Three days to Deir ez-Zora

2 August 2017, the first Anna News report from the Syrian desert. The correspondents worked in difficult conditions and filmed the stages of the operation on the deblokade of Deir ez-Zor. The last three days have been particularly difficult. About this - in a large special report. Unique frames that will be included in history Syrian war.

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    1. +1
      10 September 2017 13: 56
      There is some sensation of a mess, but considering that this is, by and large, a militia that has been tempered in battles, it’s normal.
      I remember a couple of episodes from PTURAMI. In the first, the installation operator flaunts torn pants behind, in the second, the Syrian at the last moment jumps away from the exhaust rocket.
      It is evident that ordinary people are fighting, without pathos, and they rather want the war to end and they can work quietly again.
      Good luck to them.
    2. +3
      10 September 2017 14: 16
      scha rupture of farts at yavreys will begin laughing
    3. +1
      10 September 2017 15: 16
      Great report. There will be peace soon.

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