The answer to “West-2017”: large-scale exercises will start in Sweden

According to information RIA News, the Ministry of Defense of Sweden reports about large-scale military exercises planned for the period from 11 to 29 September, which should be not only the largest in recent decades, but also unique to the country, being deployed at sea, on land and in the air.

Aurora 2017 is the first for the sun and the largest national doctrine in more than 20 years.

- explained in a press release.

The maneuvers affected mainly Stockholm and its surroundings, the Swedish island of Gotland and the city of Gothenburg. Approximately 19,5 thousand military personnel of the country and about 40 civilian institutions are expected to be involved. Swedish military will complement 1500 soldiers from various countries, including from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, as well as from the United States and France. It is planned to work out the scenario of Sweden’s actions in the context of the growing conflict in the region, counteraction to a qualified adversary and interaction with other countries.

The government of the country explains the decision to hold the exercises with the position of the parliament, which believes that the international situation has changed dramatically in recent years.

Critics inside the country called the alleged maneuvers actually NATO exercises. The Minister of Defense does not agree with this statement:

These are Swedish teachings, invitations on behalf of Sweden, a Swedish script. This is not a NATO exercise.

The Swedish parliamentary deputy from the Left Party, Stig Henriksson, who oversees defense issues, believes that the maneuvers will lead to military escalation.

Sweden thus actively contributes to the strengthening of the spiral of tension, armaments and exercises in our region. This is confirmed by the fact that simultaneously pass the teachings "West 17". This is risky for Sweden.

The head of the country's military department does not share this position either:

It does not contribute to any kind of tension spiral. He is wrong at this point. We are talking about working out the Swedish defense capability, and we have a right to this. It is about our integrity, about our sovereignty. I think it is very good that we are conducting this teaching.
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  1. +4
    11 September 2017 05: 30
    It is envisaged to attract approximately 19,5 thousand military personnel of the country and about 40 civilian institutions.

    SWEDEN disappeared ... now everyone is rushing there to look for a new Russian submarine ... they haven’t found the old one yet now they’ve got a new fun ... they’re nuts on their heads there after the TV series Pap and urine belay .
    1. +4
      11 September 2017 06: 06
      Stockholm is not the place chosen for exercises - to fully get used to the image of the Swedish military near Poltava, maneuvers must be carried out ... laughing
      1. +1
        11 September 2017 07: 33
        Aurora 2017
        are they alluding to 1917?
      2. 0
        11 September 2017 08: 28
        why so? if there are "exercises to conduct" in Stockholm near the schist, many will say thanks;) you can do this almost throughout the entire 3rd zone of the Stockholm metro)) but slyussen, carlaplan and gamla mill and others like them, the police will have to be protected from "wild eastern tribes")) well, and collect 20000, this is a very impressive figure for Sweden. You need to read today aphthalet and svd.
    2. +2
      11 September 2017 08: 48
      They will finish the game that some “Irma” will come to them and make the years torn out for everyone. Then the buffet and the Swedish family will be forgotten for a long time.
    3. +1
      11 September 2017 18: 40
      but they respond very powerfully. Belarus and I are attracting only 13 thousand, and some kind of Sweden is already 19.5 thousand. The question is where did they find so many people from, recently the number of their armed forces has been in the region of 13-15 thousand.
  2. +1
    11 September 2017 05: 31
    And the notification of nearby countries, the invitation of observers was? Or is a “neutral” country not obliged to do this?
    1. +2
      11 September 2017 05: 42
      36 percent of the inhabitants of the kingdom support the country's joining NATO ... the population is frightened to death by the notorious Russian threat to the commander of the Armed Forces of the kingdom Sverker Yoranson ... this fruit is a big fan of gay parades ... in general, a solid circus and only ....

      1. +2
        11 September 2017 07: 12
        Sverker is more like a vegetable, not a fruit .. laughing
    2. +1
      11 September 2017 06: 09
      neutral "country

      It has long been no longer a neutral country.

      The Swedish parliament ratified the agreement with NATO on the status of a "host country" on September 4, 2014, under which it pledges to provide its territory for NATO military exercises and to accept the Alliance's response forces from July 1.
  3. BVS
    11 September 2017 06: 02
    Quote: andrewkor
    And the notification of nearby countries, the invitation of observers was? Or is a “neutral” country not obliged to do this?

    Does the word "owe" come from you? According to what (document) Sweden should - "notification of nearby countries, invitation of observers"?
  4. BVS
    11 September 2017 06: 03
    Quote: bvs
    Quote: andrewkor
    And the notification of nearby countries, the invitation of observers was? Or is a “neutral” country not obliged to do this?

    Does the word "owe" come from you? According to what (document) Sweden should - "notification of nearby countries, invitation of observers"?

    And second, how do you know that Sweden did not notify, did not invite?
  5. +5
    11 September 2017 06: 04
    What do you feel sorry for? Let them play war!
  6. +3
    11 September 2017 06: 17
    Where is the protest of our Foreign Ministry, where are the requirements to introduce global sanctions against the Swedes? It is necessary to beat all the bells, declaring in the United Nations about the extreme aggressiveness of these exercises, that the real figure of the Swedish army and reservists, as well as foreign military, is approaching a million people! !! lol That is, to beat the enemy with his own weapons! !! soldier
    1. 0
      11 September 2017 06: 28
      Why do you have such a flag? You live in Russia, you yourself said.
      1. +2
        11 September 2017 07: 20
        Ask the system, it sets the flags! My fault is not there, I honestly live in Russia! !!!!!!!!!! hi
        1. 0
          11 September 2017 10: 24
          The country is determined by the IP group.
          Check your address at
  7. +1
    11 September 2017 06: 27
    Will they look for Russian submarines again and defend Gotland? Schizoids .... And at that time migrants really occupy Sweden.
  8. +1
    11 September 2017 06: 29
    Well, spend what. We have inspections and exercises in districts almost once a month.
  9. +1
    11 September 2017 07: 07
    Gotland! wassat
  10. +1
    11 September 2017 11: 03
    Damn, how much you can reprint in the headline of the article on NATO NATO campaigns about the alleged response to the Russian-Belarusian West-2017 exercises - the Swedes and NATO naturally planned their large-scale exercises in advance.

    Here, something else is interesting - Sweden has become a de facto part of NATO, which means that the Iskanders can be aimed at Stockholm.
  11. +1
    11 September 2017 12: 04
    Can a Russian submarine finally be found?
  12. +2
    11 September 2017 13: 05
    Carl Laurels of the 12th haunt? And what if Russia now protests Sweden’s largest military exercises in the last 20 years! Probably preparing to attack the North part of the Russian Federation ???

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