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Joseph Kobzon. Anniversary maestro

Ingushetia, Magas. This is a city where you can walk along the street of Joseph Kobzon. However, its own “Kobzona street” in the understanding of the contribution that this person made not only to the stage or cinema, but also to art in general, in the spiritual understanding is in every settlement in the post-Soviet space: from Brest and Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, from Tashkent to Murmansk. Kobzon’s voice, his songs, his manner of performance are a whole epoch, this is a real spiritual world.

Joseph Kobzon. Anniversary maestro

Today maestro Joseph Kobzon is 80. I would like to hope that the readers of the Military Review do not raise the question of why the information and analytical portal of a military nature decided to congratulate Joseph Davydovich on his anniversary. But if someone had such a question - firstly, it would be humanly strange to leave the jubilee of a remarkable artist without attention, secondly, the biography of Joseph Kobzon includes such moments for which this person wants to say a special thank you - and these moments are connected with performances, as they say, in hot spots.

Joseph Davydovich, if I may say so, is not a parquet artist. This man gave dozens of concerts in 80's war-ridden Afghanistan — concerts for Soviet soldiers and officers. Performances were held in Kabul, Kandahar, Shindand, Herat, and other Afghan cities.

Concerts of the artist who alternated the performance of songs stories from life, often lasted for 4-5 hours, causing invariably huge interest among the soldiers-internationalists. Moreover, what is important to hear for the modern so-called “stars” of the scene (who performed one song and as if by the power of the media turned into a “superstar”) - it worked absolutely free. Out of the “payment” for the speeches, it was an ordinary rations, which were provided to the servicemen themselves in Afghanistan. A scene — often a truck body, an auditorium — is usually the slope of a nearby mountain or hill. Not only flights from one Afghan city to another, but also transfers - often on armored personnel carriers.

After the performance of Joseph Davydovich in Afghanistan, Soviet servicemen took the initiative in front of the USSR Ministry of Culture about the presentation of Kobzon to the rank of People's Artist. As a result, the Ministry of Culture responded to the initiative of the "Afghan" soldiers and other people who invited the artist to perform in Afghanistan, and Joseph Kobzon, taking into account his merits in the field of Soviet culture, became the People's Artist of the Soviet Union (1987 year). Recognition of merit - in the year of the artist's 50 anniversary.

If we talk about all the ranks and awards, then they have a lot of Joseph Davydovich, one listing can take a couple of tens of minutes. And they, which is important, deservedly - a lot.

In 1976, he won the Leninist Komsomol Prize, in 1984 - the Winner of the USSR State Prize. He was awarded the Order of Courage, the Order of Friendship of Peoples, the Medal for Labor Valor, the Order for Services to the Fatherland, I Degree, the Order of Saint Mesrop Mashtots (State Prize of Armenia), the Order of Glory (Azerbaijan), the Order of Saint Sergius of Radonezh, the Order of Merit for Ukraine, there were more adequate political figures at the mercy of this country than after the 2014 year). He has the honorary title of People's Artist of Ukraine, which, having no relation either to the culture of Ukraine or to common sense as such, is trying to take everything away from Joseph Davydovich. Take away for his visits to Donbass and for the provision of humanitarian assistance to the population of the long-suffering region. Take away, taking into account the fact that Joseph Kobzon himself was born in the Donbas - in the small Donetsk town of Hours Yar (September 11 1937).

In 2016, Joseph Kobzon for his many years of work and for his outstanding contribution to the development of art and culture of Russia received the high title of Hero of Labor. This title, as is well known, was restored after many years of neglecting that it is through work that a person can reach heights and contribute to the development of the Fatherland. Labor selfless and benefiting other people. For a while, the word labor in Russia, unfortunately, was almost abusive, and the concept of “man of labor” or “labor collective” was often presented with a kind of strange semi-irony - they say that it was still an archaic. It is gratifying that the title has been restored, and the attitude to work in the country is really changing. Slowly but changing.

There are Joseph Davydovich and other awards. One of them is the “Participant of the military operation in Syria”. Joseph Kobzon received the award together with the famous cosmonaut woman Valentina Tereshkova. Together they flew to the Russian military base "Khmeimim", where they spoke to the military personnel of the contingent of the RF Armed Forces. Correspondent "Komsomolskaya Pravda"Turning to the artist, he persistently tried to find out how Iosif Kobzon relates to the award of a combat reward, although he did not take part in the hostilities. The USSR People's Artist calmly answered this question: “Sometimes spiritual support can be even more important than shots. And I am grateful to the Ministry of Defense for not forgetting about us. ” What is spiritual support for a person who risks his life every day is well known to those compatriots who themselves passed through hot spots - from the very same Afghanistan to Chechnya, Dagestan or Syria.

September 20 Joseph Kobzon will celebrate his anniversary on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace, where many famous artists will take part in the concert program, including Alexander Rosenbaum, Alexander Gradsky, Tamara Gverdtsiteli. Also in the program of the anniversary of the maestro will take part the Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Russian National Guard troops.

“Military Review” congratulates Joseph Davydovich on his jubilee and wishes him further creative success, including success in bringing up young talents!
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  1. kaon3000
    kaon3000 11 September 2017 06: 25
    Khakhaleva will probably sing at the anniversary ...
    1. 79807420129
      79807420129 11 September 2017 10: 23
      Quote: kaon3000
      Khakhaleva will probably sing at the anniversary ...

      Quote: Nitochkin
      My slippers almost died of laughter.

      It would be better if your slippers died with you.
      Joseph Davydovich, so to speak, is not a parquet artist. This man gave dozens of concerts in the war-torn Afghanistan of the 80s - concerts for Soviet soldiers and officers. High

      Joseph Davydovich low bow to you human, for the fact that you are a person with a capital letter. hi Hey up there, you forgot Budennovsk, he didn’t forget, you forgot the “Nord Ost”, and he didn’t forget. He is a man, and you that you forgot about people. negative
      1. twviewer
        twviewer 12 September 2017 12: 05
        A broad political outlook, a sharp mind and a clear vision of social problems by Joseph Kobzon was manifested in the fact that he is the initiator and participant in the development of twenty-two bills:
        “On ensuring the right of a citizen of the Russian Federation to honor and dignity”
        “On the state language of the Russian Federation”
        "On the Day of Parliamentarism in Russia."
        “On the national anthem of the Russian Federation”
        “On the State Emblem of the Russian Federation”
        “On the State Flag of the Russian Federation”
        “On State Museum Preserves”
        “On objects of cultural heritage”
        “On the Federal Budget 2000-2003”
        “On the basics of tourism in the Russian Federation”
        “On the Supreme Council for the Protection of the Morality of Television Broadcasting and Radio Broadcasting in the Russian Federation”
        “On the implementation of tour and concert activities in the field of musical show business”
        “On Copyright and Related Rights”
        “About weapons”
        “On the development of tourism in the Russian Federation”
        “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”,
        “On Value Added Tax”
        “On the budget classification of the Russian Federation”
        “On state benefits to citizens with children”
        “On Amendments and Additions to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation”
        “On Amendments and Additions to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation”
        “On Amendments and Additions to the Customs Code of the Russian Federation”

        The guardian of the Russian land, the defender of the destitute where are we without him, who is he without Soviet songs?
        So he would have sat in the State Duma instead of what a socialist-slander, defended the working people, built a social state, developed the economy, but no, our talent is “popular” on all matters special, only he does not sing from the rostrum.
        True, he is still far from Nevzorov, he was elected 4 times, once in a thought.
    2. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 11 September 2017 21: 20
      Quote: kaon3000
      Khakhaleva will probably sing at the anniversary ...

      I doubt it. He is a cancer patient. In a very serious form.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 11 September 2017 06: 51
    I wish Joseph Kobzon and his family and friends smile long life and happiness.
    1. forester
      forester 11 September 2017 08: 19
      Quote: The same Lech
      I wish Joseph Kobzon and his family and friends smile long life and happiness.

      I am joining. Kobzon is related to my city, he patronized the Varyag children's military sports camp and is an honorary citizen of Bratsk.
  3. Ingvar 72
    Ingvar 72 11 September 2017 07: 03
    And the question is, why is Kobzon so influential in the criminal world, no one will bother to ask? wink
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 11 September 2017 07: 13
      And the question is, why is Kobzon so influential in the criminal world, no one will bother to ask?

      smile Because he sings the same way for everyone ... his songs and voice are liked by criminal authorities as well ... but this is not a crime ... rather, on the contrary ... through the beautiful, he attracts these people to art.
      1. Nitochkin
        Nitochkin 11 September 2017 07: 42
        Come on! Kobzon, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation justifying Khakhaleva, attracts criminals to art ?! And being a deputy, he also sang with her! My slippers almost died of laughter.
        1. Same lech
          Same lech 11 September 2017 08: 24
          Come on! Kobzon, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation justifying Khakhaleva, attracts criminals to art ?! And being a deputy, he also sang with her! My slippers almost died of laughter.

          Nothing human is alien, including criminals. smile

          You know the process of becoming a human person is like going through torments ... sometimes through suffering, sometimes through knowing the beautiful and squeezing a person’s personality (even negative) into the Procrustean bed of the law is unrealistic.
          1. novel66
            novel66 11 September 2017 09: 40
            Kobzon’s personality is so great that it involves both positive and negative in its orbit, it remains only to envy genuine greatness
    2. iouris
      iouris 11 September 2017 13: 09
      The world is criminal by 52 ... 70%.
  4. sds87
    sds87 11 September 2017 09: 35
    I have respected him since when he became a negotiator in the Nord-Ost.
  5. Gardamir
    Gardamir 11 September 2017 11: 54
    And as a child I liked this song

    Happy anniversary Joseph Davydych!
  6. Anglorussian
    Anglorussian 11 September 2017 11: 58
    It was not he who asked for an exception to the sanctions when he baked abroad (in Geyrop tongue ) to be treated?
    1. ITZ instructor
      ITZ instructor 11 September 2017 16: 44
      He, then healed and took up the old. I was with him. Do you know at his house, such a small town, It’s called Chasov Yar. You know, they don’t like him there, without any politics, he simply fell in love with Kobzon traveling around cities and towns, and I say Donchanin in public say! Oh, how, everyone claps .... In another place I am Luganchanin! He swore that he was from Donetsk, received a DNR passport, then publicly disowned him, called him “a simple piece of paper” But he didn’t remember about his native Chasov Yar, once he had to go to Europe then to Donetsk ....
      1. Anglorussian
        Anglorussian 11 September 2017 17: 27
        , in a word. That, in principle, everyone knew.
        1. Anglorussian
          Anglorussian 11 September 2017 17: 29
 zagreb word laughing
  7. bandabas
    bandabas 11 September 2017 15: 50
    And many honored and folk artists did not survive, and died in poverty. Unlike Davydych, who not only fit into “hvapitalizm”, but also succeeded normally.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 12 September 2017 05: 53
      I used to like him - he sang for the soul, but now he sings for money!
  8. gm9019
    gm9019 11 September 2017 18: 33
    Quote: 79807420129
    He is a man, and you about what you people forgot.

    Pettiness, envy and twig, do not say ...
    Kobzon is a symbol of the Age with all its pros and cons, with joy and tears ...
    Many years to him and health, above all!

    Quote: Anglorussian
    It was not he who asked for an exception to the sanctions when he baked abroad (in Geyropa) for treatment?

    Beef, speak? - He has oncology, such is “baking”, God forbid anyone.
    And for this, too, are not ashamed to reproach?
  9. Dart2027
    Dart2027 11 September 2017 19: 49
    In 2002, he went on negotiations with hostage-taking terrorists.
    1. Kammerjager
      Kammerjager 12 September 2017 04: 50
      So he went to his friends. He’s the People’s Artist of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, even Bassaev gave him an award pistol
      1. Dart2027
        Dart2027 12 September 2017 06: 04
        - What happened to Basayev’s pistol? Then the chairman of the FSB was Nikolai Dmitrievich Kovalev, I came to Moscow and handed him a weapon: “Take to your museum, this is Basayev’s gun!
        6485 /? Sorting = rating
  10. free
    free 11 September 2017 21: 13
    There are certainly merits, and thank you for them! But the situation with Khakhaleva raises questions.
  11. Altona
    Altona 13 September 2017 11: 42
    As an old honored person and a Soviet artist, honor and respect for him. Well, as a deputy and a singer on dubious corporate parties, there is a wormhole of course. Apparently he needs the money so much. In general, even the artists of the old school went bad - Rotaru, Pugacheva. Everyone wants dubious fame.
  12. Old warrior
    Old warrior 14 September 2017 11: 25
    Worthy. Now Singers of this Level is becoming less and less.