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Began testing the new engine for IL-112В

The flight tests of the TV7-117CT turboprop engine, which is being developed to equip the IL-112В military transport and the regional IL-114-300, began in the Moscow Region on the basis of the Flight Research Institute. Gromov, transmits RIA News.

Began testing the new engine for IL-112В

The tests of the power plant in various modes and altitude ranges are carried out as part of the IL-76LL flying laboratory.

The development program of the new TV7-117ST engine is of great importance for UEC and for the whole domestic aviation industry. Our goal is to get a world-class highly efficient turboprop engine, which will become a reliable support for both military and civil aviation,
UDC Director General Alexander Artyukhov told reporters.

It is reported that "TV7-117CT is the basic engine for the promising light military transport aircraft IL-112В, while the civilian engine modification - TV7-117СТ-01 - will become the regular engine of the regional passenger aircraft IL-114-300", which production is planned to resume .

TV7-117CT-01, in particular, will increase the carrying capacity of the IL-114-300 and reduce the take-off time of the aircraft.

According to the developers, "engine power at maximum take-off mode is 3 thousands of horsepower, on increased emergency mode - 3,6 thousands of horsepower." The engines are assembled entirely from Russian parts, assemblies and components.
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  1. maxim947
    maxim947 12 September 2017 15: 10 New
    Well done, only faster, faster, but not to the detriment of quality. AN-12, 26 and their variants have long flown.
    1. seacap
      seacap 12 September 2017 15: 16 New
      It’s Il-76 in the photo, the An-12 hasn’t been flying for a long time. Apparently, we’ll have other wings for a long time. find and prepare.
      1. maxim947
        maxim947 12 September 2017 15: 22 New
        Seriously? Yes, this is IL-76 - a flying laboratory, and I do not remember that the 12th was decommissioned. And what "alien" wings in the Russian Defense Ministry are you talking about?
      2. Ustin
        Ustin 12 September 2017 16: 32 New
        Where does the data come from that An 12 do not fly? Continue to work.
        1. Eugene-Eugene
          Eugene-Eugene 12 September 2017 17: 25 New
          As calculated on the birdie, the 59 flight
      3. Bronevick
        Bronevick 12 September 2017 17: 20 New
        AN-12 in Kaliningrad fly every day.
    2. RASKAT
      RASKAT 12 September 2017 15: 22 New
      Yes, everything is fine, the engine has been largely redone from the good old TV-3-117, and it has been flying since the 90s. I would say they are testing the screws rather than the engine itself.
      Good luck testers good .
      1. svp67
        svp67 12 September 2017 17: 59 New
        Quote: RASKAT
        I would say they are testing the screws rather than the engine itself.

        By the way, but why not "fan"?
        Quote: RASKAT
        the engine is largely redone from the good old TV-3-117

        But no one does not deny this. That's just a LONG, VERY LONG. They pulled, decided, as a result, they decided to run it on the IL76LL and only after that they will release the Il112. But, what was not clear before? That the "new" engine needs to be checked is an indispensable rule of aviation, which is written in blood.
  2. Olegovi4
    Olegovi4 12 September 2017 15: 14 New
    in the topic of engines (yesterday saw) -
    1. Vovanfalcon
      Vovanfalcon 13 September 2017 07: 45 New
      Illiterate complete bullshit !!!! ... the engine caught fire ... the tank exploded and the bypass valve ... all in a heap!
  3. enot73
    enot73 12 September 2017 15: 21 New
    Began testing the new engine for IL-112В
    The aircraft themselves are also slowly gathering [
    1. svp67
      svp67 12 September 2017 18: 02 New
      Quote: enot73
      The aircraft themselves are also slowly gathering [

      That's exactly what "SILENTLY" and your info is out of date ...
      The engines have already been installed on the first board ...
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 12 September 2017 15: 24 New
    Once we got to the test, they’ll finish it. and Russia will have a turboprop engine for 3000 horses. Now, for the reincarnation of “An-2,” one and a half would have done it ...
    And they tried to sell Motor Sich through offshore companies. There, the court intervened and blocked the deal ... wassat
    1. zivXP
      zivXP 12 September 2017 16: 23 New
      The Ketais did not succeed in buying the block of shares the first time. I think anyway they will outbid when they find a loophole or a bribe for what.
      1. Kurare
        Kurare 12 September 2017 19: 13 New
        It is necessary to lure specialists. As soon as the Chinese "Motor Sich" take their hands in a year and a half, there will be nothing left ...