Military Review

Su-57 vs. F-22: Fifth Generation Battle

Said Aminov, a military expert and editor-in-chief of the Vestnik PVO website, compared the capabilities of two fifth-generation fighters, the Russian T-50 PAK FA and the American F-22 Raptor.


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  1. pupsik
    pupsik 15 September 2017 15: 53
    Why is the f22 so similar to the Su-57?
    Dumb Yankees can’t come up with anything themselves ?!
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS 15 September 2017 15: 59
      Quote: pupsik
      Why is the f22 so similar to the Su-57?
      Dumb Yankees can’t come up with anything themselves ?!

      F-22 is also similar to SU-57, as Armata to Abrams ...
    2. Kenxnumx
      Kenxnumx 15 September 2017 17: 02
      They and Concord licked us and the Shuttle from Buran.
    3. Firework
      Firework 15 September 2017 18: 24
      still waiting for someone to say that the F-22 created earlier
      1. Krabik
        Krabik 15 September 2017 20: 23
        IMHO, first you need to finish the T-50, and then compare is not a sin;)
        1. Kenxnumx
          Kenxnumx 15 September 2017 23: 08
          By then f22 will be phased out as f117
  2. lance
    lance 15 September 2017 19: 33
    they are different in everything from little things to glider designs. look at what are adjacent engines with air intakes, etc. not comparable in size either.
  3. Megamarcel
    Megamarcel 18 September 2017 16: 33
    Only in Russia can they compare the prototype and the production aircraft and scream yurying we will win. I think that the Americans stopped issuing the F22 not because it was expensive, but because they realized that Russia would create an airplane of this class oh how soon. The whole story with PAK FA confirms this. Endless postponements.
    1. Evgeny Strygin
      Evgeny Strygin 19 September 2017 18: 17
      come to your senses. at the time of the production of f22 there was a question that a state with that name would even exist.
      F22 is just not a very successful aircraft.
  4. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 19 September 2017 15: 16
    The stealth technology works only for radars and only for specific wavelengths in each case. But no invisibility technology for visual determination yet exists.