Europe at the freezing point

The Europeans are not accustomed to freeze in the cold season. Russian gas heats them for a long time. I would warm up further if the Americans did not interfere in the affairs of Europe. Gas commanders from Europe do not want to obey the will of the overseas hegemon, which can put pressure on the “Nord Stream 2” sanctions.

Europe at the freezing point

German energy businessmen go against the United States. These people stand their ground: new sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 are dangerous for the European Union. Even the phrase “cold war” acquires a different, more somber tone in connection with this: the Europeans do not want to freeze. And it turns out that the “cold war” is no longer between the US and Russia, but between the US and Europe. You can put it more specifically: the gas confrontation escalated between the United States and Germany.

German subscription «Handelsblatt» quoted the opinion of the chairman of the board of Uniper, Klaus Schäfer (Klaus Schäfer). He said that the recently approved US sanctions, which mention the project Nord Stream 2 (Nord Stream 2), are a true sword of Damocles for the European Union.

Shares of the company "Uniper" are going uphill today. As the head of the company believes, in the United States adopted a new sanctions law because Washington pursues its own goals in the energy market, wanting to squeeze Russian gas out of Europe. The task of promoting the sale of American gas is being resolved, the businessman noted. That is why gas from Russia will be forced out. Herr Schaefer pointed out that all this is unequivocally spelled out in the new law on sanctions. In fact, the Americans are pursuing an industrial policy in which they do not accept any compromises.

The Nord Stream 2 project may already fall under new sanctions approved by the White House. And such a hanging situation is a real "Damocles sword", and therefore Schaefer is ready to "demand" "clarity" from Washington. “Clarity” should consist in clarifying the actions of the White House: the Germans want to know what “prescriptions” the US authorities will issue for the gas project.

Herr Schaefer also recalled that "European and German politicians" made it clear: this cannot continue. He noted that "inconsistent actions" between the United States and Europe are "inappropriate."

In addition, he spoke in favor of the view that not only energy but also economic arguments are in favor of the Nord Stream 2 project. Europe needs to purchase “extra gas”.

But the opponents of the project are guided "in part" by their own commercial interests. Other opponents of the Russian project are ill with logic: for example, in Poland they oppose Russian gas, but at the same time they are eager to make money on transit. This is “duplicity,” Schaefer concludes.

Director of the National Energy Institute Sergei Pravosudov recalled in an interview "Free Press"that the United States at one time opposed the Soviet-European gas supply projects. The Americans saw that their allies strengthened relations with Moscow, and Washington traditionally ranked it among its opponents.

Today, as before, the Americans cannot offer any intelligible replacement of Russian gas to Europe. “Their assurances that the US will flood Europe with liquefied natural gas (LNG) are merely empty promises,” the expert says.

“That is why Washington’s attempts to block the construction of gas pipelines to Europe have always ended in failure. But this time, fighting the Nord Stream 2, the Americans want first of all to preserve Ukrainian transit. ”

In addition to Ukraine and the Nord Stream 2 pipes, theoretically gas to Europe can be supplied through Turkey, the expert explained, however, these supplies would have been more expensive. “Nord Stream 2” is a shorter route than a pipe through Ukraine, and “Turkish Stream” is a longer one. “I don’t think,” says Pravosudov, “that Germany will seriously consider such roundabout supplies, when you can safely receive gas via the northern route.”

What is Russia doing?

Russia occupies a predominantly observer position, notes leading analyst at AMarkets Artyom Deyev, whose opinion leads the magazine "Expert". According to him, the EU countries and companies themselves must defend their positions: after all, the situation in which the US imposes its gas on them is absolutely unprofitable for them. Moreover, the United States and will not be able to provide the necessary volumes of supply.

On the other hand, Russia doesn’t have any serious methods of counteracting US sanctions. At the same time, the probability of a warming of relations between Moscow and Washington remains. The economic argument of Moscow is the price of gas. Even with very large supplies and the availability of infrastructure, American gas will lose to Russian in 10-20% cost.

According to Alor Broker analyst Kirill Yakovenko, Europe has invested more than 2 billion euros in the construction of the Nord Stream 1. The volume of investments of Uniper, Shell, OMV and others should total 4,75 billion euros.

This is the economic response to the proposed American LNG in Europe, and at the same time to the sanctions that the US lawmakers and Donald Trump actually announced not only to Russians, but also to Europeans.

* * *

Recall, US President D. Trump signed a law to toughen the sanctions regime against Russia, Iran and the DPRK 2 August 2017. Even before the signing of the new act, Europeans, first of all Germans and Austrians, stated at the highest level that sanctions would punish EU companies for participating in joint energy projects with Russia, under which Nord Stream 2 falls.

The law really pursues specific goals aimed at infringing the interests of both Russia and Europe. The first is being driven out of the European market, the second is being forced to buy American gas, not at all wondering if there is a demand for it. Trump is a tough and quick businessman, which is why he signed the sanctions bill, with which you can throw a noose on Russian gas companies. Whatever Mr. Trump may say about the “unconstitutionality” of this act, he approved it. What the president resisted in his heart, the businessman accepted with joy. Apparently, Trump likes it when politics helps to succeed in the economy. Is it just to succeed?

The series with the new sanctions is the gas version of the Cold War. However, Europe is not willing to freeze! Moreover, the German energy business does not want to lose potential profits. At the same time, Europeans do not want overseas uncles for them to decide what to do and how. Let it be late, but the recognition of independence began to return to the surprised Europe. With all the desire, the European Union can hardly be called an American colony. The EU locomotive is Germany. If she gets serious, Washington (read: Mr. Trump) will lose face, and Moscow will only benefit from the economic and political confrontation of former Cold War allies.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. +5
      14 September 2017
      As soon as he touched his pocket and the possible consequences, so the German heads began to sober up not by the day, but by the hour. In fairness, it is worth noting that such heads were before only in a very modest minority. Well, even if the Germans began to publicly express their dissatisfaction with the actions of the United States, then surely something has moved. But how long will they last?
      1. Maz
        14 September 2017
        Our cause is just, to prove to Europe that an alliance with Russia will enable it to become independent from the dictates of the United States.
    2. +2
      14 September 2017
      For a long time in Germany there were no terrorist attacks and fines on banks and large companies. Or they will raise local colored ones to a riot, an occasion to find how to spit. Since the Americans are really stupid (albeit cunning and vile) will act according to the old manuals. I would be in place of the Germans to avoid crowded places in the coming months.
    3. 0
      14 September 2017
      In contrast to the “horses,” Europeans are very pragmatic in tracking their material interests.
      Let’s take a look. In any scenario, Russian gas will not disappear. Just amer’s competition methods are worse than in the 19th century.
    4. 0
      14 September 2017
      America wants to become a gas station, because now it is a country that cuts green papers and nothing more.
      1. +3
        14 September 2017
        Quote: Plombir
        Now it is a country that cuts green papers and nothing more.

        Well, here, a printing country is added to the gas station country. laughing
      2. 0
        17 September 2017
        And since the paper is not provided with anything, then this is pipi-fax, excuse the members of the sect "Mushchessva Omeriki" lol
    5. 0
      14 September 2017
      Business is business, and politicians are politicians. Politicians don’t spend their money, only decision-making has begun.
    6. +4
      14 September 2017
      It seems that all over the world only Kim Jong-un knows how to talk with Trump. The rest are either muttering something wide or silently put in their pants.
    7. +3
      14 September 2017
      A quote from the article: "Russia occupies a predominantly observing position, notes the leading analyst of AMarkets Artyom Deev ..."

      Russia is not an observer! LNG supplies from the USA to Europe require the construction of hubs (hubs) for LNG acceptance. And then the question arises WHOSE gas will be taken in these hubs. In the near future, the Yamal-LNG LNG plant will start operating. Factory products have already been sold six months in advance! Thus, even if there is no Nord Stream 2, American gas will feel competition from Russia. And then the question arises of who will be cheaper gas.
      Unfortunately, I couldn’t find specific figures for the cost of gas with us and with them in either of our articles or in INosmi. This is bad, the conversation is pointless.
      1. +2
        14 September 2017
        Quote: vlad007
        This is bad, the conversation is pointless.

        The conversation is not without substantive, but very much about what. In the USA, shale gas is more expensive, LNG from it even more so, GAZprom can always outbid the price of an overseas product, that is, the States are simply not a competitor not only to GAZprom, but also to Qatar, from here all these sanctions against Russia, and Qatar is now an outcast in the Persian Gulf. And that's it, the casket just opens. So who is the main recipient of profit? Answer USA. And Europe is a sucker if it pays in a trident. So, we live and see what this Europe is worth.
        Russia is primarily an observer,

        Moscow will benefit from the economic and political confrontation of its former Cold War allies.
        1. 0
          17 September 2017
          And if the gas tankers periodically explode on the mines of “those remaining from World War II” in the Atlantic like shit after a bath, and yet the “insidious ocean currents” will put them on the course of gas tankers)))
    8. +1
      14 September 2017
      and which of them will mess up ??? how many military bases on their territory? thought? they were told to buy gas at an exorbitant price - they will buy, and this will pay off all the costs for the striped military bases
      your mother’s business, and nothing personal ...........
    9. 0
      15 September 2017
      and what are the technical financial details of these sanctions?
      if the entire project is 10 billion yus five of which are from investors, then the current problem is financing? or technology too? (like pipes of pumping stations or whatever they have)
      the Kerch bridge 5 billion yus - for the current 2 years - can wait with him
    10. +1
      16 September 2017
      On the other hand, Russia does not have serious methods of counteracting American sanctions. At the same time, the probability of a warming of relations between Moscow and Washington remains.

      I can’t understand the author, does he really think so or should I think so? It is the Russian authorities who have no desire to confront the sanctions put forward by the Americans and by themselves. Some sighs .. Russia without America a hundred years ago? Why can't it now? What is so interesting about the Americans keeping in their banks and vaults that Russia cannot even look askance at the very existence of the USA?
      Historians, political scientists, simply authoritative people from the highest stands say that the United States and Russia NEVER!!! there will be no identical approaches to solving world problems ... stop Feel it! NEVER!!! Due to the different mentality and methods of achieving the goal. You, Mr. author, argue that there is a chance of warming ... belay Let me ask you a curiosity about what issue? In Syria? Yes there. It really got warmer ... after the bombing and rocket attacks on American friends there really got warmer, I would say "hot!!!"
      IMHO, and Smirnov is not concerned ...

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