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"White helmets" in Ukrainian. "Hospitallers"

In an attempt to combat military symbolism, which in Ukraine at one time was the actual continuation of the Soviet tradition, the proactively-minded sections of society (not to mention state institutions) sometimes go as far as frank absurdity. The departure from traditional military symbols and ranks in Ukraine is called the segment of de-communization and de-Sovietization, and is also presented to the population as steps to comply with NATO standards.

The day before on our site came out news material that a wave of discontent has arisen in the Armed Forces of Ukraine that, on the basis of the new order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Airborne Forces (Ukrainian version - airborne troops) are obliged to wear burgundy-colored berets on their heads instead of traditional blue berets. At the same time, the blue berets of the marines and special operations forces of the Ukrainian Navy ask themselves the question: “Well, okay, the berets are blue — let's say with a stretch — the color of the sea, but the wings on the new emblem of the marines are from where and why? "At the same time, speculations are being expressed that the person who developed all this has no relation to military service himself.

From the comments of Ukrainian users (military) in social networks (translated from Ukrainian):
Guys, let's get together and send a collective letter to Poltorak and Poroshenko. This is a complete circus. Let's suggest our ideas.

Of course, I understand that we are now going to NATO, but a wolf with a boxing belt for special operations forces ... is this a joke? And what a burning pot at the motorized?

In the meantime, Ukrainian servicemen are discussing the possibility of sending a collective letter or petition addressed to the Minister of Defense or Supreme Commander, in Ukraine there are also other examples of design ideas for all kinds of armed formations and service units of a non-state nature.

In particular, the field medicine service operates on the “Square” territory, which calls itself Hospitallers. On the chevron of “Square” hospitallers everything is woven that could be woven. Against the background of some kind of honeycomb you can see a green field with a derivative of a Ukrainian trident and a Maltese order cross.

Of stories Middle Ages it is known that the Hospitallers (and this slang, which the monks of the Order themselves never called themselves) were considered a Christian conglomerate, which took responsibility for caring for the poor and wandering in the Holy Land. Around 1100, the Christian conglomerate received military status and became the Order, which is still in effect today. Not just acting, but also officially considered a state entity with its budget, economy, knight-rulers, observer status with the UN and the Council of Europe, and other attributes of statehood. This is the Order of Malta, in the highest composition of which there are three statuses:
Knights and Ladies of Honor and Devotion in Obedience, Knights and Ladies of Mercy of the Lord and Devotion in Obedience, Knights and Ladies of Mercy of the Master and Devotion in Obedience.

Apparently, the Ukrainian Hospitallers also have certain claims on chivalry (among men) and on the status of Dame of Honor (among women) ...

It is noteworthy that Ukrainian hospitallers often pose against the background of the extremist Right Sector flag (banned in the Russian Federation). Do they know about it in the official Order of Malta? Or is the presence of the symbolism of the Order on the chevrons and flags of the Ukrainian "hospitalians" coordinated with the top of the said organization?

Here are the "knightly days" of Ukrainian "hospitallers":

You can be touched by the fact that the Ukrainian "knights and ladies of honor / mercy" assist the wounded, raise funds for wheelchairs and prostheses. But somehow it does not work out because the "hospitalists" of Ukraine, under the symbolism of the Maltese Order, for example, take part in the blockade of Donbass:

"White helmets" in Ukrainian. "Hospitallers"

They publish leaflets with cheers about the events of 2 May 2014 in Odessa:

And this is a “hospitalier” on a military vehicle, on which they managed to inflict a red cross - not even a Maltese one ...

So that in the event of another hit in the boiler, it was possible to declare that the armed brigade fired upon the armed forces of the LDNR. And the fact that in the cars of these medical teams - the rifle squad moving along the contact line - no one from the OSCE, of course, will notice again.

The OSCE ... Of course, it will not notice ... Especially if we consider that representatives of pravosekovsky "hospitallers" often drive themselves around in OSCE vehicles. On the photo - Larisa Gorbachenko - representative of the Hospitallers organization:

And the residents of Donbass are trying to convey something to the OSCE SMM about the shelling and human rights violations on the Ukrainian side, given that they are heard by those who have just applauded another anniversary of the burning of people in Odessa. Top of cynicism.

And so that doubts regarding the “humanitarian” organization and its direct connections with pravoseki were finally dispelled - a photo in which the same Larisa Gorbachenko. Particular attention - on the chevron "charity":

But in Syria there are their “hospitallers”. These are pseudo-medics and pseudo-defenders from “White Helmets”, who report directly to the leaders of the terrorist “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” (banned in the Russian Federation). Whether it is necessary to doubt that the training manual for the work of the Syrian and Ukrainian "white helmets" is the same ...
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  1. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 12 September 2017 15: 59
    All this, of course, is a complete gnarliness, not related to symbolism, much less to hospitals (at least to their goals).
    1. 210ox
      210ox 12 September 2017 17: 36
      For these nonsense I can only say one thing .. A huge number of dung flies flocked to a big pile of shit ..
  2. Evdokim
    Evdokim 12 September 2017 16: 05
    It is interesting to these so-called “Hospitallers” - the “Maltese” know that the Moscow Emperor Pavel was their Order Master, or does not reach through the pan. Although it’s just ignorant and that which dishes. hi
  3. izya top
    izya top 12 September 2017 16: 14
    the first in the loop should not be National Guard, but volunteers. Namely as instigators
  4. Lnglr
    Lnglr 12 September 2017 16: 20
    Syria has something to do with it? Right, some fps ....
  5. MoJloT
    MoJloT 12 September 2017 16: 22
    Hospitallers basically lived to fight the Muslims and smash the pirates, and then everything else.
    LAWNER 12 September 2017 16: 26
    Maltese cross on the background of a honeycomb lady of honor, but they can work like bees with asses.
    The rod of Hermes (coduice) is a symbol of trade, understanding and peace. In Russia it is used by the tax and customs services. In mythology, Hermes gave the rod to his son Nerik from whom the heralds came.
    The six-pointed cross-Kolovrat of Perun, only strange, the rays are both left and right-handed. (I suspect that ours and yours?)
    Well, the trident is what they consider themselves to be the Rurikovich (Vladimir Svyatoslavovich). And if the trident is divided into three Letters, then we get Victor, inverted Fedorovich, Yanukovych.
    In total, we get that someone from Ananerbe is still alive and he understands heraldry as poorly as I do!
    1. Grach-25sm
      Grach-25sm 13 September 2017 23: 38
      Kolovrat - that is, a swastika? The Slavic pagans did not have such a symbol. This is an analogue of Vajra, and from India to our Palestinians - as to China in a certain position, also take into account the factor of geographical isolation.
      Well, what kind of people - some immediately hit the Jewish Masonic conspiracy, while others - into the dubious "neopaganism"! As a result, both those and others pour water on the mills of their own opponents. Sorry - it’s boiling. hi
  7. Tolstoevsky
    Tolstoevsky 12 September 2017 16: 49
    the green star of david. cool
  8. bandabas
    bandabas 12 September 2017 18: 15
    How many berets. Recently they once again showed the super comedy Commandos with Andryusha Schwartz. One of the phrases is "I hawala green berets for breakfast." But it’s logical.
  9. cariperpaint
    cariperpaint 12 September 2017 18: 27
    red gunners?))))) for what ??)))
  10. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 13 September 2017 15: 41
    On the emblem of airliners sword. It seems that in the Middle Ages the owners of such swords were not taken prisoner. wink
    1. Grach-25sm
      Grach-25sm 13 September 2017 23: 43
      Yeah, flamberg - a "flaming blade", I also noticed. Particularly "frostbitten" mercenaries were armed with them - so that from the point of view of Ukrainian heraldry - all the rules. wink
  11. Grach-25sm
    Grach-25sm 13 September 2017 23: 41
    By the way, joining the real order of Leper Hospitallers was the only possibility of their social activity in those dark times. And they fought mainly with an "open visor" in order to terrorize the enemy - as a rule, they succeeded! Estimate - a crowd of disfigured, rotting soldiers alive, who, moreover, still do not feel pain (at a certain stage of the disease, nerve endings die off) - PPC - zombie apocalypse !!! belay
  12. xomaNN
    xomaNN 16 September 2017 10: 57
    Following the example of the Baltic states, who have lost Soviet weapons, the remnants of their fleet and aircraft, we must concentrate on dressing up the army men in another uniform and hang new badges on the caps. belay