The military police of the Russian Federation took over on duty in the area of ​​the Syrian Afrin

Russian military police have deployed observation posts in the Afrin district in the north of Aleppo province and ensure compliance with the ceasefire regime in the deconflict zone, reports RIA News.

Earlier it was reported that thanks to the efforts of the Russian Center for Conciliation in the SAR, more than 50 families had left their homes several years ago due to the conflict in the cantona (district) settlements. In late August, a national reconciliation committee was set up in Afrin Canton, which included representatives of local governments, the opposition and the Russian center.

Servicemen of the station monitor compliance with the cessation of hostilities. The observation is in the direction of the line of contact with the enemy. At the moment, our servicemen are the guarantors of the reconciliation process going on here (in the Afrin area) ... Over the past days (we recorded) about three to five families returning, which, as they say, believe us and go home. With the arrival of the Russian military police (in the area), people believed that the peace process was continuing,
said Lieutenant Colonel of the Military Police Georgy Petrunin.

According to him, only "for the last day, about five cars loaded with things passed through the joint Russian-Syrian checkpoint in this area."

Locals greet us kindly, some even try to feed them - they bring flat cakes. We have a relationship with the civilian population, people are not afraid of us, believe us,
Petrunin added.

Peaceful resident Mahmoud Omar, who returned with his family to Afrin:

We were forced to leave the area because of the terrorists, we had to wander for a long time - four years. I used to work in agriculture, but the terrorists took our houses, land, took everything from us. Now with the liberation of these territories from terrorists and the arrival of the Russian military police, it has become safe here. We hope that in the future it will be even better. We settled in this house, but this is not our house, it was free, and the local authorities provided it to us.

The man added that the terrorists tortured him and beat many others. He lost a finger, but remained alive.

They beat me a lot, beat me on the legs, I lost a finger. A lot of people were tortured, everyone who fell into the hands of militants. Tortured just like that, tortured because we live on our land and want to live and work in our own way,
said Omar.
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  1. 0
    8 September 2017
    I see the Syrians no longer want to fight for their country.
    Not surprisingly, a meat grinder has been going on there for 6 years.
    1. +2
      8 September 2017
      The Russian police have a very important task. In addition to ensuring order, it restores the functions of Syrian statehood directly on the ground, using Russia's authority. The case is very delicate, extremely necessary and archipolous. We wish them good luck!
      1. +1
        8 September 2017
        Quote: siberalt
        The Russian police have a very important task

        Quote: siberalt
        The case is very delicate, extremely necessary and archipolous. We wish them good luck!

        And I recall how many screams of “experts and experts” there were that the VP was not needed, we never had and do not need it, why for one more “cops” ... Suffice it to say VAI and the commandant’s office ... We ourselves with a mustache and, as always, we will go our own way, along the virgin soil, and not along the already run-down road .... Someone else’s already accumulated experience, they say, is not a decree - this is to the question that we have stagnation is an occasion for pride ...
        Fortunately, in time, the professionals from the General Staff returned to the idea of ​​creating the VP, which was being worked out during the Soviet era at the General Staff of the ...
    2. 0
      8 September 2017
      And what are the Syrians doing there? Are our humanitarian aid devouring with joy and enthusiasm? It might be wiser to send them ...., and send help to the peoples of the Far North, they at least graze our deer.
  2. +18
    8 September 2017
    While we maintain a peaceful life, the United States and Israel are plotting:
    Consequences of a night airstrike: Israeli media awaiting a response from Russia, SAR and Iran
    7 September 2017

    According to the Arab edition of SANA, the Israeli air force attacked the territory of Syria (Hama, Masyaf). As a result of the air raid, at least three people were killed, and infrastructure was damaged - the building of the Syrian Research Center SSRC, which developed new warheads. The Israeli edition and the FAN news agency reported on the refinement of the bombing target. It should be noted that the information has not received reliable confirmation either from Damascus, or from Tehran or Tel Aviv.
    Recall that yesterday, also reported that Israeli F-35s are testing bombing targets on the territory of the SAR. In addition, there was evidence of the beginning of a large-scale IDF exercise, in which aviation, navy and ground forces would take part.
    According to, the situation with the bombardment of the ATS institute was commented on by the former head of the AMAN military intelligence service Amos Yadlin. The officer posted on his microblogging account on Twitter, in which he noted that the Israeli F-35 attack was an unusual attack, and supposedly a preventive strike at the Rocket Center in order to secure an advantage in the next regional war.
    Yadlin did not ignore the fact that the Israeli attack may not go unanswered, and therefore it is worth being prepared for the reaction of Damascus, Moscow and Iran.
    It should be noted two important facts. Firstly, the F-35 air raid took place immediately after the Russian Air Force helped Bashar al-Assad’s army break through the blockade of the strategically important city of Deir ez-Zor. Secondly, there is unconfirmed information in the media that Iran may be involved in the work at the plant.
    These two facts are noteworthy to the extent that Israel and the United States oppose Tehran’s policies in Syria and neutralize with all their might the influence of the adversary state in the Middle East. In addition, the event once again confirms that the US-Israeli tandem does not share the excitement of Russia's victories in Syria and is experiencing certain difficulties due to the fact that it is not possible to split the Syrian-Shiite axis and divide Syria into its own zones of influence. IDF airstrikes are of the same nature as the attacks of the US Coalition of Syrian forces in At-Tanf and other regions a few months earlier - the union seeks to weaken the already demoralized Assad army to seize the initiative in the military conflict. Will it work? The question is rhetorical. While Russia helps Damascus, the victory will be for government forces, and the American project will fail.
    1. +1
      8 September 2017
      Quote: Anarchist
      The United States and Israel are plotting: ..........

      - So would be shorter and wrote: USA and Israel - radishes!
      1. +17
        8 September 2017
        Quote: oldseaman1957
        Quote: Anarchist
        The United States and Israel are plotting: ..........

        - So would be shorter and wrote: USA and Israel - radishes!

        And the batteries drop to our feet all the time, 'Padla!'
        I cited an excerpt from the article then that representatives of the Davidov lands constantly demand arguments in response to such statements.
        I anticipated them ...
      2. +1
        8 September 2017
        So would be shorter and wrote: USA and Israel - radishes!
        This is not a radish, ........ this is a gun ... us.
        1. 0
          8 September 2017
          More precisely, gan ... for radishes. laughing
  3. 0
    8 September 2017
    necessary in the north of Syria is apparently Russian horn from a crooked Turkish scimitar ...
  4. 0
    8 September 2017
    Quote: Stolz
    and to send help to the peoples of the Far North, they at least graze our deer.

    I think that humanitarian aid was now more needed for the victims of the disaster in Rostov and other regions of Russia who suffered from natural disasters .... Monetary compensation is paid - but people were left without a roof over their heads - and winter is coming soon - first of all, building materials and objects are needed essentials, people have nothing left ..... And we are all about Syria and the Donbass .... Or someone else’s misfortune is closer, and we will throw off our own world, as a treatment for sick kids?

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