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The action "Service under the contract - your choice!" In Rostov-on-Don. Pilotage on Mi-28H

The key element of the flight program, which took place in the framework of the action of the Ministry of Defense "Contract Service - Your Choice!", Was the demonstration performances of pilots of the leading aerobatic teams of the country. After the air parade and demonstration of the skill of the parachutists, demonstration flights began on modern combat helicopters.

The Mi-28H and Ka-52 helicopters, which were to demonstrate the capabilities of domestic combat vehicles, arrived in Rostov-on-Don from Torzhok. This technique belongs to the Berkut aerobatic team from the 344-th center of combat use and retraining of flight personnel. The individual piloting on a Mi-28H type impact machine was demonstrated by military pilot 1 of class Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Voronov.

As the last paratroopers landed, a Mi-28H helicopter appeared in the distance. In a matter of seconds, he reached the aerobatic zone and, having gained the required speed, he began to move sharply upwards. Near the upper point of the ascent, the pilot gave the command to shoot false heat targets, decorating the sky with bright lights and spectacular bands of white smoke.

The Mi-28H helicopter is notable for its high flight characteristics and outstanding maneuverability, and all these qualities were shown as part of an individual flight program. The combat vehicle demonstrated various aerobatic maneuvers, including those of high complexity. Speed ​​passes alternated with slow motion. From the craters, the helicopter proceeded to a variety of rotations and spans with a large roll.

The action "Service under the contract - your choice!" In Rostov-on-Don. Pilotage on Mi-28H

Several times, at the climax of the program, the pilot once again shot off the heat "traps". In carrying out certain maneuvers, the pilot literally painted beautiful and spectacular patterns in the sky. Immediately after this “drawing”, the pilot continued to demonstrate the capabilities of the machine.

Individual aerobatic program completed as it should be a real dance. The helicopter, like a true actor, bowed to the audience and, taking a steep turn, left the aerobatic zone. To replace the Mi-28P helicopter under the control of Lieutenant Colonel A. Voronov, the Ka-52 was in a hurry, which also had to show its capabilities.

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