty. NATO and so closely approached our borders, and here suddenly appeared such an excuse, as the Russian-Belarusian exercises. Under this pretext, you can catch up with a lot of troops, pointing at Russia.

About grandfathers scooters

Despite the massive reductions in the army and the full-scale programs of the decommissioning of equipment, which were carried out in the past, significant stocks of materiel remain in storage in the Russian armed forces.

Results of the week. “Russia is rattling weapons”

The program of disposal of the decommissioned equipment: can not be used to cut

Classic situation. Everyone who keeps in the garage something from the “old-fashioned motor scooter” series will understand - it’s a pity to throw out, to sell — somehow doubtful, to sell for parts — even more doubtful, given that they barely found parts for repair. Here and continues to occupy a place and torment the owner with doubts about future fate. And at the Ministry of Defense such “grandfathers scooters” - not one hundred. As gifts for those who drive into the sand "bearded boys" - quite ...

Comments from our readers:

In fact, recycling - i.e. cutting and melting is a very complicated and costly operation. Cheaper stupid to put on the field, and forget. For proper storage also costs money.
Firstly, the process of cutting armored vehicles is not a trivial operation.
Secondly, the metal. Now, the absolute majority of consumers need steel with absolutely certain properties, and it will be very difficult to “attach” what will be obtained during the remelting. Unless, of course, the goal is set at least to recoup the recycling.
After all, it was not for nothing that the Americans found the option of free transfer to Iraq of hundreds of armored troop-carrier МХNUMX economically viable. They can count.

But does it make sense to recycle ... we must weigh everything and check it repeatedly ... the example of Syria is indicative ... there is no outdated technology, Israel also found use for them, but there is no ability to use it. What has become of an armored box over these decades, and not anything ... and this is the most valuable thing, it’s bad and not tricky to remelt for metal, and getting a similar one costs a lot of money. With such a number of chassis, you can make various options for working out ... and then look at the launch of a series of new machines. Learn foreign experience and work ... maybe the key here is what to work and, therefore, you need to think ... that's the hitch. Yes, give the task to the students of specialized universities ... they will draw everything for you and write out how to do it.

English Channel Tank and Kalmius Question

It is interesting to consider the combat potential of the modernized "reactive" main combat tank T-80BVM, a prototype of which was presented during a demonstration at the 33rd combined arms range near Luga. The history of the early versions of these unique vehicles (T-80 / B / BV), called the English Tanks for their alleged ability to reach the coast of the Celtic Sea in just 2 weeks, began back in 1976, when modification vehicles began to arrive at combat units " Object 219 SP 2 ".

How long will the updated T-80BVM on European theaters last? Unanswered disadvantages and advantages of the English Channel XXI tank

Of course, it is possible to discuss the tank of the English Channel and in general it is even necessary. True, there is one "but." Before “getting” to the English Channel, we would have to decide the question of our attitude to the problem, for example, Kalmius and Seversky Donets. And then in the week there have already been injections from that series, how will the population relate to the publication about the termination of the provision of humanitarian aid to Donbas from 2019 of the year. Although the Kremlin has denied, but, as they say, the sediment remained ...

Comments from our readers:

He himself began to boil when he saw the outdated gun instead of 2А82 ... But then he cooled down, realizing that he decided to save money on upgrades.
Chances to meet the enemy tank armada (due to the lack of these armadas) are almost zero ... The main enemy of these tanks will be infantry and medium armored vehicles, with which the tank will cope without problems ...

Thank God, it’s smart enough to inject into the T-80 drill units! Modernization is good for him, although in the 80 version of the OMS, it was better than the TANKADABLE-72. And it’s not for him to do it in the Arctic Circle! Having ONLY a variant of electric starting, the dead batteries (especially unfrozen) bury all the delights of quickly starting it. And in a warm box, don't care what your motor is. This is a breakthrough tank, super-maneuverable and fast! Service on it is a pleasure back in 80.

You would think that all Abrams and Leopards are modernized to the latest standards. How many combat-ready Leopards and Eurofighters are in the same Germany?

And the fleet, and bread

Delays in building a domestic aircraft carrier fleet are only a small part of the complex of problems that has been outlined recently with the pace of serial production of other types of warships of the main classes.

The Pacific Fleet of Russia "with a bang" is losing the arms race in the APR. Global problems of combat sustainability

The problem of lagging behind in the Pacific Fleet is, in principle, solved “easily”: the economy can be completely transferred to military rails and the construction of destroyers, frigates and aircraft carriers go to the top. Then we, as they say, catch up and overtake.

But how ready is the population for such a step? It seems that the readiness of the kitchen-sofa does not always coincide with the readiness of the real.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
Do you want to draw Russia into another ruinous arms race? We have already done this ... Russia is still a continental country, and the tasks of the Russian fleet are completely different than those of the Americans.

Foolish "to enter the race." The one who has the most powerful industry will win here. The Pacific Fleet is needed to ensure that the United States is covered with a carpet nuclear strike. Well, if not carpeted, but sufficient, that would discourage the United States to start a nuclear war. And that's enough. No "racing" we do not need.

So they wanted to build an ocean fleet ...
The Baltic Fleet was locked up with mines and nets; the Black Sea lost its base in Sevastopol; it was essentially bombed by the German aviation!
Only the Northern Fleet had room for maneuver and acted to the best of its modest forces, but could not even catch the lonely "Admiral Scheer" in its rear waters!

If yes if only ... We need to learn from mistakes, and not step on the same rake.

Trap from Putin

An incredibly large amount of “dirt” and criticism in the last week was directed towards the draft resolution on placing peacekeepers on the contact line in the Donbass, which Moscow submitted to the UN Security Council 5 September 2017. Thus, in the half-million community "Reports from the militia of Novorossia" about a dozen war correspondents and front-line journalists from Donbass managed to christen the draft resolution "full discharge of the" Novorossiya "project from Moscow, which supposedly should stop the" sanction shaft "launched by Washington.

"Peacemaking casus belli" for stripping LDNR from the APU. The rattling of the "Three Hundreds" at the Crimean border: Kiev is again experiencing fate!

In the US, meanwhile, it has already been announced that the initiative to bring peacekeepers to the Donbass, voiced by Vladimir Putin, "may turn out to be a trap." Such a statement was made by the former head of American diplomacy (something.? ..) John Kerry. The man, although retired, continues to make fun of the Donbass ... He says: today Putin will introduce peacekeepers, and tomorrow he will recognize the independence of the LDNR.
Recognize LDNR? .. And what ... What if ...

Comments from our readers:

Not the fact that the operation is being prepared by the General Staff of Ukraine. It may be their Western curators who do not feel sorry for Ukrainian soldiers and who do not count on victory. Even a lost conflict would be very beneficial for the Americans, because The EU is beginning to actively kick up sanctions and the vector of their policies needs to be corrected. The military conflict of the Russian Federation-Ukraine for this is very suitable.

The Ukrainian leadership will not stop the threat of a full-scale war with Russia. The West has set him the task of unleashing this war. The West is ready to fight with Russia until the last Ukrainian (as well as Georgian, Moldavian, Baltic) soldier. And then, that will not be destroyed, Pshekistan will select ...

They dressed, shod their reservists, repaired and painted their outdated tanks after the boilers - did this restore combat capability? It remains only for them to buy solariums in Russia ...

"Terminator" to whom? To "Terminator"? ..

One of the most interesting domestic developments in the field of armored vehicles is the so-called. tank support combat vehicle (BMPT). Russian designers have developed and offered customers several projects of this kind of equipment, but for some time BMPT remained exclusively exhibition samples with no real prospects. However, a few years ago the situation changed, and the tank support vehicles were still able to become the subject of new supply contracts.

BMPT "Terminator": a long road to commercial success

In fact, the situation looks a bit strange. At first - development and creation, then attempts to explain to potential customers that the equipment is very, very effective and significant. Usually, the opposite is true - when the significance of technology is not disputed a priori by most potential customers, production begins for contacts that are on the verge of conclusion. I would like to hope that the Syrian theater will certainly help the Terminator to advance.

Comments from our readers:

Poor "child"! Just like an unwanted child - even in an orphanage ...
Well, maybe running in Syria will push officials from the Ministry of Defense to look more closely at the product, ahead of time ?!

More than once and not two, the main misfortune of the BMPT is said is one channel of firing to defeat the target .. And preferably at least TWO so as not to create dead zones, in Syria this was shown more than once when the tank was in position especially in urban areas fired During the reloading period, the target was subjected to fire impact, since at the moment it was left defenseless, the paired machine gun did not give anything, and the large-ones on the roof were not used in view of the acute vulnerability of the shooter. The current BMPT suffers exactly the same disadvantage while it works on the same goal, other vectors of a possible attack on it remain uncovered, and therefore it is necessary to allocate either more equipment or infantry cover .. so they came back from what they started .. of course due to rapid-fire guns, angles pickups, and more observation instruments this machine in the city is more efficient than a tank, but it’s just the presence of one channel does not allow it to realize the full potential of this concept .. The commander of this machine simply needs his CDM through which he can Do not follow the battlefield and hit targets, ranging from 7.62 / 40mm AGS and ending with the Epoch. Ideally, the BMPT should look like this: a tank chassis with maximum protected sides, a “Bakhcha-U” in the TANK tower, and a “Epoch” module on top. I understand that it will weigh under 60 so what? Fight not in the fields and the forests for this, there are tanks and so on, and in cities where there are no special problems with coverage, speed will also not need 50 km maximum speed, okay ...

Honestly, I still see a narrow application of this machine. Usually the tanks operate in conjunction with the infantry and since modern infantry fighting vehicles (3 infantry fighting vehicles, Bradley, Swedish, British Warriors) have practically the same set of weapons in the form of a rapid-fire cannon and Ex. rockets, then they just support tanks with fire, incl. for tank-dangerous infantry and lightly armored targets, and why carry this Terminator with you as well ?! Probably only for situations where infantry support is not available — on the march or apart from infantry, but there are few such tasks. Therefore, the car has its own niche, but it is clearly small.

AM-17 - American "Kalash" or Kalashnikovsky "American"?

In recent years, the domestic defense industry has presented a number of promising models of small arms. So, last year the small-sized MA was shown for the first time. The development of this project was continued, and on its basis two new samples were created. During the recent international military-technical forum "Army-2017" the first copies of the AM-17 and AMB-17 submachine guns were presented.

AM-17 and AMB-17 compact machines

The fact that the Kalashnikov concern uses in AM-17 a layout of American rifles of the AR-15 / M16 family with a receiver box of two articulated halves, says that not only they have ... we have them - if for the good of the cause, of course. And, by and large, a reliable compact automatic weapon of the army will not interfere. There are divisions in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for which the same AM-17 is more than the actual shooting.

Comments from our readers:

All will show state tests. A good product turned out or not. It's too early to scold

otto meer
An interesting trend emerges, we typed ideas with AR / M-series (receiver architecture, controls) in Amerikashek, they are working with AK (gas engine, bolt group).

It seems to me for tankers just right.

Under pressure from Putin

The New York Times criticizes the decision of the US military command to recall a reconnaissance aircraft from Syria’s airspace over Deir ez-Zor. It is reported that for several days in early September, the American intelligence board monitored the movements of the IG convoys of terrorists (prohibited in the Russian Federation). The US Air Force plane was forced to leave the zone of its former route in connection with the appearance of numerous Russian military aircraft over Deir ez-Zor.

And another message. Two Western diplomats admitted on condition of anonymity to Bloomberg that “the United States and its European allies, along with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, had to change their position on Assad. Currently, they largely agree that he remains (the head of Syria) in transition. "

The war in Syria is entering a crucial phase. Russia begins to "kick" the US
Syria: the enemy at the gate is at a loss
Russian Space Forces forced US Air Force aircraft to retire from the Deir ez-Zor area?

The American press admits that Washington, under pressure from the Russians, has begun a retreat. The same newspaper, The New York Times, reports that with the advent of Russian military aircraft, the command of the American coalition over Deir ez-Zor turned off its air operation.

Some American experts explain this situation with the agreements reached by Russia and the United States earlier. Others say the United States "took another step back in Syria under pressure from Putin."

Comments from our readers:

And so on. Stay away. So that did not work out.

Oh, this Putin. He "pressed", and the gallant American warriors ran, throwing everything. What only excuses do not come up.

Rather, they decided not to interfere with each other. It makes no sense to unleash a war, especially since they waged the same goal, if you believe the article.

Americans lost to Russians

Russians are everywhere. In Afghanistan and in Pakistan. Something is up in Iraq. Fly towards the Korean Peninsula. Do not lose sight of Ukraine. Strengthen ties with South America. At the same time, the weight of BRICS, the union that creates a buffer against US financial domination, is growing.

Western analysts are convinced: the United States is no longer a superpower. This state again and again makes concessions to its opponents in world politics. Washington did not want to dance to the American tune, Washington used to talk differently. But that time is gone!

How the American elite gave the planet Russian
West says and shows: the United States is no longer a superpower

Politics, accompanied by concessions and failures, really points to the deviation of the United States from former world hegemony. Washington’s misfortune is that it shoulders too heavy a burden. Being a hegemon in the "brave new world" has become very difficult. Washington is not in a position to dictate at the same time the DPRK, China, Syria, Russia, Iran and other states that dictate it is not acceptable. The game of hegemon inevitably leads to a fiasco.

Comments from our readers:

The planet under the rule of the "golden calf". Literally everything is measured in money, and the reason for the existence of a significant part of humanity is to make money.
The effectiveness of states is measured not in abstract happiness, not in the life expectancy of people, not in relation to the hungry / well-fed, not in the ratio of pension / minimum food set. No, efficiency is measured in the "gross product", in coins. The human concept of good and evil is highly distorted.
The US dollar is the most common world currency. They now dictate what is true and what is false. That is, it is the United States that is the main springboard for the distortion of the normal human psyche.
Do not be worth believing "experts" from the United States. All their revelations are for the internal consumption of the duped part of humanity. You can not believe, you need to know. The cry "Russians are coming!" - an old cry. It merely means that the CIA (and similar services) will increase the cost of espionage and the organization of terrorist attacks.

Confirmed words:
“Do not hope that, once taking advantage of Russia's weakness, you will receive dividends forever.
Russians always come for their money.
And when they come, do not rely on the Jesuit agreements you have signed that supposedly justify you. They are not worth the paper they are written on. Therefore, it is worth playing with Russians either playing honestly or not playing at all. ”
Otto von Bismarck.
And it pleases!

Russia is Russia, they curse her, and she becomes stronger, they fight with her, and she always comes out victorious, and so it was, and so will be!

Obama accepted the US superpower, and Trump surrendered a regional country with super-debts and an army in which gays serve.

Mainland state Japan

Many readers at least vaguely heard about Vladimir Putin’s proposals to the Japanese side on joint economic activities on the islands of the Far East. Putin’s proposals, writes military expert A. Staver, were so global that even the beginning of their implementation “will completely reverse the situation in eastern Russia.” “Think about it: Vladimir Vladimirovich proposed Japan to become a mainland state! - the author writes. - No more, no less. All other proposals are trivial compared to this. I will not hide, the scale of the project, to put it mildly, excited me. Yes, and Putin’s words confirmed my excitement: “This is a planetary project.”

What will Japan answer to the planetary scale proposal from Vladimir Putin?

The essence of the project: Moscow proposes to build two bridges between the mainland and Sakhalin and between Sakhalin and the island of Hokkaido. Road and rail. According to experts, the project cost is approximately 600 billion rubles.

Now it's Japan.

Comments from our readers:

And why do they need a bridge to the mainland, where will he lead them to the taiga?
In conversation with Ulyukaev, Sechin has already let it slip that Japanese investment is being hampered by the question of the "northern territories." This is very eloquently expressed by the fact that with this, the bridge project (or similar initiatives) is only our side, and the Japanese are only considering the incoming proposals, and their position on the islands remains unchanged. So what are these dances for?
“Everyone understands that the Kremlin gives a chance to the Japanese. Talk about returning the islands, especially today, is hopeless. Moreover, many countries are already looking at Far Eastern projects with interest. The economy is developing. And it should develop further. Otherwise, stagnation and death. So, money needs to be invested somewhere. ”
I will say a blasphemous phrase, but maybe invest money in Russia? Or do we have all the bridges built? Already not some, but crystal ones?

We do not need this bridge under the existing situation either. Those people who live in the region are easier to supply with their own boats. Only from the point of view of the development of the region, from the point of view of the settlement of these places by people is not the way out. From Central Russia, people will not go. There's no point. The hole is a hole, and salaries are lower than in Moscow. You will come and you will not leave anymore. Not at all ...
Then it turns out, we will give the region? Well, I could not, could not?

You see, there is such a thing as a global strategy. So, if you look for many years to come, this project is a very, very good investment. In addition to the economic advantages, there is also a technology cooperation. And still such common affairs are elementarily combined.

For many, many years, no need to look. After 30-50 years there simply will not be a population. Separate mines and hunters ... The increase in population minus ... And decent minus.

Welcome BRICS plus!

It cannot be said that the BRICS summit in Xiamen caused a lot of noise in the world press. Summit topics were predictable. On the other hand, some analysts declared the summit a sensation. For several years, Western experts have been predicting the decay and collapse of the top five BRICS states, but instead there has been a “BRICS plus” trend!

On the world stage, BRICS is a “serious nuisance” for a unipolar world order, analyst P. Escobar believes. The Chinese leader, comrade Xi, not without reason noted delicately in Xiamen that "we, the five countries, must play a more active role in global governance." And then Beijing presented a “conceptualization” for the expansion of partnership and cooperation. In Xiamen, proposals were made to launch a “dialogue” with Mexico, Egypt, Thailand, Guinea and Tajikistan. These countries are included in the block "BRICS-plus", and rapprochement with them is "part of the road map."

Another example of "BRICS-plus" Escobar saw in the possible launch before the end of the year of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). In this partnership, by the way, China is “not leading.” But then there are Japan, India and Australia - along with 10 members of ASEAN.

Forty-two percent of the world's population and the new world order

If Escobar’s optimistic forecasts, including on BRICS-plus and the decline in the role of the dollar in the world, had come true, the Washington hawks would have been a big disappointment. A reduction in the US dollar in international settlements, especially in the oil trade, would be a truly historic event. But it’s too early to talk about something like that. Forty-two percent of the world's population (BRICS) have not yet created a new world order.

By the way, experts they say about the decline in the share of the total population of the BRICS countries. By 2025, this share in the world's population will decrease to 41%, and by 2050, to 36%. However, these are only forecasts.

Comments from our readers:

BRICS is forming a new concept of the world arrangement of the World. West flies.

"Together, the five states produce 23% of total GDP from the world ..." Cheers, comrades! A good number, you can even enjoy it. That's just our share in it, alas, no more than 1,5%.

Normal ok
China and India are bound to clash. But not in the near future, but when conditions are ripe.

As history shows, centuries-old unions do not exist! All once for something or for some reason clash!

Is the sixth generation on the horizon?

Today we can say that that terrible decline, in which our air forces found themselves after the collapse of the USSR, was left behind. “And for the last 5-7 years, we are seeing steady progress, if not further development, then at least catching up,” writes R. Skomorokhov. “Speaking about the far horizons, we mean the development programs of aviation: the promising complexes PAK FA, PAK DA and PAK TA. The main successes we have in creating the fifth generation fighter, the Su-57 has acquired a complete form and content, ”explains the author.

F-22, F-35 and Su-57. Is it worth thinking about the sixth generation?

The analyst believes that if work on the 6 fighter generation begins in Russia, it will happen “very soon.” However, “unlike the Americans,” Russia has “time to do it.”

Comments from our readers:

And I think, and from time to time about it skips the infa that the development of the concept and some systems for the 6-th generation goes in parallel with the refinement of the 5-th. As with the submarine. The Ash Trees are still being finalized, but the Husky submarine is being developed.
In my opinion, the 6th generation will be distinguished by strong robotization. It will not necessarily be a drone, although it may be such a mode. But what will happen for sure, maximum robotization of systems, constant communication with intelligence drones and satellites. It is even possible that the aircraft will be part of a cybernetic system, including, for example, a swarm of small drones. Possibly hypersonic weapons. In general, the 6th generation will be characterized by increased robotization and communication with other systems. And, perhaps, the 6th generation fighter will become unmanned.

What is it all about?
F-22 flies, goes through modernization, eliminates flaws, there are many hundreds of them in the sky.
F-35 flies, dopilivaetsya (the budget, of course, sawn, but as a percentage of the total real amount spent on the plane, I think, the cutting power times in 5 less than in the "Dry"), the shortcomings are eliminated, the sky will soon be completely indecent many hundreds of pieces, not only among penguins, but also among their allies.
T-50 - mega super-dry mega super aircraft, glider flies, unfinished bro, unfinished engines, unfinished weapons, achieving raptor performance without upgrades is not clear when it’s finished, it’s not clear how many will be bought into the army.
In short, what to shout Urya-Urya is not clear,
In general, I don’t understand what to rejoice here: the situation with the T-50 more than vividly shows that if the key parts of the project were not worked out during the USSR, then at the output we get a time-stretched file and cries about “urya-urya, we have there will be no analogies in the world. "
Well, at least, the replacement of T-72 and T-80 was actively developed under the Soviets - they were still able to finish the Armat.
In general, we have the very best, which is not very clear, but probably the “effective managers” are the best, we are waiting for the fall in oil-gas prices and “effective optimizations” in the weapons procurement program.

A. Privalov
Potentially, the Su-57 should be a very decent machine. However, today we hear only about a dozen flight prototypes. And the latter took off just a month ago. At the same time, it was reported that he “is completing an experimental batch, after which the pre-series production of the aircraft should begin, followed by pilot operation in the air force”. PJSC "UAC" talk about the beginning of the transfer of military fighter from the 12 fighters in the 2019 year. I am not strong in the Russian aircraft newspeak and do not understand the difference between the “pre-production release” and the “installation party”. I assume that this is the same thing.
Conclusion: the possible time of adopting a fighter into service is the beginning of the 2020's, although it cannot be excluded that it will be moved closer to the middle of the next decade. In other words, a good Su-57 will appear in the troops through this 5, and then all 7 years.
This is despite the fact that the bad F-35 has been flying confidently for almost two and a half hundreds, they are already running around in the troops and have flown more than 100 thousand hours. It was during these flights that its shortcomings came to light, which are carefully studied and gradually eliminated.
By the way, no one will give a guarantee that during the flight tests of the Su-57 will not come to light, and only for scrapers and needle files will take a lot of money. I'm not saying that a lot of time and effort is spent on scraping and grinding ...
I suggest everyone to be patient and wait for visible practical results, leaving aside empty disputes like "Who is stronger: an elephant or a whale?"

“Triumphs” for Turkey

For the first time since 2008, Russia and Turkey have signed a contract for the supply of military products, recalls columnist K. Ryabov. Previously, Russian enterprises have repeatedly supplied the Turkish army with certain systems, but over the past few years, such contracts have not been signed. In addition, in the autumn of 2015, in response to the perfidious attack of the Turkish Air Force, Russia temporarily ceased any cooperation in the military sphere. The situation gradually stabilized, and now the two countries are ready to resume cooperation. This was confirmed by the appearance of a new contract.

12 September first press appeared in the context of the new agreement. The media quoted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said that he had recently signed a contract to supply Triumph C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. Also, the head of state noted that the first installment had already been made on this contract. In the future, according to the Turkish president, Russia will have to issue a loan to the partner.

"Triumph" for NATO

As noted by the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, the signed contract fully meets the interests of Russia. This means that even before the start of negotiations, the Russian side assessed all the consequences of a possible deal and made conclusions. The Turkish authorities did not receive a refusal, which indicates that there are no risks for Russian interests.

The prerequisites for the emergence of a new Russian-Turkish contract and its consequences will long be a topic of discussion and dispute. You should also expect different assessments and assumptions in the context of the timing of the order, its technical aspects, etc. Only one fact, directly resulting from the presence of the Turkish order, is not in doubt: Russia maintains a leading position in the international market for air defense systems and is not going to take their positions. The next order, especially received from the NATO country, will only strengthen the position of the Russian industry, as well as serve as an advertisement addressed to potential customers.

Comments from our readers:

In addition to the complexes themselves, there are missiles that are not exported. For example, 9М96М (not export) and 40Н6Е.
At the same time, it should be understood that Triumphs are long-range interception systems. And the most effective "Triumph" in conjunction with the "Torah" and "Beeches", because with a massive rocket attack it is the "Torah" and "Buki" that will be intercepted by low-flying KR. Opposition to a massive attack of cruise missiles is not a zonal, but a regional air defense system with massive use of dispersed short-range air defense missile systems, like “Buk” and “Thor”.
Yes, and cover the "Triumphs" on the nearest approaches with something you need, for example, the same "armor". But the Turks purchased only Triumphs, and it is unclear how they are without covering the mid-range and short-range air defense systems.

The 40H6 missile is not an export rocket, it is limited by the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) agreement prohibiting the export of missiles with a range of more than 300 km.
Accordingly, for export are only: ZUR 48N6EX2 - 200 km; 9М96Е2 - 120 km; 9М100 - 15 km (here you have three echelons).
+ KP ACS "Baikal-E".

To get their hands on the C-400 air defense system is a triumph for NATO and high treason in Russia!

Depth of controversy

According to the bmpd blog, the French Internet portal Intelligence online reports a serious disagreement between Moscow and Tehran that emerged at the end of August of this year regarding further strategy in the Syrian campaign. We are talking about a meeting held on 28 in August 2017 in the SAR military department, in which, apart from the Syrian military itself, who were represented, including Maher Asad (brother of Syrian President Bashar Assad), who led the Republican Guard, and Chief of the General Staff Ali Abdullah Ayub, participation of the commanders of the Russian and Iranian contingents.

Media: between the Russian Federation and Iran, there are deep contradictions in the Syrian campaign

It is alleged that the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Kassem Suleymani, “fiercely insisted on a change of strategy”, which he has been striving for since 2016. In his opinion, it is necessary to create a numerous militarized structure “Guardians of the Republic”, the Syrian counterpart of the IRGC. Suleymani expects to replenish its composition at the expense of the army units. Iraqi Shiites, Afghan Hazaras and members of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement are expected to enter this militia.

Lieutenant-General Sergei Rudskoy, who represented the Russian side, categorically disagreed with the Iranian proposal. He defended the need to preserve the existing organization of troops, the backbone of which is the army corps. At the same time, the general stated the need to re-equip a number of buildings with new equipment, expand the composition of elite troops and involve private military companies of Russian origin to protect strategic facilities in Syrian territory. The latter would give the opportunity to concentrate the troops of the Russian Federation on more important theaters.

Comments from our readers:

It seems to me that pure fake, the Iranians cannot offer such nonsense, take only Shiites to the police, when most of the population of Syria is Sunni, it’s just suicide ...

Well, there are two ways.
GSH focuses on "academic" foundations.
Suleymani focuses more on the local mentality.
And what works better is far from clear. For example, the academically built army of Iraq at one time arranged a record-breaking race, dropping everything. And the situation was saved only by the ersatz “Basiji”, who, on the other hand, were very much bent on the ground, which is why in the IS and the Sunni anti-government factions, the Sunnis ran in droves.
At the same time, Iranian militiamen showed poor results in defensive battles in the province of Aleppo. Often throwing positions on your own.

voyaka uh
The Iranians are promoting the continued presence of their armed forces in Syria. A certain military-police expeditionary force. A Russian is clear that the command of this corps will not be the Syrians, but the Iranians themselves. And Russian generals ousted from the command of operations in Syria.
Such friction was already taking the city of Aleppo. The Russians believe that it is their merit, and the Iranians, that it is theirs.

What is independence?

The United States has placed another demand on the Russian Federation. It consists in the “necessity” of withdrawing the Russian contingent from such Caucasian republics as Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Washington expressed strong concern at the ongoing "demarcation work" and the closure of the crossings. There were repeated calls for Russia to withdraw the military from the “Georgian-owned” regions in accordance with the cease-fire agreement of 2008.

The United States demanded that Russia withdraw its military contingent from Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Washington, apparently, is unable to understand that these republics gained independence in 2008, and their people and leadership without prompting from overseas are able to decide how and from whom to defend their borders.

As for the definition of “belonging to Georgia,” Georgia itself ceased to belong: after all, representatives of official Tbilisi cannot take a step without consulting with Washington.

Comments from our readers:

At this rate, and we piglets to leave the Earth, then the solar system, and then after the galaxy will reach the Universe!
Thugs universal scale mattress appearance!

Did Russia ever demand something from the USA? Even the expulsion of American diplomats was a recommendation. And at the same time there was no time limit during which American diplomats had to leave the country, as was the case in our case.
The Kremlin’s policy towards the United States cannot be called harsh, it is rather smoothing, conciliatory, compromise, conciliatory. Well, as is usually the case with partners.
The USA is so arrogant with Russia only because Russia's behavior and non-aggressiveness made it possible. Therefore, they will continue to become impudent until they meet a harsh response.

Then we are obliged to introduce these troops on the territory of Alaska and California in order to restore the sovereignty of the illegally used US overseas Russian lands and return them under our jurisdiction.

Let's buy Russia. Inexpensively

Doctor of Economics and sociologist Vladislav Inozemtsev proposed that the United States buy Russia from the “gang of kleptocrats.” In an article for The American Interest, he expressed the following thought: “The existential threat to the United States” can be eliminated inexpensively.

Russia, in his opinion, is ruled not by a leader like Stalin, but rather “a gang of kleptocrats who keep their money in Western banks, buy Western real estate, train their children abroad and have foreign passports or a residence permit.” Such people "do not rule Russia as if they were really eager for global or at least regional domination." Rather, the author believes, they “rule in such a way as to benefit from their property” - from the firm “Russia, Inc.” (“Russia, Inc.”). If you understand all this, then an “unconventional solution” of the impending problems of the West with respect to Russia will open, the expert believes. In the corporate world, the best possible step toward a small but aggressive company is to try to redeem it and merge it with a larger business conglomerate, reminds Inozemtsev the basics of economic theory.

Doctorate does not offer to buy the Russian people, its territory and natural wealth. We are talking about the repurchase of assets that "the ruling bureaucracy considers its property." All Russian companies whose securities are traded on the Moscow stock exchange, on 1 August 2017, were estimated at only 33,6 trillion. rubles (559 billion dollars). Even if you double this amount, it will be approximately 1,1-1,2 trillion dollars.

What happens if the business elite in Russia is offered a “fair” price for its property - say, a trillion dollars 2? It is unlikely that this elite, having lost faith in stability and fearing losing its assets in Russia, will desperately bargain if it is offered such a sum ...

Project "ZZ". Buy Russia or eat?

Probably, the theses of the doctor of economic sciences about the "redemption" of Russia are the direct "signal" to the White House. The idea was thrown at the most appropriate time: instead of the Harvard Obama lawyer, the hard-boiled Trump businessman came to the Oval Office. A businessman who understands money making and even speaks in the language of interest and deductions with NATO countries. In addition, Mr. Trump is suspected of having links with Russians. So why not Donald to implement a "non-traditional" deal? Such an agreement with the Russians would bring him unfading glory for centuries, and the critic McCain would stand still with his mouth open.

But still, before that, one should ask something not from Trump, but from the Russians. Is Russia's “political and business elite” ready for sale? The success of Operation Inozemtsev depends on this answer.

Comments from our readers:

Two trillion - these are probably the assets that are already in the West. So it is logical to assume that the essence of such a transaction may consist in a promise not to impede the use of these assets in exchange for a "reduction" of nuclear weapons to zero. After that, everything else on the market will be worth nothing.

That is, our elite is offered a choice between dishonor and war. I remember someone made such a choice and chose disgrace. What will ours choose, war or disgrace? Just let them not forget that the last time after the disgrace was war.

San Sanych
When will our "elite" get rid of these "bucks"? Worse than rats, rats, so they are even dragging them into the house, and they are all ready to take out of the house, instead of building in Russia, they buy green paper, and that remains behind the knoll.

Have you ever wondered about who read this article, that its meaning is that they want to offer us the fate of the US litter, without any multicolored revolutions, and so, straight to the forehead, for money, like some slut.

34 region
Evdokim! The role of the litter was offered to us even under Gorbachev. And we continue to undermine, offering to privatize the remnants of state property.

Liberastnya already the country and the price tag appointed?
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  1. +13
    17 September 2017
    Well, a week so-so, if you do not count the next worming from the All-Korean leader in the form of launching another rocket in the direction of Japan, well, you won’t cure that ...
    However, did you know that: that the winter of 2017-2018 will be the most severe in the last 100 years. it is reported by So the Gay Europeans should attend to gas otherwise only according to V.V. Putin will happen:
    1. +9
      17 September 2017
      Knowing Today, 06:31
      However, did you know that: that the winter of 2017-2018 will be the most severe in the last 100 years. it is reported by So the Gay Europeans should attend to gas otherwise only according to V.V. Putin will happen:

      ... then we can even roll boots and in winter it will be warm, but I did not learn how to make a geyropa of this "product" ... but what to take from it if you went to the toilet from the balcony and poured slops on the heads of passers-by, until recently time ... laughing
      1. +5
        17 September 2017
        I’m talking about the article “They will buy Russia or not” .. But this option is quite feasible .. Unfortunately, they’re not fools behind the hill, and our government is looking more into their pockets. Moreover, at any level.
        1. +3
          17 September 2017
          Quote: 210ox
          I’m here about the article “They will buy Russia or not” .. But this option is quite feasible.

          Moscow may be bought ... But the rest of Russia is unlikely.!
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            17 September 2017
            Of course, after all, Moscow is a "separate state .. All the rest are" zamkadysh "... But some kind of eccentric invented this word ..
            Quote: DEPARTMENT
            Quote: 210ox
            I’m here about the article “They will buy Russia or not” .. But this option is quite feasible.

            Moscow may be bought ... But the rest of Russia is unlikely.!
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      17 September 2017
      for jumping they have a whole country of jumpers !!! wink
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    17 September 2017
    ... our tandem VO, Alexei - Oleg is again on guard of the week’s results ... there is something to summarize, including
    The analyst believes that if work on the 6 fighter generation begins in Russia, it will happen “very soon.” However, “unlike the Americans,” Russia has “time to do it.”

    ... optimism is a good thing, but when it is supported by finances, you feel much more confident ... Yes
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    17 September 2017
    Autumn has begun, and as we know from medetsina, a seasonal exacerbation begins in a certain category of citizens both in the country and beyond it, so you need to wait for the marches of "dissenting, unconventional, liberoid-selling" and other dishonesty! Therefore, let our law enforcers prepare to "put in place" all humanoid unread.
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    17 September 2017
    And of course everyone knows that the opening took place on Bessarabka "Yalta European Strategy"- they have such a forum, apparently Anders Rasmussen and Kurt Walker in the company of Parashenko grabbed a "too much" and did not sober up (or did not hangover), because recently they also squealed about the danger from Russia in connection with the exercises " West-2017 ", and then they" suffered "...
    From Rasmussen: “Tell President Trump that the path to a better relationship with Moscow lies through Kiev. Peace can be achieved through the use of force. Therefore, please have on the table the option of providing lethal weapons to Ukraine. We must strengthen Ukraine against Russia ”...“Putin understands that the price of continuing destabilization in Ukraine has become higher. Very often, political and diplomatic processes can be conducted through a clearly articulated threat of the use of force. I am sure that further pressure on Russia will help this process ” ,
    “If Russia accepts everything that I have listed, then it may be given a carrot in the form of lifting sanctions”... recourse
    From Walker:“Russia is now in a situation where it does not achieve the goals that it has set for itself. She thought that after the intervention, Ukraine would become pro-Russian. But the seizure of the territory of Ukraine gave the opposite effect. Ukraine is more united, more nationalistic, more oriented to the West, more anti-Russian than before. ”,
    “I would not want the impression that we had forgotten about the Crimea. We consider the situation in the east and in the Crimea as one and the same situation. There was an occupation, and in the situation with the Crimea - annexation. One principle - this is unacceptable. If we can show progress in one of these areas, let's do it, but let's not forget that the situation is the same there and there. ”, like that ... Well, parasenko doesn’t make sense to quote, Everyone in the World knows their “president of the most ancient civilization” ... However, all of this said by them proves once again that for the Anglo-Saxons all the initiatives to actually end the war in Donnbas from RUSSIA are only a manifestation weaknesses from this ... So maybe it’s worth “fist (shoe!) on the table”, and ...
    1. +4
      17 September 2017
      Knowing Today, 06:48
      And everyone, of course, knows that the opening of the "Yalta European Strategy" took place in Bessarabka. such a forum

      ... B / C rally of any scum ... they must somewhere in the heap "slate rustle" ... insanity, you know - this is insanity ... bully
      1. +3
        17 September 2017
        Quote: aszzz888
        insanity, do you understand

        Yeah, against the background of the fact that Kerry, who the former Secretary of State stated that:"... you need to make sure that the idea of ​​introducing UN peacekeepers into the conflict zone in the Donbass, which was supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin, is a" trap "...- And then he knows what unexpectedly decisive steps are from Russia. laughing
  5. +6
    17 September 2017

    Have fun! wassat
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      17 September 2017
      Greetings! hi
      America is not a decree for us!
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        17 September 2017
        Zdarovo, friend! Roller-gorgeous! good
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        17 September 2017
        Yes, a very good movie, respect and respect !!!
  6. +1
    17 September 2017
    Picture of the week "On, suck"! (Americans lost to Russians). Yeah. About Herzl and his statement in 1897, does not pass. What is going on ...? And in general: Zakhar Prilepin about Russian oligarchs "sitting on golden eggs." (KM.RU) Our Crimea!
  7. +1
    17 September 2017
    The selection of "news" is good. And the conclusion naprvgivaetsya: soon no one will go to Russia, because hole-hole, well, like our Far East, approximately. Not interested.
    1. +1
      17 September 2017
      Isn’t it interesting? You? It’s possible .. And for those who make money, this "hole with a hole" is very useful ..
      Quote: 1536
      The selection of "news" is good. And the conclusion naprvgivaetsya: soon no one will go to Russia, because hole-hole, well, like our Far East, approximately. Not interested.
    2. +2
      17 September 2017
      This is you in vain. KAMCHATKA is the most beautiful place on the planet.
  8. +5
    17 September 2017
    Over the past three years, a weekly week, although there are many events. Every week in the west, a red line passes: "Russia must (must) ...", "Russia's aggressive actions", "you need to talk with Russians only from a position of strength," etc. etc. And we live by the principle, as they used to say in the USSR, "The main thing is that there is no war."
  9. +1
    17 September 2017
    The main results, Russia is alive and rushing in its own way ... In Syria, success is good, and so the little things!
    And here's another interesting info .. hehe
    The EU Commission of Experts gave a preliminary positive assessment to the initiative of a number of European deputies, which envisaged the transfer of the Kerch Bridge to an international protectorate.
    The authors of the proposal were a group of politicians from Eastern Europe (who wished, just in case, you never know how it can turn around, remain unknown), among which Ukrainian and Estonian parliamentarians predominate.
    ta.html ©

    This is a joke, but it was amusing, some even believed it, although everything can be wassat wink
    1. +2
      17 September 2017
      The Sea of ​​Azov should return to Russia TOTALLY. Otherwise, our bridge and our Crimea will be under continuous threat, military and "quasi-legal." But the Azovs do not want to go under Donetsk, so our possible calculations on the DPR in this topic are erroneous. They will go directly to Russia, at least 80%, but they will have to fight with 20%. Time is playing on us, the necessary bridge is being built, Crimea is settling in, although not without problems. We need a separate Azov-Don military flotilla tomorrow, with its separation from the KChF and Southeast Military District, with the subordination of the Central Military District. She will have a zone of responsibility from Taman to Voronezh, and even Belgorod along the Seversky Donets. Here we can begin to form it now, and quite openly.
  10. +5
    17 September 2017
    I do not see Russia tomorrow. The selling elite practically mortgaged the country and people to world capital, under the guarantee of their own security. And all the diplomatic and military movements, this is only the desire to raise its own price.
    1. 0
      18 September 2017
      Quote: vladimirvn
      I do not see Russia tomorrow.

      You do not wake up yet, go to the 90s and stay there.
      1. 0
        18 September 2017
        Let's compare it with 1913, it was fashionable at one time.
  11. +4
    17 September 2017
    President-guest performer, president-legionnaire.
    There are similarities. Only Papandopalo is a person of SOUL, and this is THIS. My heart feels ... not casual.
    1. 0
      17 September 2017
      YES, in the USSR all this idiocy especially in / in Ukraine !!! foresaw and showed in MOVIES !!!!! wink wassat wink
  12. +2
    17 September 2017
    Minkul cannot come up with anything worthwhile, because there are no brains. There is nothing to think there. This is evident in the Matilda.
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      17 September 2017
      Yeah, that's for sure, they thought of such a wretched movie as Matilda to rent ...
  13. +3
    17 September 2017
    The problem of lagging behind in the Pacific Fleet is, in principle, solved “easily”: the economy can be completely transferred to military rails and the construction of destroyers, frigates and aircraft carriers go to the top. Then we, as they say, catch up and overtake.

    Honestly, fists haven’t been scratching for a long time, but this ... What is the "economy on the military track"? We have preparations for the World Cup - this is the cost of about 30 (!) Frigates 11356. But the World Cup is more important to us than the Pacific Fleet
  14. +1
    17 September 2017
    To buy, of course, you can, BUT - in rubles! Welcome to the exchange with your trillions first, and try to exchange them for rubles ...
  15. +1
    17 September 2017
    Quote: rotmistr60
    Over the past three years, a weekly week, although there are many events. Every week in the west, a red line passes: "Russia must (must) ...", "Russia's aggressive actions", "you need to talk with Russians only from a position of strength," etc. etc. And we live by the principle, as they used to say in the USSR, "The main thing is that there is no war."

    Strengthen the Russian Army so that there is no war. Is this not the main task?
  16. +6
    17 September 2017
    From the Authors of the Results it slipped away What exactly celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of K.E. Tsiolkovsky. Defect, Comrades Authors !!am
    At one time, with great pleasure, I read his book about a trip to the moon.
    It is with such idealists that real science begins ...
  17. +1
    22 September 2017
    It is difficult to imagine a cardboard BMP (not even a cardboard) in the same order as MBT, of 9-10 people only the crew is directly involved in the conduct of the battle, the rest are not yet in a hurry. Well, what may not be clear to the "kind and rational" ?!

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"