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A group of Russian sappers sent to Syria

More than 40 specialists of the advanced detachment of the International Mine Action Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, seven units of special equipment and a group of dog handlers were transferred to the Khmeimim airbase in Syria, reports press office Ministry of Defense

In the near future, military personnel will be sent to the liberated areas of the city of Deir ez-Zor for reconnaissance and assessment of the scope of the upcoming mine clearance. In total, 175 military personnel of the international mine action center and 42 units of special engineering equipment will be transferred to the Syrian Arab Republic to participate in humanitarian demining, including the modern Uran-6 robotic complexes,
says release.

In addition to the sapper units, a dog unit with mine detection dogs will enter the unit.

It is reported that, first of all, the sappers will be engaged in the demining of roads leading to the city's social infrastructure, hospitals, schools, residential buildings, water and electricity supply facilities and historical cultural monuments.

The military added that “the demining squadron of the International Mine Action Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is completely autonomous and is equipped with the most modern demining and protection kits (selective portable induction mine detectors IMP-2S, portable locators of wired control lines for explosive devices PIPL, portable detectors for inline explosive devices INVU-3 combined-arms sets of mine clearance IAD-2-02) and life support (autonomous power supply installations, mobile complex Pts sources and canning of water MKKV-1000, field kitchens, tents to accommodate military personnel) ”.
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  1. Maz
    Maz 11 September 2017 10: 22
    Of course, the city is not small, but there are innumerable nasties in it.
    1. Dfii
      Dfii 11 September 2017 10: 37
      Not so long ago it was broadcast on TV that our specialists now only instruct Syrian sappers. Perhaps the involvement of our units is necessary not only to neutralize, but also to find significant "artifacts" for the information war, which could be inherited by American instructors.
      1. Topotun
        Topotun 11 September 2017 11: 07
        It is unlikely that a good sapper cannot be prepared in one two months. You need to know too many nuances .... So, I'm afraid our peasants have to work.
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 11 September 2017 10: 55
      The title is incorrect in Syria, sappers have been working for two years. For the first time a group of sappers was sent to Dei ez-Zor. And all will be 175.
  2. Topotun
    Topotun 11 September 2017 10: 35
    Again, the United States organize a mess and a viper, and the Russians put things in order .....
  3. Engineer
    Engineer 11 September 2017 10: 42
    The first group of Russian sappers sent to Syria

    And who cleared Aleppo and Palmyra if this is the first group?
    1. Dfii
      Dfii 11 September 2017 10: 43
      After Aleppo and Palmyra, our sappers returned home, the instructors remained. Apparently now a business trip again.
      1. Engineer
        Engineer 11 September 2017 10: 45
        this is understandable, but the first one it will not be exactly
        1. Dfii
          Dfii 11 September 2017 11: 19
          In the news, “first group” means that several groups will be sent on this business trip to Deir ez-Zor, and this is the first of them.
  4. stolz
    stolz 11 September 2017 12: 40
    We must also send a team of nannies from kindergarten there, let the Arabs be fed from the spoon and change the diapers for them.
    Though something they themselves are able to do?