IG finish on the ground and under the ground


Syrian government troops are finishing off the formation of terrorists in the vicinity of Deir ez-Zor, which for several years was held by Islamic State militants. Currently, the most intense battles are in the area of ​​the airbase. The situation in the area of ​​this Syrian city was investigated by Gazeta.ru Ru military observer Mikhail Khodaryonok.

The detachments of the brigadier general of the Syrian government forces Al-Hassan Suchel have now deblocked Deir Ez-Zor and reached the Euphrates. Developing the offensive, the assault groups of the Republican Guard, General Isam Zahreddin, were unblocked by a military airfield, where more than a thousand soldiers were surrounded for ten months.

During the operation, more than 450 militants were destroyed, 5 tanksup to 40 pickups with heavy machine guns mounted.

Currently, the city is being cleaned up: militants of the Islamic State (IG, organization banned in Russia) are driven out of the Al-Jbeil district.

The detachments under the leadership of the Qatarji brothers conducted military operations along the Es-Sukhne-Deir-ez-Zor road. And having entered the city from the south-western direction, they united with the Suhela units in the area of ​​"Panorama" square.

Despite the incessant counterattacks of IS militants, including with the use of suicide bombers, government troops are completing the defeat of Islamist troops, who blocked the northern and southern districts of Deir ez-Zor.

Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Russia are located on the left bank of the Euphrates River, are conducting military operations, and are adjusting artillery fire and target designation for aviationblocking the approach of IS reinforcements from the east bank of the Euphrates.

Meanwhile, the Americans decided to seize this zone east of the Euphrates River. To this end, the VTS units and subunits controlled by them (the Syrian democratic forces, mostly staffed with Kurds) launched an offensive in this direction. At the same time, they for some reason decided that they could act in the area as they please.

The Russian military clearly told the Americans that the 30-kilometer zone around Deir ez-Zor is unmanned. Plus, they outlined the 30 km of strip along the left bank of the Euphrates and extended it to the north to the border of Iraq and banned the operations of the American military and forces under their control in this area.

However, the units and units of the VTS still moved in a southerly direction. A warning fire was opened at them from the side of pro-government forces, approximately at a distance of 6 km from the forward detachments of the VTS.

In the future, the VTS removed their troops from the forbidden zones for them. Firstly, this is Syrian territory, and secondly, there are Russian special operations forces operating there, and American strikes on this territory can pose a threat to the security of our military personnel.

Underground city IG

Syrian government troops completed the rout of the main forces of the IG in the Akerbat area. With the capture of this city to the terrorists, the remaining ways were blocked for regrouping of gangs, delivering ammunition and materiel to them.

Currently, an operation is underway to clear the area of ​​ISIS gangs in areas to the west and north of Akerbat. Apparently, it will last at least a week.

In this city, pro-government troops encountered certain difficulties. In fact, Akerbat represents two cities. One is on the surface of the earth, the second is underground. There are numerous warehouses of terrorists "Islamic State" with a variety of material means - weapons, ammunition, combustible and lubricants, warehouses by type of provision.

In fact, the underground Akerbat was the rear base of the front for numerous terrorist groups. It also represented a kind of transit point for the units and units of the IG and the intersection of the routes of their redeployment and advancement to the areas of combat operations.

The capture of Akerbat, without any exaggeration, was one of the most important objectives of the operation of the pro-government forces. With the capture of this city, all the ways of supplying the terrorist formations with material resources were completely cut off, and they are now forced to act in isolation from the centralized supply.

During the stubborn battles of the last week, eight more settlements were dismissed in the Akerbat area (Masyad, Masud, Mazaat Abu Dali, Hamide El Omar, Khaled Hilal, El Hreyge, Rasm Hamid, Abu Katur) . This allowed government troops to dismember the group of ISIL and begin its defeat in parts.

Deblokada Dair-ez-Zor and the destruction of the group of IS, besieging the city, actually means the crushing of the IS and the end of the organized struggle of the terrorist groups in this part of Syria. The fighting in Raqqa and its environs, which have been going on for more than four months, compared with the struggle around Dair Alzor, means armed clashes of local significance that do not have a significant impact on the course and outcome of the armed struggle in Syria.

Syrian heroes

When describing the fighting in the Syrian Republic, it is usually said that the Syrian troops, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, advanced, liberated, defeated, etc. At the same time, they often forget to mention who is the main developer of plans for operations and combat actions, who directly leads the armed struggle in the Syrian Arab Republic.

In fact, an exclusive role in this matter belongs to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as to Russian generals and officers who are directly in the combat zone.

In particular, it describes how in the course of hostilities on the De-ez-Zor de-blockade, detachments led by the Qatarji brothers distinguished themselves.

However, in fact, in this direction, combat operations are led by Major General Rustam Muradov, prior to a trip to Syria - the Chief of Staff of one of the combined-arms armies.

The detachments under his command for two weeks made their way from Es-Sukhne to Deir-Ez-Zor, overcoming the fierce resistance of the enemy. Per day, they overcame 15-20 km, and on other days - and up to 30 km.

To the north of Deir-ez-Zor there were detachments of brigadier General Suchel. The media usually emphasizes the great personal contribution to the victory of this Syrian military leader and his leadership skills.

At the same time, the Russian military commander, Major General Andrei Ivanayev, is actually leading the fighting in this direction, before the trip to Syria he was the deputy commander of one of the combined-arms armies.

In the battles of Deir ez-Zor both Russian generals vividly proved themselves. Under the general leadership of the commander of the Russian grouping in Syria, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin, they developed a plan for an operation to unlock the Syrian city.

Muradov and Ivanayev not only led the troops from their command posts, but also when it was necessary to inspire the subordinates by personal example and showed great personal courage in the course of the hostilities.

Any grouping of troops operating in virtually any direction in Syria is headed by a Russian general. And the advisory apparatus from the Russian army is present in almost every Syrian battalion (artillery battalion). It is to this factor that the armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic owe their victories during the armed confrontation in this republic.
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  1. +8
    15 September 2017
    an exceptional role in this matter belongs to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as to Russian generals and officers,
    Ours took the leadership in their hands and things went!
    1. +1
      15 September 2017
      And from the taiga to the British seas ---- THE RUSSIAN ARMY is all the stronger !!!!!!!!!!
    2. +1
      15 September 2017
      If you didn’t take the leadership in your strong hands, it is not known how long this operation would drag out .. Yes, there are some detachments and commanders in the Syrian army who really fight heroically. However, most of them are yesterday’s civilians who are more likely to flee than show persistence in the offensive or defense. To collect them all, to instill discipline, and in one rush to send into battle this is the highest skill of our military.
      1. 0
        15 September 2017
        Our leadership did not help the Egyptians against the Jews.
        1. +1
          15 September 2017
          There the Egyptians did not really listen to the instructions of our advisers. This is one of the reasons that the USSR withdrew both advisers and other forces. In general, there were other reasons ...
        2. +4
          18 September 2017
          Quote: Ken71
          Our leadership did not help the Egyptians against the Jews.

          what what what our leadership has not yet taken up this !!! wassat wassat wassat lol lol lol
      2. 0
        19 September 2017
        You are absolutely right ((M.Musin uploaded a video of one of his own which made his way to Der for three days in the front-line detachments. He was shocked by two things: the task force with jihad mobiles and even a 57mm cannon on a mower and with ATGM was at about 300 m from the highway and they managed to tear away and not to demolish a shihad mobile rushing past them, which then exploded in the arrangement of artillerymen guarded by this detachment. belay And the second point: already near Der, the "blacks" went on the attack in just three jeeps and this group of about 20 people. ATGM, jihad mobiles just fell off their positions like sparrowed sparrows. What is “funny” at that moment, Musin’s people launched a copter and he filmed all this disgusting (they ran away in a jeep and the copter then flew after them). belay belay negative
        That is, even to meet three jeeps rushing at you with the "blacks" and make a sieve out of them - nifiga. "let's run away, and the Russians will bomb us again."
  2. +4
    15 September 2017
    It’s necessary, you won’t get such combat experience at the training ground.
  3. 0
    15 September 2017
    That is, if I understand correctly, this war is being waged by Russia with the involvement of local forces as cannon fodder. I wonder what we will do when the IG is defeated and the turn of the SSA and the Kurds comes.
    1. +2
      15 September 2017
      Kurds are likely to get autonomy, but they will not decide this. and the SSA, as it were, is falling to its full height there, the policy is simple who is not with us who is against us, that’s all - if you think that someone is trying to distinguish the SSA from the ISIS, then you are very mistaken - those who collaborated with the ISIS and cooperate fell and will bring down . You know how the Vlasovites UPA and etc. crap with the fascists collaborated - as if they didn’t take them all out - at first they took them out, and then they sorted it out - so there are less losses among their own).
      1. 0
        15 September 2017
        SSA is Sunni. Which most and who really do not like Assad.
        1. +4
          18 September 2017
          Quote: Ken71
          SSA is Sunni. Which most and who really do not like Assad.

          the cha straight the whole layout from there .... is it really that you are sitting with Putin at meetings in an adjacent chair ??? laughing laughing laughing
  4. 0
    17 September 2017
    Quote: AwaZ
    There the Egyptians did not really listen to the instructions of our advisers. This is one of the reasons that the USSR withdrew both advisers and other forces. In general, there were other reasons ...

    ... all Arabs pray in their own pocket .., they will sell any secret info to the enemy for money at any level of power .. All Arabs are Jews and vice versa .. Such a mentality .. God’s Golden Taurus, I don’t want to write about our power .. In the government of Ulyanov = Blanca, according to Putin, -85% of the government were Jews .. Why don’t they all migrate to their historical Motherland? .. They are also very happy there and there are no extraditions, like from the Don ..

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