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The Pentagon: US forces continue to fight with "Dzhebhat en-Nusroy"

The US military continues to fight with the formations of the group "Dzhebhat al-Nusra" (banned in the Russian Federation), reports TASS Pentagon spokesperson Major Adrian Rankin-Galloway.

So Galloway responded to a request from a journalist to comment on the recent words of Sergei Lavrov about the ambiguity of the situation around this terrorist group.

The major stressed that "Dzhebhat an Nusra" is part of the extremist network Al Qaeda (banned in the Russian Federation) in Syria and is on the list of US terrorist organizations. "

In addition, the Syrian regime has allowed northwestern Syria to become a haven of al Qaeda terrorists who threaten the Syrians, stability in the region, and US security.
he noted.

At the same time, "the United States has shown that without hesitation they are attacking Al-Qaeda at any time and in any place to protect our homeland and our regional partners," the Pentagon spokesman said.

Recall on Monday after talks with Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Al-Safadi Sergey Lavrov stated that “the situation with Dzhebhat al-Nusroy in Syria remains ambiguous,” and it continues to be taken out from under the blows. Such actions of the Western coalition, led by the US, the minister called unacceptable.
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  1. Logall
    Logall 12 September 2017 10: 04
    US Armed Forces Continue Fighting Jebhat al-Nusra

    Yeah! Together with Israel!
    The only thing they can do is rename the grouping!
    That is, an organization prohibited in the Russian Federation.
    I would have banned the CIA and Mossad!
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 12 September 2017 10: 42
      The amazing metamorphoses of American democracy. They say one thing and do another.
      1. Abigor
        Abigor 12 September 2017 10: 52
        Do not forget: to improve relations with the Russian Federation, they close our Deep. Representation!
        And so that the Russian Armed Forces violently destroy terrorists, they are trying to protect them ...
    2. Maz
      Maz 12 September 2017 11: 10
      Israel has been given to you. While no one is better than him with our VKS in Syria. The rest are only languages ​​in microphones and on the Internet commentary.
    LAWNER 12 September 2017 10: 04
    "The American media will continue the struggle with Jebhat-en-Nusra"
  3. hydrox
    hydrox 12 September 2017 10: 11
    The Pentagon is lying!
    How can the United States destroy an asset nourished by a CIA tit and designed to be meat to secure US dominance in the global world?
    Is it possible that those formations that imagined a lot about themselves and escaped from American curatorship and do not agree to the role of SIMPLY meat? ...
    1. The black
      The black 12 September 2017 10: 19
      The Pentagon: US forces continue to fight with "Dzhebhat en-Nusroy"

      Pentagon: US forces continue to fight FOR Jebhat al-Nusru smile
  4. Olaf Uksimae
    Olaf Uksimae 12 September 2017 10: 17
    We say the struggle, we mean the game, we speak the whole world, we mean the United States, we say we bring democracy, we mean we put it on everyone.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 September 2017 10: 20
    ... this major is very knowledgeable ... and why didn’t they ask any sergeant? laughing
  6. Cutter
    Cutter 12 September 2017 10: 50
    and is on the list of US terrorist organizations. ”

    Yeah, it’s kind of like being on the list doesn’t allow the US special services to cover their “pupils”! Directly from the stands they lie and do not blush!
  7. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 12 September 2017 11: 10
    Again, it’s lying, the dope is striped.
  8. Egorovich
    Egorovich 12 September 2017 11: 20
    Never mattresses will destroy their work. The Americans have always been a female dog. And they will, because they have such an essence.
  9. Kondratko
    Kondratko 12 September 2017 11: 44
    US forces continue to fight с Jebhat al-Nusroi

    Apparently against Assad ...
    Unlike some, Russia is fighting VS "Jebhat al-Nusra."
    1. protoss
      protoss 13 September 2017 00: 22
      actually now it’s not particularly Idlib (the main base of d-n) was in the de-escalation zone.