Vitya Novitsky. The last battle and terrible death

Vitya Novitsky. The last battle and terrible death

Recently, I wrote an article about one of the young heroes, whose name is now forever connected with Kerch - about Volodya Dubinin. However, there were other equally desperate boys (and girls too) who also fought bravely and selflessly against the fascist invaders. In the same Kerch, in particular, it was possible to fight the same age as Volodya - Vita Novitsky. However, the name of this boy is associated with another southern city - Novorossiysk.

If the article about Volodya Dubinin was devoted to his recent 90-year anniversary, then Vitya Novitsky is also reminded by a sad date. 9 September he would also have turned 90 years old, but exactly 75 years ago, 8 September 1942, on the eve of his 15 anniversary, he died in battle. Moreover, the Nazis killed him with particular cruelty. But more on that later…

So, September 9 1927, the boy Vitya was born in Novorossiysk. His fate was not easy from the very beginning. If Volodya Dubinin was the son of the hero of the Civil War, an exemplary pioneer who was fond of aircraft modeling, then Vitya had a completely different childhood. He was raised in the adoptive family of Mikhail Aleksandrovich Novitsky. It was from him that he got his last name.

The difficult situation in the family (which was in great need) affected the boy. According to the recollections of one of his friends, Valentin Svidersky, he used to be hooligans, missed lessons. However, the heroes grew not only from exemplary students, not only from excellent students with exemplary behavior. There were a lot of hooligan boys, who at the appointed hour became real defenders of the Fatherland. The war equaled excellent students with losers, hooligans with exemplary children and highlighted completely different qualities ...

So, the war began ... Vitya began to help the fighters who put the anti-aircraft battery near his house. Adults, as usual, tried at first to chase the boy, but he was stubborn. In December 1941, he left with the fighters for the front. He fought in Kerch. In April, 1942, he was injured - his toe was torn off.

Because of this injury (rather, even under his pretext), the young brave man was sent home to Novorossiysk. But by that time, the boy had already gained combat experience, and the quiet life was not for him. Moreover, the adoptive father Viti died.

The family no longer lived in the house from which the boy had once left for war. His adoptive mother, along with two children had to be evacuated from there. It must be said that this was not a simple house, but a tall tower located on October Square (at that time it was the center of the city). It is not surprising that the firing point was equipped there - from there many of the streets of Novorossiysk were viewed as in full view.

Vitya made friends with the sailors who settled in his house. But for the right to assist them, he again had to fight - as soon as it became too hot, the sailors sought to chase him away. However, without his help, it was difficult for them - the boy produced water for them, carried ammunition. "I will fight - drive as much as you like!", He answered to all attempts to send him to a safer place.

In August, 1942, the fighting in Novorossiysk flared up with particular ferocity. Soviet soldiers fought for every street, but unfortunately, the fascists advanced swiftly and confidently.

September 7 Vitya, as usual, was in his tower-house with the fighters, when the Nazis approached this defensive line almost closely. They moved along the lane of the Decembrists.

In the tower were nine people - six sailors from the destroyer "Vigilant", two soldiers and Vitya Novitsky. And it just so happened that the youngest defender was the most experienced. Sailors fought better on ships, and Vitya, despite his age, already had experience of war on land.

The next day, September 8 1942, the nazis launched an attack on the tower. But from there a fierce fire was fired at them, besides, someone threw grenades at them. The enemies did not yet know that they were opposed by only one person. And - quite a boy. However, this was exactly the truth. All senior comrades Viti already died.

When the Germans still managed to break into the tower, blowing it up from the other side, they learned that they had suffered considerable losses ... at the hands of the boy. This angered them. The Nazis, killing the young defender, demonstrated their whole bestial essence. He was beaten with butts, after which, while still alive, he was doused with flammable liquid and set on fire. The enemies did not give residents the opportunity to bury the tortured body of the young hero, but he was nevertheless buried in secret.

Unfortunately, this tower is no longer. In its place stands a small monument on which it is written: “The young defender of Novorossiysk, the pioneer-hero Vitya Novitsky, died here. 1927 g.-1942 g. "So that we remember that the Victory was won by torment and blood, including those who did not live to see even the 15 anniversary ...
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  1. +14
    8 September 2017 06: 37
    Everlasting memory! Eternal Glory! Only the Great Country could raise such Heroes!
    In September 1978, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Victor Novitsky was posthumously awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree.
  2. +20
    8 September 2017 06: 38
    Elena, thanks for the article.
    However, I note that in my (and not only) childhood there was an excellent series of brochures "Hero Pioneers". Children were intelligibly and with excellent illustrations told about all the young heroes who were posthumously awarded the title of Hero. It would not hurt to revive the tradition and at least reprint this series, but it would be better to create a new one - paper, electronic, television, network - to choose from, yet progress has gone far ahead in 40 years.
  3. +9
    8 September 2017 07: 40
    Thank you Elena, a good article .. everyone fought .. and adults and children ..
  4. +2
    8 September 2017 08: 21
    horrible death, it would be better if he blew himself up with a grenade
    1. +8
      8 September 2017 09: 58
      What is the reason for this: better, not better? Could have been shell-shocked by the explosion, but you never know what. The traveled path is no longer taken away. Blessed memory of the Hero.
  5. +10
    8 September 2017 10: 00
    Thanks Elena. It proves once again that it was not in vain that Novoross was given a hero city. And then one forum member assured that the blat and patronage of Brezhnev.
  6. +4
    8 September 2017 10: 03
    In its place there is a small monument on which is written: “Here the young defender of Novorossiysk, pioneer hero Vitya Novitsky, died. 1927 - 1942 " So that we remember that Victory was won by torment and blood,
  7. +10
    8 September 2017 12: 50
    All my childhood passed on Oktyabrskaya Square (I lived and studied at Rubin), every year (I don’t remember the number) I went with a class to lay flowers at the monument to Vita Navitsky and the teachers each time told about his feat. I wonder if the tradition is alive.
  8. +2
    8 September 2017 15: 02
    A true Warrior, an example to follow!
  9. +2
    8 September 2017 15: 34
    Elena, thanks for this story. When I read the headline and immediately it seemed, somewhere I met this name, and now I remembered: I read it in Pioneer. The Pioneer magazine was inaccessible to me, and the Pioneer magazine was written out and there were interesting stories and tales. If you saw a drawing near the heading, then immediately looked at the bottom "to be continued" is there or not?
    I do not know about others, but I have found many stories or tales in newspapers or magazines. I remember once an excerpt from the story was printed: "Man help yourself," the author seems to be Banykin.
    About five or six years ago I was walking towards ..., it was impossible to be late, and on the side of the road stood a chair and a stack of magazines and there the story "Case in the Steppe". You know how, like, about 35-40 years ago. It is a pity that it was impossible to linger.
  10. +1
    8 September 2017 15: 36
    Thanks for the story.
    And these ... nonhumans. There is no other word.
  11. c3r
    9 September 2017 04: 59
    Nemchura should pray that they were not destroyed as vile parasites.
  12. +3
    28 September 2017 09: 02
    About such heroes you need to constantly tell our children. It is on such feats that the true patriots of Russia grow. It is necessary to convert the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg into the center of the feat of Russian heroes. Then the visit to this center by children will be meaningful and will be imprinted with memory for life.
    Eternal glory to the heroes of Russia. Your feat is immortal.

    "People-State-Fatherland" - this is the slogan of every Russian patriot. A cohesive people, a strong state that has flourished for centuries, the Fatherland, which is not able to defeat any enemy.
  13. +2
    1 October 2017 09: 55
    Unfortunately, in schools, the theme of the Second World War is poorly studied and the names of the heroes are very poorly known.
  14. +2
    1 October 2017 10: 13
    Yeah, Germans, real soldiers, heroes of the Wehrmacht. Spit and grind.
  15. 0
    31 December 2017 17: 56
    And how many heroes we will not find out about, but who have fulfilled their duty to the Motherland.
  16. 0
    April 12 2022 21: 38
    Mistake! Please note that this is my relative and his name is Valentin Sidorovsky. And unfortunately it's gone now...
  17. 0
    April 14 2022 00: 46
    Not Valentin Svidersky, but Sidorovsky! Right now I'm doing a project where I'll tell you how it really happened, otherwise there are a lot of people who don't understand this and write from themselves. And I, as the cousin granddaughter of Valentin Andreevich, will show everyone the photos of the guys and tell about the real history of my friends-heroes.
    1. SGN
      22 September 2023 08: 46
      Who is Valentin Sidorovsky? This is the first time I've heard this name. In Novorossiysk, all the old-timers knew Valentin Evgenievich Svidersky very well. Unfortunately, he liked to slightly embellish the events of the past. But he knew Vitya Novitsky. Although an 11-year-old home boy, of course, could not be a friend of an almost 15-year-old street tramp and habitual truant from school. The latter, by the way, most often become real heroes during the years of military trials.