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Nizhny Tagil under the force of any arms exhibition

The format of the specialized military exhibition, which is planned to be held at the “Staratel” test site near Nizhny Tagil, has not yet been determined, but the city authorities are ready to hold an event of any scale, reports Interfax-AVN statement by the mayor of Nizhny Tagil Sergey Nosov.

Nizhny Tagil under the force of any arms exhibition

The format, I think, we still have to find out with you. And we are ready to work actively, as always, together with the government of the Sverdlovsk region to hold an event of any level of any scale.
Nosov said today at a press conference in Yekaterinburg.

According to him, in Nizhny Tagil, such an exhibition should be required.

I also like you heard about this (about the return of the exhibition of weapons in Nizhny Tagil) 9 September on the "Day of the tankman." And it really was a gift, so to speak, a surprise for “Tankman’s Day”. Not yet defined format, as I understand it. But the fact that in Tagil - the city-defender - this event should be, it certainly. Probably everyone will agree
added Nosov.

The agency reminds that in September 9, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin promised to hold the Russia Arms Expo (RAE) weapons exhibition at the Prospector training ground near Nizhny Tagil next year.

Previously, the RAE was moved to the Patriot park near Moscow. The exhibition was held simultaneously with the international forum "Army".
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. 210ox
    210ox 14 September 2017 15: 37
    There are not only exhibitions but also the release of any armored vehicles on the shoulder ..
    1. Solomon Kane
      Solomon Kane 14 September 2017 15: 43
      Sound thoughts began to appear in the "bright" Rogozin head laughing laughing hi
      1. Plombir
        Plombir 14 September 2017 15: 50
        Accidentally flew.
      2. urman
        urman 14 September 2017 17: 11
        Quote: Solomon Kane
        in the "bright"

        That's it in quotation marks.
        And who thought of moving the exhibition to the suburbs? Db!
        1. Solomon Kane
          Solomon Kane 14 September 2017 17: 23
          .... he could have organized this topic in Izmailovsky Park in Moscow ... He’s such a ...- venture .. wink
    2. Maz
      Maz 14 September 2017 15: 50
      And we also have Siberia beyond the Urals
      1. urman
        urman 14 September 2017 19: 28
        Quote: Maz
        And we also have Siberia beyond the Urals

        So about the same thing, but how do you listen and watch!
        So B (damn) the whole of Russia is Moscow (specialist with a small letter)
        But wherever you go, all the problems of Russia have always been from capitals,
        All hapot. Metropolitan, there the state decided for everything.
        In figs, the Berlin Wall, according to the MKAD, AND VISA, otherwise they have packages of milk on the trees growing.
        Wow and flogged me, well, really got it, the thick asses of ministers, in the warm ministry chairs!
      2. Bass18
        Bass18 14 September 2017 22: 11
        Who does this “have”? You live in Israel, “patriot” :)) ₪
    3. svp67
      svp67 15 September 2017 07: 11
      Quote: 210ox
      There are not only exhibitions but also the release of any armored vehicles on the shoulder ..

      Everything is interconnected. A factory and a testing ground where everything is tested, and more recently, is DEMONSTRATED. By the way EXCELLENT DEMO. It takes only a long time to get there, one hope is that the "Swallow" will be allowed to go from Burg, by the way, here, in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, it will be released. And according to the representatives of Ural Locomotives, she calmly holds 180 km / h ...
      But even the long road does not stop, VERY many foreigners came there.
  2. BVS
    BVS 14 September 2017 16: 40
    And what, Mr. Rogozin is authorized to decide? And now the exhibition will run around the country?
    1. urman
      urman 15 September 2017 05: 05
      Quote: bvs
      Now the exhibition will run around the country?

      Now she will be within walking distance from Rublevka!
      They would bl ....... still pull the SMP to MOSCOW and they would scream that life was a success !!!
    APASUS 14 September 2017 17: 10
    Honestly, it’s time to pursue a pragmatic policy in this sense. We have prepared an exhibition in Nizhny Tagil, built hotels, roads, a press center, otherwise everything usually goes to Moscow, and the regions look in the mouth. Moreover, production is concentrated in the Urals. It's time to share powers .
  4. alexey.svalov
    alexey.svalov 14 September 2017 19: 52
    So she initially this exhibition was held in Tagil. The toad began to strangle Moscow: such loot past, but into the region. How dare they. So they shoaled it to themselves.
  5. tank64rus
    tank64rus 14 September 2017 20: 12
    Exhibition in Tagil yes costs but also contracts. You just need to seriously prepare everything, and not rely on "effective managers."
  6. DPN
    DPN 14 September 2017 20: 45
    Let's hope that this year’s exhibition was taken away from Tagil for the sake of Moscow’s PR and sanctions, and the next time the exhibition will be returned to LOWER TAGIL by right.