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Proton-M will launch a Spanish communications satellite

According to information RIA News, in the "Roskosmos" reported about the launch of heavy Baikonur scheduled for late evening on September 11 carrier rocket "Proton-M"intended for launching the Spanish communications satellite Amazonas-5.

The launch of Proton with the Amazonas-5 satellite is scheduled for 22.23 Moscow time. As expected, the separation of the spacecraft from the Briz-M upper stage will take place in nine hours, approximately at 7.35 Moscow time already on September 12.

- explained in the space agency.

The satellite loaded onto the carrier was released by Space Systems Loral (USA) by order of Hispasat (Spain). It is designed to provide services in the field of television, corporate networks and telephone communications in South and Central America.

The launch agreement was signed with International Launch Services Inc. (ILS, Reston, USA), promoting "Proton" on the foreign market and being a subsidiary of the Khrunichev Center - developer and manufacturer of Proton carriers and Briz-M booster blocks. Start-up insurance is provided by SOGAZ. It concerns the Proton-M launch vehicle, the Breeze-M upper stage, the head fairing, the transition system for launching the spacecraft and the satellite itself.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 11 September 2017 05: 26
    In 1993, GKNPC, RSC Energia and the American corporation Lockheed created a joint venture Lockheed-Khrunichev-Energia (LCE). The main objective of the joint venture was the marketing of launch services of the Proton launch vehicle. Within the framework of this enterprise, the GKNPC provided the production of a launch vehicle, adaptation of the payload to it, development and manufacture of a fairing, and provision of launch services. The LHE joint venture was reorganized on June 7, 1995 into the International Launch Services Inc ..

    We have strange relations with the Americans ... frankly unnatural ... on the one hand, the US Congress imposed sanctions on us, but on the other hand it does not touch this industry of cooperation. what

    What the hell belay
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Herculesic
      Herculesic 11 September 2017 06: 12
      Everything is business for the United States, and therefore such relationships are needed by our rocket engines because of their relative cheapness, and most importantly, their reliability. hi
    3. g1v2
      g1v2 11 September 2017 13: 33
      Ordinary capitalism. It is like the attitude of large corporations. Here we cooperate, here we are friends against a third party, here we fight to the death. Profitable - we cooperate, profitably - enmity. The actions of the Americans are essentially the destruction of competitors. But if there is a favorable opportunity for cooperation, then they also try not to miss the chance. Hence the behavior of our arm, which lucidly explains to them that the "terpils" live in a different entrance. And it is better to cooperate with us than to quarrel. For it is fraught. At the same time, they will not stop shitting us anyway, as weakening a competitor is sacred. request
  2. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 11 September 2017 05: 38
    And the Proton rocket itself is beautiful!
  3. Skay
    Skay 11 September 2017 09: 40
    Proton-M will launch a Spanish communications satellite

    Let them first deduce, then discuss.
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 11 September 2017 10: 05
      Quote: Skay
      Let them first deduce, then discuss.

      When it comes out, the Spaniards will already be discussing. laughing
    2. kori
      kori 12 September 2017 10: 08
      Successfully deduced. So a bunch
  4. tax payerschik
    tax payerschik 12 September 2017 10: 21
    Cent Khrunichev, on which there is no place to put stigma, conspired with Lockheed! Here is the tin! A model of international corruption.