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About military monuments in Poland. Other side. Special report


On the same day, when in the town of Trzcianka, vandals on excavators demolished a mausoleum in memory of the dead Soviet soldiers, in the other end of Poland, actions took place quite the opposite.

This event was attended by our Belarusian colleague from Brest, Alexander Prokurat, who captured not only the event itself, but also tried to figure out what was happening in the heads and souls of the Poles today.

But let us return to what happened in a small clearing, near the road leading to the village of Zabele.

Here, the Polish organization, about which we have already written, the Kursk Commonwealth, organized a ceremony dedicated to the memory of 10 Soviet prisoners of war shot by German occupiers in the summer of 1943.

The reason for the ceremony was the completion of the reconstruction of the mass grave, which was conducted by the community on the basis of the permission of the head of the administration of the commune Jasvila.

The reconstruction was carried out by the Kursk Commonwealth with the financial support of caring people.

The ceremony was attended by:

Russian side:
- Alexey Fomichev, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw;
- Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Solovyov, Deputy Military Attache of the Russian Federation at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw;
- Andrey Kononov, Managing Director of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral Foundation, St. Petersburg;
- Svetlana Fateeva, Deputy Director of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral Foundation, St. Petersburg;
- Anton Torgashov, representative of the Military Archeology organization, Moscow.

- Alla Fedorova, Consul General of Belarus in Bialystok;
- Colonel Vasily Kapshin, Belarusian military attache at the Belarusian embassy in Warsaw;
- Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Maltsev, Deputy Military Attache of Belarus at the Belarusian Embassy in Warsaw.

Polish side:
- Jerzy Tyts, head of the Kursk Commonwealth;
- Jan Yoka, head of the Jasvila commune administration;
- Jozef Hiero, headman of the village Zabele;
- Adam Sokolovsky, rector of the parish in Dolistov Star;
- Father Peter, Orthodox priest, chaplain of the Belostok fire brigade;
- residents of Zabel and surrounding villages, guests from Warsaw and other cities.

The guests who delivered speeches emphasized the importance of working to ensure peace and understanding between nations, the need to draw conclusions from the tragic events that occurred in this place.

There were neither concentration camps nor death camps in the vicinity of Zabele. Caught here after the escape, the Soviet soldiers probably went a very long way before they fell into the hands of the Nazis. Perhaps not without the help of the locals. This option, as the issue, too, no one bills does not discard.

We talked about the events in Trzcianka, about which all by that time became aware. Sober-minded people understood that the destruction of Soviet memorials cannot but have a negative effect on Polish-Russian relations.

The barbaric act, reminiscent of the operation of igil fools, with the destruction by excavators of the Soviet memorial in Trzcianka, was discussed by all those present.

About military monuments in Poland. Other side. Special report

It looked like a destroyed mausoleum.

Someone asked how it is possible that in the same country, on the same day, the authorities destroyed a monument over the grave in Trzcianka, and caring citizens (in another part of Poland) repaired the monument on the grave of soldiers of the same Soviet Army .

Who is right? Kursk leader or mayor of Trzcianka? Who is noble, and who is the usual vandal?

Pan Jerzy Tyts, head of the Kursk, a man of honor.

For normal people, the answer is obvious. All those gathered in this Polish wilderness, regardless of the color of the flag, were normal and united in their opinion.

The moment of the consecration of the grave and the exaltation of prayers for the fallen Catholic and Orthodox priests was very exalted.

On behalf of Pan Tyts and the entire community, Kursk will once again convey heartfelt thanks to all who took part in this action.

For financial support of repair:
- Foundation "Kronstadt Naval Cathedral" from St. Petersburg;
- to the Renaissance Foundation from Kursk;
- the organization "Military Archeology" from Moscow;
- Rusich Foundation from Poland.

For assistance in carrying out the event:
- To the head of the administration of the Gmina Jasvila - for the free provision of audio equipment and benches;
- Police Commandant Monkey Monki, for ensuring peace and order during the ceremony.

Thanks to all the Poles who helped hands.

Here, near this modest monument to ten Soviet soldiers, who preferred death to captivity, there were only people. Honest and pure in soul. Russians, Belarusians, Poles. At such times, nationality is not important. Honor and conscience are not a national prerogative.

I talked a lot with the Poles about what is happening in their country. It is with ordinary philistines far from Warsaw. I think some readers will be interested in what is happening in Polish heads.


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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 12 September 2017 07: 21
    One people and what a different approach to the same situation.
    Who is noble and who is ordinary vandal?
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 12 September 2017 07: 35
      Nice monument! Concise - strict, modest and simple!
      Shot by the Germans, Soviet prisoners of war, for sure, would be pleased with the manifestation on the part of ordinary people of such a humane concern for their memory!
    2. Finches
      Finches 12 September 2017 09: 53
      Normal people are everywhere, even, which is extremely surprising, among the Poles ... Yes, even among the Anglo-Saxons, you can find normal, but he will most likely be a descendant of Russian emigrants ... laughing

      I ask you not to take my phrase seriously, but those who are at war with the monuments and forget their history always suffer punishment, sooner or later!
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 12 September 2017 14: 48
        Quote: Finches
        Normal people are everywhere, even, which is extremely surprising, among the Poles ... Yes, even among the Anglo-Saxons, you can find a normal

        The Poles - there is nothing surprising. Poland is a "boiling cauldron". There you can find representatives of any extreme, from Hare Krishnas to Anarchists, from Muslims to atheists, including all intermediate stages. So it is possible to be friends with people, but not with the country.
        England is unlikely. Too brainwashed there that "England is above all." It is no accident that it was there that Nazism, concentration camps and terrorism were "invented".
    3. atos_kin
      atos_kin 12 September 2017 09: 55
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      to the same situation.

      What is the same "situation"? They demolished the mausoleum in the city center and unveiled a modest monument in the forest near a country road. Our grandfathers, in response to this, instead of a “knee-deep” memorial in Katyn, would immediately put a modest cross from birch, and then cover up a couple of representatives of “psheks” in Russia. And the grandchildren did not stop at least "strangling in the arms" of their talkers on DB TV.
  2. antivirus
    antivirus 12 September 2017 07: 32
    the world is changing, Poland, the continents and the borders are changing
    once kangaroos were exotic. soon will become a native fauna .. for someone.
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 12 September 2017 09: 58
      tempora mutantur et nos mutantur in ilis - times are changing, and with them we are a Latin proverb, Who shoots a pistol into the past so that the future will blow from a cannon - observation of modern history.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 12 September 2017 07: 34
    A certain part of the population of Eastern Europe in all circumstances remains people, not pan-reptiloid potato. Someone has an innate immunity to infection, but such a minority.
    1. novel66
      novel66 12 September 2017 09: 52
      the trouble is that with every generation the situation is only getting worse
    2. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 12 September 2017 10: 19
      Nobody canceled agitation and propaganda. And propaganda of all sorts of nasty things lies in the heads of stupid people, just fine. You don’t have to think, everyone told you how it was and how it will be. The Poles are actively digging their grave, as in the late 30s. But among them there are those who remember honor and dignity. But how few of them.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 12 September 2017 18: 21
    maybe I'm crazy ............. knock down psheks, got it already ............. business does not remember good, how much mona
    CONTROL 13 September 2017 11: 31
    Mm-da-ah ...
    - Well how are you? - asked Rumata favorably. - We cut some diplomas, teach others?
    Keen's father chuckled.
    “Literacy is not the enemy of the king,” he said. - The enemy of the king is a literate dreamer, a doubtful diploma, an unbelieving literacy. We are here ...
    (A. and B. Strugatsky "It is difficult to be a god")